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The Perrys have lived in Oregon since 1969 and consider it their home. They both had a hand in writing their Viking Age Novel, FORCED BLOOD THE NORSEMAN. They have been published in several magazines: OREGON, OREGON COAST, PROPELLER and more. For a short time they owned part interest in their local weekly newspaper. Linda Newton-Perry wrote for three newspapers a bigfoot column lasting three plus years. AND then this site has been published by the Perrys since 2009. Can't forget- the couple has also published several children's bigfoot books, one or two of interest to adults as well.





Friday, January 28, 2011

Why have we included this video below?


Bigfoot Ballyhoo is an Internet Magazine

Before the ESP Team met with the Internet's penchant for "trouble", one of its members, Bill Emery, often told ones that had had a bigfoot sighting to tell their story here on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. We appreciated those days and look forward to returning to that time. (We don't understand why Emery couldn't once in a while comment himself.)

Bigfoot Ballyhoo is formatted as a magazine. Even the National Geographic Magazine has fun articles and photos. Ballyhoo is not a hardcore science magazine that is dedicated only to the dry details of the search for bigfoot. Flesh and blood humans are searching for bigfoot. Each has his own story, his own reasons for looking for this being. Ballyhoo would like to tell those stories.  And as one person said, more or less,  on a bigfoot site, "Armatures will do the work of discovering bigfoot until the professionals take up the work."

And last, Ballyhoo is a magazine that can be read by children. And once in a while we present projects or articles that are aimed just at children. So enjoy the magazine. Comment your thoughts, ideas and the rare sighting.

And be assured Bigfoot Ballyhoo is not a hoax. In time it will be vindicated. You will be proud you kept reading and kept waiting for bigfoot discovery news, here on Ballyhoo.

Editor ... Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Guest Editor:Blogger

Don has left a new comment on your post "Nothing about Ballyhoo is a HOAX!":

I have met Emery and Parchell in Person. I have not met Cole Saxton yet. This on and on about these men not existing is BS. You would wonder were these negative people are getting this information from.

Emery runs a contract cutting outfit and had sub-contracted with my company for 13 years or better. I think everyone is missing the point when they wonder why Bill is not known to many bigfoot organizations. He most likely doesn't feel that being a star is important.

With all the trickery going on lately I would certainly agree that someone is working hard to discredit him. I looked at the footprint picture and feel that the man that claims it is his in Florida is not being truthful about the picture. It looks to be doctored up on his site.

Many people in bigfoot land want to keep the cloud of suspicion going on other researchers. I'm sure this can all be tracked to one individual back east if someone had the time to do some IP and DSA investigation. It is more than possible the trouble is originating from a known source of trouble in New York.


Thank you so much for this "meaty" comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor: Blogger

Marcy has left a new comment on your post "Nothing about Ballyhoo is a HOAX!":

For Frank R. and anyone who is genuinely concerned for the Perrys and for this blog: Linda has nothing to prove. The questions and charges that have been slung at the Perrys are pointless and counter productive.

If the men of the ESP team don't exist, then so what? Nobody has spent any money except these men. When one of the regular readers here even offered a donation, it was declined. None of the questioners has lost so much as a penny.

On the other hand, if all these fascinating posts on Ballyhoo are genuine, then the human race has been deprived of some powerful information. Notice I said "the human race"; not the so-called Bigfoot community.

The team of volunteers collected specimens and photographs that would have added a lot to the zoological book of data. We've all been robbed of that data by a few churls who wanted to plagiarize and corrupt the data.

The men who put their money, and their physical safety on the line have paid a very high price to collect the data. And now they're paying again, rather than allow this valuable information to be corrupted. What does it matter to anyone whether Ms Newton-Perry has ever physically met the men who did the field work?

There have been silly people making unreasonable demands on this blog, claiming to have been "burned". Nonsense! You haven't spent a penny, not even a few minutes of honest work time, to get to see the data. And you're not entitled to anything that the Emery group, or the Perrys, don't choose to publish. If you're not content with the blog, just stop clicking on the link.


Thank you, Marcy. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Words from Robert Herrick 1591-1674

Photo: photoxpress... Click photo to make it larger.

Corinna's Going A-Maying
... The following a few lines from that poem.

Life is short and our days run as fast away as does the sun--
And as a vapor or drop of rain once lost can ne're be found again--

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Clean Bigfoot Fun

Joey Bigfoot and Family, Just for Fun

In case you've wondered what's been going on with Joey and his family, here is an update. Family problems will not leave this couple's door. Jenna didn't realize how hard it is to take care of baby bigfoot. And Joey doesn't get the sense of any of her feelings. She still says she's going home to Mother. ... But Joey tells me in private he is doing all he can think of to keep her in the doll house with him. He really loves Jenna and will do all he can to make their life happy together. ... Let us cheer them on!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nothing about Ballyhoo is a HOAX!

Please do not let someone else do your thinking. Go back through the blog and read for yourself how it evolved. We are waiting for the ESP Team to announce their findings of Aug. 8, 2010. We are waiting for Debbie to tell us if and when the Columbus Day Storm Animal's file will be opened to the public. And there are  many people who have said  that they have had their driver's license suspended for reporting bigfoot  to the police after seeing it from their car. Of course there was no law that read if a person sees a bigfoot while in his car his license will be suspended. But it was still a practice. It happened to many drivers.
     The last week or so someone sent a photo and claimed a road inspector found  the bigfoot print, took a photo of it and it was passed around. The sender of the photo emailed  it saying Ballyhoo could use it, but not to use his name. It turned out it probably belongs to a bigfoot researcher from Florida.
     The Internet is a "strange land." Be careful what you believe, and what blogs/sites you believe. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Poem: Bigfoot



Where does he go when the snow is deep?
Where does he go with his life to "keep"?
Is he hidden there beneath a log?
Or is he snoozing near a steaming bog?
Do you search for him when the snow is deep?
Of course not, you've your own life to "keep."
... Linda Newton-Perry

Questions for Linda Newton-Perry

Question: Doesn’t this name-calling and false information submitted to your blog bother you?

