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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just For Fun

Original, girl: Photoxpress

Sorry folks, I'm just a little giddy with excitement. Cole Saxton says the ESP Team believes the photos are sharp and clear. I'm just letting the little kid come out in me. Enjoy, something great in the bigfoot world is about to happen!

Cole Saxton of the ESP Team Comments

Cole Saxton has left a new comment:

Linda has not yet viewed the photos. We are sure the animal in the photos is 9.2. There are several reference points that give us his height. Once the pictures are shown the quality will speak for themselves. We think them clear and crisp. Once they are out there, we will totally protect them with all legal tools at out disposal. We do not intend to bandy words when we let them out. We have worked hard for what we have and will stand behind all photos and evidence.

Cole,  just so you will know, Bill did email me one of the photos.  ... Linda Newton-Perry

Just For Fun

Original photo: Photoxpress

"So, what do you think a girl bigfoot looks like?"

Rain Helped Reduce Fire In Oregon

Photos: PhotoXpress
(These are stock photos and not of fire mentioned in this article.)

Since August 13, 6,500 acres have burned. The fire has been named the Oak Flat Fire and is 20 miles west of Grants Pass, Oregon. Approximately 855 firefighters are fighting the fire.

We know many sightings and bigfoot stories have come from this area. Does anyone know if any of these areas burned?  Has there been talk of seeing any of these beings since the fire started?

Hank Parchell of the ESP Comments on Progress

Hank Parchell has left a new comment:

Good morning folks! Things are coming together for our collection of evidence. We are waiting still for the final reports from hair and other materials from the search area. We want to know all the information available on them. The casts of prints are now in the temporary hands of experts in weight and measures on impressions.

 Also Bill has talked with a zoologist that is now helping with work on the fecal matter analysis. We are certain these questions will arise when the package is released to the public. The pictures have been very well accepted  by the people we have contacted so far.

I generally don't like to answer these preposterous claims from people who have no information on the scope of evidence. I will say they don't have a clue on what it takes to get anything to do with bigfoot authenticated. This is a being that many think is not real and only myth and legend. We do not intend to let this happen with our evidence and pictures.

 It has been our goal to prove Sasquatch real.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Debbie Comments

I have lately from time to time looked at the posts here. Yes, I am currently working on the case files from 1962. I have not had any word from DOJ on my request to open the files. When I told of a long wait I wasn't telling tales. The government works at their own pace and nothing can be done to speed up things. I am also aware of what has been said on other sites about me. As I've said before I'm use to those type words by people whom have no clue on what I do. If I see any movement I will certainly comment.

Thank you Debbie for commenting. We here at Ballyhoo feel strongly that we need all the more to have this file opened. With the ESP Team's photos and the '62 file opened, it should be good evidence for the existence of this being. Thanks again and please do from time to time comment whether you have anything new or not. ... Linda Newton-Perry
Art Lee has left a new comment on your post "Debbie Comments":

Debbie after the agency denied you access . I assume you appealed to the head of the DOI . What exactly was the reasons stated by The Chief FOIA Officer for the DOI for denying your request . What district court did you file in . I assume it has reached that level as there is only 40 days for administrative process. I would like to take a look at your suit . I would really appreciate any information regarding the court filed in . Thank you .

Comments Welcome

Photo: photoxpress

It rained in Oregon today. After a rain is a good time to look for bigfoot tracks. ... Tell us about your bigfoot adventures. You do not have to tell us your name. If you have a few minutes go back through the older posts, you will be surprised at all the sightings you'll discover.

Truth and Bigfoot

What is "the truth" about bigfoot? Do you think you know? Share your thoughts. This blog is the place to "talk bigfoot." You are not required to give a name. Just be civil, no profanities etc. We are waiting to read what you believe and what you'd like to share. This is your blog! We are bigfoot believers here.

At the Coast

Dear Friends,
We spent the weekend at Winchester Bay covering Kool Coastal Nights for the newspaper my column is in, Douglas County News. This is an annual Classic Car Show. Chris loves the old cars and I love just being on the coast. That's me in the middle of the street, looking for that perfect photo for the paper. And as you know we stopped on our way to get pictures of the 3 mile marker sighting on Mill Creek and where the tall hairy man was seen crossing the road.

Please tell us about interesting information from the other bigfoot sites on the web. I can link to them so all our readers can enjoy the information. Keep talking bigfoot and keep commenting. Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thank you, Charlie

Charlie, I don't intend to be silenced. I have not seen a bigfoot myself, but I believe these beings exist. And I believe the ESP Team has photos of this being and when it is right for the Team we will get to see them. So I encourage all you bigfoot believers to hang in there. I'm positive it will be worth our wait. Thank you for your comment. I'm thrilled to be able to provide a tool, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, so that we can share information, and excitement  of this being that not many believe exists. ... Linda Newton-Perry

My Promise

Original photo: photoxpress

If the ESP Team pictures are a hoax, I promise you this blog will immediately shut down! ... I am positive the pictures exist ... Linda Newton-Perry

Three Mile Marker on Mill Creek: Sighting Area

Photos by Christopher Perry
Friday, August 27, 2010

This is the area the bigfoot-like being was seen crossing  Mill Creek. Following is the original comment:


Just back from a coast weekend.

Click photo for larger version.
(The Pacific Ocean is less than 20 miles in the direction the car is taking.)

Photo: Linda Newton-Perry

 Sunday, Aug. 29, 2010: This photo is hwy 38 and Loon Lake turnoff. I took it today. The rock wall, left of car,  is where the car went off the road to avoid running into cars stopped in the road. Several people were hurt. The police radio said the cars were stopped because a tall hairy man was crossing the road. This happened several days ago and the location is not too many miles west of Scottsburg, Oregon.

We also took several photos of the area where a bigfoot was seen crossing Mill Creek at the 3 mile marker. I'll put the photos up as soon as we get things put away from our short trip.

I will say, I wish Debbie of Rand Group would from time to time comment. It is leading a few to believe she doesn't exist and I just made her and the Oct. animal up.

Keep commenting and Keep Talking Bigfoot.
Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, August 27, 2010

"Congratulations Linda on the Blog Award!"

Kevin has left a new comment on your post "Perry's Newspaper Column":

Congratulations Linda on the Blog Award! It's great to see a lot of the comments being left here lately, such kind words to Bigfoot Ballyhoo and the Emery Team. I enjoy seeing the support that you both are getting. You guys are doing a great job.

Diann E...I got a little chuckle out of your comment:) It's cool that you guys are up there this week. I will be in Northern California just below the Oregon border in 2 weeks doing some squatchin'. It is So much fun to get out in our forests, definitely God's country!

One thing I would like to get clarification on. Which synonym is the Emery Team using? I originally saw it posted as ECP and now it is ESP, just curious, both make sense.

Kevin, where did you see ECP? If it is my error I would like to fix it. The correct one is ESP. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Hank Parchell from ESP Team Comments

Hank Parchell has left a new comment:

Today Bill Emery will meet with several people from Washington and BC on bigfoot. They will discuss what many bigfoot researchers have failed to do: The important task of sharing information on hair and blood samples collected from around the Pacific Northwest in recent years. Also, Bill will head on to Seattle to visit a cryptozoologist that believes we might have enough data and evidence to ask the government for a designation for bigfoot.

It has been our goal to get bigfoot recognized as a living being in the forest of America. We feel it is high time for the government to release all information they maintain on Sasquatch/Bigfoot. We have and will always believe bigfoot and humans can live in total piece with each other if people only know the being is real and out in the remote forest of this great country. We will never accept  that science needs a dead body for research as some think.

These being are very rare and killing even one would be a backwards step for science and the bigfoot.With recent advances in tracking methods we can track these being without any human interference. These beings are simply trying to live like we want to, in piece and without artificial boundaries.

Comments Welcome

Original photo: photoxpress

NOTICE: Time Line for Photo Release

Because of recent contact with the ESP Team, we now believe that it may be several weeks before the photos are released to Ballyhoo. Today will be the last day for counting the days since the photos were taken. The photo in right column has the date the photos were taken, Aug. 8th,  so you can keep track. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Perry's Newspaper Column

Bigfoot Ballyhoo Wins an Award

We are literally counting the days until the ESP Team releases the bigfoot photos to Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Each day Ballyhoo displays the number of days it has been since that early morning encounter, Aug. 8th, when four photos of the legendary being were captured on a trail cam. We “bigfoot believers” are in a euphoric haze awaiting these photos. (Okay, I’ll just speak for myself.) Is it possible, finally, that we will get to see a photo of bigfoot?

If you have not joined the fans of Bigfoot Ballyhoo, then this is certainly the time. You can use the search tool and read the earlier comments by members of the ESP Team, comments posted as they hear “something coming.” The wait until the next post was almost unendurable. And when the wait ended, if I remember correctly, we were informed that the back window of the team’s camper had been broken by something being thrown at it. The team members believe it to be bigfoot, the same being on the photos we are awaiting. (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com)

One comment last week disturbed me. The commenter was accusing the blog of falsely stirring up excitement in order to sell books. We do not have to “stir up excitement.” We simply provide the tool that is being used to report the goings on in the bigfoot world, the part we know of, anyway. I started this blog to accumulate information for my newspaper column. At one time the column was in three Oregon weekly newspapers. Two of the papers were sold and the new owners didn’t have any interest in running a bigfoot column. The late Dale Saxton enjoyed the newspaper column and soon started posting comments on Ballyhoo. He asked different ones to tell us about their sightings. And so Ballyhoo has grown into the respected blog that it is today. Keep commenting and keep “talking bigfoot.” Selling books is an honorable way to make a living. We do not find it necessary or wish to rile up the readers of Ballyhoo just to sell books. We are, as all of you are, bigfoot believers.

Thank you, Online Schools for Bigfoot Ballyhoo’s Top 40 Paranormal Blogs Award. We proudly display the emblem on the blog. (Linda Newton-Perry along with her husband, Christopher Perry, is the author of several children’s bigfoot books and one Viking Age Novel. You may order any of them on Amazon.com or the Perrys’ website at www.christopherpherryandlindanewtonperry.com.)

"Thanks so much for this great adventure, Team Emery."

Diann E has left a new comment on your post "Bill Emery on reader's positive remarks (kind wor...":

There are so many nice people out here that are truly interested in Sasquatch and it is sure nice to hear from the silent majority.

On the humorous side of waiting. My husband and I are spending the week at the lake in our motorhome where, unfortunately, there is no internet service. SOOOOO every day we've come into town to the local dairy queen where we can get a signal and check Ballyhoo. Hubby has gained at least 6lbs worth of blizzards waiting on the pictures and other evidence. Good thing we're down to the last few days of waiting.

Thanks so much for this great adventure, Team Emery

A Change...

Don't be alarmed. Ballyhoo has changed its banner. Hope you like it. ... Linda Newton-Perry


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bill Emery on reader's positive remarks (kind words).

As I sit here in Washington State tonight, I would like to take a opportunity to join with Linda on the nice comments here. Like many of the readers of this blog I see things from time to time that "set me off." Please believe me,  kind words in the bigfoot community are always enjoyed by me.

A person asked me today if I plan to do more research on bigfoot. Of course, I will always be out in the field looking and hoping for another chance to see one. As we wrote, the pictures will be only one piece of the mystery of this magnificent primate. My wife asked me on our way up here if I was scared when the bigfoot came so close to me. I told here the same thing I told Hank after the encounter. I was scared as can be.

No way can someone not be,  with a creature that dwarfs me at 6 feet and 210 pounds. We had no idea if the creature would run or fight. I have respect for all animals out there but this creature was different in every way than animals such as bears, elk, even Alaska Kodiak which I worked around from 1983-85.

We felt we were in danger from the start with this big guy. Still, something inside told me that the creature would not attack if left to leave on his own. Anyway it worked out OK. Have a great evening all!

Bill Emery Comments: Bigfoot

Bill Emery has left a new comment on your post "Waiting ...":

To Dawn, If anyone thinks warnings or false claims from people will stop me from releasing the photos once protected, wrong. I have no intentions of playing the game of hide and seek with USFS or any other group.

IT IS NOT illegal to use bait and salt if your intentions are not to harm the animal. Bigfoot is not a game animal. These rumors are nothing short of tricks to get people upset. Tommy of Brooklyn you seem to know more than me about the photos. How do you like your eggs for your face? I warned people that some would try to get a rise out of us.

 Please don't believe these baseless claims of inside info and theories.


Waiting ...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Could This be True?

Dawn has left a new comment:

I don't know if its right or not to warn the emery team of incoming trouble for them. After speaking today with USFS, I got the strong impression that the agency is trying to stop the release of any information from Emery to the public they got from the project in the Siskiyous. A person which I can't name now has called the main branch of the USFS claiming inside information on illegal baiting used to produce photos and other material on the so called bigfoot.I was utterly shocked when I was told it is illegal to use bait on a game and non game animal in forest service jurisdictions. I was told that Emery unknowingly may have broken federal laws pertaining to using the bait system to obtain his photos. They may seek a cease and desist order on him to stop the release of any photos taken and all data they may have obtained from the project.

Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress

A Message to Romero

Romero, I've noticed you commented with several sightings. Can you tell us about yourself? Why do they seem to be from different people? Would like to know. Thank you. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your enthusiasm and wishing to give the readers something new to read.  I do, however, think it best for those experiencing the sightings to tell Ballyhoo themselves about their experience. Keep enjoying the blog. And most of all, keep "talking bigfoot." ... Linda Newton-Perry

Bigfoot and History

Anonymous comments on long history of bigfoot sightings.

Explorer Leif Erickson in 1520 wrote about giant hairy monsters attacking his crew. Source http://www.leifericksonjounels.goc/ (Website link not working or can't be found.)

David Thompson in 1700 talked of wild giants in the mountains of Washington , Oregon and Idaho.

Lewis and Clark found many huge tracks and put them in report to government.

Comment by Anymous on above:

British explorer David Thompson was not alive in 1700 but was born in 1757... He was the first white man to explore much of Western Canada & the first White to cross the Canadian Rockies. It was there in 1810 that he discovered, near present day Jasper Alberta, huge footprints. He reported that the imprint of each toe had a nail and described them as huge bear prints.

Although some BF researchers have interpreted his discovery as BF prints they were more likely Grizzly prints..


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Member of the ESP Team Comments

Hank Parchell of the ESP Team Comments

Thanks for the info on TB. We know the man's past all too well. As Bill said we will not disclose the exact area to anyone we don't have total trust in. Bill commented today on the hair samples. He wants me to tell about the results because of my background in known forest animals.

The hair shafts are different than any hairs ever collected and sent to the lab to date. The split shaft of the hairs show primate with human factors. Thought not 70% primate or 30% human in comparison to apes, bears human, or orangutan. This leaves only one answer, Sasquatch hair. They show a close pattern of DNA strands that are unlike any known animal present in the US to date.

The fecal samples show it was defecated by a unknown species of primate. The size of the tubing makes it impossible to be human in origin. The closest match is the mountain gorilla of Asia but still again not identical. Blood samples from fecal material show primate like DNA with human markers on 4 points and primate on 7 points .The reporting lab said they have never seen or ran this type of sequence grouping before. It is the feeling of the lab that we have a new species of some primate unlike any primates known to exist to date.

So as you see we have more to work with but without a control sample from a KNOWN Sasquatch they can't match them.

Miles between Oregon Caves and Sru Lake Area

Green Dot the caves, Pink Dot Sru Lake Area, 30-40 miles as the crow flys. Guessing from looking at the map.

Brenda has left a new comment

I was reading a article about a Grants Pass, Oregon doctor that claimed to have seen Bigfoot near the Oregon Caves. Does anyone know how far it is between Oregon Caves and the Sru Lake area? By reading the account of that day it seems to be a real possibility that the same Bigfoot was seen in both places. The size, color, and attitude of the thing seems identical. This doctor spoke of a bad smell as so many of the Sru lake reports do. Also this region of southern Oregon seems to have a long history of those things dating back to 1760 or so. I wonder why this area is prone to these creatures. Anyone care to answer?

Bill Emery Comments

Bill Emery has left a new comment on your post "Keeping "track" of the days.":

As Linda points out here it's been only a little over two weeks since we got photos of Sasquatch. It seems much longer because of all the preparations a person has to do to get science to take a close look at the present evidence on Bigfoot.

While in Utah I met with three anthropologist. They were impressed with what we got on film and casts. They have suggested we show the cast to a leading authority of animal tracks. Since that morning I have received over 13 emails from self proclaimed Bigfoot investigators wanting the GPS readings of the location of the photos taken. I won't give that to them because I can't be sure what their reasons are for the request and they don't want to disclose to me what they want it for.

Some false talk around the web tells of inside knowledge of the photos and area. Nobody but three of us know where, how and when. We must do what tells us is the right thing for bigfoot. When everything is finally done and we can show all evidence to everyone it should help all to realize that bigfoot should never be hunted and killed for or in the name of science. Bigfoot ballyhoo will receive all the photos and pictures of the tracks as soon as possible.

 Will comment more tomorrow about the prelimary test results on fecal,hair, and blood traces.

Keeping "track" of the days.

"ANYTHING could be out there!"

H'erk has left a new comment on your post "Cole Saxton Comments":

I think you need to visit the area to appreciate the extent of the wilderness in the SW Oregon / Northern California region. When I was a kid riding on the school bus SW of Roseburg, we would hit a high point in the road and I would look out to the south and west and think how few people one would encounter if one could fly a straight line the direction I was looking. (Pretty /deep thinking for a 7th grader, huh?) It's not so much that it's high mountain peaks or anything, but it's rugged and extensive terrain with minimal human impact, compared to so many other places. ANYTHING could be out there! BTW, what stories are you aware of from the 1700's? Would enjoy reading them!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Just for Fun!

Original photo: photoxpress

Video Link Dr. Johnson

Tommy has left a new comment on your post "Cole Saxton Comments":

Here's a two part video with Dr. Johnson.


Tommy says, "Personally, I believe him."

Cole Saxton Comments

Cole Saxton of the ESP Team

Cole Saxton has left a new comment on your post "Message from Hank of ESP Team":

Bill is home now. They got home at 3:00 am. He will inform you of the stuff he found out later after some needed rest. Someone asked about the copyrights certificate. It is needed to protected the photos and tracks from pirates. With the certificates we can lawfully gain IP address on anyone who copies, alters, or steals them for their own. Bill will not let these pictures go the route of many others that landed up on YOUTUBE.

We will do whats necessary to ensure they never are used for monetary gain. The photos will be open for examination to all but not for reasons other than research.

Waiting and Counting

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bigfoot bed?

Picture courtesy Bill Emery/ older post
The arrow points to a possible bigfoot bed.

Small Things ...

Original photo: photoxpress

It is so true that little slips can often make for bigggggg troubles. Especially, it seems, in the bigfoot community. What am I speaking of? Nothing in particular. Just stating a fact and trying to be lighthearted. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Message from Hank of ESP Team

Hank Parchell has left a new comment on your post "Comments welcome.":

Hello folks,
     Over the last week we have been busy as bees talking and meeting with different people. Not all of it has been good. I met with a USFS official In Portland, Oregon after my return from Boise. I was told that they would not consider the evidence we have as complete clear proof of bigfoot. She stated it would take more physical evidence to warrant any protection for Sasquatch. But, they are aware that something is out there in our forest that is not known by science. She was quick to remind me this is only a theory of some.

The samples of fecal matter we collected came back as human or primate. The makeup of the waste was berries, fish,and  leaves from different wild plants. It should also be noted that the fish was most likely the smoked salmon we left as bait. Bill will be back tomorrow and tells me his meetings went very well.

Our lawyer told us the copyrights have been filed and we should expect a copyright SOON. The prints we cast and collected are being analyzed by a lab for all dermal markers. We have been assured the prints are not human made as in the makeup of the bottom shows great weight used.

We are sure that some will dismiss the evidence as inconclusive but we are also equally sure many will think the opposite. Remember, some will never accept bigfoot as a living being in our world no matter what the facts.

Seems Much Longer

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Comments welcome.

"... what many people are seeing."

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Plump blackberries now ripe!":

This is what many people are seeing. Since its not natural,people have a hard time computing it. I'm not saying that there  is no such thing as BF, but this video has to account for many so-called sightings.


Strange indeed. A three-legged bear walking for long distances. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Take Samson off Your Blog!

Today 3:36 P.M Pacific Time the Milwaukee Zoo withdrew permission for this blog to use the photos of the famous gorilla, Samson. He died several years ago. They do not wish the animal associated in anyway with a bigfoot.

Ballyhoo has taken the photos off.

Plump blackberries now ripe!

Photo by Linda Newton-Perry
Bigfoot is sure to be enjoying the Oregon blackberries.
Author Ivan T. Sanderson in his book Abominable Snowmen Legend Come to Life made a comment on page 272 of the book that these beings may journey into the snow looking for saline rich moss. And don't we have plenty of moss in Oregon.

Here from the book an excerpt:
"Why does the creature undertake what must certainly be extremely wearisome expeditions into the inhospitable regions of snow? The natives have what sounds a very credible explanation: they say the Snowman likes a saline moss which it finds on the rocks of the moraine fields (rocks and debris left from glaciers). While searching for this moss it leaves its characteristic tracks on the snowfields. When it has satisfied its hunger for salt it returns to the forest."

If you will remember one of the pictures of the ESP Team was of the being holding a saltlick that was planted by the team. This is the photo that I was emailed. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Comments Welcome, Weekends are always soooooooo slow!