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Friday, September 3, 2010

Bill Emery Talks About the "Photo"

Two day's ago I emailed Linda Perry that it would be OK if she posted the shadow figure online. In that email I told her I was not copyrighting that photo. My intentions were to give the readers of this blog a little idea of what we encountered on the mountain. Some had asked for a rough sketch of it. Linda and I had emailed each other because she needed clarification on what she was looking at. I explained the position--  that it was the side and back. The picture taken is only as good as it is because of the position of the camera.

We also discussed that the photo was blurry at best. But I thought it might give the people some idea of the rough overall shape of the bigfoot. After she posted the picture the emails started coming to me from other bigfoot investigators. I will not say what they said because I will not stoop to that level of behavior. Hank called me last night and said the comments aren't all that positive online.

I didn't give the picture to Linda to make us popular. It is simply one photo of a blurry figure that I believe is the bigfoot in question. What we do is not a popular job. I don't want Linda or anyone to take heat for my work and the hard work of our group. When the rest of the clear photos are released people should understand much more.

It has been time consuming and costly for me to do what we do. Linda is a bigfoot believer and should not be criticized by a few. I have always felt the people need to know more about bigfoot and that's what I try to do. I do not pretend to know everything, but I still think that sharing my ideas with the public is a great way to receive information .

I look forward to hearing from the readers about other ideas they have and like I said before I take them seriously.

Thank you Bill Emery for the comment. I, RATHER CHRIS AND I, DO NOT MIND TAKING HEAT FOR SUCH AN IMPORTANT CAUSE. Keep up the good work, keep commenting, because we bigfoot believers thrive on bigfoot information. ... Linda Newton-Perry


Diann E said...

I can't begin to imagine the hours and hours you have put in, the substantial sums of money, the personal sacrifices you and your families have made, to gather evidence to prove the existance of this animal. The trial and error factor to get in the best possible position to gather hard evidence must have been, at times, frustrating and dangerous at best.
I'm greatful to all of you for your efforts. Thanks ESP TEAM

Guy said...

Me too, I wasn't expecting the clear shots. Just a idea of what you were faced with. I photo you released did just that and I thank you.

Philipp said...

"When the rest of the clear photos are released people should understand much more."

So is this one of the four pictures, meaning that there are three clear pictures and this one, or is this a fifth picture?


Art Lee said...

Mr . Emery if you don't know everything you seem to know more than most . You are the only person I have ever seen that has made a statement like, " I believe I can get more of evidence of this Bigfoot " that has ever gone out and done it . You are the only investigator , I have ever seen that gives as much transparency as I have seen . The only thing I have heard you say you are unwilling to disclose is exact location . I assume you will also keep some methods confidential . In regards to this particular creature. I am not big on assumption . I feel some are reasonably safe to make . I rank that one and the few I have made on this blog in the same safety category as my assumption the sun will set tonight in the direction of the coast .Bill everything you have shared to date has been free of charge . Also free of any request for donations or pitch to buy a T-Shirt . I am not a rich man but I would like to pitch 20 bucks in to help with your costs . My philanthropy stops at the point you need a volunteer to get close to this particular Sasquatch though .LOL . I don't know if you ever go back and look over the posts . Some times Myself and others post questions and comments on older posts . You mention the time and other things associated with this project but seldom the danger . Man I would be shaking like a woman of untarnished virtue on troop train that close to this creature . I am not a coward by any means . I am a retired Soldier . My Mos's were combat arms thru my career . Would you ever consider sharing the whole story with us ? When you first became aware of the Sru Lake creature . All of the sighting information you compiled . The things that led you to believe you could document this big boy ? Of course holding back on anything that would disclose where or how to locate this creature ? I am going to attempt to get a look at one myself that is in the Cascadia region of the S.Santiam pass . I have an idea I would also like to run by you . I am going to use an electric RC plane that is really a sail plane . It has a huge wingspan is only powered for the climb out . It is launched by a long piece of surgical tubing used as catapult. It can stay aloft for extended periods of time , Its ...contiued