Linda: Of course it bothers me. I don’t have people in my life that would act like this or treat me this way. They just wouldn’t be my friends. Oh sure, I’d be polite to them, but I wouldn’t consider them a friend.

Question: When did you first know you wanted to be a writer?

Linda: Ever since I was, well, I guess about 12-14. I and my sister wrote poetry. I still enjoy poetry. As a teenager I wanted to be a poet, a writer, and a sculptor. And somewhere along the line I added painter to the list. The only thing I don’t do of the above list is sculpt, unless you can consider Joey the bigfoot sculpting. I enjoy sculpting in clay. It takes much room and much effort to keep the clay and project wet. We own a modest home without extra space for sculpting. Painting is the same way. I do have a bench in the garage where I have several paintings in progress. I do enjoy drawing bigfoot.

Question: What book did you read last?

Linda: Just finished last evening The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck for at least the third time. When I was a young woman I read it several times. In the book dirt was eaten to keep from starving. I didn't remember that about the book.

Question: What book did you read before The Good Earth?

Linda: A week or two before I read The Good Earth, I read The Unvanquished by William Faulkner. I read it twice. I believe it was the first time I'd read it. It took place during the Civil War.

Later until more questions come in or I can think of one you'd like answered.  ... Linda Newton-Perry

An Interesting Link

Here is a May 25, 1999 Newspaper article you may enjoy. The name of the article is "Bigfoot Burial Ground Identified in Ohio. Click Link to go. http://www.rense.com/ufo3/bigf.htm

Monday, January 24, 2011

Enjoy a little snow.

by americanrealist, youtube.

Attention: ESP Team, Bill, Hank or Cole

Isn't there anything you can tell us about what is going on? You must know we are on the edge of our seats waiting for some word?

Instructions on How to be Nice

Photo: photoxpress
It is so much easier to like a nice person. Here is a link if you would like to learn more on "being nice."

A Note From Marcy:

Here's a good follow-up on that newly described crawfish.

[This link takes you to the Texas Crypid Hunter.]

The blogger's last three posts all deal with it, and there are some nice photographs. He has also mentioned Bigfoot in the past.

Thank you, Marcy. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Child playing in the woods.

Video Credit: Youtube under Motherbee

Illustration for story below.

4th Chapter of Bigfoot Children's Book

Just as he thought, the stiff breeze above the river was forcing him downriver, away from the exciting goings on. He was right slap-dab in the center of the river, hovering about ten feet up. No help for it, he was going to end up in it. His arms were growing heavier and heavier.

Below him now were exposed, flat river rocks. If he dropped down on a rock, he could somehow manage to get to the bank. He could always flap his arms and come down anew if the first landing proved unsuccessful. And so, he slowed his flapping and came down onto a craggy, water-covered rock. The water was to his ankles and icy cold.

Above him, sounds of people came. It must be a park, he reasoned. How far down the river he’d been blown, he didn’t know. And besides, this was a dream; he didn’t know where he was. He’d never been here before. He carefully picked his way across the dimpled rock he’d landed on. Some of the dimpled holes seemed deep and dangerous.

Once across the rock, he stepped into water up to his waist. He splashed to rustic wooden stairs leading to the voices above. The human voices were from a lively ball game, a little bleacher full of cheering family members of the players.

A thick canopy of trees shadowed the narrow path that Beau was now on. He shivered. He was wet and soggy to his waist. His plans were to find the road and walk back to where the little red car had tumbled down into the canyon. He was on the road now. Bicyclists passed him. Joggers passed him. And slow moving cars filled with happy families passed him.

The sun was warm on his aching shoulders. He crammed his hands deep into the cold wet pockets of his trousers. The road was now empty for long stretches. He dare not fly even if it would allow him to cover more distance faster. He didn’t want anyone to see him flying. Often in his dreams other people flapped as he did, so it would not have been anything out of the ordinary. But on this tail, or was it tale?─he hadn’t seen one person flapping his arms.

He simply didn’t want to appear “different” and so he trudged along, very slowly. His shadow stretched long behind him. The solid shadows of the pointy pines and tall firs darkened the road, cooling the air.

When would he ever get back to where the little red car had tumbled into the canyon? At long dream-time last, he rounded a corner and there in front of him was an excited mob of people.

“What’s going on?” Beau asked a little girl appearing to be about seven and dressed all in pink.

“Bears playing with a wrecked car,” she answered, after she’d pulled with a loud pop from her mouth, a shiny red sucker.

“Bears, huh?” he said to one older man looking through binoculars.

“I don’t think so. They look more like Bigfoot. And I’m thinking I’ll get my rifle and shoot one of ‘em. It’ll be proof they exist once and for all. With all these people, I’d have plenty of help in getting the body back up here.”

continued next Monday.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Attention: Debbie

Go Bigfooting with Cliff Barackman

Sunday! Sunday!

Cliff Barackman just published a video on his site, "Bigfooting with Cliff on the Olympic Peninsula." You are sure to enjoy it. Click link to join the adventure,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bigfoot Newspaper Column by Linda Newton-Perry

So Easy to Attack

I don’t know if it’s the Internet’s peculiarities or the bigfoot community’s unexplained need and habit to denigrate, that allows any and everyone to attack the work and interest of fellow bigfoot researchers and believers. Perhaps the answer lies in that many of the field researchers are amateur naturalists. Perhaps the answer is jealousy, a need to make a name for one’s self, or simply the mean-spirited fun of watching one struggle at righting himself after an attack. Anonymity makes it easy to write things that one would not dare if a real name were required.

