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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Keep Talking Bigfoot: Comment

While shopping today, I enjoyed a conversation with a fellow that said, "You just don't hear much about bigfoot anymore."  I left him my card and told him to look in on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. I told him we've had at least one same day sighting and a couple of sightings just a day or two old. It is a shame the TV and larger papers don't take more of an interest in bigfoot. Comment, we can't wait to read what you have to say.

ESP Team: Bigfoot Investigators

In case you've missed the news, these three men are getting ready to release bigfoot photos and other evidence to help prove that this "being" indeed lives in our forests and woods. You may read about how they captured the photos of bigfoot by clicking on the Bigfoot Premise photo at the top of the column to the right. Follow the instructions and you can read for yourself as one of these men writes "Got to go something is coming." (More or less, were his words.)

Did you mean the Columbus Day Files?

Allan has left a new comment on your post "Anyone have one of these photos?":

This last update was in April, tomorrow will be October 1st 2010. You have had not updates on the status of this situation? It has been 6 months since you were offered the "limited viewing."
Here is the last update from Debbie of Rand Corp Group:
Debbie has left a new comment on your post "Comments Welcome":

I have lately from time to time looked at the post here. Yes I am currently working on the case files from 1962. I have not had any word from DOJ on my request to open the files. When I told of a long wait I wasn't telling tales. The government works at their own pace and nothing can be done to speed up things. I am also aware of what has been said on other sites about me. As I've said before I'm use to those type words by people whom have no clue on what I do. If I see any movement I will certainly comment.

Bigfoot and the Police

Original photo: photoxpress
There must be many policemen that believe in bigfoot. I would think "believing in bigfoot" would be a private matter and that you could voice your concerns etc. without worry of job endangerment. And of course on Bigfoot Ballyhoo you do not have to give us your name.  If you decide to share your thoughts please use your home computer. We do not wish to cause trouble for anyone. If you have an exciting story or know of one that includes bigfoot, please share.

Anyone have one of these photos?

Lou has left a new comment on your post "Are There Photos?":

Yes, the files were looked at. They are on film now at the courthouse in Josephine county. The photos were never put in the accident reports. The files did state the animal was unknown and deceased on the Graves Creek site one but the other report says the animal was hit and not killed on 199W
See story below on RB Slagle Truck hitting a possible bigfoot, 1973, Oregon.

Delmarduck would like to know:

Are you able to obtain a copy and post the report so that we may all view it? - delmarduck

Yes that would be very interesting. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Opinion by Diann E

You know it's been a tough year for the BF community. It started with the Blobsquatcher calling it quits, and Autumn Wiliams changing her BF goals, the Mr. Mike fiasco (and what a fiasco it was), the meltdown of the BFF forum and it's reorganization because it no longer serviced the cause of furthering BF it was more bash and skeptics reigning court, and last but certainly not least KK and the goal of debunking the PGF film at all cost whether truthful or not with the prospect of a Discovery Channel documentary the real goal.

There are some very good dedicated BF people out there and some darn good groups. The BFRO database and their continual follow-up of each and every sighting. ABS group takes BF and its cause seriously, Cliff Barackman is tireless. Also some small groups, Sierra Tahoe, Stan Courtney just to name a few and many many more. For the most part these groups and other groups will work together, hold seminars together and do a good job.

Timing is everything in life, or so they say. Will the BF world critique these men's work to death and debate endlessly or will they accept this work and these men as respected equals. Will they be fair minded at the effort these men took to protect the integrity of their work or armchair quarterback. What occurs may well effect the BF world for years to come. We may well find out how seriously they really take the subject of BG.

As for me, I'm tickled the independents did it. They got him. Pictures, scat, the whole nine yards. Gives hope to those who by themselves or with a buddy continually squatch tirelessly and nobody knows. It absolutely proves to all "believers" there is a reason to watch for North American's largest hidden treasure.

And that's my opinion.

Thank you very much for your opinion. Each and every opinion is welcome on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress

"...And so it is with bigfoot."

"I've said and written this many times, but here goes again.  In the grand scheme of things bigfoot is about as important as the last period in the novel, War and Peace. But if the period were missing, it simply wouldn't be right. ... And so it is with bigfoot. With great writing we expect each and every period and with knowledge of our world we expect to know of--each and every animal." Linda Newton-Perry

Photo Fun

Photo: photoxpress

"Yippee we get to see the bigfoot pictures, soon!"

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bill Emery of the ESP Team Comments

Bill Emery

It's been a while since I commented on Ballyhoo. Things are coming along quite well. I fully expect everything to be ready for viewing in a short time frame now. We have taken the necessary precautions to insure that no one will be able to say these photos are hoaxed or maybe tampered with.

This was a major setback for Patterson in 1967. Many people right away claimed many things were wrong with his film. I will not make the same errors in my photos and sample reports. I have through photographic experts been able to guarantee the photos that will be released for viewing are 100% authentic. Complete documentation of the authenticity will be included with all photos, cast and completed blood and fecal samples.

Most of the work is completed now. We have excellent contrast and features in the photos that show the Bigfoot clearly. I will tell you the cost of this evidence has been substantial. I do not wish to do it all again: That is to again have to go through all the confusing channels I've been through.

My final hope and wish is that science and governmental agencies will now look hard at the evidence and come to a true conclusion about bigfoot.

No Sightings This Weekend?

Rumor has it, that fewer people are hunting. I know I've never wanted to go near the forest during hunting season because of the danger of being shot by accident. But if people aren't in the woods there's little chance of getting a glimpse of bigfoot. The following is a story you may enjoy. It's about two friends one believes in bigfoot and the other believes his friend saw a bigfoot. They are hunting pals and are good friends.
Sam T. Best was embarrassed and angry. His workmate, Dan Vinn, had just laughed at him. And what made it so blasted galling was─it happened in front of the buffoons at lunch break. Best considered Vinn a friend. He’d known him seven of the ten years he’d worked for the Toka Park’s Department.

Best, neck and face reddening fast, simply stopped talking and chewed slowly and long on a piece of homemade bear jerky. He studied the jerky, turning it in his fingers. Vinn had been with him when he’d shot the bear the jerky was made from. “Not much of a friend,” he grumbled.

Vinn was still talking, still laughing. But he wasn’t laughing at Best anymore. He’d glanced at his friend and noticed the bear jerky and realized what he’d done. He had humiliated him in front of these clods that they both worked with. Vinn lobbed his soda can into the trash and stepped to Best’s side.

“Look guys,” he said to the three men still eating, “I believe Sam here saw the bigfoot. Okay?”

Best immediately felt better. He couldn’t believe it of himself, that is that he was so touchy about being laughed at when he said he’d seen a bigfoot.

A guy learns something about himself every day, he guessed. He was still smarting from Dan Vinn’s
laughing at him, but he knew he’d get over it. The conversation rallied for a few minutes. One of the guys told about a cousin seeing what he thought was a bigfoot, late one night. He’d been drinking a little, so only told a family member or two, this guy being one of them.

By the end of the workday both friends had forgotten the incident. It wasn’t difficult to do: Vinn and Best were good friends.

Saturday next, the two men were scouting for deer stands at their favorite hunting area, thirty or so miles from home. For the first time, they were planning to try bow hunting. They’d both had a little experience with bows as boys. They stood practicing now, shooting at a homemade target, propped against a Madrone about twenty feet away. Neither came anywhere close to hitting it. Vinn shot the last of the arrows. While they gathered them, they laughed nonstop at their ineptness with the bows.

The clouds were darkening; it was going to rain. A cool wind blew softly in fits and starts. When it blew, paper-dry leaves whirled between them and the target. A blue jay landed loudly in a tall, scraggly Douglas fir to their right. Another jay joined the first. The birds were angry about something: a clump of gray-green moss fell to the ground just under the birds, and one blue feather floated slowly down. Brush Creek rushing nearby and the dry leaves rustling on the ground and in the trees prevented the two men from noticing the sounds that were coming from a huge oak to their left.

When they finally heard the groaning and huffing, both men jerked their heads up to determine where it was coming from. Best, the father of three, flung out an arm as if preventing a child from stepping off a curb into traffic. Vinn, eyes on the tree, walked into the extended arm, abruptly aware that Best meant for him to stop. Vinn breathed out a string of expletives when he stepped into a hole. He fell, loudly, catching himself with his hands. Best, keeping eyes on the tree, awkwardly waved an arm around searching for one of his friend’s hands or arms to help him up, but failed. Not making contact, he glanced down. Vinn sat, rolling down a gray work sock to examine the ankle; he rubbed it a few seconds and then rolled the bulky, wool sock back up.

It now misted fine rain. The blue jays again sent up a ruckus. This time they dove for the animal in the tree where the noise was coming from. Evidently, the animal was near the jays’ nest. Crack! A limb broke. Thud. It hit the ground. The animal was quickly moving down the tree and almost to the ground.

Best shook Vinn’s shoulder to get his attention and get him to his feet. But first Vinn turned onto his side and searched frantically for the animal in the tree.

“Can you walk, Dan?”

“Sure. I’m okay. What is that anyway?” He scrambled, with Best’s help, to his feet.

“A bear, what else?” Best said, as he caught his friend’s red hunting cap just before it hit the forest floor.

“That’s no %#*! bear! Look!” Vinn said. It was now on the ground at the base of the tree. It resembled a large bear, but it wasn’t.

“%#*! … What is it? Sam?”

The men stood mute, frozen in place. They knew they shouldn’t run from a bear. The animal groped for the near tree with a huge hand, as he rose. The big male stood now slightly hunched.

“How’s the ankle?” Best asked Vinn again in shaky voice. “Can you run on it? Dan, it’s a bigfoot! Let’s go! Come on, run!”

The noisy blue jays dove at the animal, again and again.

“If it wants, it’ll get us.” Best slowed and offered an arm to his friend, knowing the ankle was weak.

Before turning in the direction of their rig, the men stopped and watched the massive being as it calmly, as if in slow motion, turn and step over the broken limb and lumber behind the fir, heading in the direction of a near blackberry thicket. He, from time to time, looked back, apparently to check if they were following him.

Once back in Toka, sitting in lawn chairs in Best’s cluttered garage, new tire smell heavy in the air and with icy beers in hand, they hashed over every detail of that amazing being. It was jointly decided that they wouldn’t make a report to anyone, but they did believe they’d return and try to find prints and maybe get one in plaster.

And most important of all, they decided not to talk about their sighting with the boys of the Toka Park’s Department, because they both agreed that, that thing they saw─was no laughing matter.

The End

Fun Fun Fun

Photo: photoxpress

"I don't know, Mondays are just so difficult."

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Little Fun

Photo: photoxpress

"I did not say that! ... And yes, I do get a little testy when you're talking about my cat box and me right in the room. Really! ... If you want something to talk about then talk about big old stinky bigfoot. At least he isn't in the room and thank goodness for it!"

Are There Photos?

Original photo: photoxpress

Does anyone know if there are photos from these accidents?

More on RB Slagle Truck Hitting Possible Bigfoot

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "About RB Slagle Truck Hitting Possible Bigfoot":

Yes, it was in 1973 when RB Slagle # 8 hit a unknown species of animal on 6-04. The accident report is still public record. The police report stated the animal was not identifiable with any known animal. These records can be accessed by going to the Josephine County Courthouse and looking under truck-unknown animal collision. Date recorded was 6/5/ 1973 and time of accident was at 04:20 AM. I will not write the driver's name here but it is still in the open record.

 Another report is also available and open about a collision between a logging truck and some 2 legged thing on 199 west in that same year. This collision was near Cave Junction or there abouts.

About RB Slagle Truck Hitting Possible Bigfoot

Larry Smith has left a new comment on your post "If You Know More About the RB Slagle Truck Driver...":

I remember some of it . The logging truck was empty around Graves Creek when the driver hit something in front of him. He evidently didn't know exactly what was hit other than a black figure running across the road. He reported the accident to his boss when the truck returned to the shop for the night. The mechanics noticed a weird fur or hair on the grill and bumper. For some reason they notified the sheriff's office in Grants Pass to make sure it wasn't some one's horse that might be badly hurt.

The story goes the police found the skid marks from the truck and began looking the area over for the animal. What they found is not clear to anyone.I don't know for sure but the rumor started circulating about a wild man thing dead in the brush near the road. I do remember the truck was a red IH Westcoaster and it did have good amount of damage to the grill and bumper. I had heard about it through the old lady that owned and run the Galice store then.

Just For Fun

Photo: photoxpress
Click photo to make larger.

If You Know More About the RB Slagle Truck Driver Hitting a Bigfoot...

Anonymous Comments:

I don't think NABS was interested in the truth being the article or email was a denial from that sheriff on suspending drivers license. NABS seem to use the email as some kind of vindication. The truth is these sheriffs are voted in by people and want people to elect them again so they really like to roll with the flow.

 I do remember the accident with the truck. The company is not there anymore but was RB Slagle trucking.

Can you tell us more about it? ... Linda Newton-Perry

Danger in the Fall

Photo: photoxpress

Remember if you are going to be in the deep woods this fall be watchful of marijuana operations and do not confront them. And, of course, watch for bigfoot. He may be hugging a tree so that you can not tell he's there. And remember to "talk bigfoot" because we have the right to know that this animal exists.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another dead bigfoot?

Cherry Lerark has left a new comment on your post "Please Comment":

A commenter said on this blog every report should be filed with BFRO. This is not the way it works or should work. BFRO is OK but I fail to see why people could not report the sightings to whomever they please. I would like to address something here that has been bothering me for some time. On the NABS site they contend that the sheriff of Josephine County emailed them saying he has never had a reported Bigfoot as long as hes been sheriff. Something about this email bothered me so I asked the sheriff if he meant what he said.

What I got was a complete turn of opinion about Bigfoot. He was very familiar with the Oregon Caves Bigfoot and some others over in the Galice area. Along with Kerby, Hugo, Azalea. What he said was, he does not believe Bigfoot is real but still will check on reports if money is available to do it.

The reason my interest is so high in his original statement to NABS is our local paper ran an article in 1975 about a logging truck driver that hit a Bigfoot on the road between Graves Creek and Wolf Creek. He was not aware of the article it seems. It was said the Bigfoot died a short distance from the accident and was removed by Josephine authorities.

If anyone could find a copy of that paper and send it to Ballyhoo it would help with the hunt of Bigfoot, I believe. The Tribune says they can't find it now.

Very interesting comment. Thank you. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Please Comment

Original photo: photoxpress

"Please comment. 'Cause weekends can be sooooo boring!"

Perry's Newspaper Column

Spend the Night at a Fire Tower

Some may wonder why I don’t have my photo at the top of this column. Well, it has to do with its subject. When I began this column, Feb. 2008, I did not want the locals stopping me and or laughing as I passed by. And I might add, I wasn’t as sure as I am now, that bigfoot even existed. I had even decided, when asked to speak at different functions, that I would begin the talk with a paper bag over my head with the eyes and mouth cut out. And then, of course, I’d remove the bag; it would be all in good fun. (Off point: Years ago there was a comedian that wore a paper bag while performing. Does anyone know who that was? I hate it that I never found out his name before he stopped wearing the bag.) I am very proud, now, that I’m a bigfoot believer. And I’m very sure that the being, bigfoot, exists. I also believe “it” is an animal. I use the word “being” so not to induce my reader to stop reading and begin forming in his/her head a stinging rebuttal to my use of the word “animal.” And besides, it will be science that decides what species bigfoot falls under.

While out and about, I pass out my business card, which announces that Chris and I are bigfoot believers. I get some wonderful remarks, as you can imagine. While at the local nursery buying some plants, I gave my card to the man taking my money. He was alone, no customers at the moment, and we talked. I don’t remember whether he believes in bigfoot or not, but he gave me the information on fire towers being available to rent for the night. He scanned a page of information for me. The article mentioned five fire towers. You can find the information you need by going to recreation.gov on the internet. If you’ve rented one of these fire towers, I and the readers of Bigfoot Ballyhoo (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com) would enjoy an account of your adventure. Go to the above blog address and leave a comment or email us at the provided email address.

Last week two hunters commented on Bigfoot Ballyhoo about huge footprints they found. They spoke to a forest ranger about their concerns and were offered alternative reasons for the footprints. Probably should use the words “unknown animal” when reporting anything to do with bigfoot, for now. Until next week.

Just For Fun

Please comment if you've stayed in one of these fire towers. ... Thank you.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Just For Fun

Photo: photoxpress

Camp in a Fire Tower

Thought you would like to see this. Several of these fire towers are for rent, part of the year and all year around. The one pictured above, Fivemile Butte Lookout (Oregon), is available year-round at fifty dollars a night. Go to recreation.gov for more information.
Kevin comments:

Hi Linda, my mom gave my nephew a night's stay in a fire tower here in Southern California as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago. He loved it, the views are spectacular. I also recommend everyone take some time and visit a fire tower. They use volunteers, and they will give you some really cool information about the area and answer any questions you have, it's fascinating.

How to Comment

The easiest way to comment is to click anonymous and then add your name if you wish. Remember you don't have to use your name. And if we decide your comment is interesting we highlight it on the main page.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sharing Beauty

Photo: Photoxpress
Click photo to make larger.

I see a dab of orange on a clump of leaves.
Fall is here, in the air, in the breeze.
Linda Newton-Perry

A Favorite Photo: It Could be Anywhere

Photo: Photoxpress
Click on photo to make larger.
"I can picture bigfoot sneaking into that barn and doing whatever bigfoots do."

Map: Illinois River

The white line between the white and green dots is the Illinois River in Oregon.
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Hunting: Bigfoot Prints and Foul Smell":

The Illinois River is a tributary, about 56 miles long, off the Rogue River. The Illinois River joins the Rogue River from the south of Agness, OR on the Curry–Josephine county line. The main stem flows generally northwest in a winding course past Kerby and through the Siskiyou National Forest and Kalmiopsis Wilderness.

Short answer: Sru Lake is located approximately 10 miles north of the Rogue River and Illinois River confluence.

Thank you. ... LPN

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

For Fun

Photo: Photoxpress
"This is as far as my mom will let me go, looking for bigfoot. But when I grow up, I'm going to take pictures of him."

Hunting: Bigfoot Prints and Foul Smell

Comment: Jack T

Thanks for the word buddy. Last week was bad for me and another person. We were Elk hunting just south of the Illinois River in southern Oregon and had made camp at 3 in the afternoon. The place was called the "Craggie's" a name for the area we camped in. Along around suppertime, we noticed a foul smell in the air. Not giving it much notice, we made supper and began to eat. The loud roar of something came from far off.

Soon the smell was down right nauseating to us. As it got stronger and stronger the scream got nearer. Finally at 9:30 we had had enough of whatever it was near the camp. We tore down the tent and threw the gear in the truck and left. We went over 10 miles down the road and slept in the truck till light.

At light we decided to go back to the old camp and see if anything was out of place. Yes, indeed there was. Big foot prints all around the firebricks and a trail leading off down the side of the mountain. We measured the tracks at 18.75 inches. The prints were of a 5 toed animal or human but too heavy and big for that. One thing we noticed right away the smell was still there but faint in the air.

Trying to report this type of thing isn't easy Linda. We received smiles and a handshake from the ranger. He told me that others have smelled that same thing and it turned out to be a dead deer carcass. We told the ranger a deer doesn't make giant human shaped footprints and again got a smile and a shrug. Then the theory of the guy was somebody played a game with us. No way was it somebody playing games. The nearest hunters were over 7 miles away. Go figure that one. The ranger never wrote one word down on anything.

Comment from Cole Saxton of ESP Team

Cole Saxton has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot Spoken Here!":

Just to let the folks know we have not given any photos to anybody. The speaker at that meeting was John Griffith a known bigfoot hoaxer. He has worked close with others on different hack jobs. Please be patient, We will post no photos other than on Ballyhoo under Linda's permission. The work load is staggering right now preparing for everything

Bigfoot Spoken Here!


Jane Goodall Believes in Bigfoot/Sasquatch

Photo: Photoxpress
Ms. Goodall is featured in the Oct. 2010 National Geographic Magazine.

Bigfoot: Funny?

Original Photo: Photoxpress

"It makes me a little sick to my stomach, when people put together videos etc. to entertain, making the subject of bigfoot seem an interest only of the undereducated, deep woods men and women. Bigfoot is no laughing matter!  (Off the subject), I do believe that if you should report a bigfoot to the police or anyone, that you should call it an unknown animal. I wouldn't use bigfoot or sasquatch. I can see where it could save you much grief. What do you readers think?"  Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What do you Think?

Original photo: Photoxpress

What do you think is going to happen once bigfoot is proclaimed "real"?

The Police and Bigfoot Sightings

Photo: Photoxpress

As hard as it is to believe even police officers have problems when they are forced to report a bigfoot sighting. If you are or have been a police officer, in any state, we would like to hear about your experience with reporting an animal that the "world" does not believe exists. Please do not give names other than your own, and you don't have to give yours.

Monday, September 20, 2010

More on 1962 Columbus Day Victim

Sam Daniels has left a new comment:
"An Opinion on Columbus Day Victim: The photos":

I have wanted for a long time to find out the truth on the pictures from 1962. Someone on this blog advised that one might contact a civil rights lawyer to release the photo. Her name is Dawn Salines and I will quote her response. "Under the patriot act of 2001,  the government may seize and classify any material they believe to be harmful or not in the best interest of society." I asked her if Bigfoot could or would fall under that category and she smiled and said: "Yes they may deem Bigfoot to be dangerous to people in general like UFO sightings."

I told her of the Chicago attorney and other comments posted here and her response was: "They clearly don't have the knowledge of how the government works these days."

Then I asked the hundred pound question: If a person has or obtains a picture of a Bigfoot that was taken away by the government in 1962 would such a picture be legal to post?

 Her answer: "Your getting into unknown territory here. If the government hid the remains and took the pictures from people then I would say it would be illegal to post such a photo without consent from the feds."

She said many people like to quarterback these laws and some live to regret it. Now before somebody says I talked to the wrong attorney let me say this lady is known to be sharp with UFO and other government cases.

Footprints: Bigfoot?

Hank Parchell

Today I went to a location between Sixes River and Elk River to investigate a trail of footprints found this morning at 6:30 by a logging crew on their job site. We have had heavy rain over the last weekend and things are once again on the muddy side. The footprints were 17 inches in length and 7 inches at the ball. The crew told me they haven't had any problems on this job with damage or any sightings of unusual animals.

 The line of tracks came from a small stream up to the landing where the prints went around the yarder and then walked down a dirt road for approx 300 feet into the woods. The prints were not made by a flat surface like wood (meaning Hoax). They show definite signs of muscle action in the tarsal and ball area. I would guess the maker of these tracks weight to be 5 to 6 hundred lbs.

The logger and land owner has asked to be left out of the report and for us not to reveal the exact location for fear of onlookers coming in there. I took lots of pictures of the prints and and trail of prints and will give them to Bill when he returns home. The prints are five toed with a unusual hump on the right toe area. The crew reported that no visible prints were present at 3pm on Friday Sept 18th.

For Fun: One Dog's Opinion

Photo: Photoxpress

"Phew, you think I stink after I get caught in the rain! Bigfoot's got it all over me in that category!... TALK STINK! ... WOW! Mind you, I've never smelled one;  just saying ... "

A Video of Bigfoot?

Linda and Christopher Perry at a bookstore event

At http://www.northamericanbigfoot.blogspot.com/ a video is running that you may enjoy. The figure on the video looks a lot like our ESP figure first sent to this blog. Enjoy and let us know what you think. ... Linda Newton-Perry 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

An Opinion on Columbus Day Victim: The photos


Police have a right to only seize evidence of a crime, nothing else. If you take a photo at an accident or crime scene they can only seize what they know about. If they seize one photo, it doesn't make it illegal to take additional photos. It's not that the photos that they seize were illegally taken, they are not, they are merely seized as evidence in a court proceeding.

Several of us truly believe someone is trying to intimidate people on this site of coming through with this photo, or, the photo doesn't exist and never has existed...

When this topic first arose on this site, many claimed that the photo appeared in "several" newspapers in Oregon, yet nobody produced one copy....If the photo was in newspapers then why aren't those newspapers breaking the law???If the photo was printed in a newspaper, where is the photo or copy of the paper??? Where is an article about this creature that was written in a paper????????

Again, if someone has a photo, get to an reputable attorney, preferably an ACLU related attorney and ask them to release it, guaranteed that they will release it and they will protect you.

It's looking more and more like there is some force at work on this site that doesn't want this photo released.

jUst FoR FUn!

Photo: Photoxpress

"Waiting for bigfoot pictures? ... I'm not even sure what "waiting" is."

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Original photo: Photoxpress
Not family mentioned below.

Wilbur Clark comments:

I would like to take a second or three to tell of a strange ordeal a young family went through one night in 1978 while hunting in the mountains above Fairview, Oregon. The story has been told to many people before; the encounter is one of the scariest Ive ever heard. The young couple in their late twenties were hunting deer on a mountainside called Moon Creek. Along with them were their two young twins about three years old.

Sometime before dusk the truck became hopelessly stuck in a deep rut from four wheelers. The family thought it possible to walk out to the main paved road called Moon Creek Road. Alan, the husband told me later that's when the trouble started around dusk.It seemed to them someone was following them on foot back a ways out of sight.

 They could hear branches crack and the definite sounds of heavy feet hitting the ground.The couple reached the pavement shortly after dark and began the 5 mile walk towards Farview road. Absolutely no traffic was on that road. Almost right away the couple knew someone was in back of them just out of reach following them down the road. In one area where the moon was shining on the ground the couple saw a huge looming figure like a giant man or ape walking behind them.

Alan yelled out several times to get some response from the figure but was not able to get a reply. The couple were for lack of words "terrified" by the shadow of that figure. Alan had brought his 30-30 with them and shot one bullet straight in the air. When the shot ended a great scream from just seemingly feet behind them rang out. Not a woman's scream but some kind of terrible low to high pitch howl.

 Alan knew whatever was following them was not human. He caught a glimpse of some type of big upright creature walking along the high bank of the road. He told me whatever that thing was had to be over eight feet tall. Alan told his wife to keep walking down the mountain and he would try to protect her and the kids from it coming any closer. Soon whatever it was turned off the road and over a steep cliff leaving them. They could hear the sound of branches breaking as the thing left.

They got to the first house near the entrance of Moon Creek and called a friend to come pick them up. The next day Alan got a friend to help retrieve the stuck pickup. When they arrived at the site the ground was covered with large footprints. The cooler had been taken out of the back and the contents scattered about.

This is how the story was told to me. Alan was killed in a logging accident years later on but my sister (his wife) still remembers that night on Moon Creek.

Thank you. What a wonderful sighting for us to read. I'm sure your sister and her husband were troubled with that sighting for a long time. ... LPN

A Photo for Marcy

I just now took this photo for you Marcy. Chris and I live in town, but from our front porch this is the view, looking over several housetops. Thank you, Marcy, for commenting and especially for commenting on the sloooow weekends. If you click on the photo you can get a larger version. On the tree at left you can see raindrops on the tips of the needles. ... Linda Newton-Perry

For Fun: Find the 16 differences

Photo: Photoxpress

"Here's something really funny! Our other interest is BIGFOOT!"

(Have a happy and safe weekend. Please remember to comment. Weekends can be so  D U L L-- for comments, that is.)

The differences will be listed in a comment under this post. Make photos larger to compare photos. Click on photo to enlarge.

Perrys' Newspaper Column: "A Matter of Time"

Fall is here. Or it will be by the time this column appears in the local paper. There will be a few more nature lovers in the woods, hunting and simply enjoying the fall colors. Now that more people are aware that a bigfoot-type being is living in our forests, we expect more sightings. Yes, do please, be watching for this being. He probably knows when you are around. One sighting reported a bigfoot hugging a tree in an attempt to camouflage himself. So, do keep your cameras ready. Photos of this being will always be needed and welcome. It is very difficult to get a good clear photo of bigfoot in his habitat, the deep-shadowed forest.

When I first started writing a newspaper column on bigfoot, I made a paper-mache head of what I thought the being looked like. And, I pointblank from two, three feet photographed it. Even then, the features were not sharp or clear. For that reason, I repeat, bigfoot photos and videos of this being will be needed from the wild for who knows how long. An example of enjoying nature’s animals, and one we know exists, is observing a mother panda cuddling a tiny ten, twelve inch baby. I can never get enough of watching that. Wouldn’t you just adore seeing a bigfoot and its offspring?

It has been raining in Oregon. Rain means mud and the chance of finding a footprint of bigfoot increases. I do hope you are rewarded with a footprint sighting. And do share it with us on Bigfoot Ballyhoo (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com).

If you are a new reader to this column, I would like to remind you on the above mentioned blog, we are waiting for two important events. The first I’ll mention is Debbie of Rand Corp Group, a lawyer, is working to have the Columbus Day victim’s classified file opened to the public. The second event we are awaiting is the release of the ESP Team’s photos of Aug. 8, 2010. The team assures us the photos of bigfoot are clear and sharp. Do join us in our “wait.” And you can read about the team, ESP, as they went about their activities in capturing the photos on the accompanying blog, Bigfoot Premise. This blog is only accessible through Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Until next week

Often we are just simply PROUD of our readers: KIRK

Kirk has left a new comment on your post "It Just Seems Normal That ...":

As a Bigfoot believer I want to see the ESP photos too. But, I am certainly gonna wait until the team releases them on their own time. I have believed in Bigfoot for 60 years and find no reason to quit now. Somethings are well worth the wait. People seem to be unwilling to have patience these days.

Thanks for the great comment. This wait for the  ESP photos reminds me of waiting for the birth of a child. Oh my, it seems forever. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Comments on Columbus Day Victim: What to expect if photos shown.

#1 Comment
And after your done marching to the capital with all 20 people who are down for the same cause, be sure to write in every now and then to let us know how your coping with your 30 yr Federal prison sentence.

When Ali Baba and the nineteen dirt bags took out the World Trade Center, the American way died that very day. Along with the destruction of two breathtaking skyscrapers and the deaths of thousands, we as Americans lost a lot more then we know. Judging by what was written, your completely out of the loop. The Patriot Act was designed and put into play for things such as this. Suppression of information. Media blackout. No big court room drama. It would never happen like that. I can go on and on but I think you get the jist of my rant. Good Day.

One last thought. If you had written what you did prior to 9/11you would be on the money and couldn’t be more correct.

#2 Comment

Several commenter (s) have expressed their opinions on the legality of showing photos in which were removed by federal authorities on Bigfoot. the law is clear on this. If a photo was confiscated and then another photo showed up on the web that person would be in violation of the primary order to suppress.Make no mistake here it would be considered illegal and the feds would have the right to prosecute and confiscate that photo. People seem to think the Patriot Act does not cover such things as Bigfoot but I can assure everyone it does. Why it does is because when the act was passed it covered anything to do with government reluctance to show evidence that prior to 9/11 was ordered to be classified. If you want to pursue this go ahead at your peril.

Friday, September 17, 2010

An Opinion: Columbus Day Storm Victim

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Gordon Paison Answers Questions on Columbus Day Vi...":

How can the government restrict a photo of something that is not technology or national security related, answer, they cannot!

I would love to be the person they attempt to prosecute for such insanity as they would have to prove I broke the law. Taking a photo of a body in the woods is not unlawful.

People took photos and later published them of the Kennedy Assassination and were never prosecuted. I would think the assassination of the president has a higher priority then the death of a creature in the woods. Yuk Yuk..

If someone is prosecuted for the photo, the government has to PROVE they are breaking the law in court. The courtroom would be packed for this trial, what, the govt is going to march out experts stating that the photo puts the US in peril?? I don't think so.

The logic used by some on this site fails to amaze me. It almost appears as though someone is trying to intimidate people out of coming forward. If you have the photo and are afraid;

Go to your local attorney of law, have them represent your interests and have the atty release the photo, your involvement would be neutralized per the atty/client privilege, your identity cannot be released...Total protection...

If you want money for this, again, turn it over to the atty and have them represent your interests in a sale to a news group...Total Protection....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

For Fun!

Photo: Photoxpress

"You know what my family likes about Bigfoot Ballyhoo? ... It's FREE !  And guess what? We  look for bigfoot when we drive through the forest. ... Ain't that a kick?"

Gordon Paison Answers Questions on Columbus Day Victim: Bigfoot?

Drawing by Linda Newton-Perry

Gordon Paison :

Yes, I can recall all of that day. As you know we had a major windstorm that hit on October 12th 1962. This windstorm had wreaked havoc on standing timber from Northern California to Southern Washington. Contracts were awarded to many logging companies to help with the massive cleanup of the roads under USFS jurisdictions. By November we had over 30 million feet of timber on the ground from wind damage. Greyback was major artery used from O'Brien to Happy Camp.

This area was contracted by Griffy and Laird Co. On a November day we were called to assist in the removal of the deceased remains of victim of the windstorm from Greyback road. The body had been discovered by the clearing crew and reported to our field office in Medford. What the recovery team was soon to learn was the remains were not of a human.

It was quite apparent that whatever this animal was it was not human or animal as we describe animals. The body of this thing was in advanced decomposition but clearly showed it had 2 arms with hands and 5 fingers along with 2 legs and feet with 5 toes on each that were something of a apelike human. Also it was female in sex as I recall. The thing for better words was something of a giant heavy human -ape type.

Nobody in our group had ever seen such a thing before. As for the reported photos they were not supposed to ever be shown as we did not give permission for the thing to be photographed. But apparently before our arrival some pictures were taken by the crew and some locals.  These pictures were to be collected if possible because the case had not been classified as natural death yet.

Though some photos were not found much of them were collected as ordered by the district manager of this region. Like I said, the thing was never classified as any known animal. It was thought to be some type of unusual primate but was never classified as such.

My memory is quite clear of that thing and when that film of the '67 bigfoot came out I remembered this thing was very near it in looks. So my idea is it was a bigfoot not a ape- human.
And do you feel that one would get into trouble from the "powers that be" if one of those photos were shown here on this blog? ... Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry

More answers from Mr. Paison:

I can only suspect they, the government, might not want the photos shown. Possible reasons might be because they never admitted the thing was found. Another possibility is maybe they did ID the species and consider it to be alien or something not looked to be friendly. This would only be a guess.
I do know that pictures were seized and one person did get arrested for removing a body part (finger)after the initial discovery. The government seems to have deemed it important to never release the autopsy report so what is a person to believe? I have seen people prosecuted in federal court for cutting firewood without the proper permit so speaking for myself I wouldn't want them after me.
When it comes to unauthorized pictures I would think a person might be in for it. Any discovery of anything on federal forest is federal property like it or not.

Guest Editor-Blogger

Gorden Paison :

Whether you believe the stories of Bigfoot bodies being confiscated by government or not, facts must be brought to bare. The government has had a body of a primate in which they couldn't identify for years.

 As a member of the recovery team that removed the human-apelike body from a access road on Greyback in the early 60s,  I know this is fact not fiction. To my knowledge the body was never identified as any known species of animal.

There has been very much false information given on the recovery of that thing. It was shipped to southern California per request of the Department of Interior. A report of the find was filed with the Oregon State Department of Forestry on the remains of a unknown type primate.

Many people don't want to think their government would hide such a crucial body from science but the facts are facts.

I would hope Debbie would have some luck in getting this incident reopened so that people could know what this animal was but it only seemed to cloud the issue even more.
Thank you for commenting. Can you tell us a little more about these photos that everyone was asked to turn in that they had taken of the being? And can you tell us in detail what you saw?
We bigfoot believers just "eat up" details like this. It must have been amazing to have seen it. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Free to all smalltown newspapers!

If you would like to see this  column  in your smalltown newspaper just put in a call to them and ask them. Have them email me and I'll email it free of charge each week on Saturday. If you've read this blog for any time at all, you know that soon  everyone will be "talking bigfoot" in a big way. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Thank You, Debbie

No, I was not on any program talking about Bigfoot. The other Debbie did not either. MSNBC did interview me in 2006 on a guest show about environmental issues.

Eric Blackford comments:

Complex issue with a lot of strong feelings on both sides. On an emotional level, I would hate for someone to go out and kill one of these creatures. However, logically, this would have the most immediate and dramatic impact on the scientific community (if it was handled correctly of course.) Would the loss of one individual be worth it in the long run if it helped the species as a whole (the whole Mr. Spock-the-needs-of-the-many-outweigh-the-needs-of-the-few argument)? Probably. Besides there is always the slight chance that an already dead body, either from an accident or old age, could be recovered.

I know, it's a long, long shot. The other consideration is that there are other ways to force the scientific community to accept this without an actual dead body. They aren't as quick and easy but they are easier to live with after the fact. I don't think pictures, audio recordings, footprint cast, hair samples, etc. will ever be enough. Those things have been around for a long time and, while they are gaining some credence, they just aren't strong enough to support the (literal) 800 lb. gorilla/man/creature in the room.

 What it will take is an extended, appropriately documented, period of observation of a single or small group of creatures, by a group of "financially-disinterested" people, preferably with a wide cross-section of expertise. Obviously, that is all much, much, much easier said than done, but I don't think it's impossible.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It Seems to me ...

About Debbie of Rand Corp Group: It seems to me Debbie would have mentioned to us here at Bigfoot Ballyhoo if she were planning to be on a TV program. And that is especially true if she were going to talk about bigfoot. ... What do you readers think?

I'll just go ahead and ask,  "Debbie were you on a TV News Program early this morning, Sept. 15th?"

Debbie comments:

No, I was not on any program talking about Bigfoot. The other Debbie did not either. MSNBC did interview me in 2006 on a guest show about environmental issues.

Here--Discover a Little Enjoyment

Photo: Photoxpress and Didier Sibourg

"Look Mom, its teeth are falling out!"

In this world we inhabit--See what moves and breathes.
How many more beings are there that we can not see?
Beings that live in and under the trees.

(Using what we can see to reason on what we can not.)

Just For Fun

Most photos on this video courtesy, the late Dale Saxton.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Comment: ESP Team's Hank Parchell

A phone call today from a Bigfoot organization that asked to have detailed directions to the area where we found and photographed the Bigfoot was denied by Bill. The request was turned down because of concerns that  this group wanted to try to trap the Bigfoot by using tranquilizer guns. There is no way to know what the reaction of the creature might be towards this kind of radical research.

 It is our feeling this Bigfoot needs to left alone in his environment and not be hunted for profit or exploitation. Over the last few weeks the work on our last expedition has progressed. We have now received written reports from science on the results of the fecal matter and blood. These reports will be released with the photos and foot casts. We will at some point try to reach out to other Bigfoot investigators with all of the recent physical and written evidence we have.

 However, as we have stated before, we will not be a catalyst to capture or harass this or any other creature. The reason for our work is for a better understanding of Bigfoot not a circus pen or a dead body. Our feelings along this line is the same as in the beginning. Anyone that thinks they can capture this or any other Bigfoot without deadly consequences is not thinking it through very well.

We have seen what this creature is capable of and respect is the best defense. Something as little as making direct prolonged eye contact can bring on aggressive behavior. These creature are much like humans in the way they "take things" in general. Some will quickly leave and some will not. Some might take offence at your simply being there and some might not.

We think the best thing to do if you run into a Bigfoot closeup is to back up slowly and don't make any quick moves to alarm it.

Remember panic will not help you. All the evidence shows this creature is not violent and will let you leave without harm. It should be noted that young women should use extreme caution when walking in the forest alone. There seems to be some correlation between Bigfoot and human females. This same behavior has been seen with grizzlies around women with perfumes.

It Just Seems Normal That ...

Once these beings are on the books  as "real"-- it seems  the normal  thing would be, to me,  that there will be more people seeing them. Why? Because they are looking for them. What do you think? ...

In case you missed this photo, it is the photo Bill Emery sent to me when he first got the better photos we are all waiting to see.  Aug. 8th is the day they ( Bill Emery and Hank Parchell) saw and got cam photos. Remember Cole Saxton, one of the ESP Team, said the other photos are clear and sharp.  ... Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sharing Beauty: Soon Fall Colors

Photo: Photoxpress

Sighting: Bigfoot


Over the weekend came a new report of a very large Sasquatch on a slid out road near Bald Knob. This road used to go through and then came out near the top of Agness on the NAT FOR DEV 33. I am very hesitant to give out the road number because of the amount of thrill seekers lately looking for Sasquatch after the Emery story broke.

As it happens these people want to remain anonymous saw what sounds a lot like Emery's reported Sasquatch. This thing was big according to the person reporting the incident. As it was told to me, the Sasquatch came up behind the pickup in which was parked at the end of the old slide. The reporting party said the creature kind of stooped down to look inside the F350 Ford. The driver was in another truck about 150 feet from the Ford.

 Both of the people claimed the creature was over 9 ft with a massive build. They had left the pickup there the prior evening to go to Powers to get fuel for it. Both gentlemen refused to file a written report with us but did give us a oral report on the sighting. This would be # 2 since Sept 1st.