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Thursday, March 31, 2011

For your information:

The ESP* Team has changed to ESPO Team. The last letter is a new member of the team. Ballyhoo has not been told who the new member is. If you know and would like to share, we would like to know. And if anyone has news of the team, please comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

*This would be the team that took the photo of Big Clyde on Aug. 8, 2010. Bill Emery heads up the team.

Making news, Larry Battson: Video by tigermaniac4real on youtube

If you type bigfoot into search engines this morning, you will see articles about Larry Battson. He is giving a lecture at a library tonight.  Click Link for more.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The location of the Illinois River, Oregon.

The Illinois River is in the area of the red dot.

The Illinois River, Oregon


This is the river that the two men fishing had rocks thrown at them by two bigfoots. This video is on youtube under sodunlap. He/She has 167 videos on youtube.

Guest Editor-Blogger

B Geel has left a new comment on your post "Lost the video!":

Follow up on Illinois River Sighting: I told of a rock throwing incident on the river last [week]. Those blurry photos that Welburn's partner took are being cleaned up by a expert and it looks very promising that both of the creatures can be seen with good quality.
 Will keep you updated
Wonderful! Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry

Lost the video!

Sorry there isn't anything new today. It wasn't as if I didn't try. I spent close to two hours putting together a silly cartoon video and it failed to "save" so I lost it. One person keeps reminding me I don't get very many comments. That might be true, but he/she might like to check out how many visitors come to this site each day. Yesterday we had 203!

Please do comment. I put in much time and effort on this site and love hearing from you viewers/readers. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, March 28, 2011

Searching for bigfoot prints with Linda Newton-Perry

Bigfoot and Monday= in the field looking for prints.

It's been raining here in Oregon, so it will be easier to find a bigfoot print if one is to be found in the area I'm searching. I still need someone to tell me what product I need that hardens quickly if I should want to make a cast. ... Talk to you later today. ... LNP

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sorry, they left bigfoot out of this video!

This video by HarryKindergarten. Go to Youtube to see all 164 of his videos.

Ms Sparkles

When I read to children, I'm Ms Sparkles. ... It seems the weekends are slow for comments here on Ballyhoo. So we will take the weekends for children's fun. Do not hesitate to comment if you are an adult. We know adults have much to do on the weekends. Since children are home from school at this time, we decided to try for a little fun. Children, participate by commenting and telling us how you feel about bigfoot.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bigfoot an Interesting Article: A Link

"Skeptic gives Top 10 "Why Bigfoot Does Not Exist."
Click following link to go to article, http://www.bigfootlunchclub.com/2009/09/skeptic-gives-top-10-why-bigfoot-does.html

Newspaper Column, A Matter of Time

Share Your Bigfoot Sighting

If bigfoot exists, we as forest users should be told. It is as simple as that. Moreover, if enough evidence exists, then, the appropriate government agency should be spending the funds to find out for sure if it exists. Does this line of thinking not sound reasonable? Perhaps, the government is allocating funds to research this animal. We are not always told about what our government is engaged in. We can all agree on this last statement, I believe.

Friday the 25th, I gave my bigfoot business card to the woman doing our taxes. I, of course, asked her if she knew of anyone that has seen a bigfoot. No, was her answer, but she said her nine-year-old daughter was intrigued by and couldn’t get enough of the subject. As I left the tax preparers office, I gave a couple waiting a card. I got the usual smile and chuckle under the breath from both. “Anything is possible,” the woman said.

I do want to make it very clear that I’m aware the discovery of bigfoot is near the bottom of a priority gauge in this troubled world we live in. But, I just happen to write a bigfoot column. And so I must carry on, even in the face of the world’s difficulties: Japan’s horrific earthquake and tsunami, Haiti’s slow rebuilding and the several countries engaged in war and revolt. (There is no end to this list, so I’ll stop here.)

It puzzles me why at the mention of bigfoot, people laugh. They laugh, except for those that have seen the animal. While working at North County News a few years ago, I met a man that had seen what he thought was a bigfoot, when he was a child. Forever after, he was the family joke, and his own wife derided and poked fun at his sighting. He never said, but I’ll bet he’s often been gifted with a pair of bigfoot furry house slippers.

If you’ve seen one of these animals, please be proud of it. You may talk about it on the online magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com). You do not have to give a name and no one will press you for further information. We understand that many people that have had a sighting are stunned at seeing an animal that is not supposed to exist. If you know of such a person, do encourage them to talk about it. Until next week, keep “Talking Bigfoot.” ... Linda Newton-Perry

A Page to Color

Copy and paste onto your computer program, Word etc. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sru Lake Visitors

Jason, Levi and Tonya has left a new comment on your post "When the laughing stops.":

Our one night stay at Sru:  My friend just home from Iraq and his wife wanted to see this Sru lake for themselves. I agreed to go with them because I have the best 4 wheel drive and camper. We wanted to get some kind of understanding about the recent things being printed on the web. We arrived at 4 PM on Sunday and stayed till Monday at noon.

This place is weird. Snow everywhere on the roads around there. Absolutely nobody around. A small clear lake with ice cold water from snow melt. We walked around the lake looking for any sign of tracks and we were not let down. Over next to a fallen log we found 5 prints of what we think are bigfoot prints.

When it was dark we heard 2 distinct screams or cries off of the silent mountainside. We talked with one USFS man and he told us to be careful when walking around up there. Cougars and other things have been seen right in the campground. "What other things?" we asked.

 A smile and a shrug from the man told us he wasn't going to tell us "What."  We never saw any thing like bigfoot but all felt we were being watched next to our camp. Maybe just nerves but I'm telling you that place is strange

Thank you for the great comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

A Story for the Children: Read it to them.

Little Brave

by Linda Newton-Perry
Gleefully, Little Brave runs beneath the branches of trees that are hundreds of years old. He climbs over moss covered  ones that smell strong of the good earth. He lives in a forest. The name of his tribe is of no importance here in this tale of wild and free living. Little Brave could be of any tribe of this earth and the circumstances would apply just the same.

     He at this moment in time is watching a hidden fawn. Its mother is not far away munching the grass near a large boulder. Little Brave does not wish to harm the fawn, but he does want to pet it. Inch by inch he quietly moves toward the baby deer. Now he stretches out a hand to the top of its soft head. It doesn’t move, at first. But then, it’s all legs as it lurches and tumbles forward fighting to rise and flee.

     Little Brave has never come upon so small a fawn before. He says, “Shush, little one. Quiet now.” The ten-year-old moves forward quickly and gathers the little animal to his chest in a tight embrace. It feels so warm in Little Brave’s arms. He runs a hand down the back of its head and neck. He places his cheek on the hot little head. He kisses it several times.

     He’d already decided he’d take the fawn with him when he left. He couldn’t give it up. It was too good of a sensation having the fawn in his arms. It would be his, belong to him alone. He would give it pony milk and care well for the little forest animal.

     And so the boy and the deer leave the mother deer while she contentedly munches sweet grass. Little Brave rubs his chin on the top of the deer’s head and talks in a low voice to sooth it. About half way home, Little Brave senses he’s being followed. It was more than sensing; he heard twigs pop, foot falls and grunting noises.

       At the next curve in the path, Little Brave speeds his steps and chances a glimpse over his shoulder. “No!” he breathes out to himself in a low, shaky voice.   “Oh no! Oh no!” Little Brave said aloud; and to himself,  he said over and over, “It’s a hairy man!” (Little Brave’s tribe called bigfoots, hairy men.) It wasn’t often one saw one of these giants. Little Brave had never until today seen one. He shifted the fawn to his other arm. He held it across the front of his body much like some women carry a baby but the fawn's legs pointed straight up. The fawn weighed more with each step Little Brave took. He was now on a steep grade going up. The crest was in sight.
     Cougar-like screams, too close, rattled Little Braves thinking. The distance to the top of the hill seemed forever. The fawn jerked all four of its spindly legs and fought to roll over in Little Brave’s arms as the screams vibrated the pungent forest air.

     “What was it with this hairy man? Did he want the fawn for his dinner? Did he want me and the fawn?” Little Brave’s brain wouldn’t stop with the questions.

     No help for it, he had to get rid of the jittery fawn to save himself. The giant’s odor was overwhelming. Little Brave knew she was very close. On the run, he dropped the fawn into a nest of thick moss. Next, he found himself flat on his stomach. He’d glanced back for just a long second. (This was when he took note that the hairy man was not a male but a female.) He tripped, stumbled forward and finally landed flat with chin in the hard trail dirt.

     As he fell, his eyes caught a whirlwind of activity. And then quiet. Dust and dark fur settled to the ground. Little Brave’s eyes stung from the dust (he told himself). His nose was running. He slapped at his eyes and wiped his nose with the back of his hand. Mortified that he was crying like a girl, he got to his feet and hurried with much courage to where he could see the hairy being back down the trail.

     The hairy female, bent from the waist, with palms forward, was gently shooing the frightened fawn back down the trail.

     A crazy thought came to Little Brave:  Could it be, that the female giant was returning the fawn to its mother?

The End

(The original fawn photo from photoxpress.)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

When the laughing stops.

Those that believe and those that have seen bigfoot know that it is "just a matter of time" before bigfoot will be proclaimed real by science. At that time, the laughter at the mere mention of bigfoot will finally stop. Then what? What do you think will happen? Here in Oregon we have areas protected for owls and a shorebird. The only thing I know for sure is that at last the laughter will stop when everyone knows that this beautiful animal lives in our forests and woods. Comment.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't Forget Brad Douglas' Project.

My name is Brad Douglas owner of Outdoor Films in Bend, Oregon. We are working on a Television pilot following the tracks of Big foot and are looking for individuals that have had credible sightings in the Northwest. We will be traveling around the region interviewing and filming locations. If anyone is interested in sharing their story please email us at outdoorfilms@earthlink.net


I consider this blog an online bigfoot magazine. And like any good magazine, it contains plenty of photos and illustrations to keep  eyes occupied and  brains engaged. You will, most days, find at least a new illustration to enjoy. On the most part we publish interesting comments from you the readers of this blog. Thank you for visiting this site and do participate by commenting. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bigfoot: Be proud ...

Linda Searching for Bigfoot Tracks

I meant to say that Bigfoot has been seen east not west of where this video was filmed. ... LNP

New (Possible) Bigfoot Sighting!

Guest Editor-Blogger: B Geel

A strange 12 hrs for Ralph Welburn. Ralph Welburn has fished the Illinois River in southwestern Oregon for 32 years and last week had a most upsetting experience on the that river. At 2pm on Tuesday the 15th Ralph and a fishing friend were drifting the river 13 miles from the mouth when medium sizes rocks started hitting the river near them.

They couldn't see where these rocks were coming from until they went to shore from the fear of being hit. Ralph and his friend claimed two very large creatures stood on a steep rock outcrop some forty to fifty feet above them and watched the fishermen for nearly five minutes. In his eye glasses he claimed the creatures were neither human or animal as far as he knows. The creatures were standing on two legs and had great body size.

 His friend tried to use his camera to get pictures of them but only caught blurry and unrecognizable figures. As they stood upright watching the men on the riverbank the larger one on the left would pick up and throw a rock into the river. After a bit the creatures walked off and out of sight. Both men claimed the creatures were covered in hair one black and one a light brown or almost yellow like.

 Ralph wanted the sighting told so I'm sending it to you. Thanks for a place to let people know of sighting without giving personal info out.

Thank you for a great comment. And you are welcome. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Out of the Office for a Time Today.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Video Youtube GoldenChain13

In the Oregon forests, there be lions and bears, and, you would be surprised at what else we think lives there. ...  BIGFOOT! (This bear is a Grizzly and they do not live in Oregon.)


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Please comment.

For Your Enjoyment

Newspaper Column by the Perrys

Talking Bigfoot!

“There's a lot of activity on the news sites about this weekend's low hanging moon. So I'm wondering if this will affect the Bigfoot creatures. If there is an unusual cluster of sightings, I hope a lot of people are able to get their reports to this blog.” This is from Marcy, a regular reader, contributor of the blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo (http://www.bigfootbally.blogspot.com/).

Yes, we editors of Bigfoot Ballyhoo do wish those fortunate enough to get a glimpse of this amazing animal will write a comment on the site telling us about their experience. And what an experience that would be!

I’d like to take a few lines here and explain that when we get a bigfoot sighting on Ballyhoo, we simply post the written comment. We do nothing with it other than that. On the internet there are many sites where one can report a sighting if he/she wishes a follow up.

The only exception to this would be a sighting or tracks found around the Sutherlin Valley, Oregon. It would be very satisfying to actually hear of and be able to see the tracks this animal has made. You can call this newspaper with your telephone number and we will get back to you.

Just a little more on the limping bigfoot of Douglas County: At least two people have commented that in the past they’ve known of or remember reading or hearing of an animal, thought to be a bigfoot, that had been hit by a vehicle. Perhaps, one of these mentioned occurrences is of this same limping bigfoot.

Readers, it is apparent that there is little chance that you will actually see a bigfoot. These animals have been flawlessly created to adapt to their deep-forest/wood’s environment. But, if you do see one, you are one of a precious few! We, the editors of Bigfoot Ballyhoo, encourage you to tell of your sighting so the rest of us can enjoy the experience. We do not require that you give your name, but if you do and wish for it not to be used we will comply. Remember please, if finding and darting a bigfoot for science were an easy thing, it would have been done long ago.

Last week, we for a day did not write posts on the online magazine, Bigfoot Ballyoo. This was out of respect for the Japanese earthquake/tsunami victims. Oh, for a fact, there are more important things in this world than “discovering bigfoot.” Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, March 18, 2011

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Limping Bigfoot....Have you heard of a sighting?":

If I had seen the limping Bigfoot, I would not report it. Reasons are the same as a UFO. Giggles and winking seem to prevail over any report of Bigfoot.. I do believe a couple things might be taking place with this Bigfoot. From most of the reports, I know about the Bigfoot seems to be very old. This might be why it is seen around rural property and waysides.

It's ability to get food must be lacking. The other thing is the Bigfoot may have been around or had unwanted contact with people for years. The reason I say this because of this weird report I received in 76. (1976-14-07): Caller reports on hitting a possible human or very large bear on xxxxxx Rd near Elkton; Caller claimed to have accidentally hit a tall dark colored man or bear in the roadway at xxxxpm. RC: said the possible victim was cover with what he believed to be hair or a fur suit.

RC: reported the possible victim was injured but ran from the road into surrounding treeline. Upon call: {RUE was dispatched to accident} IO: found a small amount of hair attached to front fender of R:C:V. Possible accident victim was (not) found near area.

Conclusion : (possible animal-vehicle accident). [Send to ODFW for information] Back in that year I took this report and felt then and now this was a Bigfoot not a man or bear. I can't say why I believe this other than the report is not all here. One paragraph has been removed from it by Or. records division.


Thank you for the great comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Limping Bigfoot....Have you heard of a sighting?

Linda's Always Checking the Comments! So Speak!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guest Editors-Bloggers: Bobbi and Joe

Bobbi and Joe has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger: Betty":

We had a great adventure this last weekend. We drove from Yreka to Powers to see some old friends.The Bigfoot is the talk of the town in Powers.We had a wonderful time talking to older residents of Powers and hearing their stories about Bigfoot and especially the Squaw Lake (SRU)one.

Many of these people have stories of past encounters with the Bigfoot you call Clyde. Geri and her husband saw first hand the damage the Bigfoot did to the little campground in 2009-10 On Saturday we all went up towards Sru Lake to enjoy the country. The road was plowed for about 4 mile on the 3348.Then we came upon a massive snowbank covering the road so we had to turn around and leave.

 Lots of trees were across the road up there. We headed over toward Agness to look the river over. Lots of snow on all the back roads everywhere. On Sunday morning we had breakfast at the local restaurant and talked with a man that currently works in the forest service. He told us many of the roads are not gonna be repaired this year because of budget cuts.

We asked him if he had ever seen tracks or Bigfoot and he explained that off the record "yes" but officially "no". He said its basically the same thing under all government control that they don't really talk Bigfoot to the public. Many around Powers believe in Bigfoot and find it a serous subject. Albert H. Powers the founder of the town believed the bigfoot was real because of a scary encounter he had with one at another nearby lake in 1923.

Then sometime in the 1940s two men went missing somewhere just south of Powers at some lake that was used for log storage by a timber company and it was thought the great wildmen of the mountains killed them. Thats what many of the older people say the bigfoots was called back then.

We will return to the area in the late spring for a vacation in the forest. Sixes River has a long and hostile past with the bigfoot starting back in 1864. Sixes River is only 12 miles from todays Powers by way of Salmon Creek.

Thank you for this great comment. ... LNP

Guest Editor-Blogger: Betty

Mrs. Perry,

Milo and I are taking the kids camping for Spring Break for the remainder of the week. However, Milo and I plan on sitting down, over the next few days, and writing down some of the adventures he had with Bill and some of Bill's acquaintances. I'll also finish telling the followup to Elias encounter and what Bill & Milo discovered during their investigation.

Finally, if you can communicate with Bill, please tell him that we miss him and he can count on all of our support.

Your Truly,

Thank you. We look forward to hearing your adventures. I believe that Mr. Emery reads this blog once in a while.  ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Comments Welcome! (Well Most...)

Jut for fun! Video by BeanMeister22. Go to Youtube view all 326 videos.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Guest Editor-Blogger: Betty

Regarding, Bill Emery
Dear Mrs. Perry,

It's Betty again and I wanted to write to you yesterday but our grandchildren were with us and I could never find the time.

I spent some time reading some of the past information on your blog and I was, quite frankly, shocked and offended for you by some of the accusations. I shared a brief history of the recent events with my husband Milo and he was very upset.

Milo, as I've already mentioned, was friends with Bill and he says that there's nobody more honest and straight forward than him. Milo, told me that one time, many years ago, they stopped off at a little rural gas station to purchase gasoline and some snacks. After they filled the tank and drove off, Bill noticed that the lady behind the register had given him incorrect change in his favor. It wasn't more than a dollar but Bill wanted to go back and return the money. Milo was driving and they had already gone 20 miles past the station but Bill insisted they go back so could return the change!

Would a man like that make up lies about something?

Also, Milo told me a story about one of the delivery drivers, at his old company, that had a run-in with a Bigfoot near Hills Creek Lake back in the early 80's. As Milo tells it, this delivery man, his name was Elias, was scared half to death by what he believes to have been a Sasquatch. Elias was returning with some chains that they had purchased in Eugene. The chains were for a load of lumber that was being stored near the lake on the back of a flatbed trailer.

Elias was supposed to drop off the chains and wait for the construction supervisor to help him put the chains around the lumber. The lumber was on a very secluded piece of property right on the lake. Elias had gotten out of the truck to smoke a cigarette when he heard some of the lumber shifting on the trailer. He trotted over to check on it and when he got around the side he saw what he thought was a bear trying to climb onto the trailer!

The "bear" must have heard Elias because it turned around to look at him. Milo said that Elias was trembling when he told this part of the story. The "bear" turned around on it's feet and there it stood. But, it wasn't a bear. It was very tall, Elias guessed 8 feet, it had a flat face, long arms and he could see skin through the hair on it's chest and stomach.

What got Elias' attention were the eyes. He said that they were a light yellow and that the pupils were very dark in comparison. He said that, aside from the eyes, the face was very human and it had a matted and very long beard but no hair around it's eyes, except a pair of very bushy eye brows. He said that fear was nothing compared to the way he felt and that the creature looked at him "like he owed it money." His exact words. / I ran out of space so I"ll post the other half later.


Elias backed up slowly, never taking his eyes off the animal, and then, once he got around the edge of the trailer, ran as fast as he could back to his delivery truck. In those days, the company's delivery trucks were similar to milk trucks and there were no doors on the sides during the warmer months. Elias got the truck started and drove off as fast as he could. He looked in the driver's side mirror and didn't see anything. However, a few seconds later, a noise got his attention and when he looked to his right, he saw a big hairy fore arm and hand trying to grab the edge of the passenger opening! Elias told Milo that the creature must have been very fast as he was driving about 35 miles on hour on the forestry road. Elias thought that the creature may have been trying to stop the truck in some way! Anyhow, a moment later the hand was gone and Elias kept driving as fast as he could back to Eugene.

The next day, Elias didn't show up at work so Milo called to check on him. At first, Elias would not say what was wrong with him but a bit later, he told Milo the story. Milo was surprised because he'd never heard of a Bigfoot being aggressive. Poor Elias quit the next day and shortly after wards, he and his family moved from Oregon to someplace in Arizona.

Milo was already friends with Bill, at the time, and he knew of Bill's interest in Bigfoot, so he called him to relate the story. Needless to say, Bill was ready to go investigate immediately!

This story will have to be continued as I have run out of time and have errands to do before supper.

I have to say that Milo and I are very distressed over the ugliness surrounding Bill and his friends. As I mentioned, the Bill we knew would never do anything dishonest!

I'll try to finish the rest of the story tonight or tomorrow when I have a moment.



Thank you for your great comment. I'm sorry it took me so long to put it on the site. We had a huge storm Sunday and the computer, phone and TV just now came back on.  ... Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor: Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Limping Bigfoot: Watch for Him":

Calls have been taken on the limping animal near Loon Lake . Some believe police are not taking these sighting serious. We in fact have looked into reports of this strange animal but have no way of knowing what people are reporting. I myself feel the reports as a whole are mostly accurate but still we have no evidence of this animal. Tracks were found and cast on three reports but failed to be identified by our state biologist as any known animal. Of course we always have a good chance of somebody planting the tracks too. I would simply ask people to drive carefully on the roads.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bigfoot: An Invitation

Brad Douglas has left a new comment on your post "Jan. 2010, Oregon Bigfoot Sighting":

My name is Brad Douglas owner of Outdoor Films in Bend, Oregon. We are working on a Television pilot following the tracks of Big foot and are looking for individuals that have had credible sightings in the Northwest. We will be traveling around the region interviewing and filming locations. If anyone is interested in sharing their story please email us at outdoorfilms@earthlink.net


In our local paper we have a section for Police Reports. Why is it, I never see anything about bigfoot sightings? Can't you talk about them? And if you can, please comment. It seems there have been several bigfoot sightings lately around Douglas County, Scottsburg area in particular. Have these sightings resulted in Police Reports? Please tell us what you can. Thank you. LNP

An Answer:
PWY has left a new comment on your post "QUESTION FOR THE POLICE":

Answer: Bigfoot reports are filed under animal contact. The state of Oregon does not support or recognize bigfoot as a animal or any known living being,animal etc: Bigfoot reports are generally categorized as misidentification of a known animal.

Talking Bigfoot

We are pleased if you enjoy this site and pleased even more if you participate by commenting.  Thank you for stopping by. ... Linda Newton-Perry 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Beautiful Photos and Beautiful Music to Refresh You

Go to Youtube and check out rodbo's 31 Videos.

Bigfoot: Limping and Yes, he's been seen several times!

Douglas County Oregon's Own Limping Bigfoot!
Can you tell us more about this animal? He's certainly been seen enough times.

Limping Bigfoot: Watch for Him

Douglas County, Oregon, seemingly has a resident limping bigfoot. The animal not only limps, but is covered in gray fur/hair, making us believe it is elderly. For at least a year now, this same bigfoot has been seen several times in Douglas County. Once, it was seen at the Elkton tunnel. A police report was filed. At Scottsburg it was sighted at the west end of the bridge, flat area left of hwy 38, and at Scottsburg Park, rummaging through the trash cans.

Several times it has been seen at the Loon Lake turnoff at Mill Creek Road. Just last week a car almost hit the animal as it was crossing the road at the turnoff. A police report was filed by the three witnesses. And in the last two weeks four sightings have been reported on an animal, presumably the limping one, around the Scottsburg area. We don’t know if these sightings were reported to the police or just told to the owners/employees of Bob’s Market, Scottsburg.

The old sick animal seems not to worry about being seen as he walks along the road or darts in front of oncoming cars. It seems many photos have been snapped of it, but not one that is sharp enough to convince authorities to take the animal seriously.

One person commented on Bigfoot Ballyhoo, wondering about police accountability, since they are well aware that the animal has been sighted several times in the Scottsburg/Loon Lake turnoff area. He asked if the police shouldn’t put up a sign to warn people. Since the animal bigfoot doesn’t officially exist, it is safe to say there probably wouldn’t be a law to cover this occurrence.

Good common sense, however, should prevail when driving in Oregon. Generally, it is common knowledge that forest animals as well as domestic animals could at any time be on or crossing Oregon’s roads. One doesn’t live in Oregon long until he’s hit a deer or knows someone that has.

If you have a sighting to talk about, you may email Linda Newton-Perry or write a letter. You can ask that your name not be used on the site, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, or the column “A Matter of Time.” The site address is www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com. Perry’s email is linda.perry@charter.net and you may write to Linda Newton-Perry P.O. Box 334 Sutherlin, Oregon, 97479.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Go to Youtube for more of SUSANFARNS videos. She has 100 of them.

A Joke

Photo: photoxpress

The U.S. Army Ranger School was more arduous than my nephew had expected. He had to subsist on meager rations, hike for miles carrying heavy packs and equipment, and survive treacherous conditions in swamps, deserts, heat, and cold. I told an incredulous coworker all about it.

     "Wow," she said, "I had no idea how tough it was to become a forest ranger."

This joke was sent to the magazine Reader's Digest by Carol Elizondo, Concord, California.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Here's What Happened When a Hiker Came Upon a Bigfoot.

Orin has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot: What to do if you come upon one in the wo...":

Some members of my hiking club recently were asked what they would do if approached or confronted by bigfoot. The answers might surprise a person if they think it's not a no-brainer. In 2010 a older member of this club came almost face to face with what he said was a giant apeman or bigfoot.

 He had been hiking the deep woods for 30+ years and had never seen this beast or one like it. The large being was standing behind a big fir tree watching the man walk the trail. The first site of it brought complete panic to the hiker. The sheer size of the beast was overwhelming to him. The hiker turned quickly and ran back along the trail and the bigfoot followed him.

The hiker ran as fast as possible and he said the bigfoot wasn't even winded. The beast followed him for 3 miles or so before breaking off down a vertical incline. The hiker told us that the bigfoot made several deep grunting sounds but never actually tried to catch him.

 He was so unnerved by the supposed mystery being that it took him several months before returning with other hikers to the place he sighted it. It was his belief that bigfoot was not a real creature. The sighting was in southwestern Oregon in the summer months, but I do not want the location of the sighting to be published. The sighting was reported to the United States Forest Service but no followup was ever done with the hiker.


Thank you for this great comment. We've had several such sightings where the bigfoot followed after being sighted. ... LNP

We know you've been "talking bigfoot."

Photo: photoxpress

So, why not share your thoughts? Comment!

Beautiful Oregon

The name of this video is "Oregon Rain" and it's by Haruhuan Spruce. Look under hspruce on Youtube for more videos by this artist.

Bigfoot: What to do if you come upon one in the woods/forests.

Photo: photoxpress

It is rather important to know how to behave if you should see one of these animals. Of course, it would depend on how far the animal is from you, five feet or fifty.  If you felt in danger you are sure to act a certain way, and if not, another way. What would you do if you rounded a bend and there twenty feet in front of you bigfoot looms. Should you stand tall and make yourself appear  bigger than you are in order to scare the animal from any thought of attacking? Should you keep an eye on him and meekly back away? These are things we need to know.

Remember, it is thought that half of all sightings are not reported. What is your opinion and what would you do?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

'Bigfoot' suit: NH is stomping on civil liberties

Well, he just wanted to dress as bigfoot, scare people and film it. Click link and read what's happening to this bigfoot filmmaker.

Old Growth Forest Hike by riotus484

How beautiful and by someone that can put together a video better than I can. ... LNP

Out and About Today ...

I found deer tracks today but nothing else. It's 60 degrees today and I just had to get out in the fresh air. ... Comment! ... Linda Newton-Perry
Some believe that bigfoot moves through the countryside by following creeks and rivers. I remember one sighting of a bigfoot in Kansas doing just that. That is the reason for the comment that bigfoot wouldn't be in the swollen  creek in the above video. ... LNP

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where bigfoot sighted ...

This is the area that the limping "strange upright creature" was sighted in the comment below on March 1, 5:30 PM. This is Hwy 38 at the Loon Lake turnoff.  The car is on its way to the coast. The Umpqua River is to the car's right.

Top photo: This is a print that was found by Linda Newton-Perry about one year ago at this same turnoff to Loon Lake. It could be the same animal as the March 1, 2011 sighting.

Share Your Bigfoot Sighting

Seventh Month Anniversary

We did not want this day to go by without reminding everyone that this day, March 8th,  is the 7th Month Anniversary of  ESP Team’s seeing bigfoot and capturing  photos of it on trail cam.

Guest Editor-Blogger

Ms Perry,

While stopping at Bob's in Scottsburg I learned of your website. Last Tuesday on Oregon 38 at the Mills Creek bridge a man and two women reported to the police that they nearly hit a strange upright creature crossing the highway. The couple was in route to the coast when at 5:30 pm a strange looking grayish-haired creature walked out onto the highway while apparently trying to cross the highway. When the couple slowed they noticed the creature was injured or diseased by the type of limp it displayed while walking.

When I heard of this, I thought of the crippled bigfoot seen there before. The police are aware that something is being seen by passers by in that area. So far nobody has come forward with any good photos of it, though several cell phone shots have been looked at by police.

 I work in a position where I cannot give my name out but find this most interesting to say the least. I can say that over the last four months 3 other reports came in on the same creature. Police don't want to alarm residents about the reports. I was told they believe the thing is not a danger to nearby residents but are concerned about near misses with automobiles on the highway.

 I find it strange and unacceptable for them not to a least post a sign to inform people that it MAY be present near the road.


Thank you for this information. I found a bigfoot tract there myself soon after we were told about it on Ballyhoo. I appreciate Bob's Market telling you about this blog. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, March 7, 2011

Guest Editor:Blogger

Alex K has left a new comment on your post "Newspaper Article":

Betty*, I know Bill Emery too. In fact I had coffee with him and another man he introduced as Hank on Wednesday the 2nd in Myrtle Point.We talked about a recent sighting of Bigfoot and he told me of this blog and the people who are determined to make trouble for you [meant Linda Newton-Perry] and his small team of Bigfoot hunters.
We talked for some time about the Bigfoot Bill and Hank encountered back in August. Hank was visibly shaken at the site of the animal. It was apparent that he still is having nightmares over the Bigfoot coming so close to him. Hank has some health issues and telling his story was hard for him.
Yes I have been shown two photos never released to anyone. I have to say that I entirely understand why Bill won't take a chance on copy theft from other sites on the web.
It is something to see the BS online about Bill being a hoaxer and even nonexistent by some guy who has it in for the men. Perhaps we better understand now why Bigfoot is hard to realize as real. Too much disinformation everywhere online
Betty* Betty commented under the Newspaper Column below.
Thank you for this great comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

A Link to the Erickson Project : Sasquatch the Quest


Bigfooting with Linda Newton-Perry #4 Looking for Tracks.


I did see a big buck with  huge antlers and a flock of turkeys while filming this short video. Those segments were too fuzzy to include.

Monday: Out of the Office

Catch you later today.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

"People will believe what they want to believe."

This is to Anon that ended his/her comment with ... being given some bad advice ... I never saw the movie that the blue, blurry faced photo came from. And what's more, Bill Emery had never seen it either. So he didn't recognize it as a hoax. Emery believed  when he emailed it,  that, it came from his trail cam and was giving the readers of Ballyhoo a peek of better photos to come. As it turned out a technician's son tampered with several of the cam photos and  placed the blue, blurry photo in with the lot. It is simply a matter of believing the truth or not. I can do nothing more than repeat what happened.

Youtube and Bigfoot

I spend part of each day looking for videos on youtube that could be fun for readers of Ballyhoo.  I enjoy those that provide a good laugh. Most, however, can't be used because of profanity.  If you need a project, how about filming some bigfoot videos with a little taste. Sometime the sillier the better. ... My opinion, anyway. I hope to hear from you soon. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Children Read This Online Bigfoot Magazine.

Photo: photoxpress

So please keep your comments civil.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Newspaper Article

Last week I spoke, by phone, to a woman that reads this column each week. She thanked me for the time that I spend writing it. One thing she said that hasn’t been addressed, and that is, she said she eagerly looked each week through the paper anticipating a photo of Big Clyde. A photo will not appear in the paper or on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. As soon as we hear of where it can be viewed, we will tell the readers of the paper and online magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

 March 8th, it will be seven months since the ESPO [Team] observed and their trail cam snapped photos of the animal they’ve named Big Clyde. To be exact, just two of the members of the team saw the animal, Bill Emery and Hank Parchell. Will it not be exciting to see a clear photo of Big Clyde? We are all looking forward to that day.

The reader that called me last week shared a bigfoot experience and possible sighting of bigfoot. The sighting was of an animal her husband saw on the shoulder of the freeway. It was down. He thought it was dead, but didn’t stop because he was alone. It worried him that if it were a bigfoot it could have been just knocked out and might have come-to while he examined it. No doubt it was a wise choice.

 This leads to an interesting question. What would you do if you should find a bigfoot dead on the shoulder of the road? Much has been written about just such experiences. And each time, the body simply has disappeared. Why can we say this? Well if it were otherwise, the mystery would be solved. Science could and would have by now stamped the animal “real.”

 One person on the blog, Bigfoot Ballyoo, wrote that if they were to find a bigfoot corpse, they would call the local paper (several papers) as quickly as possible. It would then be documented before the animal is scooped up and disposed of.

Most weeks we get recent sightings of bigfoot on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. You can read about the experience above on Ballyhoo. It took place in Northern California You can email your experience to linda.perry@charter.net or comment on the Ballyhoo site at www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com. We will not print your name if that is your wish. Until next week. Linda Newton-Perry

Original Photo Photoxpress: Moving Head by SmashMash

If this bird exists, why not bigfoot?

From Marla

My name is Marla and I took the pictures for ESPO. Someone is saying the pictures are not authentic. They were taken at the Coos County Fair in 2002 and 03. A site back in New York has made claims these men live in Texas and he knows their names.

 He has taken the original pictures and photoshopped them for his own amusement. None of the team nor I have ever met Linda Perry.

The site in New York claims ESPO is a hoax. I can guarantee all they are as posted on this blog.

The team ESPO will not send pictures to Squatch-d for more amusement for the ones who think this guy is the real deal.

ESPO wishes to have nothing to do with him so the answer is no they will not. He has already received proper documentation of the men in question but wants to keep up the misinformation about them and Linda Perry.


Again, thank you, Marla. What does the O stand for in ESPO? ... Linda Newton-Perry

The Newspaper Column will be published late afternoon, today.

Thank you for your concern and do comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dear Carlos,

I didn't accept your comment for publication. Why? Because I'm positive these men exist. I do not wish to keep going over old ground. I will say all the photos were given to me by email and by the same person. As a matter of fact the sender took most of the photos. The photos are of the same men just taken at different times.

Thank you for your concern. In time there will be no doubt about this team. You are welcome to view this site, contribute and enjoy it.

Best regards,
Linda Newton-Perry

For You to Enjoy


I looked at your Blog. Very well done..! Interesting...! It makes one ponder the question. If you could edit your post of my slideshow to give me a little credit for making the video I would be appreciative. I offer to make these for others, using their photos of their events, vacations, etc.. I am happy to share all that I have made with you as you are providing a unique sort of service to all who choose to view. Thanks, Rod

Search Rodbo on Youtube for more of his videos.

We Want to Know What You Have to Say!

Dead Bigfoot Body, What Would You Do?

I was talking to a bigfoot believer on the phone last week. She said her husband thought that he might have seen a bigfoot on the side of the road. It could have been hit by a car her husband thought. Of course he was asked why he didn’t stop. He said he was by himself and was worried that the animal was just knocked out. 

I’ve thought about such an occurrence and wondered what I’d do. It has been the topic of many a conversations with my husband.

Considering that there have been many stories of bigfoot bodies reported to one agency or another, the dead animal collected and then no further word, ever. What would you do if you came upon a dead bigfoot? What would be the best thing to do for science? What if you could use any money that might be involved?

Tell us what you would do.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ah Beauty, and we Share it.

Video: timsperry/youtube

Bigfoot and Sru Lake

Paul S:

Today was a day that I might have to eat my pride! I didn't believe anything about the SRU LAKE Bigfoot story-- till today.

I was chatting with a game warden on the South Fork of the Coquille River and asked him if he had heard the BS about Emery and the Bigfoot up there. Well, here it came. "Don't be so sure of yourself sir!"

 Yep, that's what he said. He would not tell me what he knew but clearly knew much more than I do. I asked him right out if Bigfoot had been seen up in that area and the reply was:  "I don't know what people are seeing, but it's not just some campers that have reported a weird animal or something up there."

 He wasn't just playing games with me he was dead serious. Now I don't know who or what to believe on that story.


Thank you for your comment. I can assure you Paul S. that nothing on this site have I, Linda Newton-Perry, made up.

A Worry

I do worry about stepping on a trap while walking in the woods looking for bigfoot tracks. Does anyone know where the trappers place their traps? I look at several youtube videos where the guys walk off the trails looking for bigfoot and I worry for their safety. I don't intend to stray far into the woods. I go where I think a bigfoot might pass. Does anyone have a comment on this subject. ... Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Guest Editor: Blogger

H'erk has left a new comment on your post "License Again Suspended":

I suspect the DMV just receives a report from the police with a check mark next to something generic, like "hallucinations, recommend re-evaluation." There are likely no other boxes to check for specific crypto-creatures people claim to have seen.

Until the day bigfoot is recognized as a reality, we can expect to be treated as if we saw gnomes and martians skipping down the forest lane. ...Unless you're fortunate enough to get an officer who has had his or her own encounter. And there are a few, including one more out Tyee way, I hear.

By the way, I'm completely baffled by the rather nasty anti-NABS sentiments expressed on this blog. I suppose this is an example, or an extension of the infamous researcher turf wars(?) Regardless, I thought the NABS posts were insightful and important, and most of the resulting hate mail wasn't.

Thank you for your comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

From a Reader:

Dear Linda, thanks for your time and effort to put together your blog and the column for the paper. We enjoy the article in the paper immensely every Wednesday! If you mention me at all, I would prefer if you just call me "one of your readers," not by name. We have family members in the area who might be embarrassed by my telling this story. My husband heard Don's story, too, and he is okay with my sending it to you.

My friend--I will call him Don W., because I do not have (never thought to ask for it) his permission to tell this to other folks--was a young man working with a logging crew in No. Calif. in the late 1960's. It was winter, there was snow on the ground and the cook had just ordered a side of beef brought from town to the camp. It was too big to put it in the freezer, without cutting and wrapping it, so, since it was so cold outside, they decided to hang it outside overnight (planning to cut it and put it in the freezer the next morning.)

The men strung a steel cable between two very large trees which were far apart from each other, wrapping the cable around each trunk, at about 40' off the ground, and stretching the cable taut between the two tree trunks. On this, they hanged the beef, suspended 35' above the ground, in mid-air, between the two tree trunks. They figured even a bear couldn't get to the beef, because it would have to "shimmy" across the cable, far above the ground to get to it.

In the morning, the beef was gone! There were large human-like footprints on the ground around the camp and under the cable where the beef had been. Whatever had been there, for no apparent reason it had picked up a large, steel drum full of oil for the machinery, and it had carried the steel drum up and over one tractor, and set the drum down on the other side (they could tell this had happened by following the foot prints.) Whatever the creature was, it had taken down the side of beef and carried it away. They never found any sign of the meat, or any bones. All the men were saying "It must have been a big-foot."

Don said it made the "hair on the back of his neck stand up" with these discoveries in the morning! All the men were feeling tense because of the strange disappearance of the beef, the footprints, and the strength of whatever had carried the full steel drum of oil up and over the tractor. They spent a good deal of time looking back over their shoulders for the next few weeks.


Thank you so much for this interesting comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry