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Monday, May 31, 2010

Bigfoot Ballyhoo=Talking Bigfoot

Bill Emery Reports from Sru Lake

Bill Emery has left a new comment on your post "A Special Thanks for all of you that tell us about...":

I said I would post a update on Tues but will do it tonight. Since yesterday night we have been traveling the roads up here in hopes of finding evidence of the Bigfoot. Sunday night at 1130.pm we herd a faint cry far off that is consistent with Bigfoot. The wildlife in the area seems on edge about the amount of people who are up in this area. Tonight we will be up along the lake shore with NVB til dawn. We noticed many rotten downed logs where a cougar has been digging around them for rodents. Some broken branches on trees around 10 feet up has be discovered but no tracks as of yet. Would like some clear weather up here but will take what we get! Will write more Friday. And yes people that get to see a Bigfoot are very special indeed. Dale searched for many years and never got a view of even one. I would like to hope my luck be better someday. Be proud you saw a rare creature of the mountains

A Special Thanks To All

We here at Ballyhoo, I include all our readers, wish to remind those that share their sightings with us, that, we believe all of you are very special. And when you comment please remind us if you are an eye witness of this being. I, Linda Newton-Perry, believe you will always be special. I don't think the animal will ever be so numerous and so brave to let himself easily be seen by many. I have nothing to base this on except a gut feeling. Happy reading and do take pride in the fact you are a select group to have seen this giant of the forest, bigfoot. Continue to comment for we are richer for it. ...Linda Newton-Perry

A Special Guest Editor:Blogger, Buck Hamilton

Buck Hamilton has left a new comment on your post "News from Bill Emery":

Thank you Bill Emery for your help to get to the bottom of this most disturbing animal at that lake. Reporting the bigfoot to the authorities was something we thought to be the essential thing for other peoples safety. After we reported this animal we have since then been ridiculed and laughed at by these same authorities.

 My daughter has not been able to cope with the sighting and now is in therapy for PTSD. My wife will no longer go camping in the forest because of this experience. We've  had a bigfoot organization try to blame the demeanor of the animal or creature on us. I want to make it perfectly clear that my family did nothing to this bigfoot animal to make it act aggressive towards us. We were simply camping at the lake when this giant creature started watching my daughter and son from behind a big tree. My wife did nothing other than scream for me to hurry and help her get the kids away from the lake area.

The talk about reporting it as a pervert was most disheartening to us. We told what we saw and never said one word about this thing being a human. In fact we made it perfectly clear that this thing was not a human. I can only hope this does not happen to other people-families this summer. Bill Emery and Dale Saxton were the only two that treated us with complete respect and believed us. I was ask the other day by my daughters doctor if we would still report it now. If we knew now what be would be in for, no, we would not.

Thank you so much for this comment. Oh if only your daughter could realize how special this whole encounter was. I'm sure it was awful at the time, but please remember we here at Ballyhoo are proud that you comment here. And we hope your daughter will feel more like herself soon. Again thank you. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Answer to the Forest Service Signs

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Can someone explain...":

Since 2009, April 15 the forest service has switched to a non transferable paint for their signs in the National forest. The trouble started when the Kim Family got lost on Bear Camp Road . People took pictures and photos of different signs in other forests and put them online as a trick for people who were following the saga. Since then people have used means to copy these signs and use them for their own sites and profits. The new signs consist of PFGF writing that cannot be transferred onto cell or camera equipment. If you take a photo of any newer sign all you get is the sign background but not the writing or symbols. If the sign was made after 2009 then its not transferable
Thank you for answering the readers question. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Poison Oak and Its Pals, Poison Ivy and Poison Sumac

Photo: photoxpress
I'm guessing there is poison oak here. It seems it is everywhere.

Why bring up this uncomfortable subject? Well, I'm still recovering from a bout of it. I got it from my backyard. It doesn't matter where I got it. It does matter that it stole  at least ten days of my life. Maybe not so bad as that but it sure took away all that was good from my life. The first week while the blisters were popping up, everywhere, it hurt and stung to the point where I wanted to--well, I don't know what. The only thing that would help was burning hot showers aimed at the blisters. This gave me relief for a little while and then I'd take another shower. I tried a pain pill and that didn't even help. Next came the oozing, running broken blisters. I had to keep myself wrapped in gauze.

From what I've read there are only two kinds of people where this poison bush is concerned: those that get it and those waiting to get it. Don't take the chance thinking you can't get it. It will steal precious days from your life. I understand it does have an important place in nature: birds eat the white berries, animals can hide in the thicket.  And animals are immune to the dermatitis.

Be careful out there. Nature can be cruel!
Linda Newton-Perry

Can someone explain...

Can someone please explain, again, why some Forest Service warning signs will not be readable when photographed. And why the Forest Service has gone to this type of sign. One of our readers would like to know. Thank you. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Forest Photo

Photo: photoxpress
I don't know where this photo was taken. I'm simply sharing beauty.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Question for You.

What would you do if you came upon a dead bigfoot that had been hit by a car?

I'll just add a little more to this question. There have been accounts of where this has happened. And if the account was true, then, the body was not made known to the public. Since the two men from Georgia were offered a great deal of money for their made up body, doesn't it stand to reason one would make money if he could produce a body? I suppose if one didn't care to make money, that it would make a difference in how the situation was handled. What if you could use the money? What, then, would you do to insure the animal was given to the right people to be announced to the world and you  be paid for the "discovery."

I would think calling a local TV station and telling them what happened. Guard it until it could be filmed and maybe then call the police. I don't know what the right thing to do would be. As I said, if you could use, needed even, the money, that in itself would probably have a lot to do with how you handled it.

So, what would you do if there before you ...

News from Bill Emery

Bill Emery has left a new comment on your post "Oregon's tiny Sru Lake: Photos":

Tonight, Cole and I are undertaking a new investigation at Sru Lake in the Siskiyou National Forest. After a week of talking with various people on the latest lake problem we have decided the best way to understand what is going on is to live in the area for a week to 10 days. We do know a little bit of information that came to via FS. It appears that two animals are living near the area . One set of prints are over 19 inches and another set of tracks at 16 inches. The latest thinking by anonymous personnel is that a female has came into the region of Eden Valley. We will set up trail cams and use thermal imaging to try get a line on the animals. We both have proper permits to carry firearms and will do so. Our area will run from Buck Creek to Sru lake and over to Bald Knob. We will be camping in a camper at night near Sru and Buck Creek. We will use bait at nighttime in the other areas around the quadrant. Most of the more recent sightings are in the late evening to daylight hours. We are hooked into satellite so we can make contact with other personnel if need be. Will give you a update on Tuesday night on any movement. Before anybody jumps to conclusions the firearms are for self protection only. Also Cole and I recently went through updated EMT courses for extra safety reasons. We expect nothing but hope for more understanding on the animals' movements in the area if possible.
Wonderful news. We hope you have a sighting and gain some valuable knowledge of this amazing creature. We look forward to hearing from you Tues....Linda Newton-Perry


Photo: photoxpress

Oregon's tiny Sru Lake: Photos

These photos are of Sru Lake from Bruce. Top photo is the information sign. The red and white one is animal warnings.
Sru Trail, Bruce says, is off limits to all foot traffic. Thank you for the photos.

"...reason for not releasing info about Bigfoot.."

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post ""As of now Bigfoot is legend not fact...."":

Maybe the higher ups have a reason for not releasing info about Bigfoot, namely, so the experienced hunters don't have a feverish rush to kill one of them.

The forrest would be covered with people trying to bag one of them. Also, many of the places that Bigfoot chooses to live could be deadly to humans as far as climate or other large wild animals.

Thank you for your comment. Good points....Linda Newton-Perry


Can't wait to hear what you have to say!

"A Matter of Time" Newspaper column by Linda Newton-Perry

Warning Signs at Sru Lake

Until bigfoot is substantiated as an animal by science and government, no doubt, a tiptoeing mode will remain in place when a report of bigfoot comes in to those agencies that take reports. Many sightings are taking place, but since bigfoot is only a legend, official reports of the animal could and probably do read a bit awkward, at best. If the animal officially doesn’t exist, then, reasoning on the matter, the only way one would “see” a bigfoot is by misidentification, being inebriated or otherwise impaired. It is good for those that have seen this animal to remember this dilemma when reporting a sighting.

No few readers of the blog Bigfoot Ballyhoo, have mentioned that in a courtroom eyewitness accounts carry much weight. Since this is true of a courtroom, why not for the argument that bigfoot exists? Thousands of people over the years have seen the animal. Isn’t this proof enough? Please tell us what you think by commenting on Bigfoot Ballyhoo: www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com. You may also write a letter to the editor of this paper.

Headway was made last week, as it appears that the Forest Service is putting up signs warning people that bigfoot has been seen around Sru Lake, Oregon. I’m sure the signs are not admitting the animal exists, but simply warning that “people” have reported seeing bigfoot in the area. Ballyhoo asked for a photo of a sign to be emailed so we could post it, but photos can’t be taken of some of these signs, because of modern technology to prevent such usage. A least two couples traveled to Sru Lake last week. Consensus is, the trip takes too long, is too costly in gas, and is just not worth one's time. One commenter said it was good seeing bigfoot country firsthand and that it was beautiful. However, your chances of seeing bigfoot is slim since the animal moves about mostly at night, and trust us, you don’t want to be at Sru Lake at night.

We are pleased to be a blog where people can talk about their beliefs and their sightings. The blog is pro-bigfoot. For the most part those that read the blog are believers and enjoy being able to “talk bigfoot” freely and openly. Names are never required but often ones do use their names as they are proud of their sightings and thoughts on this amazing animal, an animal just waiting to be discovered.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Could a bigfoot live here?

Photo: photoexpress
I don't know where this picture was taken. I simply wish to share the beauty of it.

John Carlile comments on his suspended ODL.

John Carlile has left a new comment on your post ""As of now Bigfoot is legend not fact...."":

To the readers of this blog site. You know people think they are sure of things until they learn the truth. I read here where somebody has wrote that Oregon never suspended ODLs for reporting Bigfoot to the police. They say it has been thoroughly investigated as not ever happening.

If they would like to back up their words I will be the first one out to show them the suspension notice I received in 2007. Yes, I recently got a refund 2/23/2010 on the money I spent during that time. And I have all corespondents from the state telling me that they were wrong in their action .

Nobody except one person whom claimed to be a voice for the people ever denied that Oregon used the practice for many years. DP said he investigated this. When I talked with DMV they told me they would never discuss a suspension with him or any person other than the victim. In other words this was a lie from a person who wanted some PR for himself. For all you naysayers out there, don't take the word of a person who has his/her foot in it. Damage was done to the people who found out the hard way.

Please don't ridicule us as liars. I have seen several times this peculiar person try to ridicule folks as liars. Stop your badgering of witness people. Just because a person says it ain't so doesn't mean it ain't.

Thank you very much for coming forward. We appreciate your comment. And if you haven't already told us about your sighting, we would love to hear about it. ...Linda Newton-Perry

"As of now Bigfoot is legend not fact...."

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Another reader travels to Sru Lake":

The USFS does take Bigfoot reports seriously. It should be known that USFS has taken precautions to ensure the safety of people in the Eden Valley Quad. The reports have been studied and looked at by proper authorities and nothing has been hid from public knowledge except names and personal information on the reports themselves. With this said people need to have respect for their surroundings and not expect USFS to be able to control situations not under our control. We have no power to regulate animals on the property of USFS. This falls under the county and regional police departments for ongoing safety issues. As you may or may not know USFS does not have any information on the Bigfoot as a whole. As of now the Bigfoot is legend not fact. If the day comes that the animal is proved through science to be real then the USFS will adopt rules to help with the management of them with regards to people and the animal. Thank you for letting me tell our side of it.


Thank you for your comment....Linda Newton-Perry

Can someone please email a photo of warning signs at Sru Lake?

Another reader travels to Sru Lake

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Sharing beauty":

Carlin, yes we did the same on Monday. It is a long way if you drive at a reasonable speed. The road was closed at fourteen mile marker on 3348 I guess . The signs were up saying it was at the junction of 33 and 3348. The roads are in a mess alright.

Did you two see the danger signs at the lake?

We did, and a notice that some people have reported seeing a bigfoot in that area. One thing that needs to change is a lot of the roads on the fs map are no longer open due to slides. Like the one that goes from Bald Mt to the top of Agness pass. We did find two old tracks that looked to have toe marks but can't say for sure.


Thank you for mentioning the signs warning about bigfoot and attacks....Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress
If you have a photo you would like to share, just email it to this blog at linda.perry@charter.net. Please stay safe if you are going out into the woods this weekend.

Carlin's trip to Sru Lake

Carlin has left a new comment on your post "Sharing beauty":

The weather is getting better it seems so yesterday, May 26, my wife and I drove to Sru Lake from Coos Bay. Let me say it's a hard travel to get there. As we left Powers, Oregon we entered the Siskiyou National Forest. What a beautiful place. Huge old growth trees everywhere. The road was not bad except for a couple of slide areas.

 After four hours of travel we came to Sru Lake deep in the heart of Eden Valley. The place is nothing short of spooky. No one up there.The campground is only two small camping sites. The lake is fairly small surrounded by dense forest and steep hillsides. We looked for tracks at the entrance but found none. Leaving we took the road to Bald Mountain Lookout. Big giant firs and rhododendrons?(spelling)everywhere.

In several place we stopped to look for tracks along the turnouts without any success. The roads up in that area are in bad shape. Lots of slides rocks and trees down from the winter. This is truly a good place for bigfoot to live in peace. Our trip cost $60 dollars in fuel and took 12 hrs to make from the bay, approx 240 miles round trip. It was worth it as we seen the wonderful mountains of bigfoot.
Thank you for sharing your experience. Did you happen to see any signs about an animal attack?...Linda Newton-Perry

Marcy's Story

Marcy has left a new comment on your post "Sharing beauty":

Yes, I don't mind 'talking' about it now. In 1975, month and date not remembered, "person or persons unknown" reached in the clerestory window on one of our bedrooms, grabbed our 15 year old daughter by the ankle and dragged her to the end of the top bunk. She screamed, and my husband ran in there. This happened in the awful hours of the night. I had already been up with the two toddlers several times and was exhausted. So I lay in bed and heard some remarkably heavy, ground shaking footsteps run past our house. In approximately 4 seconds, seven heavy steps carried something all the way across our lot, then across 3 others, and into the Indian River. Later we found the window screen, bent beyond salvage, nowhere near the house.

This happened in Brevard County, Florida. We lived in an unincorporated area south of Cocoa. Our little neighborhood was sandwiched between the Indian River and U.S. 1. Neither of us knew anything about this creature. There was a continuing 'flap' of sightings and incidents in Central Florida that year, but at the time we didn't make the connection.

In the late 90s or early 2000's, I stumbled across an old Native American story about the hairy giants that stole young women from their homes. I've read everything I could find since then. I'm convinced that this was a Skunk Ape (Floridian name); and that if the 3-year old had been on that top bunk, we would have had an unspeakable tragedy. Clerestory windows are placed right under the ceiling, about 7 feet off the floor; and they're usually narrow: the teenager could never have been dragged through that window. Not the case with toddlers.

Neither of us smelled or saw anything. We didn't know anything about these creatures then, and didn't look for footprints. My daughter and my husband went into denial about the incident almost immediately; but it baffled me, and I could not forget it. My researches have convinced me that nothing but a Bigfoot could have dragged my 115-pound sleeping teenager down that bed. I have no desire to have another encounter with one of these creatures.

Thank you Marcy. What an experience!...Linda Newton-Perry

We should know bigfoot exists!

"... Sas will more likely see you first,..."

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "What if I encounter a bigfoot in the wild?":

Its been my experience that Sas will more likely see you first, and you will feel an odd, perhaps uncomfortable feeling that you're being watched, and you'll also likely hear things nearby, in the darker areas under trees, perhaps. If you are hiking, you will possibly feel followed. I suggest keeping your thoughts and vibration (we are all energy, after all,) positive, and unafraid, and do not encourage a close encounter, especially if you are alone.

Animals can sense, or feel if we are afraid or aggressive. If you are uncomfortable with being watched or followed, move toward an open or public location, at a normal pace, trying to think positive calm thoughts- such as "goodbye, friend." You will not be able to outrun one, so don't try.

 My father saw one while hunting many years ago, and it was running fast, uphill, through an eight-foot high, very dense, blackberry thicket. The creature wasn't even slowed down! It, apparently, didn't want to confront Daddy any more than Daddy wanted to confront it. Resist the urge to panic, as you are likely not in danger if you are being followed or watched and Sas does not outright confront you.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sharing beauty

Photo: photoxpress

Where bigfoot has walked.

A couple of places bigfoot has been sighted. Top, his path is marked. Bottom, he was seen looking over the side of this bridge. Got your own sighting? Please share it.

This blog is dedicated to the late Dale Saxton

Remember, please, that Bigfoot Ballyhoo is dedicated to the late Oregon Bigfoot Researcher, Dale Saxton. You can read his own words by linking to the pages designed just for him, at the top of this page.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Skunk Cabbage

Skunk Cabbage/Bigfoot Food

Update from Debbie of Rand Corp Group

Debbie has left a new comment on your post "Be Proud! Share Your Sighting!":

update: Have received no communication from the government on my request for access to view the file we talked about. Will let you know of any progress. It may be a while before a response is given from them.

Thank you, Debbie. We appreciate all you do on this important project. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Be Proud! Share Your Sighting!

What if I encounter a bigfoot in the wild?

Photo: photoxpress

WS Parker, DFW has left a new comment on your post "A Word from Bill Emery":

Each year hundreds of reports are coming in about the creature known as bigfoot. Of course some are faked but the majority of them are from people who have nothing to gain from reporting a sighting. It seems many of these reports have different aspect on what the creature or animal was doing at the time of the encounter. Now that spring/summer is here many people will head into the forest regions to camp over the weekends and holidays.

If a person encounters one or more Sasquatches/Bigfoot they need to keep their cool. The vast majority of these sighting end with the animal quickly leaving the area. If you see one the best evidence shows not to move any closer to it. If bigfoot stands in place it's probably just curious about you. The wrong thing to do is scream or yell at the creature. This can bring on aggressive behavior on their part. Remember these animals as a whole will not harm you and will leave.

Use extra caution with your children because Bigfoot has in the past showed interest in younger children. The use of a gun when trying to scare the animal off may prove dangerous. In fact it may be the worst thing to do. The animal may think it's being attacked and respond with force. Everybody should use the forest for their enjoyment but remember the forest is the home of many wild animals and were just visitors there. Using these habits will keep you safe and make your camping experience enjoyable for all.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tell us YOUR TRUTH about Bigfoot

Comment and tell your friends about Bigfoot Ballyhoo

Photo: photoxpress

It's the first day of the week and lots can happen on the downhill slide to glorious Friday.   Are you new to Bigfoot Ballyhoo? If so, you need to know that reader comments fuel this machine. We would love to hear from you. Do you believe that bigfoot exists? If you are not sure read through older posts and then decide. Please comment, email photos of the great outdoors, and tell your friends about this blog. We do not require names but we expect you to keep the language clean and don't include private information such as phone numbers or email addresses. Have a grand Monday and comment....Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Make "Bigfoot Talk" Commonplace

A Word from Bill Emery

Bill Emery has left a new comment on your post "The Truth, the whole Truth!":

I will not comment on Cory's encounter as I did not investigate it personally. I have met Cory and do believe something took place.

Some have asked me if I would ever use a law enforcement department to check a witness out. That's easy for me! NO. Personally I haven't and would not ever use law enforcement for any part of information on a person. I have found that law enforcement is not always into the whole truth.

If the person calls me, I can usually tell if they are sincere in their story. Everybody is different and they see things not in line with others. My research and investigations are based on trust. If I'm suspect of everybody I cannot help them. I always go on the premise that the report is close to accurate as possible. Everybody is different in the way they treat a witness. I was taught that there's a little truth in everything. This is always worked good for me.

 I'm still talking with some people on the recent Sru lake thing as Ive been up north for a while. As for the 1962 investigation, I can say with 97% certainty it happened and did view a photo of a dead creature from that year and area. As for the gov having the file it is my belief that they most likely do but will never open it because of the nature of the subject.

I do hope Debbie is making progress but still I'm hesitant to swallow the file thing hook, line and sinker. Remember this; always treat people like you'd want them to treat you.

Could Joey be Moving?

B U T T T T T T a Little Fun is Good

The Truth, the whole Truth!

Would someone like to tell Cory's story about how he shot into the air to keep the animal from advancing. The truth please.

The Truth should not be a "Problem"

If a thousand old beliefs were ruined in our march to truth we must still march on....Stopford Brooke

Having a little "Bigfoot Fun"

An Invitation to read "The Hairy Men of the High Mountain Forests"

"...not all of them are looking to belittle people ..."

Frank Gilmore has left a new comment on your post "More on Sru Lake "Accident"":

I'm a person that has never wrote here or anywhere on Bigfoot. People repeatedly ask, "Why doesn't more people come forward with Bigfoot sightings?" A while back some person wished to tell his encounter on this blog about a Bigfoot sighting. Then he was massacred by a well known Bigfoot researcher in California.

I think this episode left a bad smell on all Bigfoot hunters. I clearly remember that the man was called a liar, fraud and god knows what else. Then the professional Bigfoot investigator evidently even called his superior and complained about the deputy telling his story. This was a shock to many of us that would like to tell what we've seen but got scared off by this one investigator.

When a person who claims to be a professional person breaks the trust of the community, it becomes harder for people to trust any of them. And I also realize many came to the defense of this California Bigfoot hunter and said he's the top of the line when it comes to Bigfoot research.

 I know that not all of them are looking to belittle people but it just seems that one bad egg in a basket makes them all suspect.

Thank you for your comment. I'm sure you speak for many on this subject of bigfoot. I  (Linda Newton-Perry) think if I had a sighting and wanted to talk about it, I would not include information that could lead back to me. That is unless I wanted everyone to  know. There is no way this blog can trace commenters. We here at Bigfoot Ballyhoo encourage "Bigfoot Talk." Please feel free to comment often. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, May 22, 2010

More on Sru Lake "Accident"

Anonymous has left a new comment:

As a member of the (group) that responded to the man at Sru Lake I'm fairly comfortable telling the people who wish to know that we have very good evidence this was not a accident. What we found at the lake makes many of believe this man was attacked by a large unknown two legged animal.The tracks were clear and told us the story.

 I will speak for myself when I say I believe some kind of BIGFOOT was indeed involved in the injuries occurred there. The prints were clear and measured 19.7 inches long {left} by 8.4 wide at the ball. right foot was 20 inches long and 8.7 at the ball. It is estimated the animal to weight 900-1300 lbs. Though much discussion is arising on the animal many believe this is the same one seen over the last 4 year period there.

I will not say for what agency I work for. This made trouble for a previous deputy on line. To my knowledge Sru Lake is still open to the public but must disagree with the decision to have it open to the public at this time.

Where is the Limping Bigfoot?

Does anyone know if he's been seen around Elkton, Scottsberg ?

We would love to hear from you.

Bigfoot's Home

Photo: photoxpress

Enjoy for we are simply sharing beauty.

A Matter of Time, newspaper column

Something Happened at Sru Lake

It was an exciting couple of days, last week, as we waited to get information on the activity at tiny Sru Lake, Oregon: An ambulance was reported to have been there along with several forest service and law enforcement vehicles. Evidently a guard was at the entrance keeping everyone out. All the bigfoot believers that were reporting on the activity and those on Bigfoot Ballyhoo reading about it were sure that whatever was happening included bigfoot. Now that it’s over we still don’t know for sure if bigfoot was involved. From the comments, we can only say that a man in his sixties suffered injuries from a large limb that hit him, either falling on him or thrown at him. The man did not see anything. A commenter on the bigfoot blog said the out-of-state man did not wish to be involved in a “bigfoot story” and had no knowledge of Sru Lake’s alleged history with the bigfoot.

While we waited for information on the Sru Lake incident, Ballyhoo received at least two comments that included phone numbers of Forest Service and Police personnel in charge in the Sru Lake area. Please do not prompt readers by including phone numbers to call and harass these people. The comments that included this information were deleted and will continue to be in the future. Remember, bigfoot is not on the books as an animal. When that day comes, it stands to reason, those in charge will then tell us to be careful of them; but until then all should be careful in the wild because we do know that bears, lions and numerous wild animals live there that can harm us if we don’t stay clear of them.

We haven’t heard from Debbie of Rand Corp Group for some time. You’ll remember she is working to have the 1962 Columbus Day animal’s file opened to the public. If you are new to the blog, search Columbus Day animal on the blog’s search tool. You will find all the information you need to know. Several readers have wondered if such a file exists and even if the story is true. We have comments on the blog from at least one person that was there when the animal was found dead and facedown under a fallen fir. We hope to hear from Debbie soon.

Linda Newton-Perry is the author, along with her husband, Christopher Perry, of five books. Four of these books are children’s bigfoot books, fiction. Order the books from the blog Bigfoot Ballyhoo, www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com.

Friday, May 21, 2010

So You'll Know: Sru Lake

The pink dot is more or less where Sru Lake is located.

You and a Bigfoot Sighting

Would you tell someone if you had a bigfoot sighting? Would you
like to have a sighting? Why?

Make "Bigfoot Talk" commonplace, KEEP TALKING!

How is the man doing that got hurt at Sru Lake?

Photo: photoxpress and not of Sru Lake area

So, can anyone tell us more about how the man is doing? Has the incident been on a TV news? Is there more news on this subject? Is Sru Lake open?...Linda Newton-Perry

An answer to above question

C has left a new comment on your post "How is the man doing that got hurt at Sru Lake?":

VR, recieved treatment at Rogue Valley Medical Center and is doing good. He has a broken collarbone and right arm. He does not know what hit him other than a very large limb from a Fir tree. He does not want his name used and does not want to make a report on it. This is a closed case as he will not speak to anybody about what happened.

Thank you for your comment. It must have been an ordeal for him. Please tell us as much as you feel you can about his experience. ...Linda Newton-Perry