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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

'...Defazio knows about this creature from '62 ..."

Allen Hale has left a new comment on your post "A Question for Debbie of Rand Corp Group":

I would have to agree with ANON. Our government will use every tool they have and use it well. My representative from Oregon Peter DeFazio knows about this creature from 62 but has refused to give me any details on it. He was told of it in 1972 by Senator M Hatfield. I have successfully tried for 3 years to obtain information on this creature and have had absolutely Zero luck.

" ...if you can't produce a Bigfoot carcass, . . ."

Diann E has left a new comment on your post "How did this happen? When did it begin?":

(The scoffing at those that have seen a bigfoot.)

Because Bigfoot has been seen historically for at least 100 years, but never really confirmed as a real living animal it seems to have gotten lumped in with UfO sightings, alien beings visitations, and ghost experiences. The present attitude seems to be, if you can't produce a Bigfoot carcass, a flying saucer wreckage, a dead alien corpse, well then you have no proof and they just don't exist.

Good points. But I would like to know when it began. I was thinking perhaps with the railroad crews that were threatened with loss of jobs if they said anything about men injured by these animals. And when word leaked out the railroad made it seem the mere idea of such was reason for scoffing and ridicule. I don't know. There has to be  a beginning to it. ...LNP

A Question for Debbie of Rand Corp Group

Diann E has left a new comment on your post ""They monitor all these BF sites."":

Debbie, How does the Homeland Security Act affect a unidentified species of animal. I know that since 9/11 it has been used as a catch-all for excuses to control information but I will never get why an unidentified species of animal constitutes a threat. A threat to whom? Is this basically a "we control all information issue?" Thanks Diann E. PS. Thanks for all your work.

A War in my Backyard

It was very noisy in my backyard today. A dove and a crow were clashing in midair and this is still going on. I believe the dove is protecting a nest. I would have liked to have shot a photo of them actually colliding, but as we have talked about just recently, it is very difficult to get a good photo of wildlife. I waited and waited for that perfect shot. And of course I was never ready when the feathers flew. Just thought I would share these two fighters of the wild with you. Chances are I will never see a bigfoot to get a good photo of him. So, we will rely on you readers to get it.  Keep commenting and sharing your sightings. We love all things bigfoot here on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Debbie has left a new comment on your post ""They monitor all these BF sites."":

I have seen no movement in the Columbus Day cases. My last letter to them on May 5th has not been answered. I would suspect they will not answer anymore of my communiques on the premises of the Homeland Security Act.

This however does not stop my full intent to get these files open for public view. And YES the government does monitor these bigfoot sites and other sites with similar subjects on the web. They feel it is imperative that they know what is going on with these Sasquatch sites and what people are thinking and their motives for wanting the truth about unanswered questions.

Another reason is some out there make statements on their sites that are unlawful like ones who claim to have inside information from certain government agencies.

Thank you Debbie so much for all your work on this matter. ...Linda Newton-Perry

"They monitor all these BF sites."

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "So what would you do?":

As soon as word got out, that you had body parts or a first rate video, the Gov't would show up and make you an offer you couldn't refuse.....They monitor all these BF sites. It's happened several times....There was a very good video shot by two young men in the Sierras about three years ago that was briefly on YOUTUBE....One of the young men was quoted as saying that someone from the gov had confiscated the film while telling them, "The Public isn't ready to know"....

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So what would you do?

Do you have a plan? You know, if you "found" a bigfoot. It's going to happen to someone. You're driving along and there beside the road is a dead bigfoot. It's been hit by a car. Proof!  Proof, right in front of you that the animal exists. What are you going to do? What's the best plan?

How did this happen? When did it begin?

How did the practice of ridiculing eye witnesses of bigfoot get its start? Why is it now commonplace? Have any thoughts? I guess I feel the practice rediculous. ...Linda Newton-Perry

"Wildlife is inherently hard to photograph."

John has left a new comment on your post "BIGFOOT: Why No Photos?":

Wildlife is inherently hard to photograph. Most opportunities present themselves at dusk or dawn. Which requires more expensive equipment than most people own. Try getting good pictures of a bear or a deer, they are always in low light and moving. Tough conditions at best. Most sightings of squatches don't happen in bright sun and if they do they don't hold still very long. I lived in the mountains of Colorado for 2 yrs once. Had several huge bucks in my hood. Tried the whole time to get pics. Got a few blurry ones after being in the vicinity every day for two years.

So next time you see a blob squatch photo remember this. trying to get a pic of a moving animal in low light is almost impossible.

Diann E has left a new comment on your post ""Wildlife is inherently hard to photograph."":

I thought about this for awhile and I have to work hard to get a good picture of my dogs who pose until you push the button. Add the low light issue with the elusiveness of this creature, the element of surprise as the sightings of Bigfoot are unexpected and momentary, and it makes sense why we don't have a perfect picture. Wild life photographers take days to get one really good picture of a wild animal.

As a test I had my husband step about ten feet into the woods. He was dressed all in black. I had him pull his cap down to cover his face. I snapped the photo. Couldn't tell what he was. I then had him remove the cap. Still it was difficult to tell that that it was a man. I used these photos in a newspaper article on just our subject here: the difficulty of getting a good photo of bigfoot. Thanks for the comments Diann E and John. ...LPN

Molalla, Oregon: Bigfoot Sighted

Cliff Barackman investigates a sighting at Molalla, Oregon. The woman who observed the bigfoot takes Barackman back to where it happened. Go to his blog North American Bigfoot by scrolling down to Links on this page and clicking on it. You will enjoy the post. He has included photos of the footprints. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Bill Emery His Adventure Searching for Bigfoot

Bill Emery:

In my last four days of travel, it was my strong wish to see if there was anyway to lure the bigfoot that was slapping the tree with rocks to come close enough to photograph it. And as before this creature never showed itself.

I camped along the river banks looking for more signs of them. Finally, after 2 1/2 weeks of being in the deep woods, it was time to return to my camp at Foster Bar as I was getting very low on staples (Food) So ended my adventure into bigfoot country.

Along the way, I collected hair samples and some other material that might be bigfoot connected. Except for the female bigfoot that followed me my trip was not successful in getting a good photo of bigfoot. But I spent over two weeks in the heart of GOD'S land and gained even more respect for the animals of the land.

Thank you for sharing your adventure with the readers of Bigfoot Ballyhoo. We enjoyed it very much and we were all ancious about your being so deep in "bigfoot country." Glad you are safe to write another day, and search  for bigfoot. Please continue to tell us about it as you think of things we would like to know. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Bigfoot Poem

Too many people tell the tale
Of a big hairy animal, if real,
Could scare the creatures of hell.

Lies? All lies you say!
What's the point?
Makes no sense in these days

When oil gushes, ruining the earth;
Leaders not knowing which way to go.
There's no time for falsehood's births.

Too many people have told the tale.
Massive he is, but overall
A small thing, to get right or fail.

What's another animal? Just one more
Of earth's breathing lot.
Silly isn't it? A bore.

Tell often your story then,
Your bigfoot sighting.
When finally the proof be in

"They" will remember all the tales
Of bigfoot.
And the laughter will be from us, gushing in gales!

Linda Newton-Perry

"I recommend it ... "

Photo: photoxpress

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Autumn Williams' new Book"
I read. It it is very interesting. All of the part Mike wrote is very good. She adds a lot of speculation to it though. All in all, I would recommend anybody interested in the subject read it. Although there is no proof to his claims. He answered some questions that I believe he would't have been able to answer had he not had some contact.

I really like what he said about the pg film and the Freeman footage. Both of which I believe to be authentic. The cover art is simply amazing. There are several confirmed dna sequences now all pointing to a homo sapiens in other words they are not apes they are wild versions of us.

Autumn Williams' new Book

Have you read Autumn's new book, Enoch. Please let us know what you think. ... Linda Newton-Perry

BIGFOOT: Why No Photos?


Photo: photoxpress

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What About The Bigfoot Special?

I nor any other person have been notified that CNN or Discovery has plans to air the bigfoot special as of now. I do know the oil spill in the gulf will take front billing over bigfoot. Discovery is apparently having some financial troubles.

Bill Emery: China Flats Information

Bill Emery has left a new comment on your post "Just So You Will Know":

The group of people at China Flats are filming a documentary on the old growth of the Siskiyous and not looking for bigfoot at all. The group is out of Vancouver, Canada and is using the dogs in the film for a story of dogs getting lost in the mountains when hunting for cougars. I talked with the producer of the film and he assured me they are not trying to hunt bigfoot. Also they are not aware of any of the sightings.

Just So You Will Know

Map taken from The World Book Encyclopedia

The circle is roughly the area where Bill Emery hiked. I believe it is a good idea for our readers to know where bigfoot activity has been reported. They then can watch for the animal. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Sighting, Sighting!

I've been reading all the stories from Bill Emery on this blog. I wasn't going to ever tell of my experience in the Siskiyous of last month May 25, 2010. I wish not to  give my name because I have a great deal to lose and nothing to gain from this story I am about to tell.

It was around 10:30 in the morning when I was doing a survey in between Elk River and Euchre Creek. I will not give the exact location out. I had been marking trees with paint when I returned to my pickup for a coffee break. I happened to look down this old road with small brush growing in the road and on the side and and saw a very black figure emerge from behind a thicket.

I could not believe what I was looking at. This thing was well over eight feet tall and around seven to eight hundred pounds. It was nothing I had ever seen or studied about in forestry. It was clearly a two-legged Sasquatch/Bigfoot . It had two long strong arms, two heavy legs with large feet and a massive chest covered in black hair. In fact the body was covered sparsely in hair except around the mouth and eyes. The arms and legs seen to have more thicker hair on them. It looked something between a large man and a ape but not quite either. It gazed at me for around half a minute and very rapidly move into the deep brush.

 I was utterly unnerved because I have always been told by fellow colleagues and top officials, Bigfoot does not exist. I then thought long and hard if I wanted to report this and after some thought I decided nobody would believe this and it could potentially kill my job. ... I really don't have anybody I can discuss this with so I felt it would be better to tell of it on this blog.

I hate to say this but you may have given too much information about your job.  Let me know and I'll take some of it off. We do not wish to cause trouble for anyone. We do appreciate your sharing the sighting with us....Linda Newton-Perry 

I deleted information about your job. I felt I should. LNP

Bill Emery

One the second week of my trip I headed down into the Rogue River Wilderness area because of the amount of sightings that come out of there in summer rafting season. On Tuesday the 16Th I reached the bottom of the gorge. I scouted along the river bank for any indication of tracks. I was amazed that around noon I found two tracks in a small pool of water. These were very large tracks at 19 inches and indicated that the animal had stood in the small pool of water and ate berries from a bush. The tracks were under about 4 inches of water and seemed to be fresh.

That afternoon I set up my small camp on the rivers edge. Around 1 AM  I was awaken by the sound of rock hitting a tree. The sound would last for about 3 good slaps and then stop for a few minutes. I was sure the sound was coming from the opposite side of the river and was surly a bigfoot making that sound. This continued for 2 hours and then silence. I caught the smell of a most disagreeable kind. The breeze was blowing in my direction from the sounds and again I knew bigfoot was very near. I was very upset about the fact I was not able to cross the swift river and scout for the maker of the sounds and smell.

It always seems bigfoot is many steps ahead of me when in the woods. They always seem to know where the safe places are for them. More on Tuesday! I am very concerned about the story (if true) about the Canadian group up at China Flats and will go over to see whats going on right now.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Let's Talk Bigfoot

An Observation on Why So Few Bigfoot?

This is an Orang-Utan

Did you know that these animals have young every 7-9 years? That means they have only about 3-4 per lifetime.
Some scientists believe this animal is very close to bigfoot in kind or genus. Maybe this explains why there seems to be so few bigfoot.
(Scientific Classification. Orang-utans belong to the anthropoid ape family, Pongidae. They are classified as genus Pongo, species. P. pygmaeus. (George B. Schaller)). This scientific information from The World Book Encyclopedia.
Linda Newton-Perry

Comments Welcome

Watching for Bigfoot

I've often thought it might be a good idea to find a place, high in the mountains, and just watch for bigfoot. There has been a problem for me with this idea, in that, it is difficult to find an opening in the trees to set up, along a paved road, that is. Just an idea. What do you readers think? Have any of you tried this?...Linda Newton-Perry

"A Matter of Time" Perry's Bigfoot Newspaper Column

Emery Reports Plenty of Lions and Bears

Bigfoot Adventurer, Bill Emery, emerged Thursday, June 24, 2010, from the Siskiyous and Rogue Wilderness Mountains. His goal was to discover as much information as possible about the Sru Lake bigfoot. After his long trek, he believed the animal had moved on to the Oregon Cave area. He recorded seeing 18 black bears, 3 cougars (also called mountain lions), 20 porcupines and uncountable squirrels and deer. He was so deep into the forests, the squirrels ate trail mix from his hands. In fact, because of small footprints observed, he was sure he was being watched by a female bigfoot. He didn’t see her, but she threw small sticks at him and hooted while he camped at night. Emery has promised to tell us more about his wilderness trek. Please go to the blog Bigfoot Ballyhoo at www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com to read in Emery’s own words about the days and nights he spent looking for bigfoot in the Siskiyous and Rogue Wilderness Mountains.

June 19-20 was the 2010 Oregon Sasquatch Symposium held at Lane Community College. I didn’t attend. I was at a three day Christian Convention in beautiful Salem Oregon. A little over two hundred attended the Sasquatch symposium. Those that reported on the symposium were quick to say it was much like all the rest of such gatherings that are springing up all over the United States. That may be so, but most of us bigfoot believers can not get to these affairs and would appreciate good reporting. Dr. Meldrum, always a great presenter, spoke, disappointing no one. Autumn Williams awed the crowd with her talk about her new book, “Enoch.” The audience, it was reported, gasped when the book cover was first flashed on the screen.

Next, I’d like you to know about a website a friend told me about. It has nothing to do with bigfoot. It is a site where you can look up those men and women that died in the Viet Nam War. It is very easy to use. Here is the site address: http://www.virtualwall.org/iStates.htm.

Linda Newton-Perry, along with her husband, Christopher Perry, is the author of four children’s bigfoot books (fiction) and a Viking Age novel, Forced Blood The Norseman. You may order the books on Amazon.com or the Perry’s website” www.christopherperryandlindanewtonperry.com.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress

Anyone know anything about the Discovery Channel's bigfoot special with Bill Emery?

What's Happening at Powers Oregon

Annon answers:
The group of bigfoot people are now camped at China Flats. One of them told me today they are looking for the Sru Lake bigfoot and also are setting a camp up at Rock Creek Campground. When I drove by I saw hounds in cages and many license plates from Canada. Guess there going in on Sunday.

Bigfoot eats salmonberries.

Rubus spectabihs: salmonberry

Salmonberrys grow in thickets and are ripe in Oregon between mid-June and late July. Remember, Bill Emery said he came upon an area that was thick with them. When ripe they resemble an orange-red raspberry.

More from Bill Emery

Bill Emery has left a new comment on your post "Share a Caption":

As we continue the story of my trip, I will tell of finding the Bigfoot bed.

 In the early morning of the forth day, I sat out into a deep canyon leading into the valley of Dry Creek. About half way down, I discovered a nest or bed next to a outcrop of rocks. The floor of the nest was covered in dry ferns and soft moss. There, I found three hair shafts of black hair. I collected them and sealed them in "shrink wrap."

 It was apparent the bed had not been used for some time but the hair might reveal the occupant. Then shortly after that I came upon a area where the salmonberries were absolutely thick. I believe these animals stay near a food source when found. It was amazing the amount of food available to wildlife in this area.

 The female bigfoot at this point had disappeared and was no longer watching me. Along the way, I cataloged 18 black bears, 3 cougars and over 20 porcupines. Also many many deer and squirrels. This is prime land for the Sasquatch to live in, complete solitude without human intervention. This is why I went into this area on foot. It is my belief a person has a better chance to find bigfoot this way.

More to come Sunday!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Share a Caption

Click on picture to see larger version of it. Stars are in the sky!
Linda: Okay...I have one. I hope we will find that bigfoots mate for life. But if they don't here is what I think Myrtle is saying to Doug: "You have to go Dougy. You know, I love you more than all the rest."

Anon has written these captions:

Myrtle Wood and Doug Fir are bigfoots living in the Oregon  forests.
I can't think of a caption for this cartoon. Can you? Share it in a comment.

Cliff Barackman and 2010 Oregon Sasquatch Symposium

2010 Oregon Sasquatch Symposium, the first day, as told by Cliff Barackman. Scroll down to Links and click on North American Bigfoot for Barackman's account of the symposium.

Message to Debbie of Rand Corp Group

Emery is out of the woods!

Bill Emery has left a new comment on your post "Exciting News":

Good morning Linda and readers. I'm back at my camp at Agness. My trip was wonderful and I have a great deal of info for the bigfoot believers. While hiking the Siskiyous and the Rogue Wilderness mountains I saw some amazing things along the way. People often say "If bigfoot was real more people would have seen them."
 Well, my answer to that is some people don't have a clue just how much of our country is untouched by humans. I was where very few humans if any have ever been. The wildlife was not scared of me. The deer came right up to me for my "Trail Mix" (nuts,sunflower seeds and oats). Squirrels shared my food daily.
While hiking between Sru and the Rogue I was followed by what I believe was a female bigfoot. She stayed out of sight but came within 50 yards of my camp at night for three days. Each night she would play by throwing very small sticks into my camp and then make a little hoot at me. I never tried to get closer to her because I wanted her to trust me enough to come closer to me. She was extremely shy and curious and would not come closer. The reason I think she is a young female is because her tracks were only eleven inches.
I did see some tracks that were 19 and 20 inches long and 8 inches wide. These tracks were always heading in the direction of the Illinois/Applegate Wilderness. I'm almost positive this bigfoot is the Sru Lake and Cave Junction one seen by Dr. Matthew Johnson in 2000. I believe this bigfoot travels back and forth from Sru to below Cave Junction area for food each year. I also believe the Sru bigfoot is now far south of Sru Lake. Most likely in the Oregon Caves area.
Talking about food, there is enough wild roots and plant food and berries to sustain a good population of Sasquatch in these areas. I will write more tomorrow as space is limited
Thank you, Bill. We are glad you are safe and had a grand time. We look forward to hearing more from you....Linda Newton-Perry

Today is the day. We wait to hear from Bill Emery.

Photo: photoxpress

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Exciting News

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Could any of this be true?":

The first of the bigfoot teams arrived at Powers today. This group is from BC Canada. The reasons for them being here is not clear at all. I can say that no information is getting out on this team or group. What is going on up there is hushed.
Mary R has left a new comment on your post "Mary Rondeu, I have a question for you.":

Bill Emery's transponder is working and shows he is within 4 miles of his final Rogue River destination before being picked up. He will meet his partner tomorrow at Agness Pass for a ride back to his camp at Foster Bar.
Diann E has left a new comment on your post "Could any of this be true?":

Chances are if there are several teams and an extensive search some accurate info will leak out. It is extremely hard to keep this kind of situation contained particularly if the public is interested and feels a need to know. Sooner or later there will be some info, maybe not confirmed, even with official intimidation the public's need will lead to some info leaked. At least that is my experience

Fun with Doug and Myrtle

Just for Fun

A Wild Wild Need.

Doug and Myrtle
Bigfoots living in the Oregon forest.

Oh, you may wonder at their story for it is wild and true.  In the darkness and heavy night dew, they groom each other, fight and pull hair. It is the way of bigfoot when mating is upon them; that's all they care. Myrtle runs away and pretends feelings she will not share. Doug pounds his chest and bristles his face hair. Oh, it's a glorious time when this need is great. They think not to eat, and hardly sleep. Bigfoot keeps the way of all before him. He, they, are bound by need, a great and glorious need.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Photo: Sharing

Photo from Photoxpress.  Enjoy, for we are simply sharing beauty.

Happy Summer!

Is it possible that summer is finally here? Here in Oregon the days are still cool.  This, however,  is not the case of  every year. Our weather changes  a little from year to year. I was away last weekend, enjoying a three day Christian Convention in the pretty town of Salem, Oregon. To the south of Salem in Eugene, Oregon a bigfoot convention was being held. If any of you were there and would like to comment, we would love to hear from you. We are still waiting to hear how Bill Emery's adventure turned out. If any of you know, please let us know. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mary Rondeu, I have a question for you.

Hi Mary. Have you heard from Bill Emery. We are excited to find out how the deep wood's adventure turned out. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, June 17, 2010

"...memory that I had forgotten about...."

Daryl Pallus has left a new comment on your post "Linda Newton-Perry's Newspaper Column":

Your article here brought a memory that I had forgotten about. In 1982 a couple of blackberry pickers were over in the Panther Creek area on the Coos/Douglas border hwy 42. They had went into this new logging road that was still dirt with no gravel. As they traveled down the soft earth they noticed that weird big foot prints very very clear along the shoulder of the road.

As the couple neared a salmon berry patch they happen to notice that something was in the thick brush weaving back and forth. As they looked closer they told me they saw the hideous face of a man-ape looking at them. The couple went quickly past the berry patch only to see what they called a huge brown hair covered manlike thing walk onto the road and disappear over the bank into the timber.

They quickly found the end of the road where a watchman was camped. They told him of their experience and the watchman called the timber co to investigate. The prints were cast and given to BLM for analysis. The prints were never identified as any known animal. What gave this story credibility was the man and woman were a district judge and and his wife a court reporter for their county. They took polygraphs and both passed the test. The animal was never seen again by any of the road crew that finished the road.

Linda Newton-Perry's Newspaper Column

Limping Bigfoot Still Being Sighted

It seems the “limping bigfoot” is still being seen. A guest editor-blogger said two people saw the animal on Fern Top near Scottsburg, Oregon. The sighting was reported by a couple that had been drinking. An interesting aside to the post is that the editor-blogger stated that usually a report where the witness to a bigfoot has been drinking is not even taken or if taken, not taken seriously. I didn’t get the straight of it. You can read Casy’s comment in the older posts by going to www.bigfootblogger.blogspot.

As of today, June 17th, we have not heard the results of Bill Emery’s long hike through the woods. If you recall, he was intent on getting to the bottom of the bigfoot mystery around Sru Lake, Oregon. An earlier comment by Mary Rondeu informed us that Emery was going deeper into the wilderness. He has collected hair samples and saw what he thought may have been a bigfoot’s bed. Also, it is possible that a bigfoot has been stalking him, just staying out of sight. He doesn’t feel it is the dangerous one from Sru Lake as it has shown no aggression. We look forward to reading the whole story when he emerges from the forest.

With Bill Emery hiking and camping deep in the woods, I was prompted to ask the question, How does one protect himself while camping or hiking the woods? I researched the internet and found that just parking and protecting a car is a concern these days. We have thieves prowling these trail head parking areas looking to take your car or belongings. One article recommended parking in a busy parking area and hiking to the trail head. Another article suggested you may want to disable the car. Wow, and we haven’t even gotten to watching out for lions and bears! If you have suggestions on safety while hiking and camping, please visit the blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo and comment.

The blackberries are blossoming in Oregon. Bigfoot eats blackberries. It reminds me of the sighting where a blackberry picker saw a huge black bigfoot hand on the other side of a blackberry bush, daintily picking the sweet treats. It was all he/she saw, because he/she was gone in a flash. Another thought I had on bigfoot’s diet: With rain comes plump earthworms that are visible everywhere after a downpour. Experts believe the animal is omnivorous, which means he eats both plants and animals. So, perhaps bigfoot fills himself with these meaty wriggly things!

Until next week, Linda Newton-Perry
I've put the column on early this week. I'll be gone this weekend. Please comment and share your sightings. Read new posts in the right hand column. Thanks and have a great weekend. Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry

Blackberries in Oregon

Photo by Linda Newton-Perry
The blackberries are blossoming in Oregon.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Safety While Hiking

Thomas Graham has left a new comment on your post "Safety While Hiking":

Take your car battery out, and tuck it away somewhere in a bag in the brush, so only you know where it's at. It works for me in the redwoods. I leave my vehicle all day when I'm down there.

Listen to a call to the police about a bigfoot in caller's yard.

Bigfoot Field Reporter has an interesting phone call on the site. A very slow speaking person calls the police to tell them about this animal that has come down from the mountain bothering his dogs. He asked if he would get in trouble if he were to shot it. Go to Links at the bottom of this page and click Bigfoot Field Reporter.

More on Azalea Lake's Missing Men

Ronnie S has left a new comment on your post "...missing men of Aalea Lake... '47 and '48.":

A recent article in the news said the two men of Azalea Lake were found dead by searchers over a month later but was not correct. The body part (left arm) of one of them was found next to a giant fir tree. As it was the two were never seen again and the suspects were the rock-throwing bigfoot creatures in the mountains surrounding the camp. The camp was called "Camp 4" and had a particular bad reputation for those big man-animals throwing large rocks and tree limbs at the loggers.

Even today one cabin and some old logging equipment are still present at the lake. If you want to go there you go to Powers, Oregon on Hwy 242. Then leave Powers on USFS #33 and head south to milepost 19 then turn right on Rock Creek Rd. Go 3 miles to the trail head of Azalea Lake. There you must walk in about 3 miles to the lake.

Last year we took a group of campers into the lake area and found what we described as barefoot prints along the lake. These prints were over 18 inches long. Most of the old cabins were burned down in 1995 by USFS people, claiming the cabins were dangerous.

 It is a mystery on why the two men were attacked by those things. Carl Hale a former worker for CBLC told me the men were out in advance of the general logging crew to cut the trees ahead of the donkey crews. The personal belongings of the two missing men were found in the tent they used at nighttime near the site. Back then there were no roads other than a steep one lane road leaving the lake. The men couldn't have left the area without food, money and other staples.

Safety While Hiking

Let's Talk Safety While Hiking

With Bill Emery deep in the woods, I thought it would be good to share a few safety tips on hiking in them. I've noticed that some articles I've read to get information for this paragraph, warns of the dangers before you even set foot to path. Some believe you should not leave your vehicle at a  lonely trail head but park where several vehicles are  parked and hike to the trail head. One author said perhaps you should find out how to disable your vehicle so that it can not be stolen. A few more tips: Don't take a lot of time loading up for a long hike in view of others, but be prepared when you exit your vehicle with as little loading up as possible. It is good to carry a whistle because it will not give out as the voice will. And of course tell someone where you will be if you are going for a long hike.

Tell us how you prepare for a hike. ...Linda Newton-Perry

"...perplexing cases I've ever heard of."

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This is one of the most perplexing cases I've ever heard of.  Many of the folks that worked in that area of those Years have a steadfast belied that the Bigfoot did kill those guys.The problem is that Coos Bay Lumber didn't call in any outside help. There was a search of the area and evidence of foul play was found but nothing really pointed towards the bigfoot as being the suspect in the mens' disappearances. One thing for sure those guys were never seen or heard from again.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Enjoy the Sounds of Wolf Creek

The waterfall runs under the road and empties into Wolf Creek. This is where we had our lunch. Also, this is in the general area of the Loon Lake sighting and Tyee sighting. A police officer saw the animal in the Tyee sighting.

...missing men of Azalea Lake... '47 and '48.

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Did forest monters really kill the missing men of Azalea Lake? The speculation has always been that the men were most likely killed or abducted by the giant bigfoot creatures seen there in 1947 and 48. Lyle Bachman and another man (name unknown to me) were felling trees for Coos Bay Lumber Co. when the men came up missing and were presumed dead by company search parties.

 A camp cook that still remembers the ordeal said the search party did find a tree stump covered in blood making them believe that one or both of the men were killed by the forest giants. It was quite clear to all the members of the logging camp that those men got to close to the hairy creatures seen there in those years.

Bachman's son is still alive but really doesn't want to say if he or his mother (deceased) thought the forest monsters were responsible. Bachman's son told me he was once going to sign a affidavit but thought he better not because he wasn't sure if the giants really killed his dad or not. He states he believes that is what happen to his dad but can't be positive. His dad told the family of a race of tall hairy giant like wild men looking creatures that watched him and his partner fell trees on the mountain surrounding the lake.

His dad was never heard from again and was pronounced dead in 1949. Coos Bay Lumber left the lake area in 1950. The lake is about 20 miles from the infamous Sru lake in the Siskiyous.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sally says, "Good grief!"...

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Good grief! To hear some comments, you'd think he was going into a war zone alone, not just into the woods. I have camped somewhat regularly in the Eden Valley/N. Fork Coquille area alone (except for my dogs) for years. I'm an older female, I take my pistol with me, and haven't had any encounters with humans or creatures worth mentioning. Bill may be in a bit more precarious position, considering recent history, but as countless others before him, I'm sure he can take care of himself.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mary Rondeu Reports on Bill Emery's Progress in the Wild

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Bill Emery has made contact and has told us he is OK.He was near Misty Creek when he sent us a email by his blackberry. He is going deeper into the Rogue Wilderness and will come out at ILlahee Lodge next week. He has seen what he thinks could be a bedding area for Sasquatch. He said he collected hair samples from the area too. Also he said that something has been following him since Wednesday but could not get close to it. Thursday night he said the animal was just out of sight and stayed there for four hours. It just was watching me he said. He did find some old tracks but believes the animal that has followed him is not the Sru Lake Bigfoot. He said this animal is not acting aggressive towards him at all. Bill feels he has a very small chance to get close enough to this one to get a picture. He has not seen any humans at all. He wanted us to let you all know what is going on.


Thank you, Mary. How exciting. Can't wait to hear the whole story. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sighting on Fern Top near Scottsburg, Oregon, Friday night, June 11

Photo by Linda Newton-Perry
Taken on daytrip June 12, 2010

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We generally will not comment on people who have claimed to see bigfoot while the witness has used alcohol. The only reason we will say anything this time is because of the previous sightings near and around Loon Lake.

Two people reported that they saw this crippled bigfoot Friday night on Fern Top near Scottsburg. The two people did report they had been drinking beer before the sighting. They claimed they were not under the influence when the bigfoot crossed the one lane road about 200 feet in front of them while they were walking back to their camp. The description is nearly the same as other people's accounts of the animal.

Thank you for this information. The road we were on today claimed to take one to Loon Lake. It is good to hear about the crippled bigfoot. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Linda and Christopher Perry's Daytrip to Tyee Access Road, Oregon

From our home in Sutherlin we traveled 60 miles round trip and had a grand time. The weather was ideal and the picnic lunch tasty. No bigfoot prints were found so the plaster is still dry waiting for the next trip. The birds were cheerful and butterflies were plentiful. At every turn in the road, I wondered where bigfoot was snoozing. It does a soul good to get out into the forest.

Do you have a forest trip you can tell us about? We would love to read about it. And it goes double if you were watching for bigfoot. ... Linda Newton-Perry