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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Searching for Bigfoot's Tracks

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot

Well kids, Ms. Kathy Bigfoot didn't even come into the office this weekend. She says she deserved some time off. So, I went over to her place and she was busy with the stonework on her outdoor kitchen. The stones kept falling off. Her husband was "busy" watching some race, so he couldn't help. Finally she got the stones to stick and she offered me a cup of tea.

 Ms. Kathy Bigfoot can really be intense when she's into a project. She promised to be back at Ballyhoo's office next weekend.

Animal Planet: Finding Bigfoot

Don't forget to watch tonight the first in the series of "Finding Bigfoot." (Watch video below for more information.)

Florida Bigfoot Researcher

Tim Fasano leads team searching for bigfoot in Florida:

I've been following Bigfoot Researcher, Tim Fasano's field activity starting last Friday. I find his enthusiasm and his videos compelling. I can't seem to stay away from them. Perhaps it is because there are so few sites that take us along with them  when they go searching for bigfoot. Click on the following link and enjoy.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bigfoot Country, Enjoy

Found on Youtube under awaldegrave.

Forest Animal Sounds for Kids

Found on Youtube under Kidslearningvideo. Enjoy

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jad And David Fair-Sasquatch

Enjoy a Sasquatch Song. This is from Youtube under DissoluteAristocrat.

An Interesting Article on Bigfoot

Sasquatch Threaten Couple Picnicking on Banks of the Tualatin River Oregon, 1967

Example of Aggressive Behavior
Click on Link to Enjoy This Article


Bigfoot Column

Talk About Your Sighting

Last week we received two bigfoot sightings from the Elliott State Forest area of Oregon. One sighting was from 1982 and the other was only a few days ago. So much for those that complain, “Anymore, we just don’t hear about people seeing these creatures very often.” We at Bigfoot Ballyhoo believe the animal is spotted more often than most people think. They evidently are just not being reported. On the Internet there are so many bigfoot sites it’s hard to number them, hard to keep up with all the information available.

Bigfoot is an intriguing subject to many. While the mention of bigfoot brings knowing smiles (meaning you must be nuts to believe in bigfoot) to a great many people’s faces, we at Ballyhoo believe it is a very serious subject. Why? The Forest Service has been running ads on TV, encouraging us to take our children to the forest. If this animal exists, and we believe it does, the public should know that it exists, should be told that it exists! As any animal, it could be dangerous or could become dangerous. Most of these things are reported to be huge, over six feet and hundreds of pounds. Isn’t it our right to know if this animal is out there? Indeed, bigfoot has been sighted by Forest Service employees, policemen and many people with impeccable reputation.

We’ve just had some horrific downpours recently in Oregon. Please be careful if you should take to the back roads of our mountain forests. We have many slides after such rains in mountain areas. I was told many years ago about a narrow mountain road crumbling and sliding down the mountainside after a truck passed. The truck and its passengers were stranded. It has been so long ago, I don’t remember the outcome. I picture in my mind a helicopter having to retrieve the truck. Now that could be expensive!

Please remember, at Bigfoot Ballyhoo we do not try to find out who you are in order to question you about your sightings. There are many Internet sites that will take your name and follow up on your sighting. We encourage you to use these sites. The scientific community should at least have an idea of how often this animal is being spotted. Keep your cameras close at hand when in “Bigfoot Country.” It will probably not be proof to science of bigfoot’s existence, if you should click that best yet photo, but what fun for you to get it.

Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry

New Children's Bigfoot Story

                                The Breaker of Arrowheads

Little Brave sits splashing his bare feet in the narrow but deep creek that snakes along the edge of his tribe’s camp. His feet are almost too cold. But he keeps splashing them anyway.

In his clenched hand he holds an arrowhead, a broken arrowhead. It was his last one. Today he was to have gone hunting with his father. Now he could not. He would be required to stay behind and prepare himself a supply of arrowheads, and no doubt be pressed into some woman’s work.

The arrowhead that he held, now biting into his palm, had been broken by his cousin, on purpose. The cousin, Big Ears, was jealous of Little Brave’s hunting feats. Little Brave seldom came home without meat. Big Ears often had nothing to show for his time in the woods while hunting. So out of jealousy, Big Ears broke Little Brave’s last arrowhead.

Little Brave watched his cousin walk into the near woods, the last in line of the hunters. Tears stung at Little Brave’s eyes, but he would work hard to not let them fall onto his cheeks. The evening sun twinkled at the top of a tall fir as it fell into dusk on its way into night.

The tears in Little Brave’s eyes made the distant trees waver. The air was heavy with mouthwatering smells of drying deer meat. Still, he splashed his numb feet in the icy water. Something ahead of him, some animal, was working its way down one of the fir trees about twenty feet away.

He looked up, spotting the heavy rump and legs of what appeared to be a black bear, slowly coming closer to the ground. He had no arrowhead for his arrows. A rock, he’d look for a rock and dispatch the animal that way.

A smooth rock he lifted with both hands. He quickly turned to face the bear still about ten feet up the tree. What was he looking at? He saw very clearly fingers on the bear’s paws. A bear with fingers? A creepy crawly feeling shot through his body.

The animal let go of the tree’s trunk and landed on all fours. It whirled around, still close to the ground, breathing loudly and bearing yellow teeth. It wasn’t a bear. It was one of the hairy men of the forest.

Was the smelly thing advancing on him? Little Brave rose to his full height and backed slowly away. He stumbled over a boulder. His eyes left the animal for what seemed only a second. While Little Brave fell, the animal sprinted into the forest using the same trail his father and Big Ears took. Little Brave did not know where the animal had gone.

This day got worse because Big Ears came from the day’s hunt with a story of his own about spotting a hairy man. The only good thing about the whole wretched day was that Big Ears yet again did not bring home meat. He came home only with a story of a hairy man.

These hairy men were seldom seen by anyone. So, it was with great mirth that Little Brave kidded and poked fun at his cousin. And he did not tell anyone of his own sighting of a hairy man. He just didn’t want to endure the laughing that he knew it would bring about.

He preferred laughing at Big Ears’ story and that the young hunter and breaker of arrowheads had again arrived home empty handed.

                                                The End

It's the Weekend!


Bigfoot Ballyhoo has "things" of interest to children on the weekends. Keep checking back. Comment, because commenting keeps this bigfoot site moving forward.

Cougar Tracks & Signs by Tony Nester

If you are planning to spend time in the woods wouldn't it be nice to recognize mountain lion prints? This video will help.

This video from Youtube under Ancient Pathways.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Guest Editor-Blogger

Tom Krewson has left a new comment on your post "Location of Elliott State Forest, Oregon":

In 1982 I was working in the Elliot and found large footprints of something shaped like a mans foot only much larger. It was a rainy and windy morning in November when I came across a line of prints in a meadow near Elk Wallow Camp. The tracks were still muddy and had just been made within a couple hours of my finding them.

 This was the strangest experience Ive ever had. The area was void of any wildlife and had a strong odor in the air of a terrible musky smell. As I looked the long line of prints over I felt as if someone was watching my every move. Generally I'm not spooked in the wood at all , but this time something was wrong. As I looked around in the surrounding meadow I caught sight of something moving into the forest on the east side of the meadows campground.

There was no mistake that what I saw was walking on two legs and was some kind of a huge wild man or ape type creature mostly covered in black hair and well over eight feet tall. It took one step to another step in long strides. It had long swinging arms as it walked.The arms reached just below it's knees.

 I reported this creature to the Oregon State Police by my company radio and a game officer Kent Brandon came up and photographed the trail of prints and talked with me about the creature I had seen walking off. He was a perplexed as I was on what it was for sure.

A couple years later I saw what a BIGFOOT is supposed to look like and this thing definitely matched it. It's been years since I saw that creature but I'll remember that day for the rest of my days.

Thank you for this great sighting. ... LNP

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Location of Elliott State Forest, Oregon

Google Earth Photo

Approximately where Elliott State Forest, Oregon, is located. This is where the bigfoot was sighted  May 25th, 2011, mentioned in post below.

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

Laughing seems to be the general rule when reporting bigfoot. Someday the laugh will be on us! Another bigfoot was seen in the Elliott State Forest about 5 years ago and again around 10 years. It seems to be a hot spot from time to time.

The Elliott Forest runs from Coos County north to Douglas and east of Coos Bay, Lakeside and Reedsport and west of Scottsburg. It is state owned land and has approx 350 miles of road in it.

Bigfoot reports run back into the 30s from this region. I think the Sasquatch use this area for travel between the coast range and forest service lands.

Thank you for your comment and for telling us how often there have been sightings in this area.  I hope you meant that we would have the last laugh. ... LNP

Wow, Could Douglas County Have Another Bigfoot?

Read the comment below. If you know more about this sighting, please let us know.

Guest Editor-Blogger

Shane J has left a new comment on your post "Comment!":

Yesterday we went cutting firewood up above the Loon lake area and saw a Bigfoot like animal. We were up on a back road in the Elliot State Forest when we stopped to watch a very tall and heavy creature walking down a old logged off area on two feet.

This thing was a dark brown and silver or grey in color and was walking on a deer or elk trail. It stopped several times and turned over some rotted old logs looking for something under them. It was several hundred yards from us but we could clearly see it was a Bigfoot and not a bear.We watched it for around ten minutes walk and then turn over a small log on the ground and dig under it.

 Of course we had no camera with us (STUPID) to get a picture of it.Then it finally got out of sight into a stand of trees along this same logged off area. I was shocked to see one of these things for real. Glenn, my friend told me about this site when I returned to Reedsport.

I called the Oregon State Game Department and told them where it was and gave them our names and phone numbers. I do not think this was the old Bigfoot you've talked about here because it didn't have a limp when it walked. I really don't think the state believed me about the Bigfoot because the lady was almost laughing on the phone. But I felt reporting it was the right thing to do so I did it.


Thank you for the comment. LNP

Finding Bigfoot-Animal Planet Show

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Lions and Bears

Photo: Christopher Perry

In Oregon, when we see deer grazing alongside the road, we are always amazed.
And in Oregon, we know that there are plenty of deer, bear and mountain lions. I've never seen a bear or mountain lion, and just a couple of times deer when hiking. I've never come upon a heap of bones from any of these animals.

So, it does not surprise me that I have not seen a bigfoot or its bones while hiking. This is my response when the question comes up Why don't more people see bigfoot or their bones? One point, many people see bigfoot. They just don't "report" it. Another point, the forest floor takes care of the dead animals in quick order. Most animals, I would think, do not die on a well-used hiking trail in the first place.

Again, we know lions and bears live in our Oregon forests, but few of us get to see them. And we know a fair number of people have observed what they thought was a bigfoot. We don't see the large population of deer, the moderate population of bears, a smaller yet population of mountain lions; so, is it any wonder we do not see what must be a very small population of bigfoot? ... Just "Talking Bigfoot." Join the conversation and comment.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Please Check Out MeBigfoot.com

   The three guys dressed in bigfoot suits are so funny. Give yourself a treat and listen to them sing and discuss issues that are important to bigfoots.
     Click on the small photo in righthand column to go to site.

Yowie Sighting

Click on Link below to go to the The Bigfoot Field Reporter where you can read about the recent Yowie sighting in Australia. (Yowie is a bigfoot-type animal much like bigfoot.)


Please Comment

Please take a moment to comment. The editors of this site work hard to give you something new to see or read each day. We would like to know that you appreciate our efforts. ... Thank you.

Have you seen what you thought was a bigfoot?

Photo effects by BeFunky

If you've seen a bigfoot or heard of a sighting the readers of this site would love to hear about it. We, Ballyhoo, do not try to contact those that talk about a sighting, so you don't need to worry about that. We do, however, encourage you to contact one of the sites that do follow up. It is good that records are being kept to determine how many of these animals are being spotted.

Often, one of the first comments that we hear from people is "We just don't hear of many sightings, anymore." And then, of course, we  are quick to inform them of our latest news on a sighting. 

The last sighting Ballyhoo heard about was the white bigfoot near  the CA, OR border.

New Bigfoot TV Series

Animal Planet: Finding Bigfoot
(A Series)
Bigfoot Crossing in Georgia

TV-PG  Monday, May 30th

A team of men associated with the Bigfoot Field Research Organization  (BFRO) journey to northern Georgia to look into the sighting that we've all seen on the Internet of the bigfoot running across the road.
Go to following link for date and time:


Monday, May 23, 2011

We are Sorry to Hear

Our thoughts  are with those that have lost homes and relatives to the tornadoes and floods of late. It is painfully apparent that there are more important things in the world than our interest in bigfoot. Be assured we are thinking of you and pray that you will receive strength to endure. ... The Perrys

It's Monday!

It's Monday. Did anyone hear anymore about the white bigfoot?  What about more information about the Wild Rogue Co.'s production on the ESPO Team?  Do you know how many sites there are on bigfoot? So many you would have a difficult time counting!  With that in mind, you've come to the right site to simply "Talk Bigfoot." We encourage those that visit to comment. Bigfoot is an exciting subject. So join the fun and comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Searching for Bigfoot Tracks

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Join the Fun, Talk Bigfoot Here on Bigfoot Ballyhoo

We at Ballyhoo Love the Idea of Bigfoot

Drawing by Linda Newton-Perry

Yes, we at Bigfoot Ballyhoo love the idea of Bigfoot. Last week we did a lot of hiking. I know there are many deer in our Oregon Forests but I did not see even one. Bigfoot, one would think, should be smarter than deer. (He would hide, being smarter.) I kept glancing forward on the trail and back down the trail from where we came. I was thinking it would be fun seeing bigfoot standing in the middle of the trail. I did see a crow in the middle of the trail but no bigfoot.

What would I have done if I'd seen a bigfoot? You know, I don't know what I'd done about it, if anything. There are so many sightings, what's another one?  All that is left is proving that the animal exists. Only the scientists know what it will take to prove bigfoot/sasquatch lives and walks our forests. So, we wait.

Enjoy this site, comment and keep "talking bigfoot." Again, I've not made any of what is on the site up as some believe. I'm sorry you do not know me personally because if you did, you'd know I do not make things up. I do not lie!

Have a grand day!

Remember, Weekends we Have "Things" Children May Enjoy

Photo: photoxpress

Got a story about children and bigfoot? Comment your story. Let's have fun "talking bigfoot."

Little Girl Talks About Forest Beings: Bigfoot is one of them.

This is a youtube video and is by austinweird1. The name of the video is "6 Year Old Talks About the Wolly Booger-Scary." Cute and fun to watch. ...LNP

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bigfoot Children's Story

Little Brave’s Missing Fish

Little Brave dipped his toes into the green pool. This pool was his favorite pool of all those scattered along the trail to his home, a warm tepee. It was now the part of the day the sun set over the tall swishing pines to the west. The sun twinkled between the branches and the pool at his feet darkened by the second. The pool was now as black as the pony his father rode.

Unbeknown to Little Brave, an animal watched him. The animal was not a bear. It was not a mountain lion. It certainly smelled like a skunk, but it was not. It was the animal his people called Buk-Was. Little Brave had only seen one of these towering beings himself a few times, but often he heard about them while sitting in a circle as the elders told their tales of an evening.

Buk-Was sniffed the air. He couldn’t decide what the little human smelled like. But it was a good smell to his nose. A fish, its gills just barely moving, twitched along side of the young boy’s leg. The leg hopped up and down as the youngster paddled his feet in the green pool. “Perhaps it was the fish he smelled,” Buk-Was said to himself.

The boy hummed merrily and glanced to the top of a pine where a dark bird landed, sending a dry branch tumbling to the forest floor. Just as the branch hit the floor not many feet from the boy, Buk-Was snatched the fish up and crammed it into his mouth. The big animal rose to full height, turned and crashed through the brush straight behind the boys back.

Little Brave, startled, and hopped from the bank of the pool, into it. The black water came to his waist and caused him to shudder. All he saw of the Buk-Was’s presence were the branches of small trees and thick brambles crashing back together from where the big body parted them in hasty flight.

Where was his fish? His eyes swung around searching. No fish! The skunk odor now was thick in the air. “Must have been a skunk that took it,” he said to himself. Then he added, to account for the high brush moving and clashing back to its original configuration, “Or maybe a bear helping a skunk to swipe my fish. Now that’s a story to tell the elders.”

He scrambled from the chilled black water. He at once began putting together his story he’d tell the elders tonight. Unaware, Little Brave trampled over the huge Buk-Was foot prints all along the trail back to the clearing where his tepee home sat─now in the dark evening shadows.

The End

Bigfoot Column

A White Bigfoot!

Last week we spent a few days at the coast. On our drive to Florence, we stopped at the Loon Lake turn off and spent a few minutes searching for bigfoot prints. This is a great area for this activity since a bigfoot has been seen at this spot several times. I found what might have been a print/track. I look for the toe impressions. As we turned left onto the Elkton Bridge, I thought about taking a few minutes and turning right, which leads to the Elkton Tunnel where the limping bigfoot was seen several months ago. At the west end of Scottsburg’s bridge, I glanced to the place a bigfoot was seen and where we stopped once for picture taking and bigfoot track searching. And of course as we passed the Scottsburg Park, I glanced over at the trash cans, remembering the sighting of a bigfoot going through one of them. It seems Douglas County, Oregon has had several bigfoot sightings in the last three years since I’ve been writing this column. One bigfoot that has been seen several times and limps has been named Stumpy by the locals. Indeed, we at Ballyhoo often comment on why this animal has not garnered more attention from the more well-known bigfoot research organizations. It has been noted that this animal appears to be old because of its abundant gray hair/fur. The animal has been sighted walking along the road, leading one to think it is losing its fear of cars and possibly humans.

We did find out that the Wild Rogue Co. of Ashland, Oregon will be producing a film concerning the ESPO Team and its adventure of last summer where they captured on a trail cam a photo of a bigfoot. Two of the men, Emery and Parchell, actually observed the animal on early morning, August 8th, 2010. This sighting took place in southwest, Oregon. Details are sketchy on the Wild Rogue Company’s project but it’s been said that those that have seen photos of Big Clyde are amazed. So, it seems we who have been following this story of the Emery led team, will not be disappointed. If a film is being made, it will be shown to an audience. If you have news of the project that you can share, please do so by commenting on Bigfoot Ballyhoo (www.bigfootbally.blogspot.com).

A white bigfoot was sighted near the Oregon/California borders last week. Well thank goodness, finally, a bigfoot that is easy to spot! Until next week, keep “Talking Bigfoot.” Linda Newton-Perry

Comment if you're a kid!

Weekends we try to put things on Ballyhoo that kids might enjoy. Do you know a kid that has seen a bigfoot? If so tell them about this site so they can talk about it.  Let's have fun "Talking Bigfoot." ... LNP

Friday, May 20, 2011

Location of China Creek Trail, Oregon

China Creek Trail is the large x above and the smaller x is the Heceta Head Lighthouse. As you can see there is nothing but forest east of China Creek Trail. We did find a foot-like print on our hike. It will be shown with the video of the trail, Monday. I'm not claiming it is a footprint, but it could be. 

China Creek Trail, Oregon

Finally, fast internet service. We are home. We were enjoying ourselves on the Oregon Coast for a few days.  Top photo is Christopher Perry, my husband and co-editor of Bigfoot Ballyhoo. The bottom photo is of China Creek Trail. How beautiful it was with its green moss everywhere. The moss is a pure delight for bigfoot's bigfeet! Or at least I like to think of him romping about on it. It is just everywhere along the trail. Please comment. ...

White Bigfoot

My Photo

Has there been more news on the white bigfoot? And of course, we are all looking forward to more news on the Wild Rogue Co. and its Emery project. If you know any thing, please let us know.

I often pause and think about our world and its problems. Bigfoot and its "discovery"  is so small of an issue compared to those problems. I'm often embarrassed that I spend so much time on this subject. But then finding delight in our world is important, if you believe the health experts. I do.

Please comment on this subject, bigfoot. Let's enjoy the subject together. Have a happy day. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good Morning

We did find a footprint-looking place in the mud on our hike. I will include it in the video Monday. China Creek is a beautiful trail and you are sure to enjoy it, if you should get to this area. Please comment, because "talking bigfoot" is what this site is all about. Have a grand day. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sunset at the Oregon Coast

Photo by Christopher Perry

Good Evening

Just for FUN!

Forest Art
Photo by Christopher Perry

This moss covered tall tree stump is located on China Creek Trail north of Florence, Oregon.

No, this is not the White Bigfoot!

Just doing a little hiking. We will write more about this hike when we get to a faster internet connection. Do comment because, commenting  and talking bigfoot is what this site is all about! ... Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor on White BIGFOOT and Where a bigfoot has been seen (photo)

Hello Linda, and readers, this is Tom Graham from State of Jefferson Sasquatch Research, and Team Bigfootology. The white Sasquatch was seen last Friday night, in an area about 4-6 miles West of O'Brein Oregon, just before dusk. go to my website www.facebook.com/stateofjeffersonsasquatchresearch.com, or Bigfootology.com, and read the full story on this magnificent being. other than that, it was about 7 1/2 to 8 foot tall, pure white, and glided through the trees and up a draw with gracefulness, and great speed,it had a different sounding call that I've ever heard before.

By Thomas Graham on Mill Creek, Oregon on 5/17/11


Thank you for the informative comment. We can picture the beautiful animal from your words.   LNP

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mill Creek, Oregon

We are out of the office and I'm working on a laptop that is so slow, I want to scream.  We will allow comments that are worthy of reading but not much else. The white bigfoot sounds interesting. Tell us more in a comment, if you know anything. If you will remember the above creek was the site of a bigfoot crossing not long ago. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, May 16, 2011

Day Trip

We found this print at Hwy 38 and Loon Lake turnoff  (Mill Creek Road). It's small but I thought I could see  toes. I'm not claiming it's a bigfoot print, but it may be one.

Guest Editor-Blogger

When this stuff came out on Emery I was very doubtful about this mans real identity. So, I contacted John Eichmann today and did CONFIRM that he is working with the group ESPO. He said and I quote; I met Bill in 2003 and have been following his search for Bigfoot in the Siskiyous. I told him of the people who claim that Emery is not real and he told me he has seen some of the junk on the web. He also said he will not answer questions from people who merely want to be nosey about his plans with Emery and group. Wild Rogue Co. will use Emery footage of his trek into the back country of Agness,Oregon to Eden Valley in the search of the Bigfoot he saw last year.

John has seen all the photos taken in August and said there amazing to say the least. He also explained that Emery has NEVER ask for anything other than a contract not to post any material without Emery's written consent.

As for the people that claimed this man was made up by Linda Perry, well they clearly are very good at giving out misinformation and sloppy guess work but that's it!

By Bud Carlos on Bigfoot Country at 4:37 PM

Bigfoot Country

Out of the office. Check back a little later today.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Attention Anon:

All the ESP Teams photos have been explained. Use the Search Tool and read for yourself how it happened. We've had several photos sent to us that were not what they claimed.  Some were unfortunately posted and others we caught before we posted them.  Have a nice day. Linda Newton-Perry

Weekends we try to add a little something for children ...

 We  endeavor to keep the site "child friendly" every day. That's one of the reasons I no longer allow all  of the comments. Two or three people are relentless in their belief that this site is fake and doing harm to bigfoot research (simply put). It is mind boggling how many sites there are on the subject bigfoot.

How this site, to some, seems a threat or of interest at all is mind boggling to me. Surely these men and women have better things to do than write posts that only I will read.

I did find the information on John Eichmann ( or Eichmanns) Wild Rogue Co., Ashland, Oregon, very interesting. If you should know more about him and his dealings with the ESPO Team please let us know.

Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry

The Search for Bigfoot youtube splat1351

An imaginative young man entertains us with searching in his backyard for bigfoot.

Ms. Kathy's Garden

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot would have liked to have been in this photo but she had to take the photo. Her husband was busy with his own project.

Rude! Rude! Rude!

Regarding our policy for allowing or not posts on this online bigfoot magazine: We will certainly  not allow posts that call any one of the editors of Bigfoot Ballyhoo names. It simply will not be done.

I will again say, "The ESP now ESPO team is not a hoax. We did not make them up. All happened just as recorded in old posts. For goodness sakes, We are no threat to anyone in the 'bigfoot community. Bigfoot Ballyhoo has done nothing to hinder bigfoot research or make it look bad. The "bad" is all the fuss that a few keep making. In the end it will all work out."

Gentlemen and Ladies do  not call people names!

Mummy vs Bigfoot Epic Battle (Views: Which would win in a fight.)

Found on youtube by triciajhoover

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Guest Editor-Blogger

Stacy Ward has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot Column":

We always enjoy your articles. Wild Rouge Co. must be the name of John Eichmanns group out of Ashland. They have been making these forest films of the Rouge area since 2001.

Something that we would like to get off our chest: So much negativity has invaded the bigfoot websites that it's no wonder most people don't have any faith in any of them. When these negative people cut loose with false and inflammatory information it's hard not to get sick. They seem to bunch up on one or two people at one time and try to make themselves apart of the news of bigfoot.

YouTube and most of the flakes that make the "Ive got the proof these people are made up" mentality is surely not interesting to most. I searched the web for Bill Emery and went to several sites where the owners of the sites claimed some hidden conspiracy to prove that this person is a fake and another is this and that.

Out of millions of people in the US these people can proclaim this man is not real. That in itself is nothing short of weird thinking.This kind of numb talk is not good for people who want fresh news about the search for bigfoot by literally thousands of people every year. They need to stop the attack and destroy option and now!

Thank you for your comment. ... LNP

Bigfoot Column

What’s the Wild Rogue Company?

Last week proved to be informative on Bigfoot Ballyhoo (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com). We got a comment explaining that the Wild Rogue Co. was planning to do a piece on the ESPO Team. (This team is the ESP Team with a recently added team member.)

We searched the internet to find information on the Wild Rogue Co. and couldn’t find anything. Finally, someone commented that this company is a group of film makers from Ashland, Oregon. The Wild Rogue Co. plans to use video that the ESPO Team plans to shoot soon of the general Eden Valley and Bear Camp areas. It was explained in the comments that most of the public is not even aware of this area of southwest Oregon. We also found out the ESPO Team plans to capture bigfoot on video. The Wild Rogue Co. plans to use that footage as well.

If you are a new reader to this column, the ESP Team mentioned above is the team that captured on trail cam, a photo of a bigfoot, early morning of Aug. 8th, 2010 in and around the general area the new video will be filmed. It is very exciting to know that this team of men is working quietly and seemingly without fanfare to get bigfoot and its forest home on video. And from the information presented to Bigfoot Ballyhoo it is clear that some sort of movie presentation will be forthcoming.

We do hope the team is successful in its efforts to capture bigfoot on video; but, if they are not, perhaps they will include the photos of Big Clyde that we have all been waiting to see in the Wild Rogue Co.’s production. Guess we will just have to wait and see. Please comment on Ballyhoo if you can tell us more about this “bigfoot adventure.”

Remember, on weekends Bigfoot Ballyhoo endeavors to have things of interest to children. We, of course, insist that everyday of the week be kid friendly in its language and subject matter. For indeed, bigfoot appeals to all ages.

Bigfoot Ballyhoo is an online bigfoot magazine. It is designed to encourage its readers to talk about bigfoot. Sightings are especially enjoyed by the readers. If you haven’t checked it out, please do. Since writing this column and the online magazine, the Perrys have written several bigfoot fiction books for children and one for older children and adults. The list with photos of the book covers is on the site. Until next week, keep talking bigfoot.

Children's Bigfoot Story

Little Brave, the Robin and Big Fist the Bigfoot

(Best read to your children.)

It was the time of the year wildflowers shot up over night. Yesterday they were not here and today whole meadows wave with their glorious colors. Little Brave stood admiring the blue, gently swaying flower heads before him. The fragrant meadow he gazed upon belonged to Big Fist the white-eyed bigfoot.

Little Brave wished to walk straight through the middle of the meadow, taking in close-up the beauty of the newly “painted” scene, running the tips of his fingers across the dew wet petals. But he would not. Big Fist would surely pounce. Maybe even run him down. And then who knows what the mean ole bigfoot would do to him.

These bigfoot animals were not always to be feared, his elders had told Little Brave. But, they cautioned, when alone, it is the wise choice to swing wide of them. He was alone now. And so he would not take the middle path through the blue field.

He turned, thinking himself very wise, to the high path skirting along the bottom of Baker Mountain. The fine dirt and rotting pine needles were cool on his bare feet. A fat robin kept flying and landing just ahead of him as he made his way along the animal path of Baker Mountain.

A waterfall splashed into a moss green pool at Little Brave’s right as he passed. At first glance, Little Brave did not notice Big Fist sitting on a rock several feet to the left of the waterfall. The big shaggy animal dangled his feet off the rock and dipped a big toe of one of his feet into the emerald water.

The robin that had flown ahead of Little Brave landed softly at Big Fist’s knee. And then it hopped up onto the wide hairy leg. Big Fist seemed to smile as he flexed the thick muscles of his leg, playing with the bird. The robin flapped his wings in exaggerated motions and tipped from side to side as if he wanted Big Fist to think he was in danger of taking a tumble from the rippling leg.

Little Brave felt to laugh, but did not; he didn’t want to alter the extraordinary scene before him. But a dry limb snapped, alerting Big Fist to his presence, when Little Brave shuffled his feet to get just a little closer to the pair. The robin, in a feather-shedding flurry, flew across the waterfall’s face and landed in a near pine. Big Fist sprang into the green pool and swung his huge white eyes around, searching for what had made the snapping noise.

Little Brave dug his feet into the path and sprinted to the bottom of Baker Mountain as fast as he could. Curiously, he had noticed before he took flight, that matted in Big Fist’s tangled coat were blue flowers here
and there. And mostly they were visible in a line around his neck. Did Big Fist know how to make flower chains? Or did Big Fist have a girl pal that made a flower chain for him?

“This time of year was certainly filled with curiosities and beauty,” thought Little Brave.

The End

It's the weekend and we have a few things kids may enjoy.

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot thought you kids would like this youtube video (Ultimate Dog Teaser: Talking Animals)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Guest Editor-Blogger

Darbie has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor:Blogger":

The Wild Rogue Co. is a new group of filmmakers from Ashland Oregon that are going to use Emery's new video if possible to show the area that most people don't know about. This is a roadless area from near Paradise Lodge to Bear Camp and over into Eden Valley. The Rogue Co. has a good reputation to tell it like it is. They are not interested in making themselves famous or known. They simply believe in ESPO and the way they plan to get footage of the Bigfoot if possible.


Thank you for the comment and clearing up the Mystery of the Wild Rogue Co. ... LNP


Are you okay?

No Laughing!

Have Some Fun!


Lighten your mood. Watch the Bigfoot Boogie Video Below.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Short Note

 (I'm pointing to one of our books in a bookshop window.)

Dear Readers of Bigfoot Ballyhoo,

This site averages, at this time, 150 viewers a day. I, of course, view some of the other bigfoot sites. I’ve noticed for some time now, that there is a hateful trend among a few of those that comment on these sites. And at least three times a week, I get these put-down comments. I will not post them as I want the readers of Bigfoot Ballyhoo to enjoy it.

I do not “have a screw loose” as one remarked today. And if I didn’t feel that I needed to stick around for the ESP Team to “come out” as it were, I would stop publishing this site.

But I will not as I enjoy the subject of Bigfoot. I will say that your comments, the kind ones, do keep me interested and fired up. So, if you enjoy this site, please comment, even if it is a simple thank you or question. ... And thank you for stopping by Bigfoot Ballyhoo. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Guest Editor: Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Comment Please":

I have been following the Sasquatch subject for many years because of an encounter by a friend. I spend many days in the deep remote forest while hunting and have never seen any sign of the creature, but remain neutral on the subject.

There are many people who discredit the subject and it's easy to understand Emery's reluctance to interact. I respect his efforts.


Thank you for your comment. ... LNP

Comment Please


WHAT IS THE WILD ROGUE CO.? Please tell us more.... LNP

Guest Editor:Blogger

BackPacker has left a new comment on your post "It's been nine months! Anyone have news on the tea...":

I heard over the weekend that Emery is heading into the back country of Agness, Oregon to try to film the Bigfoot he and his team found and photographed last year. It was told to me by a fs ranger that knows Emery well.

She said one of the team members will draw the video by satellite so they can watch Emery's movements in real time. An article is forthcoming on the hunt for this Bigfoot by Wild Rogue Co. The other thing I got from her was a real sense that something is really about to happen on the thinking on Bigfoot by Gov officials. She said so much disinformation got out on Bigfoot by so called experts in the field that the department of Agriculture is funding a new study into the Sasquatch.

What she meant was that some in the Bigfoot field want to cloud over Emery and important work done in silence by less well known people. Also, there is a cult of people out there that feel they must be the ones and the only ones to make Bigfoot news even if it's wild lies about others to discredit them.


Thank you for the comment. Please tell us more about the Wild Rogue Co. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, May 8, 2011

For fun!

Photo: photoxpress

What a beauty! If this creature exists, why not bigfoot?



On the weekends we try to do a little something for kids. We do require comments and our posts to be kid friendly. And so every day of the week is a good day for kids to learn about the animal bigfoot.

It's been nine months! Anyone have news on the team?


Aug. 8th Bill Emery and Hank Parchell came face to face with bigfoot. And we believe that good photos of the animal came from that encounter. We will not stop reminding the readers of this blog of that encounter until we hear more about their discovery. If you know of news that has been shared somewhere, please let us know. And, please read the column below for more information on why we will continue to mark this anniversary.

We would be happy if any member of this team would comment here on Ballyhoo.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tim Wallaces Bigfoot Boogie: Youtube by guitaniac

Hope you enjoy this video. I did. ... Ms. Kathy Bigfoot

Little Kid Talking About Seeing a Bigfoot... Maybe

This video found on youtube under PammieSue1.

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot at Work on her Outside Kitchen

Wow, Ms. Kathy, you sure look different without makeup!

Bigfoot Column "A Matter of Time"

Was it a Bigfoot?

Last week near Yoncalla, Oregon, an unknown animal was walking down the road and caused a vehicle accident. The driver swerved to miss the animal. At first it was reported that a “person” was walking down the middle of the road. And then “person” was changed to unknown animal. The person or animal was never found as of the writing of this column. Immediately after hearing of this incident, we at Ballyhoo began discussing the possibility that this animal could well have been the limping bigfoot of the Loon Lake, Scottsburg and Elkton areas.

The animal has been named Stumpy by the locals, according to one commenter on the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com). If this animal was a bigfoot, it is the opinion of some that it should be found and removed from the area since it has been reported to be the cause of at least, we believe, two vehicle accidents, one at the hwy 38 turnoff to Loon Lake and now this one near Yoncalla.

May 8th is the ninth month anniversary of the ESP Team’s trail cam snapping a photo of a bigfoot that they’ve named Big Clyde. If you will recall, Bill Emery and Hank Parchell both observed the animal in early morning on that date. Are they having a book written? Is a TV program being put together? Why haven’t we heard about this remarkable discovery? If anyone knows and can tell us about it, please do.

 Again, we at Ballyhoo will not let the Team and its discovery fade from this column and the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Why? Because Ballyhoo and Linda Newton-Perry will, when the team releases its information and photos, be exonerated of the ridiculous claims that they made-up the team and its bigfoot discovery. If we were to stop mentioning the Team, then, when it does present its evidence, Ballyhoo and the Perrys will never be exonerated as they will have been forgotten and the dark cloud of doubt will forever hang over their work, and their writing on the subject, bigfoot.

We encourage those that think they’ve had a bigfoot sighting to share their encounter with us. If you like you can write a letter, you can email or comment on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Send letters to Perry, P.O. Box 334, Sutherlin, Oregon. The site and column are for “Talking Bigfoot.” So enjoy the subject bigfoot as we wait for its “discovery” to be made official. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry