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The Perrys have lived in Oregon since 1969 and consider it their home. They both had a hand in writing their Viking Age Novel, FORCED BLOOD THE NORSEMAN. They have been published in several magazines: OREGON, OREGON COAST, PROPELLER and more. For a short time they owned part interest in their local weekly newspaper. Linda Newton-Perry wrote for three newspapers a bigfoot column lasting three plus years. AND then this site has been published by the Perrys since 2009. Can't forget- the couple has also published several children's bigfoot books, one or two of interest to adults as well.





Friday, April 29, 2011

We will post again, Monday.

Have a Great Weekend. ... LNP

Newspaper Column

It has been a quiet week on Bigfoot Ballyhoo (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com). In case you don’t know what Bigfoot Ballyhoo is I’ll explain: It’s a blog taking the format of a magazine on the subject, bigfoot. The authors/editors are Linda Newton-Perry and her husband, Christopher Perry. How does one become interested in bigfoot?

It might surprise you to know that when I first started the newspaper column, three plus years ago, I wasn’t completely sure that I believed in bigfoot. The subject, however, I found intriguing. The same goes for my husband. Since then we both have become believers.

There is just too much evidence in the way of footprints and eye witnesses to not take the subject seriously. After we withdrew our financial interest in our local paper, I began writing the bigfoot column, “A Matter of Time,” just to keep myself writing for the paper. For a time the column was published in three local papers, but two of these papers were sold and the new owners didn’t care to publish a bigfoot column.

To acquire information for the weekly column, we began Bigfoot Ballyhoo. And now, from all the sightings and information presented to Ballyhoo, Chris and I are as sure as anyone can be that this magnificent animal does indeed exist.

Of late, I’ve been going out by myself, searching for bigfoot tracks. (I also look through field glasses at the logged off hillsides for the animal.) I video these outings and put them on Ballyhoo and Youtube. I don’t go far into the forest, for several reasons. It is scary considering the forest is the home of powerful bears and snarling cougars. And, not least of these reasons, I don’t wish to get my car stuck since there are few safe places to turn around on the back roads. You may not know this, but bigfoot over the years has been sighted several times in and around the Sutherlin Valley, Oregon.

Please do take a few minutes to check out Bigfoot Ballyhoo and comment. The reason for Ballyhoo is to encourage “bigfoot talk.” The comments are monitored, so you don’t have to worry about being harassed. And, you do not have to give your name.

 (Linda Newton-Perry, along with her husband Christopher Perry, is the author of several bigfoot children’s fiction books and a Viking Age novel, FORCED BLOOD THE NORSEMAN.) Until next week.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Out in the Forest Today

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Guest Editor-Blogger

Kristie has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot: Words":

Ever ask yourself this? Ok, you're driving down a mountain road just before dark or just after dawn. Then a large manlike being steps out in front of your car. Are you really sure you saw what you think you did? Is it worth the laughter and questions if you report your sighting? What happens if someone takes "offense" if you write it down on a comment page like a blog or Bigfoot site?

Well this all happened to me because I reported a Bigfoot that walked in front of my car. Since then I've had people trying to discredit and confuse the issue of seeing Bigfoot because it didn't fit with what they might think.

First the report  caused me to be re examined for my driving privileges. Then I get called a liar by some that claim Oregon never did this. Ok, still with me! Then a gal got my name from a friend that had access to the report and started an in depth investigation into my past and current status. Even letters to my employer to ask him questions.

Ending: If I knew it was to be like it was, I would never have reported this sighting to police. Beware the people that will stop at nothing to discredit you after a report has surfaced and your name becomes public.

Thank you Linda for a site that wants to hear about the sighting without a person's private history being trashed.

Thank you, Kristie. Did you have your license suspended?... LNP

My sighting was in 1998. My CDL was suspended until I went to see a MD and then be re examined for my CDL reinstatement. During the two month period I wasn't allowed to work being my job was delivery. I could not draw unemployment because my CDL had been suspended. A real catch 22 if you see.

Kristie would you be willing to provide information to Dr. Bindernagle (video below) with information about your license suspension. He is trying to get proof that it indeed happened in Oregon. He hates that  these bigfoot sightings we not counted. I hope you decide to help. ... LNP

Sasquatch Summit

Believe It Tour (http://www.believeittour.com) was at Sasquatch Summit. Enjoy!

Bigfoot: Words



Increasing our "bigfoot vocabulary."
What in the world (bigfoot's world)  does "sylvan" mean?
sylvan: of the forest such as woodland, wooded, timbered, forested, woody, etc.

Monday, April 25, 2011



If this being exists, why not bigfoot?

Camping? Maybe Watching for Bigfoot? Think Saftey!


Here's an article from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Camping Health and Safety Tips and Packing list.
Click link to go: http://www.cdc.gov/family/camping/index.htm

Bigfoot Sighted Here

We believe that the limping bigfoot was sighted here at one end of this tunnel. Anyone have more to add? Elkton tunnel, near Elkton, Oregon.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Newspaper Article You May Enjoy

Bigfoot: Fact or Fiction by Dana Goolsby, Special to Palestine Herald-Press
Click Link to go to article: http://palestineherald.com/communitysection/x333453043/Bigfoot-Fact-or-fiction

Good News!

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot will not be quitting. We are so thankful. And we will watch our choice of words concerning her and bigfoot in general. We do not wish to hurt any one's feelings. ... LNP

No We Haven't Gone Just For Children

Photo: photoxpress
Weekends, however, do have things of interest to children. "Talk Bigfoot" by commenting. Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oh No! Oh No!

Oh No! Ms. Kathy Bigfoot is angry with what I said about how bigfoots have the reputation of well, smelling bad! She said it was unkind of me to mention it even if it may at times be true.

Look kids! I apologised, okay?

Now she is giving it thought. She may quit. Just goes to show, we've got to watch what we say. Some people or in this case, some bigfoot are just touchy. I hope she doesn't read the touchy part here or who knows what she might do. Ms. Kathy, I really like you. Pleaseeeeeee don't quit. ... LNP

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot Making Cookies

Busy Saturday for Ms. Kathy Bigfoot

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot's Little Forest home has a very small kitchen. She loves making cookies. Can you smell them? Don't you wish we had the abitlity to smell things on our computer. Wellllllll, I don't know. You know what they say about how bigfoots smell?

Coloring Page

Copy and Paste onto your computer and print out.

(Coloring Page Bigfoot)

"I know I appear sad,
It's wrong, it's bad.
Why? 'cause I'm as happy as can be,
You're coloring me! Now do you see?

Color the bird black, will you please?
He is annoying me.
Black is the "annoying color"  I think.
So draw  it on thick, maybe he'll leave in a blink.

I love to color too,
But I have none to do.
It gives me pleasure anyway
That you've come to Ballyhoo for a little time today.

Newspaper Column "A Matter of Time"

New Bigfoot Website: mebigfoot.com

We had a couple of sun-dazzled days last week. No doubt, many got caught up on yard work. Flower and vegetable planting, however, had to wait, because the nights following these dazzling-bright days threatened to fall below freezing. Soon the rain will stop and discovering bigfoot tracks will be very difficult (no moist soil) without going deep into the forest. Since I go alone searching for tracks, I’ll have to curtail that activity. It is scary alone in the forest, even if just a few feet off a roadway. While out in the woods, I’m always thinking of the large cougar population we have here in Douglas County, not to mention bears. I will still video the areas where I can picture bigfoot going about his daily life. The videos and photos, I believe, give Bigfoot Ballyhoo (our online bigfoot magazine) depth and added interest to our readers.

I do much research on the Internet for Ballyhoo. It is mind-boggling how many sites there are on the subject bigfoot/sasquatch. So, we are very grateful to those that read Bigfoot Ballyhoo. We thank you. Speaking of these sites, I found a newer site that is very entertaining. Three guys are dressed as bigfoots. The costumes are wonderfully made. They say quirky things, dance and generally entertain from their perspective, that of bigfoot’s. You will want to watch every short video on the site. They’ve kept it clean and it will crack you up! Their mission statement is to “Save the Earth.” Find them at www.mebigfoot.com.

Jon Adamsen left this comment on Ballyhoo: “If anyone can share where to get a copy of Oregon Outdoor Life from March 1935 and October 1964 please help. I’m working on the 196[2] Columbus Day animal and also the Keller case from 1935. Both issues had articles in them about these cases.”

If you will remember November of 1962, a dead bigfoot-like animal was found by a road-clearing crew in southwest Oregon. The crew was cleaning up after the Columbus Day Storm of that year. On Ballyhoo you will find all the details of what was presented us on this story. In short, the file on the animal was sent to the Smithsonian, released and finally closed to the public. An attorney, Debbie, will let Ballyhoo know when and if this file is to be opened to the public.

If you’ve seen a bigfoot or its tracks and would simply like to talk/write about it, comment on Bigfoot Ballyhoo at www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry

To Jon Adamsen:

The Columbus Day Storm was 1962 not 1963 as you have written in your request. ... LNP

Friday, April 22, 2011

Bigfoot's World: A Bear


This video is funny. It's always good to burn into our minds what a bear looks like. That way we will not mistake it for a bigfoot. Don't you think? ... LNP

Guest Editor-Blogger

Jon Adamsen has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger: Sighting!":

If anyone can share where to get a copy of Oregon Outdoor Life from March 1935 and October 1964 please help. Im working on the 1963 Clombus Day animal and also the Keller case from 1935. Both issues had articles in them about these cases.

 The Columbus Day Storm was in 1962 not 1963. Thought you would like to know. Please share what you learn. Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry

Kids, Drop by Bigfoot Ballyhoo on Weekends

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Just thought you would enjoy this video. ... LNP

Comment, Please


Bigfoot at arrows (not really, just painted in).

“Okay, I go to all these websites and read about the bigfoot sightings. What I’d like to know is, What are my odds of seeing one of these animals? When should I go looking? Where should I go looking?” you ask.

Anyone, have ideas, suggestions? We at Ballyhoo believe you will see a bigfoot simply by accident, if you are not a researcher. And we believe that even after the animal is established as “real” there will always be a need of great photos. Unless of course, someone stumbles upon a clan of the animals and fills his camera’s memory card to the limit. Could happen, I guess. What do you readers think? ... Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Youtube and bigfoot!

I spend several minutes each day searching for interesting youtube videos to put on Ballyhoo. What I find when I type in bigfoot/sasquatch is on the most part, junk! A lot of teens using the f word seem to get a kick out of filming these videos. After wasting so much time, searching bigfoot videos, I don't wonder that the "world" doesn't take bigfoot seriously.

Put a video on youtube discussing the animal and we will consider putting it on Ballyhoo. You may film facing away from the camera and of course you don't have to use your real name. Can't we get a few videos with serious intent on this subject of bigfoot? Thanks, please consider it. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Guest Editor-Blogger: Sighting!

Mary Ann Mast has left a new comment on your post "The Internet: So Much Information on Bigfoot":

In July, 2009 our family was camped at Indian Mary Campground between Merlin Oregon and Galice Oregon for one week. On that Friday it was a warm day so we left camp for some wading in the Rogue downstream from Almeda Mine. We were having a blast with the grand kids. Over across the river appeared some animal that fits Bigfoot description.

It seemed to walk on just two legs and seemed to be mostly covered in a light brown hair coat. It came out of the forest on the opposite side of us and watched us for some time. The kids were not aware that it was watching us until a smell seem to fill the air. A very pungent smell. After some time the Bigfoot walked off in a parallel direction to the river.

We watched the big animal go to the river's edge after a while and it seemed to drink water from the river. It did this by cupping it's large hands together and raising the water to it's mouth. Then it walked up the hillside and into some forested area. We went back to camp and reported what we saw.

A forest service ranger came the next morning to our camp and interviewed us. According to him these animals are not common to see but he said it does happen at times. The next day some man went over to the sighting area by drift boat and collected 8 prints in which he casted and photographed.

The forest service ranger did return and tell us the prints were 17 inches by 6 in. He was very polite and said he truly believed our sighting was real and truthful. We are 100% sure the animal was female by the breast area.


Thank you for your sighting. Chris and I have been to this area several times. ... Linda Newton-Perry

The Internet: So Much Information on Bigfoot

It makes me dizzy to examine and look into all the information on the Internet about bigfoot. I believe it is well covered and that from every angle. Where does Bigfoot Ballyhoo fall in all these websites and blogs?  The answer is in the hand's of you readers. We here at Ballyhoo have always believed that this online bigfoot magazine is unique. How so? It is simply a place to come and talk bigfoot. To share anything that you like on the subject, bigfoot. For many months we allowed all comments. They became so vulgar and mean-spirited, we discontinued the practice. We will continue to decide which comments will be allowed.

The point in this post is to thank you readers for visiting this site. Considering the number of bigfoot sites, we are honored. 

Please take a few seconds to comment. I check the site often during the day. I love it when I find a new message. And if at all possible I will allow it to be posted.

Let's allow Bigfoot Ballyhoo to be instrumental in making "bigfoot talk" commonplace.  Again THANKS!... LNP

Monday, April 18, 2011

Searching for Bigfoot Tracks

Comments welcome.

There is an exception to "comments welcome."  Unwelcome are the comments that keep this site stirred up with hatred and unfounded doubt. If you are just waiting for this blog to be "found out" in some manner, your wait will be a long one. Everything has come about just as has been stated on the site. Believe us or not, it makes  no difference! We will continue to do what we find enjoyable and that's "Talking Bigfoot" and providing a place for others to do it. Have a happy day.

It's Monday

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Guest Editor-Blogger

Beck has left a new comment on your post "The Truth as Far as we Know it.":

I heard the Oregon Outdoors show February from KWRO in Coos Bay. It was not a caller who brought up Emery. It was Richard Dechambeau the programs host and he talked about ESP for 5 min 22 secs on the show. Anonymous, don't make statements unless you know what your talking about.


Thank you for your comment. Can you tell us what was discussed? ... LNP


More from Beck:

He talked about the real likelihood of bigfoot being proved real soon. A state biologist said he has changed his mind on whether bigfoot is real or not. They talked about Emery and ESP hunting for bigfoot near the summit of Agness pass.

Thank you again.... LNP

How Time Flys: Bigfoot


What is Different in These Two Bigfoot Illustrations?

Bigfoot Joke from CleanJoke.com

Why did the runner quit the race against Bigfoot?
Answer: He couldn't face d e f e e t!!

Ms. Kathy Bigfoot Monkeying Around With Native American Flute


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Comments Welcome

Original photo:photoxpress

Just for Fun!

"Little Brave and Square Jaw"

Little Brave and Square Jaw

(To be read to your children.)

When Square Jaw was very young, he was mauled by a big black bear. When recovered, everyone said he was strangely different than before he was attacked. One thing everyone found odd was that he refused to wear moccasins. He did not find this strange. The reason he gave was that the warm sand along Eagle Creek was just too good to not feel it on his winter-chilled feet. Square Jaw, now thirty-eight, seldom left the warm sandy area of Eagle Creek. Most nights he’d sleep there too. He didn’t find this strange either. But his tribe did. Square Jaw “The Odd” as he had become known, had many oddities. These oddities, however, are not what this story is about.

Ten-year-old Little Brave often spent time with Square Jaw. Little Brave enjoyed the warm fine sand under his feet, as well. And Square Jaw was his mother’s oldest brother. So, that made Square Jaw family. And what’s more, Little Brave did not think his uncle “strange” at all.

Little Brave enjoyed hearing the stories that Square Jaw liked to tell. Especially did he enjoy the stories of when Square Jaw was a little brave. And often these stories included Little Brave’s mother. Just a few of the stories were happy stories. When Square Jaw and Little Brave’s mother were very young, it was often difficult for the tribe to find enough game to kill or fish to net. All members of the tribe from young to old often spent their days hungry; often, all they could think of was getting something to eat.

Square Jaw could sense Little Brave felt sad when he heard the “hungry” stories, so he concentrated on happy stories that included the games with which the young ones of the tribe occupied themselves.

One story, Little Brave knew he would always remember. That was the story of his mother learning to swim. Square Jaw was much older than his mother and Square Jaw was an accomplished swimmer by the time Little Brave’s mother decided that she would like to learn to swim.

“How hard can it be?” she laughed, when her brother offered to teach her.

The very first lesson was extraordinary. Little Brave’s mother was standing waist deep in the creek when something brushed her knee. It touched her knee for a long time. Whatever it was, was big and long. Giggling she plunged her face in the water to see if she could see it.

“Stop playing,” Square Jaw shouted so she could hear him under the water.

Little Brave’s mother couldn’t believe it. A huge fish hovered on the bottom of the creek not too many feet away. “Square Jaw, come on let’s get it. A big fish, right there,” she said. She pointed near where Square Jaw stood.

Square Jaw squeezed his nose and motioned with a hand he was going under the water after it. Little Brave’s mother again plunged her face into the cold water to watch. She was thinking, “That fish would really taste good for their evening’s meal.”

Just as Square Jaw completely went under the water, the water churned and turned dark. Square Jaw popped up and yelled for Little Brave’s mother to hurry to the bank, for a hairy man (bigfoot) was in the water and after the fish. Square Jaw stumbled through the water on his way to the bank. Not far from it, he whirled around and realized his sister was not following. He dove into the water and almost bumped heads with the hairy man. The massive animal had the squirming fish in his huge black hands.

When Square Jaw broke the water’s surface, his sister had found her way to the bank, sobbing. She was so frightened. In fact, it was the next summer before she allowed Square Jaw to give her another swimming lesson. And, neither she nor Square Jaw considered this “odd.”

The End

Newspaper Column, "A Matter of Time"

Lesson Learned

Last weekend The Sasquatch Summit was held in Harrison Hot Springs, BC. It honored John Green. This man is one of the first to delve into the mystery of sasquatch/bigfoot. (The animal is known as sasquatch in Canada.) Green has many books on the subject to his credit and an extensive database consisting of sightings and encounters. (It’s been said he has the largest body of information on the subject.) By now one can find much information about the Summit on the Internet. Type in Sasquatch Summit and you will be shown where to go with just a click of your mouse. Don’t we all wish we could have been there, just to have met the man?

No new sightings were shared with our online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, last week. We did get a comment mentioning that a radio program spoke about the Emery Team and its findings. Thinking that this should prove the Team indeed exists, I put the information on Ballyhoo. The comment that I got back from a reader was that, it proves nothing. It was just a reader of your site parroting information from it. So, there is no winning this argument, until the Emery Team, ESP now ESPO, comes forward with its findings. I’ve been asked several times why I don’t just forget the team and move on?

I can’t do that. I want it remembered when they do present their findings, that the Perrys and Ballyhoo were truthful in their reporting of the team’s activities. Not one thing on Bigfoot Ballyhoo has been made up by the Perrys.

 Information does keep coming in that is designed to discredit the magazine. For example, last week we were sent a photo that was supposed to be one of the Emery Team’s photos of Big Clyde. Evidently the one sending it hadn’t read that we no longer accept photos from readers for Ballyhoo. The photo sent was from the movie “Sasquatch” produced in 2002.

We finally learned our lesson when several weeks ago we received a footprint claiming to be a new find and came with a long and believable story. It turned out the photo belonged to a well-known field researcher from Florida (fasanotampa, Youtube name). It was at this time we decided not to allow photos from readers on the site (unless I’m handed the photo from someone I know).

 Keep “Talking Bigfoot” and share your sightings. One day you are going to be proud that you’ve seen one of these forest giants, because it’s “just a matter of time” before everyone will know bigfoot exists!... Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Truth as Far as we Know it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

"People will believe what they want to believe."

This is to Anon that ended his/her comment with ... being given some bad advice ... I never saw the movie that the blue, blurry faced photo came from. And what's more, Bill Emery had never seen it either. So he didn't recognize it as a hoax. Emery believed when he emailed it, that, it came from his trail cam and was giving the readers of Ballyhoo a peek of better photos to come. As it turned out a technician's son tampered with several of the cam photos and placed the blue, blurry photo in with the lot. It is simply a matter of believing the truth or not. I can do nothing more than repeat what happened.
As far as we know the photo of the up close eyes was the technician's  son's work as well.
I phoned the radio station and asked them to call me, but have not heard back.  This is in regard to the Emery Team's work being talked about on a radio station not long ago. (Oregon Outdoors).

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I've communicated with the Emery Team.

Information from the Oxford American Dictionary

Bill Emery's Photos Submitted to Bigfoot Ballyhoo

These are photos that Bill Emery submitted to this blog around the time he and Hank Parchell observed bigfoot and his trail-cam snapped photos of the animal the team named Big Clyde. The top photo and bottom right are both un-tampered with photos (as far as we know).

For the few readers that have been with this blog from the beginning, it should be easy to see why I didn't prance myself down to Emery's research site and demand to be included in their research.  And that  so I could prove every last word written on this site, from the team,  is true and the same for the photos submitted.

If you are new to the site and don't know what is going on with these photos etc., you can go back to Aug. 7 or so on the blog, older posts, and work your way forward by clicking on Newer Posts at the bottom of the page. And even farther back you can read how this relationship developed, first with Dale Saxton and then Bill Emery.

There was no need to research these men since we had been communicating with them for months before  Aug. 8, 2010 (the observation of bigfoot and photos snapped by the trail-cam).

Read for yourself what happened with the tampered with photos that Emery submitted, thinking they were real. It is all on this blog for you to read. Not a word or photo has been taken off.

We now simply wait to hear when and where we (everyone) will be able to see clear photos of Big Clyde and read or view the results of that exciting day the ESP Team "Observed and Photographed Bigfoot."

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An Interesting Read: Older Article

I thought you readers would enjoy this article.

“Bigfoot no longer scares me,” he said. “It might if one was standing right over me, but they’ve never hurt anybody. I have a fear of wild dogs and wild hogs and anything else out there that might bite my butt, but I really have no fear of Bigfoot.” Charlie DeVore (Taken from the article The Bigfoot Hunter.)

Click link to go to the article.


Playing Fair: Some Just Don't Understand the Concept!

So you will understand what I'm talking about, I'll explain. Monday evening the photo of the bigfoot in the above illustration was emailed to me. The sender explained it was one of the ESP Team's photos taken Aug. 8, 2010. He was sending it for our eyes only and was not to be put on this blog. The photo looked familiar and so I did research and found it came from the movie, Sasquatch dated 2002.

There is still a campaign going to discredit this blog. I'm sorry you readers have to be involved. After I was sent the footprint that was owned by a Florida field researcher, we've decided not to put reader's photos on the site. I hope that explains the "no" photo below.

Let's keep "talking bigfoot" by sharing your thoughts with Bigfoot Ballyhoo. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No photos will be put on this blog from readers.

No thank you! We found the photo submitted last evening to be one from a bigfoot movie, 2002. What a world we live in! Keep "Talking Bigfoot." ... LNP

A bigfoot? youtube weston1616


Once in a while on youtube there is a video that sure looks as if it could be the real thing. What do you think?... LNP

Enjoy a simple photo.

Photo taken by Linda Newton-Perry.

Monday, April 11, 2011

About the bird in the video, below.


The reason I made such a big deal over the bird is because it was small, plump and chocolate brown! It may have been one of the birds singing. Thanks for coming to Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Please comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Searching for Bigfoot Tracks

It's Monday

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Monday and back to adult topics!

Photo: photoxpress

Okay, we will be done with the children's topics come Monday! "Don't be so childish!"

Kathy Bigfoot Working

"Saturday's child works hard for a living!" Have you heard that old saying?

Attention Kids:

Kathy Bigfoot is in charge of the Kid's Section of Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Address all your emails and comments to her. Ms. Bigfoot loves kids. She has 12 of her own. I wouldn't ask about them, if I were you. I guess I should explain. Four of her children live in foreign countries, three are in college, out of state, and the rest live with her ex husband. Every weekend she gets to see  the five younger children. Most of the time they stay with her. So Kathy's life is full with family and bigfoot interests. So let her know how you feel about bigfoot.  

Silly but Fun!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Funny and for Kids of all Ages

We will not open Bigfoot Premise

My husband has convinced me not to open the Bigfoot Premise blog. He thinks it will just keep this nonsense going about me making the whole thing up. So, we will just wait for the photos of Big Clyde to be made available for all of us to see. Thanks for coming to Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Please comment. ... LNP

Dear Bill Emery,

Bigfoot Premise

I would like to open Bigfoot Premise again to the readers. There is so much exciting information to read of your adventure. I'll open it tomorrow. Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry


What is different between these two illustrations.

Children's Bigfoot Story by Linda Newton-Perry

(To be read to your  younger children.)

Bigfoot Wakes

The very many birds on the ground and in the tall pine trees rivaled the fast flowing creek for merry summer sounds. Little Brave busied himself with turning over rocks in the cold splashing water. He searched for crawdads.

For the past while, an unfamiliar noise came from a downed tree several feet away. “No doubt an animal, but what animal?” the young boy asked himself.

Little Brave inched his way across the creek to the other side. The noise had, of course, grown faint as he neared the opposite bank. He squinted hard his dark brown eyes at the log from where the noise had come.

A strong wind gusted. A limb high up in a near tree cracked, broke off, and tumbled to the ground, splashing in the creek just three feet from where Little Brave stood.

He now could see a shadow move at the log. The wind quieted. The near birds chattered not. A far off woodpecker kept to his work, unconcerned. A lone buzzard circled overhead.

Little Brave slipped on a wobbly rock. He threw his arms out to balance himself. The pictures his eyes registered whirled crazily. When he found again with his eyes the log and moving shadow where the huffing and grunting had been, nothing looked as it had just a few seconds ago. The scene was so altered Little Brave wasn’t even sure if it was the same downed tree he was looking at.

But then, the log seemed to move. That could not be; it must be the animal, whatever animal it was.

Frightened now, Little Brave backed up slowly. The shadow animal loomed now. Its black fur glistened in the dazzling sun, now that it stood out in a clearing and out of the forest darkness.

The big animal snuffled and blew out air in a great noise. He gave the impression of just waking from sleep.

Little Brave, so shaken at what he was seeing, slipped again on the wobbly rock and fell backwards hard onto his rump.

The animal swung its massive spiky-furred head around searching for where the noise had come. It took one step forward. Little Brave sprang to his feet and scrambled under a near blackberry thicket. He clawed his way through to the other side.

The hairy man (bigfoot) seemed to yawn. Next, he kneeled, doing this by falling loudly onto his knees with long grunts, onto the gravel at water’s edge. Then he scooped, seemingly with great satisfaction, the water to his open mouth from the icy creek.

He paid no mind to Little Brave now peeking over the top of the blackberry thicket at him.

The End

For Children and Adults that are kids at heart!

Keep Checking Back Through The Weekend for Things That Children Will Enjoy.

Newspaper Column "A Matter of Time"

Down This Road

Another anniversary date has passed for the Oregon ESP Team (now ESPO Team). If you will recall, the team observed a bigfoot and captured photos of it on a trail cam August 8, 2010. Eight months has now passed. We expected to see the clear photos the team claimed to have long before now. The team leader, Bill Emery, no longer comments on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. So, we have been left out of the loop, so to speak.

 We have made it a policy to no longer put photos from readers on Ballyhoo, because the danger of mischief and hoaxing is so prevalent on the net. But Chris and I would still love to see a good photo of Big Clyde. ESPO Team, if you email a copy to us, you can be sure we will savor it a day or two and then destroy the email and photo. The same goes for the Columbus Day animal’s photo. We long to see this animal in the wild and if not in the wild a good photo will do.

Daily, we get comments on Ballyhoo, abusive comments, claiming we’ve made the ESPO Team up. Dear Readers, none of it is made up. And so we’ve decided not to allow these comments on Ballyhoo. If you have questions on the photos the team submitted and later turned out to be “tampered with” photos, then go back through the older posts. It is clearly explained why and how it happened. It is all there; not a word has been erased! This will be the last word on these two subjects: Our not allowing abusive comments and Our defending the ESPO Team as real.

If you read the Bigfoot Ballyhoo Online Bigfoot Magazine then you know that weekends have been set aside for children’s interests. Not completely, however, because on Saturdays we publish the “Matter of Time” newspaper column. We will publish color pages, children’s bigfoot stories and much more. We are now publishing a series of children’s stories about Little Brave and his adventures with the hairy men (bigfoot) of the forest. Join us on Bigfoot Ballyhoo at www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com. (Linda Newton-Perry along with her husband, Christopher Perry, is the author of several children’s bigfoot fictional books, one adult bigfoot fictional book, and a Viking Age novel, FORCED BLOOD THE NORSEMAN. Order copies from Ballyhoo or Amazon.com. Until next week, keep “Talking Bigfoot.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

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