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Friday, April 30, 2010

"...they're around 25 to 30 of these things..."

Gordon has this to say:
A forest ranger at Oregon Caves told me today they believe there are around 25 to 30 of these things living in the Siskiyou National Forest at this time. Where he got this information he wouldn't say. He said the government knows about these creatures up there. He said all the way from Powers, OR to below Happy Camp,CA they have seen them . And the one seen in 2000 by Dr. Matthew Johnson at Oregon Caves is most likely the Sru Lake Bigfoot by description and size.

1962 File and Offer of Limited Viewing: Readers, Speak up!

9:00 EDT: After talking with the Department of Interior today by phone, I have a sense tonight that the case files for the 1962 creature might be opened for limited viewing by a anthropologist and cryptozoologist of the DOIs preference. He said no photos would be released to the public under this agreement. I'm not happy with this offer to limited viewing. It will be up to the public to decide what if anything we will except. If we do not except this offer, we still have many other legal options to try. I will be gone until May 10th so I will read the blog and listen to what people say daily.

Good job. But I feel as you do, Debbie, this is not enough. Most of us will never see this animal in the wild, so these photos are very important. We bigfoot believers really want to see them. Please press on in our behalf. This is just my opinion. I speak only for myself....Linda Newton-Perry

Daryle Sims Introduces a new Bigfoot Orginization.

Daryle Sims: NWOR

I would like to take a little time here and tell people of our new group. My name is Daryle Sims and along with Casey Austin and Kirk Pierce we will be giving reports on this blog. We were formed when Bill Emery asked us in January to think about joining the search for bigfoot.

All of us have deep beliefs in this animal from our fathers seeing these things over the years. Bill cannot cover all the area he wants to map, for further research. We met with him on three different occasions and became convinced that we are needed in this field.

We are based out of Newport and so we will be looking into the bigfoot stories and sightings in a 80 mile radius around Newport and the coast range mountains.

Great news! We will be looking forward to your reports....Linda Newton-Perry

Photo: Out my Front Door

Oregon, Out my Front Door

Chris and I live in town, but all we have to do is raise our eyes and this is the view to the south. When I was searching for a lawyer to help with the Bigfoot Project, I left a message with a local one and told his secretary to not have him bother to return my call if bigfoot did not interest him. He didn't return the call. But a few days ago I ran into him in a local parking lot and said something like, "Ah, so you don't believe in bigfoot?" He had no idea who I was. I quickly told him I wrote the bigfoot column for the local paper. He was quick to say that he was "open" on the subject. He was busy. I was busy. But, I just had to talk a little "bigfoot."
So, please make "bigfoot talk" commonplace and speak up. Share your sightings. You have an eager audience here on Bigfoot Ballyhoo.
... Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is he skinny?

About the crippled bigfoot, is he skinny? Does he walk hunched over? Does he look at the cars when they pass? Those that have seen the animal can you tell us more? Did someone say he was seen near Scottsburg park?

A Blustery Day in Douglas County

Photo: Photoxpress
Not many of you commented today. This blog is its comments. Please take a minute to tell us about your interest in bigfoot. Have you or someone you know seen bigfoot? Or are you like me and would like to see it? There is some reason you've come to this blog. Why not share the reason with the readers. It was rainy, windy and cold today here in Oregon, in Douglas County. Tell us about your part of the world. And of course tell us about bigfoot in your part of the world. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Dakota Emery Comments on Bill's Quest for Bigfoot

Dakota Emery has left a new comment on your post "A Word from Bill Emery":

Over the years Bill and I have seen some hard times in our life together.Bill was nearly killed by a widowmaker again in 1990. He was in the hospital for 2 months. When he got out the doctor suggested Bill get into another line of work other than logging. Bill told the doctor to go to the mountains and find out what life is really like. Every since the early 80s when Bill found those big footprints at the site where he was working he's been looking for Bigfoot. Much like Dale was it's in his blood. After our daughter died I became very emotional and ask Bill to make a change in his life. This was wrong of me to do this. After a long talk I fully support his quest for Bigfoot. I'm going to start riding shotgun with him in the mountains at times and together we can get past this horrible time in our life. (Sorry, I just noticed a few words were left off. It's fixed. LP)
We are so happy to hear from you, Dakota. And we hope the "pain" eases from your loss soon. Please comment often. I know Chris and I always talk "bigfoot." My husband somewhere in our conversations will say, "I just don't know what's so important that keeps the government quiet on this subject," and "What are they hiding?" and "Why are they hiding it?" Mind you, three years ago he didn't know if he believed in this animal at all. But now he does. We enjoy going out into the woods. It is peaceful, plus you don't know what you might see. Thanks again, Dakota. We have thought of you and Bill often since reading of your daughter's death. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Word from Bill Emery

Two comments by Bill Emery

I have been to Scottsburg to talk with a woman that saw what she thinks was a bigfoot. She went with me to the spot where the latest sighting took place on Sunday the twenty fifth of this month. The ground is so saturated from heavy rain no tracks were visible. After we talked about the sighting she gave me the name of another person who said they had seen it too on a different day. The description of the bigfoot is remarkable in many ways. I have to believe this is the crippled bigfoot Dale Saxton investigated last year near Elkton. The age and movement of the animal leads me to believe it has moved into the area of Scottsburg from the Weatherly Creek area. This would also explain why this animal has been seen several times along the shoulder of the road near the Loon lake exit. I would guess this creature to be old and probably sick or diseased because of the noticed slow movement of the creature when seen. I have placed three trail-cams in the area of the recant sightings and one down at the river. I will hope to get something other than Elk and Deer on them. We will let you know of any image we receive.

Recently my wife and I experienced the loss of our youngest daughter. This was one of the most difficult times of my life. At age 59 I have found myself to be getting to old for timber cutting. I contract my jobs out regularly to younger folks but still insist on being in the woods. My wife returned from Alaska to ask me to quit bigfoot hunting to spend more time with her and my other kids. For three days I thought about her request. Then I told her what bigfoot hunting does for me. When looking for bigfoot I think all the time about different things. When I'm in the mountains a great thing happens. My mind clears from everyday stresses. Without the bigfoot searching I would have lost my mind for sure during this difficult time for me. After explaining all this to the wife she gave me a hug and said Bill "Keep on a bigfootin" I have suggested she join me in the mountains for some great times ahead. Bill Emery

Replies to Bill's Post

I was wondering about that crippled bigfoot and if he'd been seen lately. It must be the one I got the footprint of. Good hearing from you....LP

It's always neat to hear from Bill. He seems to have a good outlook on life. I too was wondering about if this Bigfoot at Scottsburg could be the one I saw. When something like this happens to people they don't realize how nice it is to have somebody like Dale or Bill to talk with. Both are very understanding and nonjudgmental. This kind of sighting can really shake a person up and many will automatically say "you must be nuts". Since Dale passed on I have relied on Bill with my ongoing questions . God Bless you Bill!

Oscar has left a new comment on your post " Oscar has left a new comment on your post "1962 C...":

I don't really know what I believe about Bigfoot. It may be of interest to your readers that after the 1980 eruption of MT St. Helen's it was told to me and others the FS and other people found remains of at least 3 of these things near the blast zone on the river above Cougar WA. It was told to me that one of these things was almost completely intact still.

More from Debbie of Rand Corp Group

Debbie has left a new comment on your post " Oscar has left a new comment on your post "1962 C...":

April 28, 2010
Debbie ****** {RCG/legal/CLR} Per your request for FOIA application for viewing of ******** file cases from 12/Oct/1962 has been denied. on the basis that no scientific value can be gained by physical viewing of file. Also your request for physical examination of 4377-4377-A will not be granted. The Files contain no viable evidence that pertains to the private medical community or public. The summation for reclassification has been sent to **** and will be investigated by appropriate personnel and procedure. ******** believes the said case files should remain closed and sealed . Date for reclassification renewed on 2/9/2010 STOP: I fully expected this action and will move on two appeal this decision. (I have to blank out any personal names with stars).

More from Debbie:

I have just a moment to write a short note. This is certainly not the end of our action. Getting anything open from the feds is like a bad day at the dentist. This is how our government works! they try to string out and misguide people to get them to drop the pursuit for information
Thank you, Debbie. LP

Oscar has left a new comment on your post "1962 Columbus Day Storm Animal":

I was here in '62 and can say the trees fell like toothpicks. We had 120+ winds with gusts over 160 mph along the western side of Oregon. Millions of dollars worth of timber and property damage was reported from the storm. (Actually called a Cyclone) It is not surprising that anything out in the forest could have been killed by falling trees.
Thank you Oscar for participating in this blog. I'm assuming you believe in this animal. Please tell us more about why it interests you....Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1962 Columbus Day Storm Animal

Randy has left a new comment:

I'm the type of person that likes to get facts before I talk about this creature of 1962. After talking with a retired USFS man I now feel I might shed some light on why the government closed this file to the public. At the time of the discovery of the animal or whatever the government felt this was some kind of mutant human. It is and was routine to close these "unknown status" files. At the time of the storm in 62 the state of Oregon suffered massive damage to the western part of the state. This is why USFS contracted the clearing of many back roads out to private contractors. All contractors were given orders to report any fatalities to the nearest office of USFS or police. Also it was thought this creature may have been pregnant at the time of death so the government wanted to have a good exam of the body. In that year they did not have the medical facility in Oregon to do the autopsy on the creature as they did not know what this animal might have had as far as disease or viruses. All of the photos were suppose be be rounded up and sent with the body to Southern California. Only a few were not able to be found. The USFS man told me that many questions went unanswered by many inside the loop about this creature. He said This was not the first time they had seen this type of animal but still it was unknown to them what it actually was. He felt this and many other disturbing aspects of the animal was why it was never released to the public.

Shouldn't you appreciate bigfoot?

Comment! It's Why People Come to this Blog!

So You Will Know

In 1969 my husband and I moved to Oregon. Before that I’d never heard of bigfoot. It wasn’t until TV programs started featuring the animal that I became curious. These programs were very clear that this animal may not exist at all. And so, I didn’t have an opinion. After my husband and I gave up our share of The North County News, I felt I still wanted to be a part of the paper, so I started my column on bigfoot, “A Matter of Time.” The column required much research to write it anew each week. I became convinced the animal exists.

My husband works full time and just has weekends to write and proof read our novels. Our second novel, Iron Hearts, is finished except for proofing and the battle scenes that my husband writes. Since I’m so far ahead of my husband in our writing, I began writing the children’s bigfoot books. And I started this blog. Thousands of blogs and web sites are started each day, so we feel very good about how successful this blog has become. I started the blog to advertise our novel and now the children’s books. We are happy to have had a part in getting the license suspension practice stopped. And now we look forward to Debbie of Rand Corp Group achieving her goal of getting the 1962 Columbus Day Storm file opened to the public.

Chris and I are first writers and second bigfoot believers. We have no other agenda, except to sell our books and provide a tool, the blog, to talk about this animal that we are all curious about and most believe exists.

Questions on Proving Bigfoot by the DOI file.

Hairless Chimp, Drawn from a National Geographic Photo
by Linda Newton-Perry

Miss Questions has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot spoken here!":

Do you believe when we get a good look at the file and photos this will prove the bigfoot case? What I mean is, will it be ample for science to admit we have another form of hominid out there? Or will they say maybe in 1962 there was only one of these things alive? Will they except the conclusions of the group of Dr's that will examine this file? Will we be closer to the answer we all want? Will the government actually admit they knew about bigfoot for many years and said nothing? These are some questions people will have when the file is opened.

Thank you for your participation. ...LP

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bigfoot spoken here!

Changing the Subject...

Does anyone know of news about the police officer that saw the bigfoot in the Tyee area, Oregon? It wasn't too long ago. The Tyee area is east of Elkton, Oregon. I've wondered about it, but no news has developed. If you know anything about it, please tell us.  And please don't use the officer's name. Below is the post regarding this sighting.


People that were listening to the police scanner last Thursday night at 10 pm in Douglas county heard a policeman call his dispatcher with a Bigfoot sighting. For over an hour there was much activity on the scanner. It was in a remote area of Tyee on Oregon 138. (Feb. 18, 2010 or so) ...Linda Newton-Perry

"...I am writing a summation request for the justice department right now..."

Debbie has left a new comment on your post "Differing Opinions on VanFossen Photo":

Thank you Linda and Chris Perry for your continued support. I will continue to do everything possible to get this open to all. I do realize that some might want to try something else. As I told you we will proceed with legal case guidelines and hopefully we will get this file open to all in a timely fashion. In fact I am writing a summation request for the justice department right now on the 4377 and 4377-A file .

Whew! Thank you Debbie, we were really worried for a few minutes....LP

Debbie has left a new comment on your post ""...I am writing a summation request for the justi...":

Believe me when I tell you I'm not offended in anyway what bloggers might say. Attorneys often get back seat quarterbacking and I'm quite use to it! I want to do the best job I can because I too believe this creature or sub human is real. And it is my belief that the United States government has and still is active and participating in a cover up of evidence regarding this subject.

Again thanks, we are so excited that you are working to have the files on this animal opened....LP

Debbie of Rand Corp Group Responds to Criticism

Debbie has left a new comment on your post "Differing Opinions on VanFossen Photo":

7:51 EDT: If the majority of the people with this blog would like to take another road in the request for the DOI file to be opened, I would certainly step aside with no animosity. We do not share the same opinions as many on the blog on the photos still illegally in public hands. We certainly do not agree with testing the governments will to prosecute or not the person or persons that may want to present this photo for public use. As we are doing this as a public service for bigfoot believers we do not claim to have all the answers to all respects of this file and story and we would understand if the people would like to try another line of action to reopen this file. We will be waiting for your answer.

Linda Newton-Perry has left a new comment on your post "Differing Opinions on VanFossen Photo":

Debbie, the editors of Bigfoot Ballyhoo are certainly behind you! As Ballyhoo is an open forum for different opinions, we know that not all will agree with us; however, Chris and I are sure that the great majority of our readers are in agreement with the way you and your Rand Corp colleagues are handling the bigfoot case. Please be assured that you have our full support.

Tommy Graham has left a new comment on your post "Differing Opinions on VanFossen Photo":

I'm so ashamed and upset with so many of you guys, there's no reason that Linda should be under attack for anything that has happened, how were we to know the government would intervene,Linda is not at fault in any way! Those who've been on here slandering Linda and Debbie that call themselves researcher and believers I'm ashamed at how all of you guys acted when we got the bomb about the photo. They're absolutely right about getting into trouble, I had a similar indecent with the government actually taking a photo from me that I took,of a sasquatch. I know how it feels to have proof ripped out of your hands, and it's not a good feeling. The best thing we can all do is wait for the DOI files to be accessed, and open to the public from the help of Debbie and the RAND CORP.

Keep your chin up fellow squatchers, the day is near!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Differing Opinions on xxxxxx Photo

Search Amazon.com for photos Anonymous said...

Xxxxxx Photo comments from an attorney. Debbie from the Rand Corp says that the xxxxxx photo can't be posted because the same image is under sealed file by the DOI. That is untrue. I am an attorney and if an individual has a photo then they can post that photo whenever and wherever they want. Period! I'm not sure where Debbie got her law degree but she is giving very poor advice. There is NO conflict of interest and the xxxxxx photo CAN BE POSTED...legally.

Rian Crawford comments on above comment:

Anonymous if you are truly a attorney then you would know about showing a classified photo even if it's in private hand is not legal. You can go willy nilly on a website because of ignorance of the law. This has been researched carefully by many people who have various degrees in law. The photo the Vanfossens hold cannot be legally viewed as long as the image on the photo is classified. You might think they the government won't enforce this law but your just dead wrong. We followed this photo thing from the start and all 4 attorneys in our firm concluded yes the photo is protected by the classification of the government. The file is closed at this time and thus all photos are too. Giving bad legal advise to a person is not a option in our firm. All of us know Debbie from Rand and she's one sharp cookie. She has been involved in government files for many years. If you read the post summary of the file it tells of all known photos to be in the file . That means all of them except the one or two that may still be out there in public. This is a no brain-er that these photos are considered classified as well.

Talk Bigfoot! Share

Going live!

It's Sunday, April 25, 1:15 Let's Talk. Comment and someone will answer, I'm sure.
Okay, never mind. I guess everyone is at the Scottsburg Bridge.

Are you missing out?

"Stuffs" going on at the extension of this blog, Bigfoot and the Ring of Truth. You're missing out. Click on girl going through door in column at right. >

Why are you interested in bigfoot?

 Billy has this to say:
Bigfoot is the biggest mystery in the last 300 years. Many have seen these things but the government continues to deny they exist. This is something that has remained hidden from man for many years. Ether we have people with mass hysteria or something out there.

Carl has left a new comment on your post "Why are you interested in bigfoot?":

I think the most fascinating thing about bigfoot to me is the old fight over is it more human or ape. It must have good intelligence to hide from man for so long. Another reason for my interest is so many people all over the world see these creatures and to date we haven't got much information on how they live or die in the forest or wilds.This must be a complex creature that must know humans are it's only danger and enemy.
Thank you for your comments. ...LP

Not Many Mosquitos in Oregon

Did you know in Oregon, at least in my town, we don't have many mosquitos? You can sit outside at night and not be bothered too badly.

Photo of Scottsburg Bridge, Near Bigfoot Sighting, Oregon

Scottsburg Bridge
Linda Perry, here is a picture of the Scottsburg Bridge. On the south side of it there is a road that takes off to the left. This is Jimmy Creek and where the bigfoot has been seen latley. Claire Elan

Thank you Claire for sending the photo. I know where this is. I often look to the left after we go across the bridge because of that slide area. I wonder if the animal was going down to the Umpqua? Good stuff, Thanks again. ...LP

Saturday, April 24, 2010

We Need a Good Photo.

Perry's Photo of Bigfoot Print

This in case you missed it, is the photo of the print Linda found at the Loon Lake turnoff.  And for fun, she does or did have a bigfoot footprint. It's a big cookie. She looks forward to the day when she will have a "real" footprint. Keep talking bigfoot.

Livestock edgy around Scottsburg

Vance has left a new comment on your post "Will we ever see a Photo of Bigfoot?":

This might explain whats going on with my livestock lately. My cows have been edgy and the dogs have been a yapping for over a week. I own a farm at Scottsburg and was told by a neighbor this morning of this animal that has been seen. My farm is located on the north side of the bridge area.

Thanks for your comment. We would sure like some photos of the area for the blog. Older photos are okay. ...LP

Want to go looking for bigfoot footprints?

Not a real photo of bigfoot

Do you feel like looking for bigfoot footprints? Then go to http://www.sierratahoebigfoot.com/ and enjoy the new video.

Will we ever see a Photo of Bigfoot?

 Will we Ever see a Photo of this Animal?

Last week our blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, took bigfoot believers for an unintentional, emotional rollercoaster ride. It was no fun. We were not “buckled in” and had no way of knowing how the ride would end. We were all anticipating “the ride of a lifetime.” So, what am I talking about? And what happened? Well, a photo of the 1962 Columbus Day Storm animal was located. And the ones having the photo agreed to let Bigfoot Ballyhoo publish it for our readers to see. And then the “law” reared its indifferent head, and we couldn’t publish it, without risking .... Well, who knows what. So, now we wait for the Department of Interior’s file to become unclassified and opened for public view. Debbie, an attorney of the Rand Corp Group is leading her associates in the declassifying of this file. She has promised nothing other than they will try. We are all hopeful. I do wish to thank Robert for informing us of the possible problems we could have encountered if we had published the above mentioned photo. (If you still do not know what we are talking about, please go to the blog Bigfoot Ballyhoo, and read older posts.)

Readers of Bigfoot Ballyhoo, you might like to know that in the past I’ve been asked to take posts off the site by the police because of ongoing investigations. Our policy is to comply and not break any laws.

One interesting thing I found out last week about bigfoot, they evidently hold hands. Tim Boone told me of a sighting by a friend who saw two bigfoots crossing the road while holding hands. I sure hope this is true. I think of it as a natural tendency of a mother holding her offspring’s hand as opposed to say, mates. But, who knows!

A comment of April 23, on the blog, tells of a sighting at or near the Scottsburg bridge, Oregon. It seems the animal has been seen several times lately around the bridge and park. This is near the Loon Lake turnoff, so maybe it is the same animal. I did mention in a post that perhaps a trail cam should be put up in these areas.

If you have a sighting you would like to tell us about please go to the site and comment (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com). Or you may email it to linda.perry@charter.net.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sighting! Bigfoot Sighting Scottsburg, Oregon, April 22, 2010

James R has left a new comment on your post "Original photo from photoxpress Dawn Nelson, form...":

After getting the thrill of our life's last night, I was very surprised to find on the internet search where Bigfoot has been seen near Loon Lake turnoff before. I googled Bigfoot and Oregon 38 and your site came up. Last night at 7:00 we saw what people describe as Bigfoot near the Scottsburg Bridge on the west side of it on Oregon 38.

We were driving east very slow because the deer had been crossing the road in several places when we saw this dark brown creature very slowly walk onto the shoulder of the road where the old IP truck shop used to be. We slowed even more to see it walk upright across this wide spot and climb the bank and disappear. The creature was tall and built very heavy in the upper chest area and covered with a fine coat of dark brown hair. The Bigfoot was around 7 to 8 ft tall.

 When we got to Scottsburg store we stopped and told the clerk what we had seen. She was not surprised at all, saying several people have seen this Bigfoot near loon lake turnoff and the Near the Scottsburg park. She ask us if it was still near the road. We told her it wasn't.

She said the night before a lumber truck driver told one of the other employees inside the store he had seen it cross the road in the same area as we did. We are surprised this creature has not been hit by somebody yet. This was witnessed by my son and our preacher from our church.

Original photo from photoxpress

Dawn Nelson, former TV reporter from Portland has left a new comment on your post "Elain Says "People can really be cruel."":

People never think about the other side. I remember once in the summer of 2008 a man and his girlfriend saw a bigfoot near or around the Mount Hood area of Oregon. These people thought is was the right thing to do by telling a TV station in Portland, Oregon about their experience. Boy oh boy did they ever pay a price for that.
It was broadcasted in the area and their boss saw the segment on TV. Their boss fired both of them for going public with a "unbelievable story" as the boss explained it. Then they were asked to vacate their house that they rented from a property management Co. Why? because they must be druggies because they reported something that all "quote" normal people know does not exist.
After it was all over the couple had lost everything because people judged them as being weird. Then two weeks later a Clackamas county sheriff deputy saw the same bigfoot near the same place. Again he was treated like the two before him. People have made their minds up there is something fishy with everything now day's.
People are more than willing to destroy others because they deem them some kind of nuts. Ask yourselves this; Would you like to be treated in this way? Do we have a right to hurt others because they saw something we haven't? Are you willing to call everybody and anybody a liar because they have seen the photo and we haven't yet? I'm not
Thank you for this great comment....Linda Newton-Perry

Knowledge of Bigfoot: Research!

Elain Says "People can really be cruel."

Elain has left a new comment on your post "Mary Rondeu Speaks out About the Vanfossen Photo":

Speaking for myself I'm glad Mary Rondeu Spoke out here. Too many people think the photo is a ploy to get attention. The ones that think this are wrong. In 1972 I saw a photo of this animal-human like thing. It was like Rondeu said,clearly eye opening. When I was involved with Oregon Caves Trail Guides they had one in the entrance of the building. I think the USFS classified this case for a reason. Over the last couple of day's I've followed this subject on this blog. Some people here clearly are not ready to see the photos. Some are. Somebody might be able to sketch this photo or others and be legal with it. The most amazing thing here is somebody is trying to discredit the messenger! People can really be cruel.

Mary Rondeu Speaks out About the xxxxxx Photo

Mary Rondeu has left this comment:

At 7:00PM tonight, I had a talk with Bill Emery by phone. He and I both feel something needs to be said here about this xxxxxx photo. Three week ago Bill, my husband Dave and I went to a small town in California to meet with the very gracious Doris and Mel xxxxxx.

We were invited by them to come and view the 1962 photo. What we saw was nothing short of astonishing. The photo was well worth the drive down. We thanked them for their willingness to show us the photo. We did not get a copy from them because of fear of the photo reaching the wrong hands.

We have been asked by them not to disclose the photos whereabouts at this time. With the current direction of the file and case and the photo we feel this will be common knowledge in the near future.

 Bill has e mailed Linda telling about some respects of the picture. We hope people will understand what is at stake here. This is something my *father and many other people have been looking for many years. And it was us that ask the xxxxxx if they would consider letting Bigfoot Ballyhoo have a copy. We did not foresee the legal ramification of posting it at that time. As Linda and we have discovered nothing is easy anymore.

*Mary's father is the late Dale Saxton. This blog is dedicated to him. You can find out more about him by clicking the link at the top of this page.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Linda Newton-Perry Comments

I took a call today from a Tim Boone. I assume he doesn't mind me telling his name as he didn't say not to. We spoke for a long time. He wanted to know about the Vanfossen Photo. And then he went on to tell me about his own sighting, and about a sighting someone else had. The other sighting had a very interesting twist to it.  He said this person observed two bigfoots walking and holding hands!

I'm looking forward to Tim emailing me a drawing of the bigfoot he saw. Please share your sighting or if you know of one, tell us about it.

It's been a sad day. I do feel awful about not getting to see the Vanfossen Photo. But perhaps we will get to see photos from the closed file soon. Comment, we are waiting to hear from you.

A Moment of Silence!

Photo: Photoxpress

Now! Let's Get on With Bigfoot Talk!

Has anyone thought of placing a trail cam at the intersection of hwy 38 and Loon Lake turnoff? This is the road to Reedsport from Sutherlin, Oregon. The way things are going it's probably against some law. But I thought I would ask. LP

Melvin xxxxxx on '62 Animal Photo

Melvin xxxxxx has left a new comment on your post "Ms xxxxxx, Please Do Not Send the Photo":

Some of the sarcasm here is overwhelming . As your request we will not send the photo to this blog. My mother and I do not wish to be caught up in such vicious attacks on one's character. I did think maybe for once this creature could be shown to the public without judgement on people.

 Linda we do not blame you for the snide remarks of some. Thanks for the interest. I do feel the lady from the law group is correct on the file and photos. And yes, I do know my father was asked in 1963 to turn over to USFS all photos he took but didnt't with just this one.


Thank you for replying to this latest situation. I guess bigfoot believers can be a little testy! I find the whole situation a little unbelievable. But, I don't wish for neither of us to get into "trouble" with the law. It was exciting to think, we almost got to see a photo of this animal. Again thanks and keep enjoying this site.
...Linda Newton-Perry

A Note from Linda Newton-Perry

Dear Readers,
     Not one person could possibly be more upset about this situation than I am. I was so looking forward to seeing the '62 bigfoot. But if all goes well, we will see one of these photos soon. Each one of you will be able to go to the government site and pull the file up.
     I am just not willing to risk so much for this animal. Debbie from Rand Corp Group has given me advice and I'm taking it.
     You may vent, I understand.
Linda Newton-Perry

Ms xxxxxx , Please Do Not Send the Photo

Please do not send the photo. We can not even view it. We are crestfallen....Linda Newton-Perry

Is this true? Debbie's Reply

Is this true Debbie? See below

Showing a photo of federal classified material is a federal felony offense folks! If the animal in question is still classified all that possess it are guilty of holding classified material.

Debbie's Reply:
12:05 EST: After looking it up in the federal law statutes, it is very much illegal to hold or view classified material without authorization from the government. The penalty is very harsh to say the least. If this photo is of the creature of 1962 then it's classified. I would strongly advise you to try to wait for the file to become open and public before you put yourselves in this kind of quandary.

We will not show, view or accept this photo. Thank you Debbie for keeping us out of trouble....Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Soon the xxxxxx Photo will be available here on Ballyhoo!

Melvin xxxxxx, Fortuna, Ca has left a new comment on your post "A Message to Ms xxxxxx from Linda Newton-Perry":

(The xxxxxx Photo is the 1962 animal found dead under a log about a month after the Columbus Day Storm. Many photos were taken of the animal, this is just one of them. The file of this animal is with DOI and closed to the public. The Rand Corp Group is trying to get the file opened to public view.)

After lots of thought, my mom will let you have a copy of the [photo of the] creature she possess. First, I told her to take the photo and have property of Doris xxxxxx encased on the side of the photo. Now with that said, I need to tell why the creature is so torn up for lack of other words.

This tree that hit this creature was 7 foot wide. People will no doubt see the right arm is torn off the creature and the severed arm and hand is 2 feet from the head. It clearly shows this is not a ape as some have thought. It is more human looking than ape. Also the large cut in the back of it was caused by the chainsaw when they removed the tree from her.

 I will warn you the photo is bloody and shocking and should not be viewed by children or sickly adults. With this said, I will e-mail the photo to tLinda Perry as soon as it becomes possible after the stamp is on it.

My father would want people to see this creature but would not want it sold to anybody. We have never asked for money for it, so we would ask people to respect our wishes not to either..
Thank you very much. We will all be looking forward to seeing the photo. Can't wait, in fact!...Linda Newton-Perry

A Message to Ms xxxxxx from Linda Newton-Perry

A Message to Ms  xxxxxx,

Ms xxxxxx it breaks my heart that I can't promise you that someone will not copy and use the photo. We here at Ballyhoo will not use it for direct monetary gain.

 All of us bigfoot believers are hungry to see one of these photos. Most of us will never see the animal, other than a photo such as you have. Please reconsider sharing it with us and the world. If it is available for view, free, perhaps it will not be worth so very much. I don't know, I'm just throwing the thought out there.

The photo would be your "gift" to the world. And for a certainty it would be all over the internet in no time flat. I do know for a fact, you would be making many people happy. 

If you should give it to Bigfoot Ballyhoo for publication, we will name the photo "the xxxxxx photo." Thank you. ...LP

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why the Secrecy: Bigfoot, A Comment

 Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous

My opinion on this is as follows: I believe that when this creature is finally recognized it will be classified as endangered, causing great tracks of land to be closed to logging ranching and other profitable endeavors. We all know that money talks here. Habitat of this being is already short.

 All DNA work done to date points to something more human than ape and our government has had this knowledge since at least 1962. We have been lied to about this for a lot longer than most believe. And I don't believe they are ready to give up yet.

 I would fully expect them to say that the contents of file 4377 have been destroyed any day now. They are not to be trusted any of them. I think we are on the brink of disclosure here but it will come through public pressure and documentation of whats happening now. We must be vigilant now or they will ridicule us again.

"...why all the secrecy..."

TooRisky has left a new comment on your post "Jerry Lustin's Experience When the 1962 Creature w...":

Assuming this is no hoax, I have to seriously wonder why all the secrecy surrounding this.
Is it such a bad thing to have another species found on this planet, or is it the ramifications of what we will find out.

How to get access to '62 creatures bones. Debbie's Reply

Debbie has left a new comment on your post "How to Examine Bigfoot, 1962, Bones":

If we are successful in opening the file then: People through donation or whatever will need to hire an anthropologist to examine and obtain DNA strands. The work will have to be at Denver where DOI/DOA labs are based. We will not be able to help with this, only getting the file open.You mat be able to get one to volunteer their service.
Thank you, Debbie

How to Examine Bigfoot, 1962, Bones

Comment Please!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Doris xxxxxx has a photo of the 1962 Animal

Doris xxxxxx has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot? Dont't Just Guess, Do Research!":

It has come to me by way of mouth that people are now interested in the Columbus storm Bigfoot of 62 on this blog and others. I have had a good photo in black and white for many years. Once in 1974 I showed it to a professor in Ashland, Oregon and he blew it up many times it original size and told his class this: "I don't know all there is to know about photos and can not find anything wrong with this one EXCEPT ONE THING; The image on this photo does not exist so it has to be a fake of some sort". It is of a hairy apelike thing Indians say run amok in the forest of North America. The subject in question has got be be a fake or a large man in a gorilla suit. There simply is no other explanation for the image under the big fallen tree. This blatant lie made me sure I would never let anybody ever again view my photo for educational use nor to laugh at. He showed great disrespect for the men who found it. I got the photo from my brother who was present that day on the mountain road in 1962. He has been dead for years but always said it wasn't just an ape, it was a manlike giant ape.

Ms xxxxxx, we are thrilled to hear you have a photo. This blog is pro bigfoot and you can be sure you will not be laughed at. Debbie from the Rand Corp Group, a lawyer, of this group is trying to get the file opened concering the 1962 Columbus Day Storm creature, that the Department of Interior has sealed from the public. 

 Please read older blogs. You will see we are very serious about getting the file opened and collecting photos of the animal. Please do share your photo. Scan it and send it to this blog. You will be making many bigfoot believers very happy.

Even if you do not wish to share the photo, we certainly appreciate your comment and will of course respect any decision you make. ...Linda and Christopher Perry

Bigfoot? Dont't Just Guess, Do Research!

Original Photo by ML

Map of Loon Lake Sighting

Gina says, she saw the bigfoot right where I found the print.

You know, to the left there, across and  south side of the road,  is a high rock wall with huge slits in it, caves perhaps. How exciting. Thank you, Gina.

The bottom  photo is of the rocky faced hillside. On the steep face are several areas that look as if they would make great shelters. This hillside is on the right side of the road as you are going down the road to Loon Lake. The other side is Mill Creek.

Should All Photos of "Bigfoot" be Available for View? Bogus or Not?

Northwestern Sasquatch said...

Cole, people need to share photos even if they are bogus. My reason is that many people think something is wrong with a particular photo but it sill might be valuable for other reasons. If the picture was messed with it still could have something in it to look at.

Linda Newton-Perry said...

Yes, you have a good point. But, when a photo is so apparent that it is not the real thing, nothing is to be gained by showing it. A drawn in stick figure would have been more convincing than the photo submitted. This site other than a little humor is serious in its "discovery" of bigfoot.

More From Debbie at Rand Corp Group

This morning 4/19/10. We received this communique fax from DOI at 10:30 EST. Per your request to open 4377 has been denied. #4377 is not open for public view and such is not apical to your request. If at the time of certification of #4377 skeletal remains and medical reports for public viewing become possible we will act on any request for transfer. We do not foresee any such movement in this direction as file is in sealed status and has been since 6/24/1963. No discernable information can be gained from examination at this file at this time.
Debbie : This is anticipated as step 1 in US government denial policy on unknown species.
 We will file FOIA form as of today to try and get the DOI status removed as classified on this file.
Thank you. This might be a little early to ask, but, how would one go about viewing the file after it is open to the public?...Linda Newtin-Perry

Debbie's Answer:

If we are successful in reopening the file one can view it at any public library or on any PC. It would be open for all to view. By going DOI/us.gov website then insert file # and you see it then.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Photos of Sighting Area Near Loon Lake Turnoff

Gina would you have photos of where you saw the bigfoot? If not can you explain just where on the road you saw it. I often travel on this road on my way to the coast and I'd love to know where the animal was. I don't ever expect to see the animal but ...Linda Newton-Perry

Knock, Bigfoot's at Home

Can't you just picture bigfoot in this scene? This is a photoxpress free photo. While this site is called a blog, I think of it as a Bigfoot Magazine. So if you have photos of outings in the mountains or places you know bigfoot has been sighted, then send them to us. Heard a good bigfoot joke? We would like to share a laugh.
And above all, if you enjoy this site please comment. My "payment" is knowing you enjoy the site. Writers do not make much in the way of money so we must seek payment in other ways. Happy times, and let us hear from you.

Note from Debbie of Rand Corp Group

Short Note: No movement since the request for opening the file got to DOI. Will give updates as of any movement.

Debbie is an attorney with this group. She and the group have offered to help get the 1962, Columbus Day Storm Animal 's file  opened to public view.
Again thank you, Debbie. We, bigfoot believers, are excited about this project.
And those that were at the scene when this animal was found, please continue to search for photos. There must be many of them. ...LP

Thomas T. Graham's Bigfoot Encounters

My encounter happened June 3, 2009 California stretch of Applegate River around Cooking Greens Trailhead area (I will not give exact location). My buddy and I along with my 15 month old daughter went out for the day to do some fishing, and introduce the woods to my daughter. My  buddy was setting up a spot on the little beach that's down by the water. He was watching my daughter while she napped in her car-seat, so I departed to go look around for some lizards, snakes, or scorpions.

I went up the hill from where my car was parked across from to start looking and meander my way uphill. There's a lot of old growth in the area of many types of trees; it's magical to see them standing still, and I wouldn't like to see it any other way. As I'm looking through some rocks that I chased a 5 lined skink into, I thought I heard 3 faint knocks, but loud enough to make me stand up and look at my surroundings. That's when my life changed.

I'm staring at this huge animal, staring straight back and down at me from a small boulder on the hill side. I didn't know what to do; I was frozen in fear, due to I couldn't predict what this big guy's gonna do to me on this hillside.  It seemed like forever. I watched him blink his eyes 3 times during my encounter. After a moment, his look turned into a scowl, which  made me get the feeling that I wasn't wanted in this area. After the adrenaline kicked in, I flew downhill and over a 8 foot or more embankment.

 Still running, I hit the dirt road below, and screamed for my friend to bring my daughter up to me. I said that we needed to leave now, without giving him any explanation whatsoever. I  peeled out of the area with my friend still buckling my daughter up, and him in the backseat still.

After my emotions took over, I couldn't talk, for about 20 minutes to a half hour.  I was crying with no reason as to why. Finally,  I told my friend what had happened, and why I reacted the way I did.
January of 2010 was my first time back into the woods since July, and now I'm gonna take myself back to the area when I can, maybe.
As of to why I say maybe to going back out to the area of my sighting, is strictly to respect this particular animal. The year before on the last weekend of the summer in August, my wife, me, and two of our friends went to a nice area of the Applegate river where it had pooled up.  It wasn't moving barely at all, and there was NOBODY around.

We watched a bunch of cars coming down from Cooking Greens area, our day of arrival, so we had the area to ourselves. First night went great, my buddy and I made a rock stacked chimney/fire pit; it was pretty amazing and sturdy. It took almost the whole first day to build. The second day was hot and long, so we all swam in our pool we had there for us in the river. We proceeded to do some exploring, for a while before it got dark.

 After dark, all things were normal until we all hear something big splash into the river upstream a little way. We pay attention to what's going on, because  we could hear this thing step through the water.  And then we heard small sticks breaking in the trees just outside of the light of our huge campfire.  My friends 95 pound pit automatically sprang up and was out to investigate, only to come flying back. It runs under my pickup truck, whining and refusing to come out; this alarmed our girlfriends a bit, and had them nervous. We notice small pine-cones being thrown towards us, and a few landing in the fire pit.

At this point, my friend and I start thinking it's a bunch of punks out trying to scare all of us. So, we start throwing stuff back at this point, but this ceased after a 15 pound or bigger rock came hurdling in our direction. All fun and games stopped right then and there. And this didn't stop, tree branches started breaking in the area outside of the glow, and more rocks came flying. We all decided to try and pack up our gear and leave. The girls left first together, so my buddy and I started to clean up the area real quick; but the rocks got bigger. The branch breaking wasn't calming to say the least. We said the hell with it, we're leaving EVERYTHING here, and will make the drive back in the morning to get our things.  As we were pulling out of the area this thing let out the most horrifying scream we've ever heard. At this point it was petal to the metal, getting out of the area.

We caught up to the girls really quick, and made it home before them. We all decided that we would stay at my buddies and his girl's place for the night. My buddy and I go back in the morning for our gear in one vehicle :). We arrive at the location in the morning only to find all of our tents, chairs,and any other thing that was not zipped in the tents all over the place. The tents were tipped on their sides; the chairs were stacked neatly next to each other, folded up; the fire pit was destroyed.  My wallet was still inside my tent with the 150 bucks I had in it.  Our cooler, that was full of meat, fruit, veggies, beer, soda, you name it, was gone!!!And we had climbed to the top of my truck and put it between a couple branches where it couldn't  be moved. 

 I believe that this was the same creature that I saw last year.  Maybe it somehow recognized me, my truck or something.  I wasn't welcome; I felt, it's for a reason, unknown to me. So, I'm gonna respect this animals wish in that area

Thomas T. Graham

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Linda's Newspaper Column

The "Law's" on Bigfoot's Side
Last week was very exciting in the world of bigfoot. The Rand Corp Group has agreed to help open the 1962 Columbus Day Animal’s file to the public. There should be photos and possibly even bones of that animal, found in early November when it was discovered under a fallen tree. Some believe that this file will not prove the animal exists. What “some” believe, often is not the truth of the matter. In the world of bigfoot, we often hear, “Why haven’t bones been found?” Well, they have been. From comments on Bigfoot Ballyhoo (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com) the bones were traced to the Smithsonian and then were ordered by the Department of Interior to be sent to them, where the file has been closed to the public ever since. For years a photo of the animal was tacked to a wall at a local restaurant. Photos are being sought, as many were taken on the day the female animal was found dead and face down under a log. If you have one of these photos, please share it with us. We wish to thank Debbie of the Rand Corp Group for her help and interest in bigfoot. It is apparent that she believes the public has a right to know about it.

And it is apparent, or seems to be, that Sru Lake is still having “weird” activity. No one has seen the perpetrator, but one commenter said he could hear limbs snapping and a very long vocalization that he’d never heard the likes of. He assumed it was the bigfoot that everyone has been saying lives in the area.

We are still getting comments that individuals who have had their licenses suspended when they reported a bigfoot sighting to the police are being compensated for expenses they incurred. One commenter on the blog said, in his letter he received from the state, that Oregon as of 2-6-2010 will no longer suspend a license when one reports a bigfoot to the police. We hope the several states that still suspend licenses will take Oregon’s lead and quit the practice.

Please do remember that if you’ve seen a bigfoot, you are one of very few that have had the privilege. Treasure that fact, for it will probably always be difficult to get a glimpse of this wood’s adept creature.