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The Perrys have lived in Oregon since 1969 and consider it their home. They both had a hand in writing their Viking Age Novel, FORCED BLOOD THE NORSEMAN. They have been published in several magazines: OREGON, OREGON COAST, PROPELLER and more. For a short time they owned part interest in their local weekly newspaper. Linda Newton-Perry wrote for three newspapers a bigfoot column lasting three plus years. AND then this site has been published by the Perrys since 2009. Can't forget- the couple has also published several children's bigfoot books, one or two of interest to adults as well.





Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress

New Comment, Older Photo

Dawn Fults has left a new comment on your post "Perrys' Newspaper Column":

While most of the people that read this blog have never seen or talked with Bill Emery they can only think what is on the web about him. Well, from someone who knows him I say "shame on them." Bill is one of the most honest men I have ever had the joy to meet. He is a private, quiet person that some find "too shy" for story telling. He has helped me more than I can ever tell with the go around with the state over my sighting at Elkton tunnel almost a year ago now. I know many say the state didn't do this but I was there and felt the sting not the naysayers. Bill stood beside me in court while the judge read the order of suspension to me. I am dismayed that people will call people names they have never met.

 I am sad Bill doesn't comment here anymore but find the need to set the record straight on Bill Emery.


Thank you Dawn Fults. We here at Ballyhoo feel the same: We hope he will comment again soon. ... Linda Newton-Perry

If I saw a bigfoot, I don't know what I'd do.

I'd like to see a bigfoot--Oh, I really would.
I don't know if I'd tell my teacher or my mom.
Mom would say it was a big-old lie and send me to my room.
My teacher would ... Oh! I'm not sure what she'd do,

"I think we should be allowed to talk about bigfoot without being laughed at, or not believed. I guess this is just another one of those things in life that my mom says 'just isn't fair.' "

(The above quote and poem are the work of Ms. Perry the author of this blog. They are for your entertainment and thoughtful discussion.)

Perrys' Newspaper Column


I’m a bigfoot believer and I “talk bigfoot” whenever it seems appropriate. It is a shame that in some circles it is thought a determent to “talk bigfoot” or even admit that one believes in the being. If you have read the blog Bigfoot Ballyhoo (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com), you know that “talking bigfoot” is the blog’s mission statement. No wait, it’s more than that! It is to encourage “bigfoot talk” and to work at making it commonplace. Why, even Jane Goodall the famous chimpanzee expert was asked to distance herself from the subject. And she believes in bigfoot! I watched the TV program 60 Minutes recently, where Goodall was a guest. I was expecting a possible word on bigfoot. But it didn’t happen; I was very disappointed. It is a shame, because if she were to freely speak-out on her belief of bigfoot, she would instantly have the attention of people in general and science in particular. Immediately, there would be more talking about bigfoot and less laughing at the mere mention of the subject.

Again, I’ll mention the photo promised to us of the bigfoot, Big Clyde. If you are new to this column or blog, Big Clyde is the bigfoot the ESP Team captured on a trail cam, Oct. 8, 2010. There is a fuzzy photo on Ballyhoo you can access on the older posts. As far as we know, this photo has not been tampered with. Another week and it will be three months since the exciting photos were taken. Of course, the readers of Ballyhoo are very excited to see the new, clear photo and on the most part they have shown patience. Just a reminder, it is a privilege that is being granted to Ballyhoo readers to see the photo of Big Clyde. It is not a─a right! So we must respect the time-line of the ESP Team for releasing the photo. From all we hear at Ballyhoo, we and you readers will not be disappointed.

We have changed our format on Bigfoot Ballyhoo to include kids. We simply are making the blog kid friendly while endeavoring not to diminish the adult reader’s enjoyment. We are greatly disappointed that we can no longer allow all comments to instantly be displayed on the blog. We here at Ballyhoo believe it was these comments that made the blog so popular. But we can not take the chance that the children will read something inappropriate. (Linda Newton-Perry, along with her husband Christopher Perry, is the author of four children’s bigfoot books. Order a copy from Amazon.com or the Perrys’ website: www.christopherperryandlindanewtonperry.com)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I did not send Steve Kulls a private email; end of story!

Linda, I would like to hear your side of this new thing from Steve Kulls on you sending him a private email telling him you are quite skeptical of Bill Emery and the ESP team. He has told about the email on the radio show. Now, if you did do that I think Emery and the guys owe you nothing on a picture for your blog. As a regular reader of ballyhoo I was ashamed that you may have given in to the biggest fake whacker of Bigfoot.

Comment from Randy BFRO

Friday, October 29, 2010

Away from Ballyhoo...

Dear Readers,
     I'll be away from the Ballyhoo until late Saturday evening. I will comment then. Please enjoy the blog. Encourage children of all ages to read about bigfoot and those men and women who are trying to snap a photo of it. Ballyhoo's authors always appreciate comments from young and old on the subject bigfoot. Got a bigfoot story? We are here to listen. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Joey Bigfoot Enjoys the Kitchen

Often Joey Bigfoot will allow himself to be packed off to Ms. Perry's kitchen. It isn't a hardship, because he enjoys all the good things cooking there. And often he gets to lick the bowl. Today it was the cookie batter bowl. Ms. Perry made cookies from the recipe that is below on this page. Ask your mother or older brother or sister to help you and make the cookies. They are soooo good and soooo easy. Happy cookie baking. And keep "talking bigfoot."

Bigfoot photos?

Original photo: photoxpress

Remember, there will never be enough bigfoot photos. So, keep your cameras close!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Bigfoot Book, fiction and about comments

 The above book soon to be released.

 Ballyhoo will at this time decide which comments will be allowed on the blog. We don't know how long this will be in place, perhaps permanently. It seems some readers just feel it important to denigrate the blog. Ballyhoo does not feel its readers, both children and adults, should have to read anything but comments that are in good taste.

Thank you for reading the blog and do comment. Remember we've been promised one of the ESP Team's photos  of Big Clyde. It seems forever since the team's trail cam snapped photos of bigfoot. Nov. 8th it will be three months. I guess in anxious bigfoot believer terms--it is forever!

A Song

Photos: photoxpress

I'd like to see a bigfoot, Oh I really would.
I asked my mommy if they really are and
She said back to me: Anything could be, ...
anything could be.
Just look at the bright falling stars ...

Just look at the bright falling stars ..."

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress
Click photo for larger view.

"Can't you just see in your mind's eye bigfoot leaning back on the huge mossy rock, simply taking it all in?"

Bigfoot Was Seen in This Area

These photos were taken three miles down Mill Creek Road. The road goes to Loon Lake. (Old Sighting) Click on illustration to make it bigger.

Enjoy the Music and Feed the Fish

Now we wish we could provide some forest fragrances for you, and your "Bigfoot Experience" would be complete. I don't happen to like the voice that comes with the music, but the tool was free to the site and so I installed it. Why not turn the forest sounds on and feed the fish while you are reading. Please comment. ... LNP

Regarding Limping Bigfoot: Douglas County

The limping bigfoot was seen here crossing the road. This is the Elkton, Oregon, tunnel. (Search Elkton tunnel for comment.)


Guest Editor-Blogger: Sandy

It seems as if nobody is thinking that the crippled Bigfoot might be easy to capture or film. The creature has been seen by scores of people simply driving a car on Oregon 38. The latest sighting with Shellie could have provided a good look at it if she would have had the right equipment with her at the time. Given the Bigfoot seems to be very old it may be possible to get a film or photo of it before it disappears .

An Online Bigfoot Magazine

How to become a Guest Editor-Blogger

Write an interesting comment and Ballyhoo may put it on the main page. Remember this blog is to encourage "bigfoot talk." So "talk" by commenting. We can't wait to read what you have to say.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Joey Bigfoot's Crazy Family Life

Scroll down and through older posts to see all these and more.

Joey and Family Life: For Fun

Find 4 Things About these Pictures that are Different

Original photo: photoxpress
Click the photo to make it larger.
And while you are searching for what is different, think about this: This funny looking animal exists, so, Why not bigfoot? We live in a world cram packed with exciting animals. Don't you agree?

Bigfoot: Only a Dead Body

Hans Brokry has left a new comment on your post "Sharing Beauty":

It has been said on many occasions that Sasquatch will become reality soon. I agree with that statement but not with the way it will be discovered. Only a dead body of one of these beings will be enough to document a new species. Pictures will only go so far. Samples can not identify a new species of animal or mammal without a base sample known to be from Sasquatch. If Sasquatch is a living being a body will be found dead by some person in the right place at the right time. The sightings recorded each year lend some evidence that something is out there but does not give science anything to examine. So one day maybe soon a body will be found by a hiker or campers. Until that time comes Saquatch will remain a mystery to science.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress

Are you one of the few that has observed a bigfoot?

Tell us about your sighting. We are bigfoot believers here. We love to read about the being as well as talk about him. And that goes for both the old and the young. Talk about bigfoot around your dinner table tonight, and let us know how it went. ... Linda Newton-Perry

This comment to, "You know what I think..."

I didn't allow your comment. But I do want to tell you we have explained why those "other" photos were not real, for a lack of a better word. Thank you for the comment. ... LNP

On bigfoot: Please remember ...

Yes, if you want more adult conversation on this blog, please comment. But remember--the children are reading it too. Let's keep "talking bigfoot." WHY? Because we want to make it COMMONPLACE! So have a share. We would like to know what you think. ... LNP

It stormed in western Oregon last night.

Original photo: photoxpress

We get few storms that include thunder and lightening,  in the area that Joey lives, in Oregon. Baby cried and Jenna made Joey hold her tight. The couple agreed it was good they weren't staying the night in their outdoor cube.

Something Fun to Do For All Ages

Make bigfoot cookies!

Here is a simple cookie recipe.

1 cup of peanut butter
1 egg
1 cup sugar

Mix together and drop on cookie sheet. Cook at 350% for 12 to 14 minutes on top rack of oven.

Important! Important! Important!
The recipe above makes soft tender cookies. For a bigfoot cookie it needs to be firmer, so add oatmeal until batter is firm. Squish together the dough on the cookie sheet until it looks like a bigfoot's foot. Use raisins for toenails and cover in a yummy  frosting.

Wouldn't these cookies make a great gift to your family or friends? Please do not use the oven without supervision. Talk to your parents about helping you if you are too young to use the oven.

A Fun Activity

Can you find the two bigfoots in this illustration?

Rex Waiting

Here you see Rex waiting for his master at the bus stop. Now you can see why he was mistaken for the little animal on the side of the road. (From the story below)

Second Chapter of the Children's Book LOCK YOUR DOORS COUNTRY FOLK

An off and on southwest wind swished the treetops. Plump raindrops splashed onto the windshield just as the car crested the hill onto the Apple property.

“Don’t bite! Ouch! It’s trying to bite me. Mom! Hey, quit it!”

“Take my purse. Give the animal to me. Get in to the house.” Deborah raised a hand in greeting to her mother, standing in the doorway of the screened porch. “Great!” she mumbled to herself, “this situation is going to be awkward.” Being overly concerned with cleanliness, her mother allowed no animals in the house.

She thought of the sturdy dog carrier they stored in the barn. The strong little animal, wrapped tightly in her arms, was finally quiet and still.

Bobby, disobeying his mother’s orders to go to the house, her large purse still clutched under his arm, caught up and ran alongside her. “Where’re you taking it? It isn’t dead is it?” he yelled so that she could hear him over the now constant wind and rain.

“We best put it in the barn. You know your grandmother―animals in the house and all; might as well avoid trouble.” She glanced at her watch again; the animal still bundled in her arms.

The dog carrier was perfect. “Son, now listen to me, I’ve got to get to work.”

“What are we going to do with it? What about the broken leg?” Bobby’s eyes darted from his mother to the small, ape-like creature.

“Hand me that magazine, the larger one. I’ll set the leg and tape it to this.” She held the magazine up, and
then slammed it down, missing her target, a humongous spindly spider.

“Run to the house and get some milk and a towel for a diaper. It’s a she by the way.” Mrs. Apple had removed the blanket to inspect the animal and discovered it female.

“Is it dead, Mom?”

“Asleep.… She’s just asleep. I don’t know how though, with a broken leg. It’s got to be painful. Hurry now! I’ve got to get to work.”

The thought was strong to take it out, dispatch it and bury it before her son returned. She was still certain the little thing wouldn’t last through the night. If only she weren’t scheduled to work today, she could stay with it. And better yet, she could take it to the animal shelter. “Oh good, you’re back and you found a bottle.”

“Grandma’s going to be coming out here if we don’t hurry up and get back!” Bobby’s words burst out in a rush of urgency.

“I really doubt that,” she sniffed.… “And did you tell her what we have here?”

“Yeah, I did. She said the barn was just the place for it. Gross!… What’s that nasty smell?”

“What do you think? She needs to be cleaned. Where is the towel?” Bobby pinched his nose and helped with the diapering by keeping out of the way.

Mrs. Apple, gently but firmly, pulled the broken leg-bone back into place and taped the leg to the tightly rolled magazine with silver duct tape.

Eyes clamped shut, the animal’s oversized orbs moved slowly side-to-side and up-and-down under the thin skin of her eyelids. Her thick black lips suckled noisily on the bottle’s rubbery nipple. A cluster of milky bubbles popped and ran into the fuzzy fur of her chin.

It was now time to leave the animal.

“I don’t want you coming back here until I get home. Do you hear me? Bobby, now listen to me. I don’t believe the animal will live very long. So don’t become attached to it. If it does live through the night,
tomorrow we’ll take it into Animal Control, the pound.... Hmm, wherever one takes baby animals found along the road. Promise me, you won’t come out here?”

“Yeah, Mom, I promise,” Bobby mumbled reluctantly. And in his next breath he pleaded, “Mom, can we keep it?”

Mrs. Apple waited to answer until they were leaving the barn. With both their heads bowed into the wind, she yelled back, “This family doesn’t have extra money to be spending on a badly injured animal.” She stopped, realizing this was no time for a lesson on family finance. And besides, her son had heard the lecture many times and could recite apt zingers himself.

Often she’d heard him say: “People, it is people we need to share with. It is the poor and the hungry, those without clean water who need us,” he’d sighed and continued, “and there are so many people that are needy.” (These words, of course, were his father’s not young Bobby’s.)

“I have money.” He interrupted her thoughts.

“Not enough you don’t. Take your shoes off. Umm, something smells d–e–l–i–c–i–o–u–s.”

“Where’s Rex, Grandma?… Grandma!”

Deborah’s mother, Mrs. Ida May Twinny, lifted her shoulders and furrowed her brow. “Bobby, he’s been gone all afternoon.” The TV clicked on in the living room.

“Not too worried about his dog is he?” Mrs. Twinny addressed her daughter as the young woman passed her on her way to change for work.

“Mom, keep him in the house. Don’t let him go to the barn.” In lower voice she added, “I don’t think it will live through the night.”

“Where in the world does one get an injured monkey?” Mrs. Twinny said to herself, but loud enough for her daughter to overhear.

She stood at the stove, teacup in hand, where she stirred a shiny pot of bubbly, spitting stew, steam spiraling up thick into the noisy exhaust fan.

“It’s a long story. I’ll have to tell it tomorrow,” her daughter said from her bedroom, then added, “Hank

“No he has not,” she shook her head and laughed quietly. “And what’s more, I’d of told you first thing if that rogue of a husband had called.... You know that.”

“Yes, I do, Mom, but with the excitement of the monkey, I just thought you might have forgotten. That’s all.” Now, back in the kitchen, she kissed her mother on the forehead and called to her son to come give her a kiss, bye.

Each Monday a chapter from this book will be published here on Ballyhoo. Enjoy. ... LNP

For Your Information

Anonymous has this to say:

Setting the record straight: No one in our office has ever told anyone that Sru Lake was not closed at different periods of time. That would not be true and we are not aloud to give information out on lake and road conditions over 24 hrs past. Now that the first big storms are coming we always tell people to use extreme caution when traveling USFS roads. ML was right when he/she said that Sru has been closed several times in the recent past. I can not comment on the conditions that prompted these closures. I can say I personally know Emery and know of his work in the area. I will not comment on his photos and diagnostic samples results from that area presented in the last month or so.


These comments, ML and this one, are in answer to the person that said something like, "I live near Squaw Lake and it has never been closed." Thank you ML and Anonymous, above, for your comments. ... LNP

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Well, this beauty exists! So...

Photo: photoxpress

Bigfoot?  You say, "No way!" And I say, "Why not!"

People Like Me, you say.

To the person that commented about Big Clyde. You know, the fuzzy photo where he stands in front of the huge stumpd? People like me? I can only speak for myself. I believe a team of three men, captured photos of bigfoot. I believe we will see one of those photos on this site. ML tells us that the photo we will see is one of the best of the three. This blog wishes to do no harm to the discovery of bigfoot. It will happen with or without Ballyhoo and "people like me." But, oh, I do hope we can be part of it. How exciting it will be. Please keep reading Ballyhoo, it is my belief we are all going to enjoy looking into the face of a real live bigfoot, one day--when? We can't be sure but it shouldn't be too long now. ... LNP

A Bigfoot's Life

Joey Bigfoot: Family Life

Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress

"Since Chris and I can not always be out in the wild, I like to use photoxpress for its free photos. I don't know where this photo was taken, but it could be Oregon. Enjoy."

Area of "Shellie's Sighting"

The map shows about halfway between Scottsburg and Elkton, north side of Hwy 38, a Weatherly Creek Road. The purple dot would be near the area. This area is timbered mountains, that is viewing it from 38.


Saturday, October 23, 2010


Please Comment

Photo: photoxpress

"Weekends can be so lonely. "

Joey Bigfoot and His Night in the Wild

Perrys' Newspaper Column

Bob’s Market, Scottsburg, Oregon, played the friend to bigfoot believers in that a man there recommended a couple report their bigfoot sighting to our blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com). Shellie captivated our imagination as she drew us into the scene of a bigfoot eating apples from a tree located on an old farmstead. The bigfoot watched the couple with just as much curiosity as the couple held for it, or so was implied by Shellie’s account. The sighting was Oct. 20th, 8:15 am, 2010. “We watched a strange creature in a field next to the road (Weatherly Creek?) that goes over to Smith River. We watched this upright thing eating apples from a tree by this old abandoned farmhouse.” They clicked away with their cell phone but got nothing but grey with a little black “mixed in.” Shellie’s words allowed us to easily visualize the eight foot tall, several hundred pound being that finally limped out of sight behind an old pump house. What a great sighting; it was told so well it gave Chris and I goose bumps. Shellie ended her comment with, “Neither of us believed in the bigfoot stories before. Now we do believe it is real.” Please check out Bigfoot Ballyhoo if you are at all interested in this captivating animal.

Ballyhoo has been getting sighting reports of just a day or two old. We do nothing with these reports, no follow-up, and do not require a name. We realize this allows the possibility for hoaxes but that is the nature of a no-name required blog. Enjoy the blog and comment; remember, encouraging “bigfoot talk” is one of the main reasons for the blog.

Good news, in that we are now awaiting a photo that the ESP Team took Aug. 8, 2010. We received this encouraging information from a friend of the team. Chris and I will be shown the photo first and then some time in the future it will be published here on Ballyhoo. For a couple of weeks now, Ballyhoo has labored under the impression that we wouldn’t be allowed to publish any of the results of the team’s find. So, you can imagine how excited we were when we read the email informing us that Emery will allow one photo to be published on the site. For information about the ESP Team’s “Discovery” click Aug. 8th in the search tool on the blog.

Linda Newton-Perry, along with her husband Christopher Perry, is the author of four children’s bigfoot fiction books, (soon a fifth). You may order a copy on Amazon.com: Search Amazon books under Linda Newton-Perry.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress

The "BEAUTY" of Bigfoot Ballyhoo is "talking bigfoot." Please participate and comment.

It's raining in Oregon and Joey wants to spend the night outside.

Joey is demanding Buddy get off the roof of their outside home, cave really. (Can't see Buddy, I changed photo.) Joey thought it would be exciting to spend the night outside. So I'll leave the little family in the plastic cube. No rain should get in and no cats or opossums should get them. Joey and family have never spent the night outside. Both he and his wife are very happy to live like full sized bigfoot  We will let you know how they  fared tomorrow.

New Bigfoot Sighting, Oregon

Original photo: photoxpress

Shellie has left a new comment on your post "For Fun":  

Thanks to the man at Bob's Market [Scottsburg] who told us of this site. We have a sighting of Bigfoot to tell. On the Oct 20th at 8:15 am, we watched a strange creature in a field next to the road (WeatherlyCreek ?) that goes over to Smith River. We watched this upright thing eating apples from a tree by this old abandoned farmhouse.

We tried to get a picture of it but it was to far away for the phone to capture it. It as almost all grey with some black mixed in. As it moved it limped like one leg was a bit shorter than the other one. It just stood there eating the crab apples and looking our way. We watched it for 5 minutes or so and then it slowly moved out of site behind a old pump house.

We noticed 2 doe deer over next to a old fence about 100 feet away that was mostly fallen down. My husband thinks it was a male because of no visible breasts on it.We believe it was approximately 8 feet tall and several hundred pounds in weight. What a strange sight for our eyes. Neither of us believed in the bigfoot stories before. Now we do believe it is real.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

For Fun

Photo: photoxpress

"See the one in the middle? She is quite sure bigfoot exists. How do I know? She's my mom (not really)."

How Gorillas are Counted in Africa

Original photo: photoxpress

November’s National Geographic has a winsome photo of a silverback gorilla sitting, broad back to camera, in high foilage. A two paragraph article explains how these endangered mountain gorillas are counted. They did not require the animal be sighted but determined their number by fecal matter, beds and paths. Primatologist Martha Robbins, said, “We don’t want to encounter unhabituated gorillas,” ... “because it is stressful for them.” The animals counted were from Virunga Mountains of equatorial Africa.  

I wonder if this is how science will have to count the bigfoots around the world? The illustration is a reproduction of the photo in the magazine.

Anonymous comments on latest sighting mentioned on Ballyhoo.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Old Sighting: Just in case you missed it.":

After reading about this sighting, I did some homework and am sure this bigfoot seen is the bigfoot Emery saw. The location is not very far from Agness, Oregon, and sure sounds like the same thing Emery was after. They, the hunters, told the storekeeper that they were up on Iron Mountain? According to google earth the area is very close to the Sru lake area.

Joey has something to show you.

Joey Bigfoot is happy to tell you readers that the Perrys' bigfoot column is in this week's Coquille Valley Sentinel. Here's a little secret Jean Ivey is not a bigfoot believer. We at Ballyhoo know because we've known the editor for several years. Maybe soon she will change her mind. Keep commenting. Keep "talking bigfoot."

Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress
Click photo to enjoy a larger view.

This photo is a stock photo. I don't know if these deer are the same as those that live in Oregon. I thought the photo was beautiful and decided to share it.

I overheard two men talking while shopping that the hunters they knew were not finding many deer out and about this year. What have you heard?

Ballyhoo's co-editor, Christopher Perry, knew of one bear and a few bucks taken. So, a few are having success. 

Old Sighting: Just in case you missed it.

Saturday Oct. 16th, I was told of a new sighting of Sasquatch by 3 elderly hunters. I will say the sighting occurred in the Siskiyou Range in southwestern Oregon at 7: am Saturday. The hunters were walking down a washed out dirt road and spotted movement up on the hillside. They froze in place because the thoughts were it was deer moving. The hunters then saw a dark black or dark brown creature walk out from behind a large oak tree. They all got a descent look at it before it moved into heavy vegetation. It was told to me the creature was upright, very tall and walking on two powerful looking legs and covered with sparse hair around its face and hands. It arms were long and powerful looking also. After the creature moved off they noticed that some orange-ish mushrooms had been put in a small pile at the base of the oak. The hunters all agreed the creature was not a bear but a Sasquatch or Bigfoot. When they examined the ground more closely they found prints with five toes on each foot. The measurements of the tracks were 18 3/4 and 8 1/2 wide at the heal. There is no indications the hunters made this up.

None of them believed Bigfoot was actually real. It was pointed out to me that none of them wanted to report the sighting to law enforcement because of fear of being dubbed nut cases.

They did say I could tell the sighting to the persons of my choice just to keep their names out and location of the sighting.

If you know anymore about this sighting please comment. ... LNP

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Have all the animals on this planet been discovered?

Original photo: photoxpress

What do you think? Have all the animals on earth been discovered? In a word--NO!  To find out more about this subject type in new animals discovered or something like that on your computer.  You will be surprised at what you find. And with that in mind it isn't surprising that bigfoot remains a mystery. With all the scientists and researchers working at "discovering bigfoot" we look forward to some good news soon.

Who is Big Clyde?

On Oct. 8, 2010, the ESP Team photographed this forest animal. As you can see it is not a very clear photo. I've outlined it so you can get an idea of its form. The same day three more photos were taken. The ESP Team says they are much better photos than this one. Mr. Emery has promised to let us here on Bigfoot Ballyhoo display one of the best of these photos.

Mr. Emery and his team members have been very busy doing lots of important things with these photos, so that one day it will be a simple fact that bigfoot exists. When he has everything done, he will let us put the photo up for all to see. We are all excited and have a difficult time waiting. But as most things in life that are really important, waiting it seems is just part of it.

One thing we can all be doing is watching for the animal when we are in the woods. We need to keep our cameras ready. One thing is for sure--photos of this animal will always be needed to help scientists in their study of it. Isn't it exciting that we can participate in this "great discovery"?

Please comment. Many people, adults and children, read this blog. We hope to read a comment from you soon. You can comment using anonymous and if you wish you can add your name at the end of your comment. Please if you are a child just use your first name.  Ballyhoo will look at the comment first and if it is a good one, it will be displayed for all to read.


Ballyhoo's author comments:

I am very unhappy that all comments can not be instantly allowed. If you've read this blog from the beginning you know that has always been the policy. We appreciate, even,  a simple one or two word comment. I've fallen into a habit that is hard to break: I check the blog for comments several times a day. I still will. The comments are fewer in number now, for that I'm not happy. Often the comments prompt me to write or illustrate something I wouldn't otherwise. So, please comment while we wait for this fabulous being to be recognized by science and the public. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So you will know about comments.

Since Ballyhoo will NOW check each comment and decide which will be accepted for viewing by the readers, NO DEROGATORY COMMENTS ABOUT OTHER SITES ETC. WILL BE ALLOWED.

How did Big Clyde get his name?