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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Where is Sru Lake?

Sru Lake is near the white dot and just below Powers, Oregon.

Cole Saxton Comments on Bill Emery

Cole has left a new comment on your post "Bill Emery Comments":

Bill has always believed this bigfoot is a danger to people. He is simply trying to get info on the creature for the people of this world. He wants to get a clear photo of the bigfoot so he can go to USFS and show them the people are actually seeing this bigfoot up there. He also wants badly to prevent the destruction of this bigfoot because of an attack by it on people. He feels it's going to happen if the people and bigfoot mix.

 A very unpopular view by Bill to some people is that these creatures need to be protected not shot. He is and always has been very cautious about this bigfoot. It is our belief that nothing short of a good photo will bring a reasonable response from USFS in Powers. Bill has come across people with guns looking for fame up there and told them the chance of a terrible outcome for them is very good if they try to shoot it.

Bill and I believe it would be next to impossible to kill the bigfoot with just one shot. A person may never get a chance at a second one.

Comments on Emery's Posts

 by Anonymous
October 20 2007. A hunter reported that he had shot a bear near Squaw Lake in the illahee quad of the Siskiyous. The man who was hunting said he thought the animal was a big bear and shot it twice after it followed him for 2 miles making terrible sounds .the USFS took the report. They filed it under bear shot near 3300#3348.What was strange about the report is the hunter insisted the bear stood up on two feet and walked into the heavy brush. The hunter fled the area thinking he had shot something other than a bear. I believe as Emery does this was not a bear but the bigfoot. It is believed the bigfoot lost his eye in the accident.

by Amber Caughell has left a new comment on your post "Bill Emery Comments":

Squaw Lake was the name for Sru in 2007. It was renamed Sru in 2009. Over the past 20 years many have talked about the strange being on the mountain there. My dad told me of it in 93 or 94. Many of the local loggers have seen it claiming it is over 9 ft tall and very large. Many 20 inch tracks over the last 15 years have come from that area. This would make it larger than most of the ones sighted. The Thompson family had a bad scare up there in 2008? I think.USF has always blamed it on misidentification of a known forest animal. They have never taken any report from the area serious in my book. Some say the FS is covering up the reports. It is my belief thay just don't believe them.

by Anonymous
I tend to agree with you Amber. I don't think there is a major cover up . I think it is a case of "experts" who think they know more then they do .

Taken from the book, I KNOW WHAT I SAW END OF STORY

In my soul I know it’s true, bigfoot lives on mountains world ‘round.
He keeps to place like all we do, though following instinct he’s bound.
Will we ever know “his” truth? Will he ever be “found”?

Linda Newton-Perry

Bill Emery answers question about the bed.

Bill Emery has left a new comment on your post "Bill Emery Comments":

The bed was a very crude layout of ferns and grass. It was about 10ft by 8ft and looked as if something had laid there over a weeks time. This is where I found the blood I mistook for menstrual blood. Also the area around the bed was covered with bark from trees as a presumed cover for it. Yes I am armed. I don't want to have to use it but would if the creature was to actually attack me. The aggressive demeanor of the bigfoot is because and in my belief that it was shot twice some 3 years ago by a scared hunter. All indications are this bigfoot seems to be rogue male with no fear of man.

In actuality, I believe this bigfoot is going to get hold of a person. Yet I don't want to see it killed if at all preventable.

"A Matter of Time" Perry's Newspaper Column

Bill Emery Searches for Bigfoot

It just occurred to me as I typed the word bigfoot, above, that when the being is given its scientific name perhaps the public will treat the whole subject with more respect. Maybe the moniker, bigfoot, will be dropped and the new exotic name will be in common use. Is this what it’s going to take to change the habit people have of grinning or outright laughing at the mere mention of it? What’s laughable about a monster-size furry being traipsing about the forests, sometimes in an angry mood? Oh, I know several of the reasons for taking the animal lightly, all explained in the words: many hoaxes and publicity seekers out to sell books and demand substantial speaking fees. I mention these so you will not think me naive. Of course, once the being is “discovered,” this should change most, if not all of the laughing tendency.

Again, Bill Emery is in the woods near Sru Lake seeking to discover what is doing the nighttime damage in the area. It’s been reported that picnic tables have been turned over, a weighty fire ring found well away from the campsite and big rocks blocking the road. Also, no lights have been seen at night in the area, which would be needed if the damage had been done by human pranksters (which can not be ruled out at this time). Just one main road leads to Sru Lake. Again there is talk of closing the small lake.

In early July, Bill Emery collected blood samples he found in a bed while hiking the Sru Lake area. We all waited patiently for him to tell us the results and here they are in his words: “After weeks of analysis the blood and hair samples collected by me have came back. They are baffling to me and unexpected. Conclusion: The hair follicles are similar to human structure but with 14 unfamiliar markers clearly not human related. The blood samples collected show 2 known strands to human but have major difference in shaft size and DNA makeup. Conclusion: Human: No positive match; Primate: No positive match; Animal: No positive match. Final conclusion: Unable to identify as any known species. Reasons may be possible contamination in samples, and possible degradation of samples.”

Go to the blog, www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com to follow along with Bill Emery’s adventure in “discovering” bigfoot. Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, July 30, 2010

Comments Welcome

Comment. We bigfoot believers want to read what you have to say.

Bill Emery Comments

 Comments from Bill Emery
7/29/10. After weeks of analysis the blood and hair samples collected by me have came back. They are baffling to me and unexpected. Conclusion: The hair follicles are similar to human structure but with 14 unfamiliar markers clearly not human related.: The blood samples collected show 2 known strands to human but have major difference in shaft size and DNA makeup: Conclusion: Human, No positive match: Primate :No positive match: Animal,No positive match: Final conclusion: Unable to identify as any known species. Reasons may be: Possible contamination in samples.Possible degradation of samples
Tonight, I am camped some miles above Sru Lake near Bald Knob Lookout. Some recent activity has got me once again trying to locate and identify the recent sighting of a possible bigfoot in this area. Will update if something materializes .Yesterday I covered the clear cut on Barklow Mt. some 18 miles away and found some impressions but far to faint for casting.

It's no longer a rumor but fact. Gary you got more out of .... than I have in a year. Thanks for your continued interest. In all fairness to all we can't know for sure what did this till we identify the culprit in which might be impossible to accomplish.

Convince Me!

Original Photo: photoxpress

Okay, we are all believers here. But, how do we convince unbelievers that bigfoot exists? If more people believed the animal existed, the more people, one would think, would see the animal in the wild. Why? Because they would be looking for it!

Now, let's hear your argument for bigfoot.
Diann E comments:

1. Thousands of eyewitness reports. These people are seeing something they can't rationalize.

2. Hundreds of footprint cast that are remarkably alike.

3. Historical newspaper reports more than 150 years old describing the "wild man".

4. Native American oral history and petragraphs hundreds of years old referring to the Hairy Men.

If only 30% of the sightings and foot print cast are true that still leaves a large historical newspaper basis and the petragraphs are truly incredible.

These would be my reasonings why you should consider believing something unidentified is out there

"...fear of public scrutiny."

Gary /////// has left a new comment on your post "The unknown and unidentified hair samples should b...":

Rumors in Powers, Oregon are that Wednesday night some more vandalism was found at Sru lake Campground. The most recent is a campfire ring once again was found some distance up the mountainside. Tables were again overturned and large rocks were found on the road entrance to the campground. Over the last 2 weeks people have spoke of night screams and strong odors in the night air. A witness claims they found very large 19 inch human like tracks at the lakes edge on the south side.

A talk this morning to a forest service employee yielded no information on the recent incidents. I was told they believe somebody must be playing games up there but are at complete loss to explain how they are doing it without detection from campers and forest personnel. All of the recent occurrences have been in the dead of night with witnesses saying they saw no lights or vehicles in the area. Sru is only accessible by one road at the entrance with the rest being heavy forest and steep mountainsides.If a person was to try to enter the lake area from the forest it would be very difficult to accomplish without some form of light after dark. "We are near a point the lake may have to be closed again," according to the employee I talked with. They insisted that I not give their name out to anybody because of forest service policies and the fear of public scrutiny.

The unknown and unidentified hair samples should be compared.

Diann E has left a new comment on your post ""...prove this hair ...other than bigfoot,..."":

As of July 12th report, Bill Emery's hair samples didn't match any animal hairs of the area in which they were collected. The next tests were to compare human, ape, orangutan, etc. We'll be interested to see what the results are. If they don't match he will have another unknown unidentified hair sample to compare with other unknowns.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"...whatever shook my trailer ..."

Ldillon46 has left a new comment on your post "Sru Lake":

This is in response to the third anonymous comment. I have been there place and it was not just a scream. My camp trailer was shaken violently in the middle of the night last hunting season and that was followed by the weirdest scream/howl sound I have ever heard. The first thing that crossed my mind was to get hold of my 12 gauge shotgun. The last thing on my mind was to sue the USFS. In fact, that never entered my mind until I read this Childress article.

Whatever is out there had the perfect opportunity to cause me harm that night. It did not, it just scared the hell out of me. In my case there were no other campers within a mile in any direction. I got the hint from whatever shook my trailer and I will never camp in that spot again. I will however camp and hunt in that same general area. Don't blame the USFS. They don't have any more control over these things than you or I.

Bigfoot Sighting July 28, 2010

Barklow Mountain, Siskiyou National Forest Road #3353. Time: 2:30 pm on July 28th 2010 a large dark brown Bigfoot was seen walking in a clearing by *****. The sighting occurred when a van stopped in a turnout to remove some shale rock from the road. It was walking in a westerly direction in a clear-cut from several years ago. It then walked behind a large Port Orford Cedar stopped and gazed at the group in the van. It then disappeared into the timber.No further info at this time.

"...prove this hair ...other than bigfoot,..."

Regarding following statement: "Not one Bigfoot person has ever gathered any thing other than contaminated hair samples."

[This statement] prompted me to reply. Many false statements are made concerning collected evidence, and is indeed damaging to our cause. But just as damaging are blanket statements such as that.

Many dna tests have been classified as contaminated because of their close similarity to Human. But when proper cleaning methods are used by testers, there is no contamination. Dna has been extracted from extinct animal hair which has been handled many times by Humans.

The physical characteristics of hair, however, can not be contaminated, and can not be explained away by skeptics. I would like to send one such example. This is one of many hairs that I have found which do not match any known animal sample that I have. The interesting point of this one is that a body hair and a fur strand were caught on the same hair trap together, and Modern Humans do not have fur.

If anyone can prove this hair is anything other than bigfoot, I would welcome that information. The top two images are the unknown hair and fur or underhair, and the others are available animals which are large enough to reach the hair trap.

The biggest problem that individual collectors have is the high cost of dna testing. I believe if the cost became low, then the hundreds of hair samples now in the hands of researchers would reveal some good results. It is very difficult to even find a lab to do the test.
L. Surface


 Linda Grayson, Biologist has left a new comment on your post ""...prove this hair ...other than bigfoot,..."":

If its presumed Sasquatch hair it ain't proof of nothing. You have to have a known control sample to identify hair follicles. The lab that did this analysis was not on their feet at all. As I understand it no discernible DNA or material was gotten from this sample.
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post ""...prove this hair ...other than bigfoot,..."":

If you want to bad enough you can make anything unknown. This unknown sample was found to be a hair from a orangutan collected at a zoo. I was one of many that the sender tried to hoodwink the lab. Further testing proved the hair sample was collected In a controlled zoo not in the wild of BC.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Att: Diann E Winner of Book

Diann you won the drawing Sat. Please email your address and I'll get the childrens' book EYE OF THE BEAST off to you. linda.perry@charter.net

Down Loon Lake Road

Didn't anyone get any photos of where the bigfoot was spotted crossing Mill Creek? Please share them if you did. Email to linda.perry@charter.net. Thanks ...Linda Newton-Perry

Is bigfoot the bogeyman?

"Oh no, there really is a bogeyman!"
(I wasn't lied to as a child.)

Bigfoot and the Angry

Photo: photoxpress

A friend was reading the comments on this blog and asked,
"Why do they get so angry?"
Bob Grant has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot and the Angry":

Some people cant handle the truth. Like some of the nasty comments about the Childress article. They weren't there but think they can judge them. Most of these narrow minded people that leave these ridiculous comments are so wrapped up in their "good thinking" there just waiting for someone to hurt with words. The woods are for everybody and regulated areas such as Sru should be paroled when trouble has been reported. To just brush it off a rumor is dangerous and irresponsible.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot and the Angry":

Completely agree with Bob. Most of the nasty comments here are from people that despise this site anyway but just cannot break away because of the great info you have here. Bigfoot ballyhoo has new and old info and reports and have made some angry because they think bigfoot is only their turf. I have found no place on this site where rumors were made into fact. Some of the people that have commented here have no idea just how remote the country is in the pacific northwest. They want somebody else to take the bull by the horns but fail to help in anyway. Police officers wont comment anymore because some troublemaker started calling their superiors up and complaining. And then tried to dismantle every report here. They claimed to be looking out for everybody when the real motive was hate and jealousy.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"...utterly invaluable to science..."

Dr. Sondra Amen  comments:

Today I spent most of the day talking with some medical and science folks and frankly don't know what to make of this 1962 find. All indications are that something was strange in the exam of the find. Dr. Gould said in a brief note to SI in 1968 that the Patterson film was nearly exact in build and apparent looks on what he examined in 1962. This is bothersome to me that records apparently are not available on the autopsy of the find. I would like to take more time and look into this matter. I cannot find any reason why these file case notes are closed. A find of such magnitude would be utterly invaluable to science if notes were taken on paper or reel.

I am very happy you are taking an interest in the 1962 Columbus Day (being). We look forward to what you find.  Please do share it with us here at Bigfoot Ballyhoo. ...Linda Newton-Perry

"... someone injured at Sru ..."

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Sru Lake":

If you have followed this blog there was someone injured at Sru a couple months back by this creature. He did comment here about it so stop commenting when you don't know. Read the old blogs about Sru lake. Shame on the forest service for not warning these people. They should have their kids left there overnight. More deny and ridicule

It would not surprise me if they were spreading these lies TO COVER THEIR %#!*S

Sru Lake

Photo by Tedder, Town is  Powers Oregon
(Sru Lake is near the white circle on the map below.)

Myles /Sally Chidress has left a new comment on your post "Share a Sighting, Talk Bigfoot":

I write this down with much anger directed at United States Forest Service. Our camping trip started on July 17 and ended yesterday. We had bought a season pass for all the campgrounds in the Siskiyou range of Oregon. On Friday we camped at the Lake called Sru.

 We had talked with rangers and were never told of any strange happenings there. Saturday night at midnight we were all awakened by a horrific scream from near the lake. The other two campers there also came out with flashlights to find out what it was. The scream was so loud it actually echoed through the mountainside. All of us sat up the rest of the night and herd two more screams some distance away. 

Not one of us ever saw the screamer but seem to know it wasn't a man or woman.We left the camp at daylight and drove to Powers. There in Powers the local camp host for Powers Pond told us of this monster at the lake. It made me very angry that the ranger said not one word about a safety issue at that lake. 5 adults and 7 children were camped at the lake at the time of the sounds.

We were told of this sight in which tracks the goings on up there. A person camped at the Powers Pond told us of bigfoot bally and of course we googled it and found bigfoot ballyhoo. Now we have read all of the information from your site and feel the ranger put us in grave danger by not informing us of this ongoing situation. We feel a formal complaint to the forest service is in order. In one of the other camps the clothes line had been destroyed in the night but we failed to find anything other than it out of place.

We have now returned to Red Bluff, Ca. but will still file a complaint with that ranger district.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Share a Sighting, Talk Bigfoot

"This might cause an uproar but..."

"Bigfoot "...threat to national security? Hmm?"":

This might cause an uproar but here is something we need to look at: 12/14/1962: The reports of Dr Hampton, Gould and Slayer are incomplete to say the least to the true origin of the body. It does lead to a belief have the remains of a undiscovered humanoid type creature not yet identified as any known animal alive to date.It has been ruled out this subject to be known to date as the blood samples and tissue structure are clearly not human- primate in origin as earlier believed.The exam cannot identify the makeup of cell structures. It is the recommendation that the subject matter here not be discussed with members outside this immediate department. We are awaiting word from ******** on the possible disposal of the body if need be. *********** **** **** ***** ********* .

Exactly what the above is, is not clear. But it was submitted as a comment and is interesting. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Mill Creek, Oregon

Mill Creek, Oregon
Near the reddish pink dot on map. The photo was taken from the hwy 38 bridge at the Loon Lake turnoff. The turnoff to Loon Lake is just a few miles west of Reedsport, Oregon. The bigfoot was seen at the three mile marker in the creek up to his waist crossing it.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Att: Dr. Amen":

What is CASA and SDAB..? Google is no help. And seriously, GOOD LUCK!
Answer from Anon



We are proud that this blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, was in a small way instrumental in getting the practice of suspending a drivers license for reporting a bigfoot sighting, from your car, to the police STOPPED in the state of Oregon. Use the search tool on this blog to read more.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

'62 Animal's Feet

I can't remember what was said about the animal's feet. Gorilla feet are not like human feet. Anyone remember. ...Linda Newton-Perry

I agree with Anonymous

I believe the same as Anon that if the being had been a gorilla, they would not have classified the file on the 1962 Columbus Day Animal. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Att: Dr. Amen

The following is from a Dr. D.S. Gould. He examined the '62 animal and said the following.

3/4/1963 File #4377-A .Regarding unknown biped.

The subject discussed in the original file is complete with the finding of Dr. D.S. Gould. This is a medical conundrum is to the true species of said subject. Subject appears to be some species not known to date. Some indications are most related to human. Yet many indicate of a gorilla type. It is noted the length of the subject is clearly not gorilla nor human because subject measurements indicate 98 inches in height. Estimation weight at time of death 770 lbs. This clearly concludes this subject is not consistent with known species of human or gorilla.


Thank you for comment. Some, however, do believe the animal to be bigfoot. Above is a synopsis of the late Dr. Gould's report on the creature.

"The wild tales are nothing but wild tales."

Original photo: photoxpress

Dr. Sondra Amen has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot Column, A Matter of Time":

We in the science community cannot simply take somebody's word this animal exists. Many false claims have come from Bigfoot people with absolutely no basis in fact. Author David Paulides claimed he had DNA samples from a Sasquatch when in fact it was 100% human. These false claims make a strong case against a bipedal primate undiscovered in the wild.

Many of the Bigfoot people that have websites claim they have seen up to 7 or 8 of these things with no proof of any such claim. I have studied this subject and have been in contact with leading authorities in the field of biology, cryptozoology and have been told there is not one shred of evidence that holds up to the claim of a Bigfoot being a human. I'm not uniformed as some might think. I do however need some hard evidence to back up a claim like Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

 I also talked with a zoologist about the 1962 so called Bigfoot and was assured the animal found was a large gorilla and nothing more. If anyone wants to challenge my opinions here let them do so with proof not snide remarks or hearsay evidence not available to put under the microscope. The wild tales are nothing but wild tales. Not one Bigfoot person has ever gathered any thing other than contaminated hair samples.


Dr. Amen,
     We are pleased that you have discovered this blog. And we do hope you stay with us as we bigfoot believers discuss the many aspects of getting to the bottom of this mystery. We do wish for you to input your knowledge and private views whenever you feel like it. You must have some interest in the animal to be interested in Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Can you tell us more. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Are there photos of Loon Lake Rd.?

If you have photos and would like to share them of the area bigfoot was seen in and around Mill Creek, please email them to me at linda.perry@charter.net

Bigfoot "...threat to national security? Hmm?"

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot Column, A Matter of Time":

I've often wondered why is it so absolutely critical for the 'establishment' to deny Bigfoots existence?...The way the mainstream media lapped up the Georgia hoax, they knew it would be a useful event, useful to make Bigfooters look foolish. It is essential for the creatures existence to be denied by officialdom.....One reason for this is that Bigfoot upsets the trajectory of hominid evolutionary theory; science would have to work out a new human/ape family tree....Another possibility is the paranormal aspect to many Bigfoots.... Bigfoot might be a natural animal, yet some sightings involve psychic manifestations, which the establishment shuns/hates. Maybe Bigfoot represents some strange threat to national security? Hmm?

On a lighter note, maybe opposition to Bigfoots reality is commercial: if Bigfoot is real and has an almost human-like intelligence, yet he thrives without the benefit of 'culture,' then he is an example of how we ourselves might be able to survive without 'culture' or the money system. I seem to remember long ago reading about how the Russian army mentioned their version of Bigfoot, and the message was, 'well, if those creatures can survive in the wilderness with nothing, then a lost soldier could survive too, if he was forced to live without benefit of implements or companionship.' So do we really envy the Bigfoot, its independence and harmony with nature?

The pro-Bigfoot people might idolize Bigfoot as a romantic survivor, while the 'system' hates sasquatch for the exact same reasons we love him/her. 'Bigfootin' might be a future form of a neo-hippie, and we all know what the establishment thought about hippies.

On a more practical note, if Bigfoots existence were 100% proved with two bodies on the evening news, etc., then all heck might break loose in Bigfoot hot spots, with peoples farms being overrun with trespassing 'monster' hunters, shooting at anything that moves, etc. ??

I would like to learn more about the alleged govt finds after the flood and the volcano eruption....maybe big fires out west produced some specimens that the govt keeps under lock and key too?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Winner! Winner!

Diann E has won the drawing. Please email your address and I'll get the book off to you Monday. My email is linda.perry@charter.net


Comment today and we will have a drawing at 10 PM tonight Pacific time for this  book. Children's, fiction and written for ages 8-100.

Bigfoot Column, A Matter of Time

Mill Creek Sighting

Another exciting week on the blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo: We’ve had another sighting reported to us on the same day of the sighting; we’ve debated, What is bigfoot, anyway? and so much more.

The fact is, bigfoot is not a substantiated being. So, when hair and other samples are submitted for DNA testing, the results can only come back labeled, from a known being or unknown being. (Many of these samples have been compromised by human DNA because of handling of the material.)

On July, 22, a bigfoot was spotted crossing Mill Creek, Douglas County, Oregon, up to his waste in water. Anonymous, from one of the government agencies, we guess, commented that yes a “person” left evidence at the three mile mark on Mill Creek and Loon Lake Road, evidence, that is, that he had been there. He/she felt it necessary to use the word “person” evidently to keep from dealing with the backlash of very active debaters on what this being is.

It seems to me there is little to be gained arguing what this being is, until one is closely examined by science and labeled. This brings to mind the story behind the classification of the platypus. From my research, I found that more than one body was required to classify the animal. The first animal was said to be an anomaly. And so a second body was required. Can you imagine this happening with bigfoot?

At this point we should mention that many believe the government has had in its possession over the years, several of these animals: more than one, killed when Mt. St. Helens erupted and the animal from the Columbus Day Storm of 1962.

Bigfoot is an exciting topic and we will continue with our policy on Bigfoot Ballyhoo of not requiring a name to comment. This, of course, leaves wide open the possibility of ones making up stories of sightings, etc. This is to be expected. Why some feel it necessary to make up stories when we have plenty of legitimate sightings is a head-scratcher.

If you haven’t visited the blog www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com, please do. Comments are welcome as long as civility is maintained. Comments will be taken off if this policy is breached. And I will not highlight comments I feel are simply argumentative or mean spirited. All comments are welcome, for one of our goals on this blog is to encourage “Bigfoot Talk.”

 (Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry.)

Mill Creek Sighting

Anon has this comment:

 I  can see no reason why the public should not get information on what was found on Loon Lake road this week. After a call from a person in which I will not name reported a strange incident involving a unknown person or animal, we went to the reported location to get some idea of what was seen by the two employees of a >>>>>>>>>>> Co. We did find some indications that something had been on the creek bank of Mill Creek. What we found is indications and impressions that something seemed to have crossed the creek and left this area heading east in the place reported. I am not a liberty to say just exactly what was found but can say we believe the witness told us what he saw seems to be consistent with the evidence gathered. There has been some rumors about this same person over the last several months in different areas surrounding this location. We have no data that says what this might or might not be as far as any identification.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress
It's going to be hot tomorrow here in the Sutherlin Valley, Oregon, near 100 degrees. Can't you just picture bigfoot in this lake?

Keep Talking Bigfoot

Keep talking bigfoot and "listen" even more intently for it's how we learn. ... Linda Newton-Perry


What is Bigfoot?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Angry":

Ms. Amen

Apparently you haven't been following science updates that have been slowing being released regarding the study of bigfoot, hair scat and tissue samples.

Every DNA test completed in the last 12 years on anything related to bigfoot has come back HUMAN. Some uninformed claim this is because of contamination. Not every lab doing the testing is that clumsy. If we are to believe in science we need to read and absorb what the science is telling us. There has NEVER been a bigfoot or Sasquatch DNA sample that HAS EVER come back anything close to an ape or gorilla.

Language, again, respectfully, you haven't done your homework. Google "Bigfoot Language" and you will find reports written by R. Scott Nelson, a renowned military expert on cryptic language. He has spent years analyzing the Sierra Sounds tape and has stated that this IS language.

Regarding "no proof" that Sasquatch is a primate, again, you haven't been doing your research.EVERY hair sample of a bigfoot or sasquatch that has been analyzed by hair and fiber experts, (many of these are federal and state forensic examiners) has put their careers on the line and stated that these are hairs from an unknown primate. This has been written about in many books and is readily available on the web.

One issue I have with this site is that many people are reluctant to admit when science has made progress in this field. They hold tight to an opinion that has been clearly analyzed and proven incorrect. There is also a segment of you that are unwilling to admit that this mammal has intelligence, is much smarter then any other primate (other then man) and your refusal to accept the science behind these discoveries will only go to minimize the integrity of your beliefs.

I am one of the people who has stood on the sidelines and waited for science to make the case for the biped. This is occurring as we speak, arguments to the contrary will be a mute point once DNA is finalized. There has never been a north american ape, there has never been any evidence of a north american ape, this hypothesis was only presented for someone to sell books.

"...because it isn't an animal."

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Angry":

We can't get a picture of this animal because it isn't an animal.
Any more than we are animals.
Would you call a group of undocumented African natives "animals"?
If they didn't want to be documented, and you were pursuing then as "animals" would you be successful relying on that underestimation and belittling?
Every time someone uses that word, I cringe and realize why research has NOT been successful

Dr. Sondra Amen has left a new comment on your post "Angry":

We totally disagree with the above analysis of bigfoot. We are all ANIMALS in this world. Have you ever herd the phrase "The Human Animal"? NO proof exists that bigfoot is anything other than another wild animal. There is also no proof bigfoot communicates with anything other than their own. Cringe all you want but proof must come in the form of a live or dead bigfoot to study in order to discover what category bigfoot belongs too.

We are all classified as animal on planet Earth. Mammals are still called animals. Mammals are a subcategory of animal. To date no proof is available to conclude SASQUATCH Is a primate or human related. There is some indication or speculation however that Sasquatch/Bigfoot is a branch of the great ape but nothing science will except at this time.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Mill Creek

Mill Creek

This photo was taken at the junction of Loon Lake turnoff and hwy 38. Three miles south on this creek is where the bigfoot this morning at 6:30 am was observed by at least two men/women. See post below, that is all in caps.


Limping Bigfoot Sighted

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Sharing Beauty":


Thank you. This is very exciting. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress

Enjoy for we are simply sharing beauty. Please share your bigfoot sightings, your bigfoot questions and even your bigfoot concerns.  We do not require a name.

Coffee Creek Rd.: Information

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Road Art":

I asked BLM about Coffee Creek Rd. They said it is now what they call a dedicated road and does not have a BLM road number as 3 cattle ranches are on the road. It was removed from BLM maps in 2007. They also said it is still called Coffee Tyler Tie road by many people. They said 21 other roads in this area have been taken off too because of private property issues.

Thank you for this information. ...Linda Newton-Perry

The material in "Road Art" is bark not wood.

Wood is the material below the bark of a tree. Who knew? Thanks for the correction. I was simply making the point, the bark was interesting and I would have taken it to make a piece of art.  And no matter what it looks like to me, it is still flatten and shredded bark.

Thanks for your comment.

Road Art

This chunk of wood was found at the Scottsburg bridge in the area where bigfoot was spotted.  The piece is about three feet long. If the car had not been packed full of weekend gear, I would have kept it, cleaned it, framed it and hung it on the deck wall. As you can see, it's been run over who knows how many times, but it is still wood.

The same is true of Coffee Creek Rd; that is, the truth about it. I don't know why someone would say they live on Coffee Creek Rd. if they do not. I don't know why at least three people would tell us how to get there if there is no such road. 

The name may not be printed on most of our maps, but if it exists, it exists. Things may appear other than what they are, but if they exist, they exist! Same can be said for, well, bigfoot.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Comment Please

Algae bloom and bigfoot

Sru Lake

We've had a few dogs in Oregon die from swimming in creeks with poisonous algae bloom. I wonder if the animals in the forest, including bigfoot, inherently know to stay out of the water if dangerous conditions exist?

After walking in Sutherlin today for my health, and getting mighty hot,  I was thinking bigfoot's probably at the lake or river. And then I was thinking about the algae and bigfoot. If they don't know to stay out of the water, well, could be a corpse about. Just a thought. ...Linda Newton-Perry

P.S. I'm not saying Sru Lake has an algae bloom. I just wanted to show a photo of a lake.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Jason B's comment:

A couple driving the forest service road between Bear Camp and Agness, Oregon told  a local today they saw a very large bigfoot cross the road in the late hours of July 18th 2010. At 10:30 last night a couple driving on FS road #23 saw a very tall black bigfoot cross the one lane road within 20 feet of their SUV.

They were going to Agness from Graves Creek to pick up their friends and the raft. They said the bigfoot was walking up the middle of the road when their headlights hit it. It then turned north and disappeared into the forest.

The description is close to the Sru Lake bigfoot that Bill Emery was unable to find last month. It could be this bigfoot is going back into the area of Sru Lake because of the heavy food sources now in full bloom in this area.

Bigfoot Book in the Works

This is to let you know that by the middle of September 2010 I KNOW WHAT I SAW! END OF STORY will be finished.
Please keep commenting and sharing your sightings. We bigfoot believers wish to be kept informed.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Where exactly is Coffee Creek (Road)?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post ""A truly beautiful place all around."":

Where exactly is Coffee Creek? I couldn't find it on any map, and my sister and I drove up there and were told by the people at Loon Lake Lodge that there is no Coffee Creek near there. One of them said they'd worked there 6 years and had never heard of it.

Can someone give instructions from hwy 38 there at the Umpqua River and Loon Lake turnoff? Thank you. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, July 17, 2010

"A truly beautiful place all around."

Guest Editor-Blogger: Paula

My husband and I drove to Loon Lake today. We then ask about Coffee Creek Rd and was given directions to it. We wanted to look to see if we could spot the old bigfoot. We didn't see him but fully understand why he is in this area. The orange and red berries were thick everywhere. Also plenty of small streams with plenty of water. A truly beautiful place all around. As we came out on Oregon 138 near Elkton we saw a bear and several big elk along with deer.

Charla Won

Charla won the drawing. Charla please email your address and the signed copy of the children's bigfoot book will be off to you Monday.  Email to : linda.perry@charter.net. Thank you for participating. And we hope you will enjoy the book. Linda Newton-Perry


Here is the deal: Every comment today, Sat.17 until 10 pm, will be put in a bigfoot mask and a drawing by the hardworking hand of my husband, Christopher,  will take place. The winner OF THE DRAWING will receive the bigfoot children's book, fiction, Bigfoot Stories for Children. Now if I don't get several comments, I will be crestfallen and wonder why I'm even doing this blog. So comment away!


Newspaper Column, "A Matter of Time," Linda Newton-Perry

A Sighting on Coffee Creek Road

Last week on our blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, for the first time, we received a sighting report by way of a comment that had happened on the day it was told to us. How exciting! Until then, our most recent was a day or two old. A log truck driver commented that during the day he’d seen the limping bigfoot that has been reported seen at the Elkton tunnel entrance, Scottsburg park and several other places. The consensus is, this animal is old because of his grey hair and limp.

You may wonder what we do with these sightings given to Bigfoot Ballyhoo (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com). Nothing! We do nothing but make them easy to read by taking them from the comment column, correcting errors in spelling etc. and copying them into the main body of the blog. We do not require a name (often names are given and requested to remain in comments). And often we have deleted information that might make it easy to find the witness (that is where the witness does not wish to be recognized). Why, you ask? The log truck driver mentioned above, after I asked a few questions, admitted that his company let men go if they reported a bigfoot. The reasoning on the part of the company is, if a driver “sees” one of these animals then something is wrong with him/her. Thankfully, he wrote, he no longer feared losing his commercial license, but he still did not report the sighting to the police.

We have no objection to letting our readers know where these sightings occurred. This information is found only in the comments; we do not release further information by way of private email etc. We would be ecstatic if a reader of this blog snapped a good photo of the animal. And, moreover, the people living in the area where the animal was sighted deserve to know that a bigfoot could be in their area.

Bigfoot Ballyhoo and this newspaper column, “A Matter of Time,” desire this animal to be recognized for what he is, a real live animal. Forest lovers should be aware he is there, just as mountain lions and bears are there. How exciting it is to see a bear, or mountain lion in the wild. Much has been written on how to protect ourselves if we should encounter either of these animals, and how thankful we are for this life saving information. No such information is available if you should come face-to-face with a bigfoot.

Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sru Lake or Squaw Lake?


So, is Sru Lake's name reverting back to Squaw Lake?

Answer: Anon

In the Mail: "Bigfoot Times"

I always enjoy Daniel Perez's bigfoot newsletter, BIGFOOT TIMES. I'm turning in early so I can read every word. The monthly newsletter is $15 (USA) for a year's subscription. Here is the website where you can subscribe: http://www.bigfoottimes.net/.

More on Unknown Animal Below.

For more photos and and an informative article click this address:

You, I'm sure will enjoy reading it. Thanks Jim. ... Linda Newton-Perry

A Silly Bigfoot Poem

Bigfoot Lives Green

Ferns, in brilliant shades of green
Thrive where bigfoot walks, bigfoot breathes
Inhale the forest’s raw scents deeply
‘Cause he’s there, watching, watching keenly
You’ll only see his face, if he’s erred
Enjoy, his world of ferns, lions and bears
But do not let down your guard, keep a camera near
This animal is no ordinary forest animal, no simple deer.

Linda Newton-Perry (in lighter moment)


Original photo: photoxpress

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Sighting! Sighting! July 15, 2010":

Where do people get the idea that there is no Coffee Creek near Loon. We have owned our ranch here for 55 years. WE ARE ON COFFEE CREEK RD.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sighting! Sighting! July 15, 2010

The red-pink dot is the area of this sighting.
Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous 

I am 100 % sure I saw that crippled bigfoot near the river today. I was driving log truck along Coffee Creek at 3pm and saw a large upright thing walk across the creek. As I stopped the thing slowed as it went up the bank on the opposite side. It was very grey with some brown. It had a pronounced limp as it walked. Coffee Creek is on the Loon Lake Rd. Before you get to Loon Lake you turn left on Middle Creek Rd and this road goes over to Elkton on 138.

Another driver told me of this website that was tracking the movements of this thing. I have never seen a bigfoot before but sure have now. The thing was 7 to 8 ft tall and a fairly heavy body with long arms. No, I didn't report it to the boss or OSP. I won't lose my job over a bigfoot report and that's just what happens with my outfit.
Thank you for the sighting. It is good to know this bigfoot is still being sighted. Can you tell us how many people with your "outfit" have been let go for reporting a bigfoot? How many drivers that you know of have lost their jobs for reporting bigfoot? Any help here would be appreciated.
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Sighting! Sighting! July 15, 2010":

I don't want to give any information that could track me down. I will say there are more than 15 of us working here. As for your question about reporting bigfoot, I know of 2 drivers in the last 8 years that were fired because of reporting to the main office that they saw strange apeman looking things. Over the years many of my comrades have lost their driving privileges for reporting these things. They cannot use this excuse to remove DLs now but still the bosses claim there's something going on with a person that claims to see one. 15 years ago my wife's father saw one and lost his job and DL over it. It cost him a ton of $$$ to get them back.
Again thank you for the additional information. I will be glad when the day comes that people do not have to be worried about reporting bigfoot sightings. I'm sorry that you did not get a good photo of the animal. Again thanks. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Do you know...

Does anyone know the story behind this photo?

The Discovery of New Species ...Routine.

"The scientific discovery of new species is quite routine. Biologists are identifying them at a rate of about 50 a day. Nearly 17,000 new plants and animals were described in 2006 alone--some 15 of the 1.8 million species that have been named."
This information from TIME, U.S.A. and the Awake magazines.

Our Search for Truth and Proof: Bigfoot

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The 1962 File

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Does Bigfoot Spend Time in the Trees?":

Tonight I found out that the DOJ has granted a preliminary hearing on a request from some attorney to reopen some old file from Oregon. What made me take notice was the year of the file 1962. I think this may be Debbie working on it. No name was mentioned but seems remote that more than one lawyer would be working on the same thing. Keep in mind this is not a grant to open anything,just a acceptance of a request to force over information on why DOI/DOA is classified the file as closed and has refused to open it to public eyes.

Spain to Give Some Human Rights to Apes

Photo: photoxpress

This story is all over the internet. Spain is the first country to give great apes some human rights. Two things come to mind (1) what about the rights of their bulls? (2) what about sasquatch? and will other countries follow?

Oh, you must have an opinion on this one. Let us hear it or read it  rather.  Comment!