Why am I dwelling on this subject? Last week, again our Internet bigfoot magazine (blog), Bigfoot Ballyhoo, was the target of a good-name despoiler. It was elaborate in design, in nature and in intent. At this point we can not unravel the mystery of how someone came in possession of a crystal clear photo of a bigfoot print that they were not suppose to have.

To our amateur detective talents, it would appear that someone was given or took this photo from the owner of it. This photo of a bigfoot print was said to be taken in Oregon, USA, near Sru Lake. The photo came with a very believable explanation of its origin. The photo was enjoyed by readers for a week or so and then a Youtube video was released.

The video was of and by the one that said the photo was his and was taken in Florida. It is true, the photo does look just like his video and still of the bigfoot print. My question is why didn’t the rightful owner of the print email me directly? Why didn’t he ask me to give him credit or take the print off Ballyhoo? Instead he produced a video, put it on Youtube for the world to view. By doing this, he launched doubts in the public’s mind of the character of Ballyhoo’s owners. It would have been so easy to find Ballyhoo’s email address and quietly settle matters. But if he is the victim, we do and did apologize.

With some research, I found that many bigfoot sites and their owners have come under attack, including this Florida resident that makes a good argument that indeed the photo is his, the footprint his find.

A change has come about from this intrigue, this attack and that is Ballyhoo will no longer accept photos. The Internet makes it impossible to know where and from whom the photos come. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Comment for this is what Bigfoot Ballyhoo is all about, "Talking Bigfoot."

A short bigfoot poem

In the shadows of the deep forest, bigfoot hides so well.
He was made that way. ...
It is his place. ... And there he will stay!
Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ballyhoo the place to "Talk Bigfoot"

Took this photo while out and about today.

"Down a Country Road"

Bigfoot has thought to be sighted here in this general area. Didn't have time to look for prints. ... Linda Newton-Perry

How are the three of you? Any news and are you okay?

Guest Editor: Blogger, Marcy

There was a pretty interesting article about a huge craw fish found in Tennessee or Kentucky. I wish I had saved the url, because the author made an excellent point about this creature hiding where a LOT of people saw it. If I find it again, I'll send you the link. Hope you're all keeping warm. (Click address below to read for yourself the article.)


The Perrys do go out into the forest!

Here is a bigfoot footprint, or at least it is thought to be a bigfoot print. When it was found, the weather was rainy and it was cold. So it is unlikely that it was a print of a human foot. A bigfoot was seen in this area by several people, so it is reasonable to assume it was left by a bigfoot.  The Perrys do "get themselves" to the woods whenever possible. Generally it is not to "look for bigfoot" but to take pictures of a recent sighting area and share with readers of Ballyhoo.

Please don't allow the few that are trying to ruin reputations to take the joy of "talking bigfoot" from you. Enjoy Ballyhoo and participate by commenting. Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fasano's Footprint

After researching the man Tim Fasano, I found a site that has his bigfoot footprints and one of them does look like the one displayed here as coming from Oregon. The video shows it was found at Hopewell, Florida, June 3, 2009. Unless more evidence comes in, we indeed owe Mr. Fasano an apology for inadvertently publishing his photo/print as belonging to someone else. The footprint photo was submitted with a very believable story. And your video, Mr Fasano, is seemingly indisputable proof that the photo and /footprint  belong to you.

The only way I can think it could  be faked is if the video was just made. The first print on the video is of the one that our submitter says came from Oregon.

You may go to the site and view the video for yourself.


New Policy on Bigfoot Ballyhoo

Since there are ones that are aggressively trying to discredit this site, henceforth it will be the policy of this blog not to accept photos, unless Ballyhoo asks for them. We will, however,  continue to place links to photos.

And as Mr. Tim Fasano said on his youtube video: "Somebody is lying here." Ballyhoo agrees, somebody is lying!

The one emailing the photo is either telling the truth, or Fasano is telling the truth. We apologize to the "truth teller."

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It does look like Mr. Fasano's Footprint!

I just found the Fasano  youtube video and I must admit the footprint does look just like the footprint we have here on this site. So, of course something is wrong. I've asked Mr. Fasano if I can put his video on this site, so everyone can see for themselves. I was sent the photo along with a plausible explanation of how it was found etc. I apologize  Mr. Fasano if this is your  photo, your found footprint.

Someone is having a great time at the expense of this blog. ... Linda Newton-Perry


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Help keep this bigfoot magazine publishing for you...":

If the photo on the top of your blog is the track in question be assured it was not taken from a video. The track was taken in a set of 6 I think.

The people that keep this BS going needs to apply themselves to something different.

If you would please put down the name of the person or persons that make these fantastic statements it would go along ways in putting a stop to the BS.

Anonymous is the name most of "them" go by. ... LNP

This is the footprint that was emailed...

As you can see on the photo it says it was found near Sru Lake. So, what is the "real" story on the footprint?

Baker- Powers has left a new comment on your post "This is the footprint that was emailed...":

I believe this is a photo of the tracks DH CO. found on a repaired slide on USFS 3348 in December. The track was found by <<<<< <<<<<< upon the new gravel base for the road. It's at the 12 1/2 mile and I was told 7 other tracks were also photographed. It was given to someone at PRD because of the nature of the tracks and other reasons. A man told me in Janurary that these same type tracks showed up near the split for Eden Ridge and Eden Valley 3349 3353?

The now famous lake is at the 6 mile. Also very near Bald Mountain road.What made them is still a question but many think it the bigfoot Clyde.

