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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bill Emery Explains Rumors of Bigfoot Parts

Bill Emery

Last time I wrote on ballyhoo I talked of tales no doubt to come. Well the story of the bigfoot part is just that, a tale. Dale and I talked with a logger in 2008 that claimed to have knowledge of a burial spot of a bigfoot. Dale and I weren't born yesterday and so we told the logger to show us the site. He couldn't because he was trying to make money off a cow skeleton.

A few years ago a bear hunter approached me with a story of him accidentally killing a bigfoot on Butler Mountain in the Sixes River area. Dale and I both went with the hunter to the site where the animal was buried. We did find some bones that we were sure came from a black bear. Even so we called in the Oregon State Police to verify this was not a human grave site. We sent the bones back east and they came back black bear bones.

Soon after, a wild rumor began about Saxton and me robbing a bigfoot grave site on Elk River. Anybody that searches for bigfoot is subject to these wild tales. Dale nor I wouldn't pay for a bigfoot part or body because it isn't right for anybody to make gains off a dead creature. Proving the existence of bigfoot is my goal, not making profit off it. It might indeed take a dead one to prove the animal real but I feel there's a better way to do it.

Bigfoot Ballyhoo

You may wonder why I named this blog Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Every single day thousands of blogs and sites are being added to the web. I wanted a name to stand out and one that is easy to remember. At the bottom of this page I tell you more about the name.

When I first turned on my computer this morning I couldn't get to my blog to work on it. I thought it had been turned off by some government agency. Next time I turned it on, I got through to the blog. So the blog is still available for sightings and bigfoot talk.

I am very excited about the CNN special on bigfoot with our friend Bill Emery. Keep commenting and telling us your thoughts on this animal.  I'm happy to get photos to put on the blog. My email address is in the author information, right column.

Best regards,
Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Snow in the Mountains

Make no mistake there are tons of snow in the mountains. Beware!
Thanks Anonymous

Bigfoot TV Special

Curtis Snoddgrass has left a new comment on your post "Dr. Jodi Strickland Speaks Out on Bigfoot and its ...":

For people that don't know, there's going to be a special on Bigfoot later this year. The show is contemplated to be 2 hrs long. Some in government and a private organization are to be on the show. The show will cover a lot of unanswered questions about Bigfoot and the cover up by certain government agencies.

Bill Emery, James Dinny, Arney and Julie Walton, Gregg Shorbs and others was in the filming of the show. Some of the people to be shown will be in silhouette because of their jobs in government.

 Bill Emery is the researcher who writes often on this blog. Gregg is involved with Law Enforcement and Julie and Arney Walton are wildlife biologists.

The date for the special is not available at this time. It will be announced at a later date. I was involved in the location department for the show. There's still a few people who need to be filmed that couldn't be present at the filming sites.

We can hardly wait. Thanks for this information. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Bigfoot DNA Question

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous
Regarding: bigfoot dna

I heard today that someone has a viable dna strand for bigfoot now. Has anybody heard any more on this?

Truth: Leo Tolstoy

Dr. Jodi Strickland Speaks Out on Bigfoot and its Existence

Dr.Jodi Strickland WBUS has left a new comment on your post ""...the thing was hideous looking."":

I think over the next few years people are going to hear a lot more about Bigfoot. The recent filming of a show near Buckhorn Springs and Trail, in Jackson County, along with some Search and Rescue people with encounters from several other counties in Oregon.

 This should really be informative on what government agencies and other forest type groups know and when they first knew it. You know many think the USFS and others already have the proof needed to make this animal a reality for all. It sometimes just takes some shoving and pulling from the ones who know of something not in the general public's knowledge to break the ice on Bigfoot.

We have all seen footage of the Patterson film and many other "can't be a fake" events with Bigfoot. Yet the government and others squawk that there's no science for the existence of the creature. Maybe there is the proof now needed to push it over the finish line for the Bigfoot believers of America.

Dr. Strickland, what does WBUS stand for. I'm not familiar with it. Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry

Ideas to PROCLAIM bigfoot exists....Got any?

Most readers of this blog believe bigfoot exists, I assume. Since so many people have seen the animal, I'm a believer. So how do we go about telling the world that the animal is real? I have not seen a bigfoot. But if I had, I'd be really upset if no one believed me.

Seems to me there are enough of you that have seen the animal to make an impact. Is there an attorney that would be willing to donate his time to launch a discovery campaign of some sort. If you have an idea, comment it. What about all of us chipping in to put  BIG signs  up along  freeways.

 Well, that's one idea. I believe the "world" should know this animal exists. ...Linda Newton-Perry

P.S. Could bigfoot's existence be established by law rather than science?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sharing Beauty

"...the thing was hideous looking."

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous

Regarding: Sru Lake sighting
I am one of the five that was present on that day at Sru. As we were walking back to camp we seen these two does and three fawns come a running down the road towards us. Just then this ugly upright thing walked out onto the road not 30 feet from us. Like my friend said the thing was hideous looking. Very big and tall, covered in dull black hair. As soon as it seen us it walked over into the brush and timberline. We think this creature was chasing the deer before we saw it. When it moved off the road it had a stoop to the walk. It was not any creature known to be around there to any of us. Like my friend said the FS was nasty and argumentative about what we all seen. We finally told the man to stick it! He never even wrote one word on the report. This happened October 23rd, 2006.

Sam the Sru Lake Bigfoot

Sam the Sru Lake Bigfoot has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot's Home":

Hello, I'm the very famous Sru lake Bigfoot. My name is Sam and I would like to invite people to come into my forest and play. I only get mad when people try to hurt me. All I want is to be left alone in my world. Sometimes I have scared people and am very sorry for that. When people fish at my lake I just want to see what they are up to.

I havn't done nothing wrong have I? People don't like me because they think Im a monster. I can't help what I look like, can you? Nobody has ever asked me what I think;  it's always the people saying I do bad things and scare people. I try to stay hidden from sight but like all animals, I have trouble in this fast moving world.

Sometimes I go hungry because people are taking my food.I get cold from less shelter for me because of greed. Still all and all I think i'm a pretty good Sam!
... Bill Emery
Thank you, how great....Linda Newton-Perry

Bigfoot's Home

Bigfoot Sighting: "...once in a lifetime thing for a very small population of people..."

Cirstie has left a new comment on your post "Smoke and Fire":

Smoke and Fire is right. USFS has to love all this talk about a monster in the forest. More people will spend money on a wild goose chase. I'm not saying Bigfoot is or isn't up there, but really!

A sighting of such a creature is a once in a lifetime thing for a very small population of people in the US. Nobody in their right mind should expect to see this animal if trained investigators couldn't find it. If people think this is like going to the movies, they are wrong.

 These beings are unpredictable and should be left alone. It's no joke folks! Stupidity is not bigfoot's fault, it's ours for trying to flush  him out of his own domain or home.


Very well said, Cristie....Linda Newton-Perry

Northwest Fishing Group: Sru is a "Dirty Tiny Lake"!

Northwest Fishing Group has left a new comment on your post "Take our Kids to the Forest?":

I live in Agness,Oregon and for the life of me can't understand what all the hoopla is about that dirty tiny lake. The campground is small maybe 3 sites and the lake? It nothing more than a watering pond.

It's tiny compared to many others in the area. The area around it is full of tree root disease. There are many other lakes that take much less time and expense to get to, that offer good camping and fishing. Sru is not one of them. The stocking number levels are low.

They plant it with fish around now and within 2 weeks it's dead. They have never taken care of the campground. It is a class D spot in our book. Powers Pond and many other lakes in the region offer excellent fishing.

Smoke and Fire

Does not this little ditty apply here?

Take our Kids to the Forest?

What do you readers think about the ads on TV to take our kids to the forest? Shouldn't we know to look for bigfoot as well as bear and  mountain lion, when out in the wild "...where the Other You Lives."?

How can we keep our children safe, when "they" will not tell us what is in the forest?...Linda Newton-Perry

The Forest Service and its "Conundrum."

Guest Editor-Blogger: Dr.Gary Paulson **** has left a new comment on your post "Bill Emery Speaks Out":

Bill is right:  It futile to try and fight the forest service on bigfoot reports. They have it all on their side. To be fair there's many in the forest service that want people to know about the animal. But as any other bureaucracy they have a higher power to answer to. This is a real conundrum from the USFS because people will eventually demand to know why the FS hasn't came forward with the animal before now.

Then the line of command starts getting nervous and sooner or later the real truth will have to surface on the cover up of bigfoot.

I believe that many lower staff persons inside this agency really don't know the truth because their not privy to it. Many out there think the whole USFS is corrupt and untruthful. This is not the case but as any big organisation, a few bad apples spoil the whole barrel. Many know the science is here for proof of bigfoot. Many inside USFS and BLM believe this creature to be real, yet others don't want to accept the facts. We have a system that rewards the very top for deception.
Thank you for this comment. What is the harm of knowing for certain this animal is in our forests? Can't we deal with it as we do the bears and mountain lions?...Linda Newton-Perry

Are "They" Killing Bigfoot

Photo: Photoxpress

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous
Regarding: from Ring of Truth comments

The FS & BLM people and some local LEOs know these things exist but they're not allowed to admit it. They act rudely with ridicule & sarcasm because they wish to discourage simple sighting reports such as yours...

If they admit or freely discuss the existence of Sasquatch then their jobs and pensions are at risk. Reports of destructive or threatening behavoir by bigfeet are passed up the chain of command.If substance is found to such reports, a secret board is convened and it may be decided to kill or tranquilize and remove the bigfoot.

That's why Sru Lake is now open and nothing occurred and so move along, there's nothing to see here folks.


I'm sure I should know, but what is LEO?...Linda Newton-Perry
Law Enforcement Officers

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bill Emery: "I'm grateful to him....unwavering understanding."

Guest Editor-Blogger: Neal Smit
Regarding: Sighting and support of Bill Emery
Bill Emery is known by many of us in the southern Oregon area as a timber cutter. He is also known for his down to earth style attitude. For several years Bill and the late Dale Saxton were partners in Bigfoot hunting/research. Bill will be the first to say he has never seen a bigfoot, but is quick to say he's seen the footprints of them.

I think this is what makes me and others fascinated with him. He works and then goes looking for bigfoot. I was very lucky when I had my encounter with the beast. If it hadn't been for Bill I might have checked myself into a rubber room. I found closed ears on what I had seen. Then one man put  me in contact with Bill and I have to say I'm grateful to him for his unwavering understanding.

Seeing one of these beasts is not as romantic as one might think. This one I walked right into in a Salmon berry patch and it was very upset with me. This happened on Middle Creek near Coquille in 2000. The face on this beast I will never forget. Eyes as red as roses they were. Brown hair all over except around the eyes and mouth area. I'm six foot four and it stood over eight foot.

The reason I believe this animal did not stomp me into the ground was because I dropped the berry can (coffee can) and it hit on a rock with a clang. It must have scared the animal because it took off like a high speed jet right through the brush making its own path.

I tried to tell the local yokels about it but got the "sure you did"  treatment from them.


Thank you for your experience. As I tell everyone, take pride in the fact you've seen a bigfoot. My guess is it will never be a common occurrence...Linda Newton-Perry

Bill Emery Speaks Out

Guest Editor-Blogger: Bill Emery
Regarding: Sru Lake and more

Over the next few months, we are gonna have many people write that they are in the know about FS policy and the lake and other areas. You see we've got some people very nervous and angry by talking about bigfoot in the forest. Many will come forward with false accusations and report to you that no problems ever existed to discredit the Bigfoot believers and try to convince us all that nothing has happened around the Southern Oregon area.

People will have to make their choice as to what or who they want to believe. There's so much BS coming from FS people recently we can't know who is and who isn't being truthful. I will say that I've made many trips up to the area in question. I however will not write or say what I do or do not know about the Siskiyou, Rogue River NF. It would simply be adding fire for more denial and that's not going to get us any closer to the complete truth about this creature.

This will no doubt not sit well with some, but with the current direction this is unfolding, it's the only way to calm it down. When people are getting stuck in deep snow because somebody said "the roads are clear, no snow" then it becomes very dangerous for the people who want to look for bigfoot in high country in the spring.

Some of the recent writings here are correct and some are not about who knew what, when! I have no intention of playing games with USFS officials who want to cover their buns and try to discredit good honest people who have seen this animal.

I believe Linda Perry along with many others demand the full truth not a government firewall to block them from the truth.

Sighting Report on Ring of Truth

New Sighting from 2006 at or above Sru Lake (Squaw Lake). Click Girl going through door to get to Sighting. Tell us what you think.

Share Your Bigfoot Sighting

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Regarding 13 Year FS Employee's Comment

Guest Editor-Blogger: >>>> field
Regarding: 13 year FS employee

This particular report never stated anything about a pervert. It did state however that a UNKNOWN ANIMAL was probably the culprit. This report was shot out to GBRD and GRD over the hill. The report was handled in the usual way as unknown person or unknown species of animal sighting. The so called 13 year employee who wrote here is completly misinformed or something's going on over at Powers RD that shouldn't be.

Oh yes, I know what was and was not in that report so don't try to belittle the Hamiltons hear. They did the right thing by bringing this to our attention.

Sru Lake Gate "...is correct."

Guest Editor-Blogger: Ed
Regarding: Sru Lake Gate

The photo of the gate is correct. It is on the Bear Creek road side going into Sru Lake. The other green FS gate has been removed completely. And yes the lake is open but it was not a month ago.I can't be sure when it reopened because the forest service is saying it never was closed and that's not true. Just like the Kim family thing over on the 23 .FS said it was locked and then said it wasn't locked. I'm a very longtime citizen of Gaylord, OR and have heard many stories out of the Siskiyous about Bigfoot. To say your an 13 year employee and say many that worked there for 20 years didn't know anything about that area is just down right incompetent.

" ... should speak for themselves..."

Guest Editor-Blogger: PD
Regarding: 13 year FS employee's comment

I know somebody inside the Powers ranger district is reading this blog. OK with me but they should speak for themselves not the entire staff here at PRD.

I have found the article from the 13 year employee to be inaccurate and misinforming. To say we have never had any trouble or reports from the 3348 section is a blatant lie.

 I was out of Powers in 1973 - 1990 and have heard plenty of them. So USFS employee get it right next time. Also the pressure that's been put on us to remain silent for years will no longer work.

Our "March to Truth" Where Bigfoot/Sasquatch is Concerned.

If a thousand old beliefs were ruined in our march to truth we must still march on. ~Stopford Brooke

To Make Clear Our Position

Photo: Photoxpress

We know that Bigfoot Ballyhoo has "friends" in the Forest Service and we must remain neutral to draw reports from all interested parties. We want to hear from all sides who wish to "talk bigfoot." The truth about the animal must come out. And it must "come out" in a dignified, lawful manner.


Thank you for bring this to my attention. I was indeed wrong on this point: the commenter did state he was with the FS for 13 years.

However, this does not mean his information constitutes an official FS possition.
Linda Newton-Perry

Above Regarding this comment:

Hi Linda, sorry to contradict you here but the commenter did say and I quote, "I have worked for the Forest Service for more than 13 years." I would say that this does imply that he is affiliated. Sounds to me like he is an employee

This Week's Newspaper Column by Linda Newton-Perry "A Matter of Time"

Most Agree, Sru Lake is Open

As most of you know Squaw Lake in Coos County has a new name, Sru Lake. For the last couple of days the comments on the Perrys’ blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, have been about the lake being opened and the plans to stock it with trout. These comments ignited further comments that the lake has never been closed. And one said the lake has been closed off and on for fifteen years. One supposedly in the know, an anonymous writer, said there has never been any “trouble” at the lake, warranting, that is, the lake being closed. The only “trouble” he could think of was that of blue algae in the water and warning signs being posted.

Several longtime area residents commented that, indeed, there have always been rumors of problems at the lake and those being bigfoot sightings. One person commented that the Hamilton family sighting of 2008 was nothing more than a pervert staring at the daughter and wife. Buck Hamilton, very upset, shot back a comment that their report did not include any such word as pervert for what was lurking behind a tree, staring at his wife and daughter.

We know that the late Dale Saxton was included in a research team, Jan. 2009, to determine who was vandalizing the Squaw Lake area. The group met with accidents and illness and so it was called off. Dale Saxton believed the damage was done by a bigfoot that had probably moved on, leaving the area.

Dale Saxton’s friend and fellow bigfoot researcher, Bill Emery, has been away for most of last week filming a bigfoot program, according to Dale Saxton’s daughter, Mary. Several have asked why he hasn’t commented about the lake being closed or open and whether it is safe or not. Mary wrote that he should be back by Monday and perhaps will comment.

Several that have commented on Bigfoot Ballyhoo infer that there is more to the site than stated in the mission statement. The mission statement in part reads: Bigfoot Ballyhoo is also dedicated to the wonderment of the animal bigfoot/sasquatch and to the sharing of that wonderment with others. The site is an open forum. Any may submit a comment anonymously as long as it is in good taste and civil. Any good that comes from this site is by the way; we are delighted to be part of the search for bigfoot truth.

Linda Newton-Perry, along with her husband Christopher Perry, is the author of three children’s bigfoot books and one Viking Age Novel, Forced Blood The Norseman. These books may be ordered on Amazon.com or the Perrys’ website www.christopherperryandlindanewtonperry.com.

More From Buck Hamilton on His FS Sighting Report

Guest Editor-Blogger: Buck Hamilton

Yes, this is basically correct. The FS asked us not to discuss this part of it with anybody though I have. The animal did come within 40 [feet, yards?] or so from my daughter and wife. I had no gun so all I could think of was a bottle rocket that we had left over.

It did work and the thing fled fast. I would like to also say I felt then and now the FS wanted to cover up the sighting.

I am very upset they would say it was a pervert. They knew about this thing before we ever camped there. He made several statements that "We've had others give the same description of the animal".


I did bring it to Mr. Hamilton's attention that this was one comment only and no mention of FS affiliation.  So the official report may not have included this word "pervert." It would be good to know what the official report used for this animal or hairy manlike being. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Above remark is an error. The commenter did mention he was with FS for 13 years....Linda Newton-Perry

Sru Lake Gate

Guest Editor-Blogger: ML

Linda somebody wrote on your blog there has never been a gate a Squaw /Sru Lake. This is incorrect as you can see by this photo. The gate has been there since 2005, I think. My hubby and I were by there in November 2009 and that gate was locked. In September the gate was closed but not locked, because FS was in there at the lake. ML

Friday, March 26, 2010

Who to believe? Bigfoot

Buck Hamilton Speaks Out on His Sighting at, now, Sru Lake

Guest Editor-Blogger: Buck Hamilton

Regarding: comment below
I am very sadden by the comment left on this blog by a FS employee that my wife reported a pervert at Squaw Lake in 2008. Nothing could be further from the truth. As I wrote out in my report the FS man Scott, never said anything about a pervert. He did say that they had had other reports from the area of strange sighting of something they didn't understand.

 He was the one that asked my wife if the creature was standing on two legs. He was the one to say the creature was a Bigfoot type thing not her. Since then we have stayed clear of there.We know it was a very large manlike animal that stared at my daughter and wife.

 There was nobody other than us at the campground, nobody; and Im very angry that they would say otherwise.

Attention: Mills Report Snow in the Mountains

Please check weather conditions in areas you plan to visit. This photo was submitted by the late Dale Saxton. It is of the Sru Lake area.

Sru Lake, More: Contradictory Information

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous
Regarding: Sru Lake

Sru lake is not now and never has been closed; there are no gates or anything to keep people out. I just had someone tell me it is clear to Sru Lake so you can get there now. In fact every winter the area is not accessible due to snow but it is never closed.

Last year we took our dog up there in August and noticed a blue/green alge and reported it after that there were signs posted warning folks to stay out of the water along with animals etc.  It came directly from the Oregon Health Dept. along with many other lakes in Oregon. As soon as the rain started and the lake cleared another test was done and the signes were taken down; again, it was never closed.

In 2008, a family reported a strange man at Sru Lake was watching their little girl. It was reported as a pervert.  He could have been a big harry man to the little girl or her family but certainly it was not reported as a bigfoot sighting.

I have lived in Powers for more than 24 years and until I read this blog I had no idea that Sru Lake was seen as a bigfoot site.  I have worked for the Forest Service for more than 13 years and still I have not heard of any of this until now. It was a big suprise to the Forest Service employees who have been here for over 20 years to read this also.

It's amazing how you can work and live in an area for many years and know nothing about this until you read about people who have stories to tell about our Forest.

If any readers of this blog are planning a trip to Sru Lake, please check weather conditions and be prepared....Linda Newton-Perry

Check Out Bigfoot Ballyhoo's extension Bigfoot and the Ring of Truth

Click picture, at right,  of girl going through door to go to the overflow area of Bigfoot Ballyhoo. You are not getting all the information if you just stay on this page.

About Bill Emery and Why he Does Not Comment.

Guest Editor-Blogger: Mary R

Bill Emery is currently in Jackson County with a film crew taping a show. I talked with him this morning by phone and he was not aware that any decisions had been made on the lake.

He did say "those bunch of pin heads up there are >>>>>>>>"  The filming will be over this Sunday and he will be back to answer the questions.

One thing he said is no bigfoot has been harmed, killed or hunted to his knowledge. And he was up there last Sunday for a talk with a road watchman about the culverts over the cliff. He did also say he pulled 2 cars back on the road that day.

I know Bill and my brother would never remain silent or let anybody get away with harming the animal in anyway.
(Mary R. is Dale Saxton's daughter.) Mary since we've dedicated this blog to your father, if you have adventure stories to tell, please share....Linda Newton-Perry

Read Comments on Sru Lake Opening, under posts or in column at right.

Photo: Late Dale Saxton, Squaw Lake (now Sru Lake)
He labeled it "Bigfoot Kind of Night"

There are several comments in the comment section on Sru Lake and its opening. Please read and tell us what you think. ... Linda Newton-Perry


So many strong opinions. ... I must leave them in comments section, only: Since I, Linda Newton-Perry, have no way of knowing the truth of these matters.

Bigfoot: Life Changing if you should see one.

Sru Lake Road Conditions as of March 25, 2010

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous
Regarding Sru Lake, Road Conditions

As of tonight the area around Sru Lake is snowing hard. It snowed very hard last night also. The road cannot be accessed by 2 wheel drive as of now. The forecast is for more snow tonight and tomorrow. Anybody that travels the 3348 road should carry emergency equipment and shovels in case of getting stuck.

 I will also state here and now that that lake IS NOT SAFE for the public to camp overnight.
March 25, 2010 9:54 PM

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Seeing is Believing: Bigfoot

//// Employee Speaks Out on Safety Issues of Reopening Sru Lake

Guest Editor-Blogger: //// employee
Regarding Sru Lake

Some information has come to light on the decision to reopen Sru Lake . The forest service has said they received complaints about the lake being closed. It is of their opinion that there is no danger to the public at this time. They strongly deny that a Bigfoot was ever blamed for any past damage to the campground and surrounding area. That have no evidence that anybody other than your common vandals are responsible for the vandalism. Over the last few month USFS has watched the lake and campground and have found no reason to justify further closure. All the past trouble can all be explained on some people bent on destruction of the forest and nothing more.

Search Bigfoot Ballyhoo for Squaw Lake now Sru Lake

Above Squaw Lake (Sru Lake)
Photo by late Dale Saxton

To learn more about this tiny lake use the search tool on this page, right, using its former name Squaw Lake and Sru Lake. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"A Journey Into Ape Canyon" Part 2, Abe Videl

Abe Videl has left a new comment on your post "A Journey Into Ape Canyon, 1966, Abe Videl":

Part 2.

As the shots were effective in stopping whatever had tossed the large rock, it did not stop whatever was following Dancer and me. For several hours the sounds of the animals walking were on both sides of the narrow creek above the treeline. This was the first time I realized that more than one of them was on my trail.

 We finally made it to a small stream that fed into the larger one. At this point a small island was visible, so I decided this was where my best chance to defend myself against whatever was after us. The small island would give me some advantage in seeing the mysterious animals if they approached us. I sat silent for over two hours and heard nothing from above the creek. It was then when I thought that I might be getting close to Spirit Lake.

 I decided that I wouldn't take a chance on nightfall coming on, with me stuck on the small island. Dancer and me and what else I thought? I had thought of Wolverines but they don't travel in pairs, so it had to be something else. Finally that evening just before dusk, I caught site of the beautiful Spirit Lake where I knew the caretaker of the lodge would put me up for the night.

 Harry was a good checker player, so I knew we would have a pleasant evening without the mysterious creatures or animals that trailed Dancer and I for the last two days. I told Harry of our last few days in the Ape Canyon area. He was not surprised by my account of the mountain devils of that region.

Harry Truman died that morning in 1980 when the mountain erupted. I still dream of Dancer and our days together.
Posted by Abe Videl to Bigfoot Ballyhoo at March 24, 2010 6:51 PM

Loved it! Hope you write more of your adventures for us to enjoy. Thank you. ... Linda Newton-Perry


So Many Have Seen Bigfoot. Why Isn't It Enought to Prove he Exists?

Sru Lake Cover-Up

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous
Regarding: On Sru Lake and Trespassers

First they have to stop lying to us about what's going on. You can't preserve something you keep saying doesn't exist. They obviously have evidence that it does exist or they wouldn't be closing the lake. Come on it is time we demand they tell the truth.

We have the power to end the mystery here. The USFS will have to succumb to our pressure now, too many know what's going on. We should call them every day and demand the truth; we know they are lying. The issue has moved from bigfoot to cover-up here.

Lets put a stop to it now.

Another Opinion on Sru Lake
Guest Editor-Blogger: Robert

With all the past and recent damage to the area, I think the forest service is doing the right thing here. Anon is right, if the animal responsible turns out to be bigfoot and they kill it, the public would go nuts claiming conspiracy and unjustified homicide against this animal. By keeping the area closed and posted the forest service would not be responsible for any nut that sneaks in and gets badly injured or killed. We can't have it both ways folks! This is the best way to handle it. Remember this is a small lake that just a few ever heard of anyway. People can surly live without this tiny lake for a while.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On Sru Lake and Trespassers

I'm not getting your thinking here. What do you want USFS to say? They have signs up saying "No Trespassing" "Danger". Do you want them to say there's a monster up there. Come on! You and I both know they don't know for sure what is going on up at that lake. Give em a little credit here.
March 23, 2010 7:01 PM

Anonymous said...
Im with the USFS people on this one. If they hire somebody to go in and kill it then they get hell from the public. If they keep it closed they get hell from the public but nobody gets killed
March 23, 2010 7:21 PM

A Journey Into Ape Canyon, 1966, Abe Videl

Abe Videl and his cabin

Guest Editor-Blogger: Abe Videl

Part 1.
     In July of 1966, I decided to take a journey into the area of Ape Canyon, that infamous place from 1924. Four miners had said they were attacked by large Gorillas in the year of 1924. After stocking up at Kelso, I talked with Fred Beck's son to get the exact location of the cabin. After doing so I headed into the Mt St. Helens area for a three week trip .

After a week of travel,  I landed in the canyon that Beck's son had told me about. After a couple days of prospecting I found the remains of the cabin where the attack had taken place. There, I decided to make camp as the area was right for color. I found the old "Vanderlight Mine" the miners had had during the 1924 year. I had taken notice that the old cabin was no longer standing, so I camped next to the entrance of the mine.

This year I had a husky with me. Dancer was a very quiet dog, not to ever bark at wildlife. Well on the third night, Dancer caught the smell of something that put him into a tizzy. I never caught sight nor heard anything strange. The next morning I decided after bannock and bacon, I would head into the canyon where Beck's son had told me they had shot one of the large beasts.

It was a hard travel, but we made it into the bottom by dark. That night I heard screams and wood being smashed against trees all night. At daybreak I scouted the creek bank and found many barefoot tracks of different sizes. Something had changed because I felt somebody or some animal was watching me. I just couldn't shake the feeling that I was in danger.

I broke camp and we headed downstream . As we did it became very apparent that I was being followed by something. Dancer became uncontrollable and the land around me was all wrong for feel. At several different times, I felt something so close that I knew It was hopeless to try and flee it. As I had my "32 Winchester Special" rifle in hand I felt a need to stop and take control of my fear.

It was at that time a great boulder came down in the creek not ten feet from my head. This completely unnerved me. I shot off two rounds in the air to scare off whoever was responsible. It worked because all became very quiet. {Will write out part 2 on Thursday}

How exciting. We are looking forward to the rest of the story....Linda Newton-Perry

Tommy Chong was Watched by a Bigfoot

TommyChong has left a new comment on your post "Has Bigfoot Seen You? Tell us About it."

Bigfoot definitely seen me before I realized I was being watched!
Here's my BFRO report, with forensic drawings of what I saw looking at me


Has Bigfoot Seen You? Tell us About it.

We have many sightings of humans seeing bigfoot, but do you know for sure bigfoot saw you. If so tell us about it.

Please, remember we are looking for those photos of the 1962 Columbus Day Storm victim: bigfoot. Many photos were taken the day she was found. Search Bigfoot Ballyhoo, Columbus Day Storm, for more information. And keep emailing the Smithsonian for information on these bones that ended up there. Let's make a difference, let's "discover" bigfoot with the information we already have!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Going Bigfooting

Bigfoot Outing
Look on Ring of  Truth for a bigfoot outing. The participants called it a "Stupid Bigfoot Day." They were trying to travel to the Shr Lake area.

Look for: Bigfoot Outing: Paripants Call  it a Stupid Bigfoot Day: Shr Lake

Sighting! Sighting! (Bigfoot)

Guest Editor-Blogger: Aaron has

I have never been known as a BIGFOOT believer. That is till October 12, 2009, when I believe that the creature known as Bigfoot walked out onto a clear cut forty miles east of Coos Bay ,Oregon.

On this day I was was hunting on Weyco land on the Dellwood side on the 8000 line. It was very early in the morning hours when I arrived to the area. Just as daylight came I saw what I thought to be a large black bear slowly moving down through this clear cut. It wasn't till I noticed the bear was turning over old logs apparently looking for something under them, I glassed the animal and quite to my amazement this thing was standing straight up and smelling the air for odors I think.

 I watched this thing walk a few feet then slump over and turn over a rock and then role a old rotten log over. The face on this thing was nothing I'd ever seen. It was a wild looking human apelike feature covered in black hair from head to feet.The hair wasn't like a bears coat would be. It was longer around the head and chest but not all that hairy on the arms and legs like a bear would be. It has very srong looking arms on it.

I watched this thing for over 30 mins till I heard another pickup coming up the gravel road. This thing must have heard the truck too because it took off very fast into the treeline at the bottom of the clear cut. When the two guys came to where I was parked I told them what I had seen and the snickers started so I clammed up. The only person I ever told was my brother and he even laughed. I know this thing was a Bigfoot because no other animal out there walks on 2 legs. Like I said I got a real good look at it for a good amount of time and know that what it was. I would never have reported it because of the unbelievable chance anybody would have taken me for real.

Great sighting! I'm sorry you didn't have a camera.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

About Bigfoot Bones Sent to Smithsonian Institution

Guest Editor-Blogger: Bill Emery

Regarding: bigfoot bones sent to Smithsonian Institution

Anthropology Outreach Office
Smithsonian Institution
Washington, DC 20012-7012

Mr. Emery per your Freedom of Information Act Request :

Mr. Emery your FOIA request was processed and we have no record that anything was ever cataloged on a biped animal or creature shipped here in 1963. We do indeed have thousands of unidentified bones that was never processed by our staff as to the origin not confirmed. The records show that some kind of unverified remains were shipped to SI only to be removed by Department of Interior on May 24 1963. We have no way of tracking these remains from SI vaults. Thank you for your interest and I'm sorry I cannot help you with your request.

P.Ann Kaupp

The Perrys Search for Bigfoot

Go to Bigfoot and the Ring of Truth to check out the outing information. Tell us if you went "bigfooting" lately.

More From Abe Videl, Who has seen bigfoot twice.

Abe Videl has left a new comment on your post "Photo of Abe Videl and his Wilderness Home"

Yes, I built it in 48. It was 45 miles to Credence BC from my cabin. It is still there, though the years are catching up with it and me. I had two horses and three mules at the time. We moved the logs with a wooden block and tripod with mules. Zak Simmons lived within 20 miles of my cabin, so we traded salt, flour and hardtack and snuff. We supplied ourselves one time every three months. I never remarried and had no kids so it was my wish to leave civilization and spend my remaining years in the mountains.

Did you call yourself, a mountain man? Did you raise a garden? Did you get mail? ...Linda Newton-Perry

Abe's answers:

Oh yes a big garden. They called me a hermit,but i thought of myself as a free soul. You see after my dear Sally died I was broken hearted and felt to reason to stay in the lowlands. I was born in the mountains with 4 brothers ans 2 sisters so I knew that type of life was really what I yearned for. Along with my dog I set out to find nature again. over the years I had many dogs,raccoons, and deer that I befriended. I lived off the land with what nature provided me with. I wouldn't change a thing. I read many books and had a good life there. My dogs were a good source of companionship for me. When Zak died of crup,I buried him behind his place because he had no family and started my treks into the deep mountains of the Pacific Northwest

I got my post once every three months when I went into town for supplies.

Will write more later, I'm tired out tonight!

Josh and Shannon's (Possible) Bigfoot Camping Adventure

Read about a camping adventure on Bigfoot and the Ring of Truth. Click top-right photo of girl going through door.

"A Matter of Time" Newspaper Column, by Linda Newton-Perry

Where are the Photos? Where are the Bones?

Last week on our blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, we received several sightings, current and from the past. What a joy it is to “talk bigfoot” with ones that have seen the animal and those who would like to see it. I wish to remind those that have seen the animal to take pride in that fact, for you are indeed few.

Last week, we again talked about the Columbus Day Storm of 1962 and the dead bigfoot-type creature that was found on Dew Ridge Spur (Oregon), under a fallen tree. We were reminded that several people shot photos of the creature. So those photos are out there! Milt, left an informative comment on Ballyhoo, it in part reads: “... we all thought it would be all over TV and radio about it but we never saw anymore of it, ever. This creature was 7 or 8 feet in height and over 500 lbs in weight. It was a big animal with large arms and barrel-chested, it seems. Most of the damage to it was on the left side and mid-body.” Clyde J made this comment: “Somebody out there has pictures of that creature found in ’62. I clearly remember the Forest Service and some men from a college took pictures of that thing under the big tree.”

These bones were traced to the Smithsonian. A Forest Service employee, on his/her own time, researched the subject and concluded that the bones were sent to the Smithsonian. A Forest Service File Number was included in the comment. That number is USFS/33058-45333-294734-19B. I emailed the Smithsonian, it is a vast organization, about the bones and got back that they didn’t have the bones and more-or-less, how could they have bones of an animal that doesn’t exist? It would be good if you too emailed the Smithsonian asking for information. Perhaps you can add information about all the photos taken. Feel free to use excerpts from this blog to make your case. If enough interest is shown, maybe someone at the Smithsonian will look into the matter. It is possible that a photo was also included with the bones. Wouldn’t it be outstanding if we, at Bigfoot Ballyhoo could help clear up some of the mystery of this animal? We talk about bigfoot; we’ve brought about change and now let’s find those pictures, and those bones!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Two New Comment on Bigfoot and the Ring of Truth

Click top right picture of girl going through door to go to extension of this blog.

1. Forest Rangers Warn Campers of Bigfoot Sightings, Long Ago
2. Culverts Tossed Over Steep Ravine, and Large Tracks Were Said Found

Photo of Abe Videl and his Wilderness Home

I took to the wilderness after my wife died of TB in 45. I lived until the age of 80 years in my cabin on Cold Creek in BC. I now live in a retirement home in BC. I've wrote my life down in my journal but have never published it. Thanks for your interest in Sasquatch. I looked for years and found hundreds of tracks but only seen two of them in my time.


I thank you so much for these photos. Please write more of your adventures. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Did you make your log home? How far from town was it? ...Linda Newton-Perry

Sighting! Sighting!

Guest Editor-Blogger: Abe Videl 
Regarding: A Sighting

Back in 1963, I was on one of many packing trips in remote BC. It was early summer and I was in the Kicking Horse Canyon above the Frazier River. I had been traveling for 2 weeks when I came across this elderly trapper that lived in a small cabin near Whitehorse Mountain. He invited me to stay a couple days with him to give my horse a badly needed hot pack for his front knee (bruised). After a day this guy told me of the forest giants that from time to time visited his cabin in the night to take salted fish and deer meat.I quickly became very interested in his claim that they would come within 30 feet of him at times. He claimed that a large male and female had been taking food from him for 4 years. He said these giants were SISWISS creatures. He said the giant creatures had never tried to harm him but only watched him with great detail. The last night before I was to leave the large female creature came within 200 yards of the cabin but would not take any fish or meat. He knew it was the female because of her lighter hair color. I was most disappointed that she didn't come close enough for me to view her. The trapper said she was shy and wouldn't come in because I was there. I sure wish I would have had more time and stay longer to maybe see these giants but at daybreak, I headed out for Kicking Horse Pass and never saw the trapper again. I often wondered years later if the trapper died there in his cabin. I also thought many times of the forest giants that this trapper had become acquainted with.


Mr. Videl, I sure would like to have a picture of you for the blog. Either now or in your younger years. I love it that a man of your experience is sharing with us. Thank you so much....Linda Newton-Perry

Comment on "New Program on History Channel"

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I couldn't help but wonder what bigfoot was doing down in the tuffas, maybe finding minerals to eat? As to the red eyes, it does make you wonder, but I have read the same description in many bigfoot sighting reports.
I wonder if the eyes were blood-shot. Thank you for your comment. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sighting! Sighting!

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous
Today's date: March 18, 2010
Regarding: Sighting near Florence, Oregon

Last week was the most intense day of my life. I was hiking on the Oregon Coast near Florence when I just happen to look ahead of myself about 200 ft. I noticed this large dark person walking down the side of the beach cliff towards me. I thought it strange because there's nowhere you can go other than into a fenced field from there. As I got closer to the person, I became aware it was not a person. It was something different.

I could not see all that well because of the fog that layered the coastline. When this unknown thing saw me it took off very fast up a little creek that dumps into the sea. As it took off, I noticed it was covered in a coat of ether fur or hair. It was only visible for maybe 30 seconds after I first seen it. It was too large for a person in a fur coast!

This sounds just like Sutton Creek down the beach from Driftwood Shores. We go to Florence several times a year. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Another Sighting!

Guest Editor-Blogger:Anonymous
Regarding:A Sighting

I'm one of six that has given testimony in a defamation and slander suit that is being or has been filed. I cannot talk about where or what happened, but can tell you it was last December. Anyway we were returning from the job site and saw this creature on a back road in /////. It was big, hairy walked one two legs like they say a bigfoot does. We called in the report. Maybe I can say more at a later time.

Thank you for this. We will be happy to hear more. Maybe you can tell us in more detail what the animal looked like and how you were feeling when you saw it. If one of these six was with you, how did he/she react to the sighting. I'm not trying to make you say something that you shouldn't, but we bigfoot believers love to hear all the details.  ...Linda Newton-Perry

Sighting! Sighting!

Guest Editor-Blogger:Anonymous
(This Sighting was submitted to Bigfoot and the Ring of Truth, the extension to this site.)

I too think this site is a real good source for bigfoot. People like to hear of current events with the big guy and we get it here.

Late last year me and five others saw a giant creature on a bridge near Kalmiopsis Wilderness. Much has been said about that day we all saw it. About all I can say is the ones that call it BS wasn't there, we were.

The idiot sticks that run this county are hiding the truth from all because they don't [want] a shakeup in the county. Now we are embroiled in pending legal action because somebody said it was a lie. I have taken a polygraph and passed it with flying colors. And so have the others. Not one of us that day believed that animal to be real till we all saw it
Do you mean you personally are embroiled in pending legal action? The reason I ask there are several pending court cases for suspended licenses. Did you report it to the police and did you get your license suspended. When did this happen you didn't say.  And we would love to know what it looked like. You know we like "talking bigfoot" here....Linda Newton-Perry

He probably wonders about you too!

Keep Talking Bigfoot

Original Photo: Photoexpress
The message in red above: Share your thoughts on bigfoot. Know someone who's seen one and can't get anyone to believe him? Encourage them to talk about it on this blog. Remember we don't have anyway of knowing who you are, if you use anonymous. We simpley wish to know all there is to know about bigfoot. SO FAR!

Three Cougars Observed in City Park

In the city of Eugene, Oregon, March 17, three cougars were spotted by two hikers. That in itself was out of the ordinary, but even more so was that the cougars were in a city park, Spencer Butte Park. The three, however, were seen while still dark, early morning, not out of the ordinary.

The point of this is, if cougars are about so might bigfoot be prowling in our city parks. In one Oregon Coast town bears are a problem. And we know there have been reports of bigfoot sightings near dumpsters in towns.

Stay alert, watch for bigfoot and have your camera ready.