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Monday, February 28, 2011

Are they bigfoot tracks?

Chances are they are not bigfoot tracks. ... But remember, when I go out by myself, I'm looking for tracks. So I would like to think these were made by a bigfoot. Christopher Perry, my husband, when first seeing these tracks said they looked like a man's boot print. After I explained the hillside was too steep for a man to walk down or up, he agreed the print/track was made by something other than a human.  Watch the video and you will see where they were found. Something made them. ... Why not bigfoot?

Linda Searching for Bigfoot Tracks, Video

A Word From Gandhi:

"Be the change you want to see in the world."
Let's get the world talking bigfoot. ... Let's make it commonplace. Start by commenting here on Ballyhoo.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Guest Editor: Blogger

Andra Ellis has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot Sighting!":

My dad is a retired wildlife biologist and now thinks that the proof needed to move Sasquatch from legend to fact has been met. You see for many years science has quietly been studying the available physical evidence on the Sasquatch. Thou it is not unanimous, the vast number of wildlife bios think it better than 70% for the existence of such a creature. What nobody can agree on is the number of them alive and where.

 Most believe only the most remote regions of the USA and Canada may harbor the remaining numbers. While others think the Sasquatch is very few in numbers and likely a sub-human leftover from the extreme past of human evolution.

For the most part these bios do not like to talk in theory. As you are aware many thought only bones would give science a heads up on what the Sasquatch might or might not be. Recent advances in science make it possible to catalog the Sasquatch without teeth or bones.

So maybe very soon the controversy will be over.


Thank you for this comment. We can hardly wait until that day. ... LNP

A Gift

You may use this print for whatever you like. Its title is  "A Beauty be a Leaf."  Linda Newton-Perry found the leaf in her backyard.

A "Found" Beauty

 Photo: Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bigfoot Sighting!

Gone Fishin' has left a new comment on your post "Newspaper Column: "A Matter of Time"":

Many times I have wondered if bigfoot was just in peoples imagination. Well the answer to that question came unexpectedly last week. My sighting was near Steamboat across the river from the XXXXX. A large upright human like creature loped up the hillside after picking up what looked to be a dead Steel head from the bank of the river.

It could not have been a man dressed like a bigfoot because there's no way to get over to the site of the sighting without a drift boat and the size of it was all wrong for even a large man. Three of us were fishing the river when we saw it quickly grab the large fish and hurl around and walk off on two legs.

It appeared to be dark brown and covered with a coat of hair. If I were to estimate the things' height, I would say eight to nine feet. Weight was probably several hundred pounds. If it wasn't a bigfoot, I have have no idea what it was.

 It was wild and strong to walk up the steep hill that quick. The next fisherman to me said  "[I] have to quit eating in those places," and simply shook his head. The other man about 25 feet downstream said,
"What the @@@@ was that thing!"

 Thanks for the weekly articles in the paper. It may help people who might see one of those things not think themselves completely nuts.


Thank you so much for the sighting and great comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry


Newspaper Column: "A Matter of Time"

Searching for Bigfoot Tracks

All last week we anticipated snow here in bigfoot country, Oregon. But I did get out Monday for a short time searching for bigfoot tracks. I drove east of Sutherlin where beautiful Mt. Scott loomed, wreathed in snowy mists and rainbow sparkles. It is frightening driving rain and snow drenched back roads. What’s frightening about it is trying to find a dry place to park or turn around. All went well, and I might have found a bigfoot track. I, with much effort, got a good shot of Mt. Scott on the video I filmed while searching for bigfoot tracks.

 I might add that bigfoot has been sighted east of Sutherlin or at least it looked like a bigfoot. It walked off after it scrubbed its back on a tree trunk, on two legs. It walked on two legs until out of view, and so it was assumed to be a bigfoot. You can view these videos by going to www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com or Youtube and typing in Linda Newton-Perry.

I’ve handed out so many bigfoot business cards locally that I forget who I’ve given them to. Even so, I’ve had good results and from time to time been rewarded with a bigfoot sighting/story. Picture this, you round the corner of the barn and there sitting with stubby legs spread wide apart, a “beautiful” bigfoot scooping up food from the pig trough. One does not hear the word “beautiful” often in a bigfoot description, but that was the word used by a local store clerk of her California sighting.

Dave Moore, a genuine outdoorsman, was given a card and he emailed that he’d seen about every animal that roams the Oregon Mountains. He has yet to see a bigfoot. He doesn’t believe the animal exists but is open-minded enough to think it may. What was really interesting to me is that Moore is a real estate broker and has listings of several timber properties (in my mind I think bigfoot properties). You can view these listings by going to Bigfoot Ballyhoo and clicking the link to Moore’s website.

Please comment either on the online magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, or write a letter to the editor of this newspaper. We know people are interested in the subject, so, let’s hear what you have to say. Linda Newton-Perry along with her husband, Christopher Perry, is the author of five bigfoot books and one Viking Age novel. Until next week, keep “Talking Bigfoot.”

Friday, February 25, 2011

Man tells about bigfoot sighting he had as a boy.

Be proud of your bigfoot sighting.

Dave Moore, a friend from my real estate days.

Dave Moore

Hi Linda and Chris [Readers of Bigfoot Ballyhoo],

I have seen nearly all the critters that roam the woods here in the Northwest.
One day when scouting for elk, I say a four-point buck and a large black bear crossing the road within fifty yards of each other.

I have come across cougar kills and I have seen several cougars including two cougar kittens.

I have seen bobcat and I have seen several ring tailed cats.  I have only seen two mountain boomers (kinda like a marmot).  I have seen many coyotes, weasels, muskrats, flying squirrels etc. I have seen numerous bear including a large blond bear and a dark grey bear.

The one thing that I have seen which has puzzled me to this day is a critter that I think was a misplaced wolverine. It was large for a wolverine. It was reddish in color and had a short tail, stocky built, ears like a wolverine, no stripe like a wolverine. It was very close and in the middle of the day in August, so I had a very good look at it. My dad also saw it. It was up Cavitt Creek not far from the old copperhead pit.. Seneca property now.

I still go to the mountains when I can find the time. I have never yet seen a big foot.
Let me know if you know anybody that wants to buy or sell.

Thank You
Dave Moore

Broker @: Remax Professional Realty
2955 NW Edenbower
Roseburg, OR 97471
Office: 541.673.3272
Mobile: 541.430.1752
Fax: 541.673.3128

Website: http://www.landandmoore.com/

Email: moore.dave@q.com


I ran into Dave Moore yesterday. We talked for a few minutes. At the end of our conversation, he said he was open to bigfoot. I do hope he will be watching for the animal now. Thanks Dave for the comment (this comment was an email to Chris and me).

And please do call Dave when you are looking to buy or sell real estate. I noticed he has a few listings of forest property or as I like to think BIGFOOT PROPERTY! ...Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Linda Newton-Perry Builds a Fire

Where to find dry wood to start a fire.

Since I've started spending time in the woods, I thought I would share this video with you. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just for fun.

Original photo: photoxpress

Oregon Waits for Snow

Photo: photoxpress

Could bigfoot have made these? Probably not. But it's fun to wonder; don't you think? It is Bigfoot Ballyhoo's belief more of these animals than we are made to believe ARE OUT THERE. It seems reports are not being counted (police, forest service) and the  majority of sightings are not reported anywhere. Where do we get this information? Right here on Bigfoot Ballyhoo is where you will find readers saying just that. Read older posts and you'll be surprised. Read and comment.

Why not give a special gift?

Umm... I'm smelling the Tootsie Roll toes!

Homemade cookies are a real treat to receive. Here is a fast recipe, I've shared it before. This/these cookies are especially nice if you give them to someone that knows you have an interest in bigfoot. The above cookie I gave to the editor of the newspaper that my bigfoot column is published in each week. I gave it to her as a little gift for her third year anniversary of owning the paper.

Fast Tender Cookie

1 cup sugar
1 cup (any of the following to make one cup) peanut butter, butter, shortening, margarine
1 egg

Stop here if you want a very tender cookie, but add nuts, chocolate chips, oats if you want a harder cookie. You will need it to be harder/firmer if you wish to form it into a bigfoot shape. I made several smaller bigfoot cookies from this recipe but using oats etc. to make it harder.

Drop onto cookie sheet, 2" across, press down and bake at 350 degrees for 12-14 minutes. About 20 minutes for the larger bigfoot cookie. Check often. You want it to dry out. Above I've cut a Tootsie Roll into rounds, pressed and formed them into toenails. Decorate as you wish. I've also spread peanut butter on the top of the foot and crushed up a sweet breakfast bar and pressed it into the top; it just adds sweetness.

Guest Editor-Blogger: A sighting!

Trinity and Guy has left a new comment on your post "On Monday ...":

What a nice video Linda. Scenery is perfect. I'm having a hard time posting a comment on your site. When I try to go to comments I'm redirected to a blank page.Got through today. I think it's neat that your looking for tracks. It sure gives one a chance to enjoy our world.I hear that Oregon is about to be slammed with a major winter storm. I have always wondered how bigfoot can survive the harsh climate. I like this site because it is not negative like so many. Many sites claim to have all the answers to bigfoot. I love to hear the words"I don't know". It is the right frame of mind to have.

Our thanks for all the excellent stories on your site. Please keep up the excellent work. Last year while we were traveling through Oregon we saw what appeared to be a bigfoot on a back road near Diamond Lake. Before then I never would have believed those giant animals to be real. It was a scary time for us. Though the animal did not come close to us the smell was terrible.We still can picture that hairy thing crossing our path and looking at us.

I hope the "problem" with logging in was just because I was working on the site. I work off and on all day long on it. Thank you for your comment. I just sorry you didn't get that one great photo that the whole world is "Talking About!" ... Linda Newton-Perry

The Store Clerk and Her Bigfoot Sighting

When it seems the thing to do, I hand out my business card. I gave a card to a clerk when shopping not long ago. I said my regular line▬"... most people laugh at the idea of bigfoot." She said, “I don’t. I’ve seen one.” She spent a minute telling me about her sighting. It was several years ago and in California. As she told the story her eyes filled with tears. To make it short, she came upon a bigfoot eating the food from a pig trough.

     “It was just beautiful,” she whispered, just loud enough for me to hear. For some reason, I picture the animal sitting and gobbling the food down. I’m sure she said something to make me think it was sitting. Then she added with a great chuckle, “One of the pigs died of a heart attack!” When she finished laughing, she said, “When it saw me, it just slowly got up and walked away.”

Do you have a sighting you’d like to talk about? That’s what we do here on Bigfoot Ballyhoo, Talk Bigfoot! So, share your sighting or share a sighting you know of. Talking bigfoot should be commonplace by now. Let’s make it happen!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On Monday ...

I live in bigfoot country, Oregon. Each Monday, I will go out by myself looking for bigfoot tracks. In the video below, there may be such a track. It's fun. I'm not looking for bigfoot, just his tracks, but then you never know. I believe we will always need good photos of bigfoot. What do you think? ... Linda Newton-Perry

P.S. If you go out looking for tracks or the animal, please do be careful. The country road that I was on, while filming the below video, last weekend was the scene of an accident. From what I can gather they went too close to the edge of the road while parking their vehicle and the roadside gave way. One had his back broken and one's  neck was broken. The man and woman tumbled in their vehicle several hundred feet down the hill and landed just feet  short of a river/creek. What were they doing out there? Four wheeling, dirt bikes or something like that. I don't have all the facts, my son told me what he knew (which wasn't much). The man involved works where my son works.  Be careful,  because slides are everywhere this time of year in Oregon.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bigfooting with Linda Newton-Perry

I know I spelled tracks wrong. Enjoy the video and comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Simply Sharing Beauty":

Hello All Bigfoot People. I'm new to your site. I too believe in the unknown, but Bigfoot IS known to a few. I know of mountain people who live out in the wilds. They have been there many years. Being honest and true is important to them.

They live in nature because that is where they find peace. This is what I know from them: They know Bigfoot. They do not want others to know. They do not want them harmed. They both don't bother each other.

City people have a hard time understanding that. I plan on visiting them again this year. Would a piece of hair keep you all wondering or a photo. I believe this year they will let me take something. If you could chose what should I do. I'm puzzeled about this. Many might call a picture fake. The hair might be different.

Anyways I enjoy your sight and will check back in a few days..Have a nice day....


Whatever you wish to share will be fine. I would love to see photos. But our policy now is not to publish photos from those we do not know. We enjoyed your comment. ... LNP

Debbie how is the file opening going?

Original photo: photoxpress


Simply Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Comment From Bill Emery's Wife (Emery the E in ESP Team)

Photo: Bill Emery

(Kota) Emery has left a new comment on your post "Please Help With Information":

Over the last months, many have said my husband let them down. They expected him and the members of his hunting team to prove to self made Squatchdetective that they are alive.

 Let me make it clear to all that Bill does not think the Perrys are responsible for any bad press that has come on him. It is the work of a couple individuals that are the culprits of slander.

 Some newspapers in our part of the woods have called Bill to ask if they might interview him on the recent accusations. He will not speak to anyone about the find of last summer.

 He has no intentions of calling Kulls up on the phone or going on his broadcast. It's his belief that Kulls isn't part of the Bigfoot mystery. He is just simply one person with a mighty opinion of himself.

Bill feels that only science will be of help in this subject of Bigfoot. It is the opinion of all of ESPO that they will not play the game of PR with anyone.

We feel there are plenty of thrill seekers already out there now looking for fame and fortune. Time and money has been spent to try to get a better understanding of Bigfoot in the woods. We hope some day people will understand why silence is golden--sometimes.


Thank you, Mrs. Emery for this comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Bigfoot Newspaper Column by Linda Newton-Perry

Have You Reported a Bigfoot Sighting to the Police?

If you’ve seen a bigfoot while driving a vehicle, reported it to the police and then had your license suspended, would you like to help prove that for quite some time this was a practice in the state of Oregon? The police will say, it is not the reporting of a bigfoot that got these licenses suspended, it was the filing of a false report. How’s that? you ask. Well, since there is no such animal as bigfoot, there must have been some other reason for the sighting. The reporting party must have been impaired in some manner, such as alcohol, drugs, et cetera.

On the online magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, there are numerous accounts of license suspensions having taken place after a bigfoot report has been filed with the police. ( Bigfoot Ballyhoo’s web address is www.bigfootbally.blogspot.com) One commercial truck driver had his license suspended. He wrote that he lost wages because of time lost, incurred doctor’s bills, fines and so on. Even the police run into problems when one of their own report a bigfoot sighting (that’s another subject entirely).

All the license suspensions on Bigfoot Ballyhoo have been shared, but anonymously (no names were given.) Would you be willing to white-out your name on these forms, make copies and send them to Ballyhoo? One reader believes this will be proof enough of the practice. And if you can think of another way, let us know. We’ve had retired policemen comment, saying it indeed was true, but without their names attached.

Another question on this matter of reporting a bigfoot to the police and having a license suspended is just how many reports have there been of the animal, anyway? How many sightings have not been counted? The public has been made to believe that all bigfoot sightings are hoaxes or made by impaired individuals. Why? Again, as far as the state is concerned there is no such animal as bigfoot. There can not be a sighting of an animal that does not exist! The state of Oregon has stopped this practice and some people have been reimbursed their expenses.

If you’d like to share your story and paperwork, send copies to Linda Newton-Perry P.O. Box 334, Sutherlin, Oregon, 97479. And don’t forget you can comment on Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

 Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry

Beech Mountain Deer in Snow by pdcanady: Enjoy

Friday, February 18, 2011

Have a sighting you'd like to talk about? Have an opinion? SHARE!



Sorry about the answers being upside down, but we can't make it too easy! Enjoy! 

Four Things are Different

Can you find the four things that are different in these two illustrations of a very colorful bigfoot?

Fun Bigfoot Face

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Newspaper Column by Linda Newton-Perry

Feb. 11, 2011, was an important date for Bigfoot Ballyhoo, the online bigfoot magazine affiliated with this column. Bigfoot Ballyhoo is dedicated to Dale Saxton. Feb.11th was the one year anniversary of his death. Saxton’s widow, Marsha Saxton, sent this comment to Ballyhoo on Jan. 11: “This last year has been strange living without Dale. One never knows how much they depend on their spouse until they're gone. Dale loved the outdoors and his family and friends. Bill [Emery] has carried on Dale's search for the answers on bigfoot. He has helped my son cope with the loss of his dad and friend. My family hopes that bigfoot will be common knowledge some day soon. I'm frankly at a loss of words for the recent attacks on my family and friends over the bigfoot. Linda, you have been wonderful in your support for Dale's search and comments on bigfoot. From my family to Ballyhoo and the Perrys, we thank you for a place to speak without fear.”

We are still awaiting word from the ESP Team. In order for Bigfoot Ballyhoo to continue without the “cloud of doubt” hovering over its every word, we need to substantiate for the doubters that this team, indeed, exists. Have you an idea of how we can do this? Friday, Feb. 11, was two weeks since Ballyhoo stopped publishing. It is obvious, by now, that the team feels that they can not speak up in their defense. Whatever their reason or reasons, we respect that choice. We would, however, like to remind them that we have defended the team in an all out “Killing Blitz.” One reader of Ballyhoo told us that he had sent the fellow who believes every word of Ballyhoo is a lie, a recent photo of Bill Emery. And so he knows for a fact that the naysayer knows that Bill Emery exists. So, friends, any help will be appreciated. You may send recent photos of any one of the team to me at linda.perry@charter.net. As you know I will not put them on the blog, but I need them for a hardcopy-compilation of proof.

I’ve started adding videos to youtube and I’ve a myspace page. So, check them out and leave a comment. Comments are still being allowed on Ballyhoo. Has anyone thought of starting a Douglas County Bigfoot Club? Let me know and I’ll be at the first meeting, if at all possible. (Local, Douglas County, only.)
 Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry

Letter to the Editor: So you will know.

The following is the Letter to the Editor that I sent to the Coquille Valley Sentinel, Jean Ivey.

Dear Editor: I'm the editor/owner of the online magazine Bigfoot Ballyhoo. I've stopped publishing until I can get some information on Bill Emery, Cole Saxton and Hank Parchell. It has been claimed that I've made up this team of men known as the ESP Team. Bill Emery is a business owner and lives in XXXXXXX, Oregon. I do not wish to invade their privacy, but if you know any of these men and can share proof, photos, newspaper articles, etc. it would be greatly appreciated. I know this is a strange request, but the Internet is a "strange land!"  Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry of Bigfoot Ballyhoo and the newspaper column, "A Matter of Time."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bigfoot: Linda in the woods!

Please Help With Information

If you are an insider with the Discovery Channel can you help us look into this program that was put on hold? If there is some film of it, that of course would be great proof of Emery's existance.

Other help:
If you have photos of Emery that have been published in a newspaper, that would be proof. Or if you have photos of Emery, Parchell or Cole taken of late that belong to you, I'd appreciate seeing them. They will not be published on this site, but I'd still like to see them. (email them please). Please help this site prove this team exists so we can remove the "cloud" that hangs over it. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Bigfoot Ballyhoo: PUBLISHING AGAIN!

This self-imposed publishing "HOLD" is over. Not one of the ESP Team has come forward to help out Bigfoot Ballyhoo. I'm sure they believe that their "work" is much more important than the reputation of the editors of Bigfoot Ballyhoo. I, Linda Newton-Perry, agree that their work is important, but I don't see the point of allowing this online magazine to cease publishing, just because the team will not speak up.

Early last year before his death, Dale Saxton, was going to do a TV program on CNN. When he died, Bill Emery took over. (I have a call into the network.) While this was playing out on this blog, someone commented  about how the filming was going etc. I hope they will comment again, just in case the network doesn't get back to us. The program was handed over to the Discovery Channel. The oil spill happened, earthquakes, the economy all more important than bigfoot sightings in Oregon. As far as we know the program is on "HOLD" indefinitely. When this information comes in, it will be the needed proof that Bill Emery exists. I can't see keeping the site on hold any longer. I succumbed to the pressure of  a few individuals that do not, for some reason, want this site to be successful. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!

BELOW: The original post from Dale Saxton on the CNN Program
Guest Editor-Blogger: Dale Saxton

Soon I will undertake a new thing for me in March.I have never talked about bigfoot in the public eye. I am scheduled to be on CNN for a hour with the Curry County Deputy that had the run- in with bigfoot.

It will be filmed in Curry County in the Chetco area. He has passed all 3 polygraph's with the state. We will re account what happened that day with the help of him and the eye witness accounts of the six loggers. Also we will be talking about how the state treated him and all about the drivers license suspensions that many states do when a person reports bigfoot.

When it will air I'm not sure but everybody will know ahead of time. It made me so mad when I found out about the states nasty little secret, I contacted CNN to get this on the air. They accepted so here we go!

This is wonderful news. This will help in making "bigfoot talk" commonplace. And you are providing a service, letting everyone know that they can get their license suspended if they report a bigfoot sighting, to the police, that they had from their car.

Linda Newton-Perry
Oh, one more thing, I thought that deputy wasn't to talk about his sighting?

Follow-up to above question:

His commander suddenly had a change of heart since CNN contacted him. Also the deputy and USFS man that saw the bigfoot on the search and rescue incident will be on too. (the one where the Southern Oregon couple was lost while hunting x-mas trees). We hope to put a STOP to this practice of harassment by the states about reporting bigfoot.*

*He is talking about the state's practice at the time of suspending a person's drivers license when reporting a bigfoot sighting to the police that they had while driving.

Friday, February 11, 2011

In Memory of Dale Saxton