Share a sighting. ... Talk bigfoot.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rules to finding bigfoot?

Photo: photoxpress

"There are three rules to finding bigfoot. Unfortunately no one knows what they are." (Somerset Maugham said this about writing a novel. But we thought it could also apply here on Ballyhoo and searching for bigfoot.)

What's bigfoot got to do with this little guy?

Well, nothing, but we wonder what a baby bigfoot would look like. Could they possibly be this cute?

Patty Dunham says:

"One person commented the other day that 'No one takes this site serious.' Well, speak for yourself not the majority of us that read the blog daily." (Read Patty's full comment under post: Guest Editor, below.

Become a Follower of Ballyhoo



Does anyone know if this is project is still a GO?

Andy has a comment:

Poor control of a air balloon would cause it to be worthless in the search for Bigfoot. Many people have caught sight of Bigfoot while in helicopters and small airplanes but still can't get close enough to get a good photo. In many ways the History Channel has made all Bigfoot hunters out to be idiots.

New tech is coming all the time and this most probably will make the chance of catching one a bit easier.

Because it's winter, ENJOY!

About a Bigfoot Ballyhoo Comment

To the one that challenged me to allow a certain post having to do with lies. You got your say. But I don't have to let the readers of this  magazine read such opinions. I don't know any editor that would. I alone decide which comments are allowed. Thank you for visiting Ballyhoo. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, January 17, 2011



"If bigfoot exists, shouldn't our children know? And for that matter, shouldn't we all know? Ballyhoo believes it is our right to know? ... What do you think?"

Guest Editor:

X-DMV Lady has left a new comment on your post "Attention: Police of Oregon":

I'm the ex DMV lady that first brought this to your attention. Naive people can and will believe whatever they chose too. The fact that Oregon did suspend for reporting a Bigfoot from a vehicle was common knowledge with anyone that worked in DMV. It's called falsifying a police report and is punishable by suspension.

House and NABS were lying about when they proclaim the practice never existed. Also, something important to remember no one charge can be traced to Bigfoot per se.  They use the "something medically wrong" to do it. I know they have now quit the suspensions.

These people who say "nay" have a motive for not telling people the dangers and possible consequences in Bigfoot reports on state highways. The trooper is correct and that's a fact.

I for one am tired of these blowhards giving false information and doctored up FOIA reports. The people that are saying it never existed could care less about someone getting popped because they have a false sense of safety when reporting unusual things. Notice all these naysayers are out of state and proclaimed experts in DMV affairs now.

Thank you for the comment. May I ask what is the meaning of "House" you mentioned right before NABS? ... Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry

Third Chapter of Children's Bigfoot Book

He rubbed his aching arms and wished he were back on the sofa listening to his grandma reading him a story. If he could only shut his eyes and drift off. That, however, was impossible with Frank barking at the top of his canine lungs.

“Frank, you be a good dog and quit. Stop it!” The dog stopped only for the time Beau shouted at him. “Come, sit!” he ordered farmer Joe’s dog. The sand under his hands was warm. If only he could sleep. “Sh, Frank, stop barking.”

Movement was on the road above the little red car. It appeared to be a crowd forming. They were watching the three Bigfoot below playing with the car.

This could mean trouble for the Bigfoot.

Oh no! The path that the car took on its tumble into the canyon was dotted with several people moving down it. The nearest person was still a long way from the three romping Bigfoot; but the animals were completely unaware they were being observed.

Frank, in a yelping frenzy, sprayed Beau with sand as he spun out. He sprinted up the low bank in the direction from which a lone figure came. It appeared to be farmer Joe. But it was not. It was yet another Bigfoot. He was humongous. His thick fur was dark brown and silver tipped.

If the first three Bigfoot scared Beau, this one froze him in place. So terrible was he to look at! The massive beast patted Frank’s head as they came closer to where Beau still hid.

Finally, the boy was able to force his legs to move. He sprang to his feet and sprinted down the riverbank away from Frank and the furry monster.

It did him no good. Even with the help of the river wind blowing him along, Frank and the Bigfoot were on him in a blink of his sleepy eyes. The animal had now a tight grip on his aching arm.

“Why are you running away, human?”

Again, Beau could not speak. The animal leveraged him down onto the warm sand and ordered him not to move. He then changed his mind and pulled him behind a large rock and told him to stay.

“Keep to this place until we,” he waved a shaggy arm toward the three Bigfoot at the car and continued, “until we leave. Do you understand me?”

Beau nodded. The sand felt deliciously warm to his legs and bottom. If only he could close his eyes and escape this nightmare.

“Stay behind the boulder. It is typical when we are observed that humans send noisy, small sharp stones at us. So stay here, understand?”

“Who are you? You’re not farmer Joe.”

“The young ones, there,” he pointed across the river, “they call me Old Father.”

“You’re a Bigfoot?”

“That is one of the human names for us?” He seemed to smile, and glance down at his hairy and very large, bare feet. “I don’t know how I feel about this name Bigfoot.” He snuffled then said, “Our feet work well for us. They don’t seem to be too big to me.” As he spoke, he reached down with a massive, black wrinkled hand, pulled a plump leaf from between his toes and promptly stuffed it into his wide mouth.

This conversation, in the telling, seemed to take place at a leisurely pace. In reality, the old Bigfoot spoke in clipped words and at a speed that Beau could barely understand. Several times he called Beau, little human and patted his head as one would pet an animal.

Frank had stopped barking and was warming his belly in the deep sand near a large foot of the creature. Before loping away at great speed, Old Father patted Frank’s head and said, “Good boy, Frank.”

The smelly creature had said something that made Beau sad. He said he and his clan’s folk would have to move now, deeper into the woods. He had stood with massive black hands on shaggy hips, looking to the three at the car, when he continued, “The time has now come. The oldest one, there,” he pointed, “has been going to the road above, watching the activity; watching and pretending he was in one of those things.” He pointed to the little red car and moved his hands as if tight on the steering wheel of a car. “This is no good. It will only lead to trouble.”

The three Bigfoot at the red car still were not aware that humans were apace descending into the canyon from the road above. Old Father filled his lungs with air and echoed off the canyon walls a wild animal cry fit to frighten the bravest of humans.

Without thinking, Beau flapped his arms and shot straight up. The silver-tipped Bigfoot made an effort to stop him by jumping and snatching at his feet. He just missed by inches, one dangling foot.

Beau could barely hear the barrel-chested animal over the river wind and Frank’s frantic barks, say, “Come back little human. You’re safe here. Get yourself to ground. They may send fast moving stones at you.”

It seemed to Beau the animal moaned loudly and said something very close to, “Oh no, little friend, you must come back.” He was not sure, for only the noise of the wind was in his ears.

Why, he thought, did I flap my arms, anyway? I should have stayed behind the big boulder until I woke from this impossible situation─this dream. The wish, however, to wake from this dream was fleeting, because for as long as Beau could remember, he had been captivated by these allusive animals.

He planned to draw this dream out just as long as he could. It was a scary dream all right. But he was having such fun. And this was the first time he’d had a dream where he actually talked to Bigfoot and they to him.

Oh, yes, he was scared, but he loved this place here on the river with its warm sand, its Bigfoot.

Grandma was going to really get a charge out of hearing his tale or was it tail?

... to be continued next Monday.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Attention: Debbie

Regarding James of timbergiantbigfoot:

We've just got word that James does not wish to be involved with the controversy that has been going on with one of our readers here on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. (So, we will show no more of James' videos.) It is a shame because we are impressed with James' work. We wish him much success and we will continue to watch his videos. Perhaps he will soon capture a great video of sasquatch. We are cheering you on, James.

A Simple Fact: Bigfoot

Attention: Police of Oregon

Sirs, is there some way we can verify that at one time in the state of Oregon one "could possibly" have a license suspended for reporting a bigfoot sighting while in his car? If we could have the number of such a violation and perhaps the name of an officer that wouldn't mind being contacted by those that doubt.  There shouldn't be too many calls as I don't believe there are too many that do doubt that this happened.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, January 15, 2011

From Guest Editor:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "News Paper Column, "A Matter of Time"":

As an active trooper in Oregon, I feel that something must be clarified about suspensions. Yes it is true that some citizens ODL/CDL where suspended because of unusual reports filed by them. It has never been Oregon's practice to "pick out someone for reporting a unknown animal".

But from time to time the reports are good reasons for further investigation into possible mental/health issues. It has been our practice to look at the reports and decide if further actions need apply. I have taken one report in 2009 from a person who claimed that bigfoot had walked across Interstate 5 just after dusk near Glendale. Though I couldn't prove it, I strongly believe the lady was lying about the sighting.

I did some investigation into the claim that Oregon suspended ODLS for reporting bigfoot from a car. I have found that only 22 cases ever ended in revocation of licenced drivers. But one thing I did find is almost 120 citizens since 1982 have received "NOTICE TO SUSPEND" from ODMV.  In every case there seem to be a strong case for medical examination.

So in short you are correct when you say the practice did exist, but wrong when you say for bigfoot only. ODMV spokesman David House's reply to NABS was in error when he denied the state used a bigfoot sighting for lawful reason to suspend. It is quite the contrary if you can't give a honest report to the investigating officer.


My newspaper column is kept to just a little over 400 words and so I couldn't even in part go into detail on this subject. The state of Oregon does not recognize the existence of bigfoot. So at one time, if one filed a report of bigfoot seen from a vehicle, then, he/she was  or could be charged with filing a false report. And since 1982 you claim it's happened 22 times. Thank you for your comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry
(A sign does NOT exist here on hwy 38 at the Loon Lake turnoff. Click photo to make larger.)

Linda Newton-Perry inserted this photo-sign into this photo.  Considering the sightings that have been written about here on Ballyhoo for this stretch of road, Elkton through this area, a sighting could be possible. It is of course unlikely that if you are looking for the animal you will see it;  because, most sightings occur when least expected. So, don't "expect" a sighting but do drive this beautiful area from Sutherlin to Reedsport, knowing that this is "Bigfoot Country."

News Paper Column, "A Matter of Time"

Linda Newton-Perry and her husband, Christopher Perry, are the authors of several fiction books. Five of the books are bigfoot related and one is a Viking Age Novel. How did the two Viking Age novel writers become interested in writing about bigfoot? The answer is simple. They live in Oregon, USA.

And when they gave up their interest in the local paper, Linda still wished to keep her hand in writing for it, and so, came up with a bigfoot column. When she began the column (Feb. 8, 2008) Linda wasn’t sure she believed in the existence of bigfoot. It should be mentioned that Christopher Perry wasn’t convinced either of the animal’s existence until about year two of the bigfoot column, “A Matter of Time.” At the beginning of the column Linda had designed a cap that she had written on, “If I saw a bigfoot, I wouldn’t tell.” So, what changed in three years for these writers, since they both believe in bigfoot, now?

When the Perrys first began writing the column, “A Matter of Time,” in the state of Oregon one could have his license suspended for reporting a bigfoot sighting to the police (that is if you saw the bigfoot while driving a vehicle). And if you reported a sighting to the Forest Service, the report was either taken seriously or discarded; you were either placated by smug words of “it was most certainly a bear” or making one feel a little better with “lots of people report this animal, we’ll check into it.” There have even been bodies of bigfoot reported to have disappeared and never heard about again, for example, the 1962 Columbus Day Storm animal, and several bigfoots were witnessed being hauled away after Mount St. Helens erupted, 1980.

Months passed and sightings were reported to the Perrys. They wrote about them in the column. After several months it became apparent to the Perrys that bigfoot, indeed, could exist.

The late Dale Saxton commented on the Perrys’ Internet bigfoot magazine, “Bigfoot Ballyhoo,” and he asked people to write about their sighting on Ballyhoo. Saxton had assured those who had sighting accounts that Ballyhoo was a safe place to simply talk about their sighting. Saxton often reminded readers that after seeing one of these animals, it was normal to experience trauma, and talking (writing) about it could only help. Feb. 11, will be the one year anniversary of Dale Saxton’s death. Ballyhoo will have more on Saxton as the anniversary date nears.

Enjoy and comment, please. ... Linda Newton-Perry

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For Fun

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An Official View/Opinion

It is the opinion of Bigfoot Ballyhoo, its editors, that the Patterson-Gimlin film of 1967 is of a real bigfoot. But because of all the doubting, it seems, we are left with the feeling that we really haven't seen the animal at all. Perhaps this is the platypus  syndrome kicking in. You know the story of where one platypus on the scientist's examining table was not good enough. So, another "body" had to be captured.

Maybe we just require a second great photo of bigfoot. What do you readers think?

We here at Ballyhoo do believe that on the Internet there is right now several "real" films/videos of bigfoot. But, of course, they are all not clear enough to prove a thing. But that doesn't mean the film is not of a "real" bigfoot. Voice an opinion and comment.

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Vernon "Cook" Davis on Dale Saxton

Like many, I met Dale in the early years of 1981-82. I had a chance to work for his company and did so for 21 years. He was a good boss and never believed himself to be right all the time on anything. Over the years we became close friends.

I'm not what you would call a Bigfoot believer 100%. Even though we never once got into a argument over it. Dale wanted bad to get a glimps of the creature and lived for the day it would be proven real.

Even though Dale is gone I feel he's watching for bigfoot still!

Thank you for your kind comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Remembering Dale Saxton

The late Dale Saxton
Larry has left a new comment on your post "Marsha Saxton has left a comment.":

On behalf of BC Sasquatch we miss Dale in the field and hope your family all the best.

Marsha Saxton has left a comment.

This last year has been strange living without Dale. One never knows how much they depend on their spouse until they're gone. Dale loved the outdoors and his family and friends. Bill [Emery] has carried on Dale's search for the answers on bigfoot.

He has helped my son cope with the loss of his dad and friend. My family hopes that bigfoot will be common knowledge some day soon. I'm frankly at a loss of words for the recent attacks on my family and friends over the bigfoot.

 Linda, you have been wonderful in your support for Dale's search and comments on bigfoot.

 From my family to Ballyhoo and the Perrys, we thank you for a place to speak without fear.

Bigfoot Ballyhoo is dedicated to the memory of Dale Saxton. It will soon be a year since his death. If you knew Dale and would like to write a word or two about him please do. You can read more about him by clicking the link under the main photo above. And you can go back to the first comments of this blog and read much about the man, about how he got started in bigfoot and more. ... Linda Newton-Perry


Thank you, Marsha for your comment. We appreciate hearing from you. And we do hope it is becoming a little easier each day that passes to live without your husband, Dale Saxton. Please feel free to comment at any time on Ballyhoo. ... LNP

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About Footprint Below

The person that sent in this information and photo can not comment further. But I can tell you that the photo was taken in Dec. 2010 by a road inspector. The photo was turned over to a district ranger. Scat was found and sent for testing. The area is near the area of the ESP Team's "discovery." On the map at top right it is near the  pink/red dot.

Footprints near Sru Lake, Oregon: Could they be bigfoot's?

This was taken by our road inspector . It  was found on a newly repaired slide on 3348. YOU CAN USE THE PHOTO BUT NOT MY NAME.


Great photo. Thank you for trusting us with your name. More information would be great. It appears these animals come out in the winter. So, we can keep watching for them. Thanks again. ... Linda Newton-Perry

A Frightening Sighting/Experience

20 years ago, in Canada, a group of young people was chased by a sasquatch. The young people were in a car. Read "A Most Frightening Sasquatch Encounter" by clicking link.

Ontario Sasquatch: A Media Article

After reading this exciting sighting, please return to Bigfoot Ballyhoo and comment.


To be read to small children.

Oh, the wild excitement of it all. But what if it’s a mean Bigfoot? Really though, it wasn’t too terribly tall. Maybe it was a mild-tempered Bigfoot, Beau reasoned.

“Hi, there. Come on down here.” The Bigfoot waved at him, meaning for him to quit flapping and land. “I’ll not hurt you.”

Oh my! A Bigfoot talking and speaking to me. I didn’t know that Bigfoot could talk.

“Don’t be afraid, come on down.”

“Stay away! I…” Oh, good my voice is back. “I don’t know how to land. If I stop flapping, I am sure I’ll fall hard,” he shouted.

Gibberish-garble now flew from the excited Bigfoot. He held his shaggy arms up, seemingly to indicate he would grab hold of a foot and pull Beau down.

He could again understand the animal’s speech.

“Well, come on, stop flapping. I’ll not let you fall. I’ll catch you.”

What was going on? Beau tried to talk, but his tongue seemed frozen in his mouth, and his arms were really getting tired. Dare I trust this animal? he thought to himself. It seemed he wasn’t going to have a choice.

With each weakening movement of his arms, he was sinking and drifting down nearer to the ground.

The animal swung at his nearest foot, but missed. Seemingly out of sorts, he jumped up, grabbed hold of the tip of Beau’s shoe and sent him crashing to the ground.

“Ouch! Oh h h, why’d you do that? You said you were going to catch me.”

The animal was again gibbering, making no sense, but on his knees now, patting and petting Beau’s head and shoulder. It was obvious he was sorry and trying to be friends. Still, nonsensical sounds came from his mouth.

Again Beau’s tongue attached itself to the roof of his mouth. It would not move. The animal was speaking again and now making perfect sense. They seemed to be taking turns; when one could utter understandable speech, the other could not.

“Are you hurt?”

Beau shook his head. The animal seemed to understand that he wasn’t hurt.

“Can you stand? Are you able?” The Bigfoot sniffed the air, bent and sniffed Beau’s hair and breath. Beau clamped his mouth shut and covered his nose. The big friendly animal smelled strongly of earth, grass and all things wild.

The hair on its head was short and shaggy. And caught in it were pieces of dried leaf, sticks─and it was matted in places with shiny, sticky sap. Beau sneezed. The animal drew back and gibbered.

“Now you can’t talk. Boy, this is sure strange.” Beau recoiled at the closeness of the animal. Its hair or fur was also wet. It smelled just like a wet stinky dog. He guessed the animal had crossed the river.

The animal turned and swatted Frank with its dinner-plate size paw, sending him for a loop. The dog had been happily licking the big animal’s massive feet.

Frank whimpered. The Bigfoot again played-out that he was sorry and went to the dog. Frank allowed, with much squirming, the Bigfoot to pick him up and deposit him at Beau’s side.

The instant Frank felt his paws on warm sand, the Bigfoot dropped him and whirled around, looking in the direction of the river.

Beau couldn’t believe what he was seeing: on the other side, stood two more Bigfoot. This Bigfoot waved an arm, meaning for them to swim across.

Before he could stop himself, Beau was flapping his arms, and again was hovering over the car, dog and Bigfoot. One Bigfoot was enough excitement. Two more Bigfoot scared him and sent his arms flapping.

Again, he couldn’t speak. The Bigfoot below him was jumping up trying to pull him down again. But it was no use. He was drifting nearer the rushing river.

The two Bigfoot on the other side were hesitating to enter the water. They kept turning and looking up to a flat place in the forest above the river. One waved.

Beau took his eyes from the ground just long enough to see what the one was waving at. It was still another Bigfoot!

Most of the dreams he had about Bigfoot were not so scary. For it was a fact, Beau Hammersmith was really taken with Bigfoot. But this dream was getting scarier and scarier. He wished he could just wake up.

He was now over the river. Frank was in the water, up to his neck, barking at the two Bigfoot wading in on the far side. A gusting breeze blew in the same direction the river flowed.

The river ran with loud voice as it rushed along to the sea. Beau felt himself being blown downriver with the breeze the second he quit moving his arms. But as long as he flapped, he kept to one spot, hovering over the terrible river.

Below him a sharp-pointed log protruded from the water. He flapped with more powerful strokes, trying to move away from it. He gave thought to dropping into the river and latching onto the log, holding until he could rest his arms enough to flap again.

Frank barked at him. The dog was near the log. The two Bigfoot in the water were near the log as well.

The off and on breeze pushed and pulled Beau’s clothes, making it harder to keep flying. It seemed apparent that he would end up in the water.

The Bigfoot, back at the little red car, was growling gibberish at the two in the river.

Beau couldn’t help himself. He shouted loud pleas for help: wild yammering really. He tried hard not to cry.

The two Bigfoot below him scared him. The one nearest reached a hairy arm up and swatted at him. The result, he drifted a few feet closer to the river bank from where he’d come.

Another loud outburst came from the Bigfoot on shore, addressed at the two in the water. The two swam to where Beau hovered, flapping as fast as his tired arms would go. Another swat from the near Bigfoot and he was above the sandy bank of the river, but on the opposite side. A gust of wind had all but turned him upside down and sent him floating on a blanket of moist river air to the opposite bank.

Frank barked, seeming to say “Come on down here.” Beau stopped flapping and fell straight down a good three feet.

The two Bigfoot in the water soon pulled themselves out, just a few feet from Beau, their fur drenched. They were very smelly.

Frank, now also out of the water, positioned himself between Beau and the two Bigfoot. They ignored him. From the other side of the river, loud yelps came from the first Bigfoot. He was motioning for the two to come to him as he walked in long strides back to the red car.

Beau’s arms ached. His tongue was again stuck to the roof of his mouth.

The one Bigfoot was still ordering the two newcomers to come and help him move the car out of the blackberry vines. They suddenly turned from Beau and quickly swam across the river. In no time they had the car flat on the sand.

Dreams being the way they are, he could now miraculously understand what all three of the furry beings were saying. Beau, however, could still not talk. He knew this because he wanted to caution Frank to not go near the beasts. But as hard as he tried, he couldn’t force a word of warning out.

Not wishing the animals to pay him attention, Beau scooted backwards on his rump, very slowly. Finally, he was hidden behind a plump bush. Frank barked the whole time, giving away Beau’s hiding place.

Shivers shook Beau’s body. He was too close to the river to start flying. He would just end up hovering over the deep water again. And he probably would be blown down river, maybe even ending up in the river if he couldn’t keep the flapping up.

The three Bigfoot were taking turns in the driver’s seat of the little red car; while the one drove the other two pushed, huffing and puffing out loud grunts, for the sand was deep. They were pretending they were driving.

The scene would have been hilarious if nine-year-old Beau were not so scared.

... to be continued next Monday.

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For Fun, OH ME!

Often LIFE is really difficult! It's been a head-shaking sort of day. How was yours? ... Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, Sunday


Doesn't this photo say to you, "Sit awhile and enjoy"?

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Video from James of timbergiantbigfoot


Ontario, Canada

Ed B comments.

Ed B has left a new comment on your post "Newspaper Column, "A Matter of Time" (Bigfoot)":

Some have suspected the forest service people are getting ready for something. As it was told to a few of my group,  several from the district in that area have signed sworn affidavits on what they knew about the sightings of a hairy giant near the boundary of Illahee and Squaw (Sru) lake quadrant.

I'm surmising this is the same creature ESP talked about and photographed. One other interesting thing is over towards Iron Mountain access road, very near Sru, was another batch of damage done to some outfits road grader and water truck. Now if the man was telling the truth, he said only large manlike prints were visible in the center of the soft road.

Also I was able to access 3 reports of vandalism from Sru lake in the years of 2009-10. These reports make it apparent that humans DID NOT do the damage to the camp.

Some older people that have lived in this particular area said what ever that thing is, the thing has been up there in those parts for over 25 years showing up and then disappearing for weeks or months at a time. Some believe the creature moves from Sru to the southern Oregon border and back. Frozen snow is now covering the land up there.
Thank you for such an in depth and interesting comment. ... LNP

Newspaper Column, "A Matter of Time" (Bigfoot)

Five Months Since ESP Team’s Bigfoot Discovery

Today, January 8, 2011, it has been five months since the ESP Team of southwest, Oregon, retrieved trail cam photos of a bigfoot that they’ve named Big Clyde. If you are new to this column or blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, your first question will be, “Why haven’t we heard about this?” The team members, Bill Emery, Cole Saxton, and Hank Parchell, have been working at securing and substantiating hair, blood and fecal test results from that encounter. Each team member has made it clear this photographed “discovery” will be handled in a manner that it deserves.

The next question you may ask is, “Why all the secrecy?” Historically, bigfoot news, it seems, has been fraught with hoaxes as often as not. The ESP Team is doing everything possible to keep even a hint of that from occurring with their hard-earned information. (The following information is a bit off subject, but important.) Please remember, the Forest Service has in a recent campaign encouraged us to take our families to the forest. There is evidence that some Forest Service employees have sighted bigfoot and know he exists. If the Forest Service knows bigfoot exists shouldn’t the public be told?

The costly and time-consuming work of the ESP Team, when the reports are released, will affect each one of us, even if all we do is drive through our forests. At long last, we will know this animal exists. We can watch for him as we do the deer, the bears, and the cougars. And no doubt there will be many more sightings because the public will know it exists. The ridicule that often accompanied past sighting reports will be a thing of the past. We bigfoot believers will be allowed to, at last, revel in our vindicated beliefs.

Hank Parchell, a former member of the ESP Team, commented on the blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, that much is being done with the information gathered. It sounds as if we will be richly rewarded for our wait. Please, if you should hear anything about the team or any of its activity let Bigfoot Ballyhoo know. You can comment on the site at www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com.

The author of this column, Linda Newton-Perry, along with her husband, Christopher Perry, has written five fictional bigfoot books and a Viking Age novel, FORCED BLOOD THE NORSEMAN. The books are available on the blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

Just for Fun

Photo: photoxpress

You are more likely to be killed by a Champagne cork than by a poisonous spider.
(From http://www.weird/ websites.com and Strange Animal Facts.)

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Hank Parchell's Reply

Hank Parchell is one of the two men who glimpsed the bigfoot the ESP team named Big Clyde, Aug. 8th, 2010.

Hi Linda. Everything is fair with me. Over the last few months, I have been diagnosed with diabetes and have had to stop my work with Bill and Cole. Those guys are OK too.

I still hope to return to the search for answers on Bigfoot. Being a part of that crowd was interesting to say the least. "What is the Bigfoot?" is my main question along with how they keep out of sight so well. Even though the tests were inconclusive on what it might be, it's still  baffling to me if it's a link from man's past or a primate not yet identified.

 Many things are in progress on our find in the Siskiyous. Someday, I hope we can all accept each other without nasty comments and made up stories--from some. It is one thing to disagree with someone and quite another to set out to purposely destroy one's name and intentions for self profit.

 No person knows what it's like to have people go on a scavenger hunt to discredit one's beliefs till it happens to them.

Bill will not let those bent on cheap rumors interfere with what he feels he needs to accomplish with Bigfoot.

I won't be silenced by some bad PR. Thanks again for your site Bigfoot Ballyhoo.


Thank you for such a lengthy reply. And yes, I understand what it feels like to have someone try to discredit one's work and reputation. But I intend to keep soldiering on, with the knowledge that I am in the right. We so miss comments from you three "bigfoot adventurers"! I know, Hank,  it must have been "just an out of this world experience" to have seen bigfoot. So feel free to talk about it here on Ballyhoo. We bigfoot enthusiasts and "believers" know that we will probably never see the animal for ourselves in the wild. BUT, my goodness you have. So anytime, speak out and share your sighting.

The anniversary of Dale Saxton's death is next month and I'd sure appreciate it if one of you three would write a line or two to remember him. Again, thanks, ... Linda Newton-Perry

To Hank Parchell:

Deer in the snow

Can't you just imagine bigfoot somewhere in this video, maybe back under the brush,  trying to pounce on one of these deer?

Truth and Bigfoot

What's bigfoot truth to you? ... Has anyone news about William Barnes and his plans to film bigfoot from the air with dirigible-type balloons?

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Link to Animal Planet

Exciting videos and articles. Enjoy and let us know what you think. Return to Ballyhoo by using the back arrow and then comment. Click Link to go to Bigfoot Excitement: