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Saturday, August 7, 2010


Original photo: photoexpress
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Diann E said...

Those footprints are huge. I hope your fire danger goes down. After seeing the pictures Linda posted I can only image how important your fire safety is. As a teen I witnessed a forest fire first hand in northern Ontario. A scary but incredible power to behold. I'm marking my calendar for 3 weeks when we may get to glimpse a clearer picture of the animal from Bill's expedition. Who knows, there may be more pictures by then.

Al said...

I love to read this blog about bigfoot and the people who look for it. One thing does bother me though. It seems it isn't enough that Bill E is known as a honest guy. I seems it doesn't matter who writes in regards to pictures and other evidence. Someone comes along to question each and every bit of information from this blog.A case in point now someone is asking questions about the DS full name. If he wanted to give it he would of. The only reason for knowing someones full name is to make some trouble for him. If the man said he checked it that's good enough for me.This is Bill Es search not some other site that in all probability doesn't believe one word of anything wrote here. Somebody said it best on here,they sit back and want somebody to do all the work and then go after them for their work. Some of these other sites are reporting all kinds of false rumors and feel their safe from damage done to Emery and group.If they dont want to except any thing Emery does they need to move along and not spread wild tales they know they can't prove.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes the footprints are large. By my calculations on body mass this one is over 1000 lbs and most likely a 10 footer.

Anonymous said...

I too want to see Bills photo cleaned up. BUT what will others say about it. They will certainly claim it's a hoax ,fake,copy, etc: Probably the reason I say this is every bigfoot picture that has been released have had people come forward and proclaim it fake. What's the most sad thing is most if not all of the people were bigfoot writers or hunters that wanted to do damage to a persons reputation. I think I know why! The people that claim they look for bigfoot really don't get of their butts to do anything.They want to be famous but want others to do the grunt work for them.Sitting in from of a PC will not find bigfoot. What will is people getting out in the wild and looking for it.Most of the bigfoot shows on TV are the same guys claiming this and that.But when it comes own to the proof they miss the goal completely.B E said it right,it not about me it all about bigfoot!

Diann E said...

If this is the same creature who tripped BE's camera and the camera was placed at 9'5" this is one huge creature. He tried his best to intimidate Bill and crew but never made a move to out and out confront them. Territorial, aggression display, but no real open charges. So intriguing.

To Al, another HERE HERE. In my naivety I thought most of the BF websites and forums would be pro proving the existence for the benefit of the creature and of the public. I was just plain dumb. Instead I found most of the members of their blogs spend most of their time analyzing (to death), criticizing (to death), and just plain out and out tearing apart any mere shred of evidence and badgering the witnesses reports. Several have huge and long discussions of the PGF which is interesting but seems dedicated to so-called debunking of this film. Who really cares? It is something I have never considered in deciding "do I or don't I" believe in a large bipedal creature in our wilderness areas. At some point the over analyzing and relentless critiquing is rather like beating a dead horse. Good grief. More like a social club for people who feel the need to feel superior and consider themselves the "so-called experts."
I feel confident that Bill Emery and his team have done all they can do to insure the integrity of their investigation. Should he come up with new evidence that shows the existence of this biped it's the Dr.J Meldrum's of this field of interest whose opinion I will carefully read and evaluate.
The social clubs behind the laptops will never encourage the Bill Emery's of this field, never cheer them on, or wish them success,and will try desperately to destroy the credibility of everyone and every scrap of evidence, because if they didn't how would they feel superior? Eventually they won't matter as the evidence in the right hands will tell it's own story.

Al said...

Very Good Diann E My thoughts too!

Lou Griggs said...

If I might say something here.Bill Emery has said over and over he nor anybody should make money off bigfoot. This might be the reason so many don't want him to succeed.May I explain. Many of the so called experts have received money from TV bigfoot programs. The very fact that Emery has pledged that he will not except any $$$$ for anything to do with bigfoot has made some uneasy about him. After all we have ones who claim that they have secret companies behind them for funding that they will not name but insist Emery and his team make all his records and data public.Many other sites ask for donations from their readers. It seems to be that most belong to the "good old boys club" and don't want Emery or anybody to rock their boats.I don't think Emery should have posted the image online because it was certain someone would waylay him.But here again they cant make no money off it so it's a fake to them!

Ida May said...

Just the other day in Portland Oregon I was talking with a familiar face to Bigfoot TV.He made the remark that Emery is showboating the Sru Lake bigfoot. I ask him how so. He said that repeated calls to USFS in Powers proved the whole thing is a bunch of hooey.I ask him if he really thought USFS would come out and admit the truth and he said IT DOESNT MATTER IT CANT BE TRUE. Then I ask him if hes ever seen one and he replied no but they never get that big as the Sru Lake bigfoot. Again I ask him how do you know this? Again he said because I read allot of articles on them and they don't get that big!.It was then when I got the reason for his anger.It was because Emery is trying to actually prove bigfoot while others run around and make speeches about bigfoot.

Diann E said...

Lou Griggs I believe you said the most important factor in this game and it's MONEY. I'd like to ad fame to that if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

This is Marcy, not anonymous. And I'd like to add more applause, and huge thanks. Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry; thank you, Bill Emery and Cole and Hank. Thank you to Diann E., Al, Lou Griggs and Ida May. This is the very best way to fight off the churls who spew venom because they can't find a way to make money off someone else's work; call them out on it!
The men out in the field are showing incredible courage. They should be thanked and applauded, not accused of fakery. I'm grateful to have found this blog, and to read this news as it happens. And I'm very glad to pray for everyone involved, especially the men out in the woods. :-D

Kevin said...

In response to Ida May's comment...it's a little worrisome that someone who has been on TV about bigfoot doesn't know the facts. A couple of years ago John Green wrote an article about his analysis that he did on reports that he has collected over the past 50 years. He spent quite a few years painstakingly entering the data by hand into a computer database. This allowed him to analyze and search the database easier. One of the things he found was that the farther north in latitude you go, the bigger (size wise) the data set was. In other words, in reported sightings that had information such as height, foot size or track size, weight estimates, etc., the data showed they all increased the farther north you go. Now, ten foot tall bigfoot sightings are rare, but they do occur, especially when you start getting into Canada. His data also showed a bell curve when the data points were displayed in graphical format, which he believes shows a real, living population. In human populations you get this same bell curve, you have your extremes on either side, but you have what is considered normal or average in that population (height, weight, foot size, etc.). Unless, of course, you think every report he has on record is fabricated or mistaken identity and the "data" proves nothing. His reports number in the thousands, so highly unlikely in my opinion. I can't remember where I saw the article, but it was a fascinating read.

As far as the Sru Lake bigfoot, everything about this story matches. The sightings, which date back a few years, are consistent; 10' tall, damage to one eye, aggressive. And the footprints being around 19" would be consistent with a creature that size. The game cam photo shows the creature looking right into the camera, which was mounted 9.5' high. A lot of consistency here.

Diann E said...

Kevin concisely gave us Mr. Green's findings in a lot less words and thank you for it.

The known facts about the Sru Lake Bigfoot is indeed consistent and fortunately Bill Emery and team didn't give up. They have tirelessly moved forward toward their goal.