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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

NABS's Research on Oregon License Suspension

License Suspension and Bigfoot

During our years of bigfoot research North America Bigfoot Search NABS) has heard many stories regarding the governments involvement in the topic. In “The Hoopa Project” we copied a United States government document from the Army Corps of Engineers that talks about bigfoot living in the forests of Washington. There were also citations in the book about the FBI conducting hair analysis on purported bigfoot hair, again, all written in a government document.

In the last month a series of claims were made on Linda Newton Perry’s site about the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles becoming involved in bigfoot sightings. The claim was made that people who observed a bigfoot and subsequently reported the sighting to an Oregon police department would have their license suspended. Since many of us in NABS are current and former police officers this information was deeply disturbing. Let’s clarify the authority police officers have in California. If we observe someone driving and is under some type of physical impairment (physical impairment) we can sent a special notice to DMV requesting that the driver go through a new drivers test with an official to prove they can still operate a vehicle safely. If a medical doctor is treating a person who is having fainting spells or blackouts, they are required by law to notify DMV, subsequently, the person’s license will be suspended until the fainting spells are under control. We know of no authority that allows officers in California to recommend suspension of a license based on the driver making an observation and subsequent report. Example, seeing things or thinking you are seeing things is not necessarily a rationale to suspend a license.

An individual on Ms. Perry’s site made mention of Oregon DMV form 4423 and that this form was utilized to suspend licenses. The Oregon DMV stated that a form of that number does not exist in their system, but, that may be a law enforcement form utilized by an agency that they numbered. Form 6066 is utilized by Oregon DMV to document license suspension issues.

The Oregon DMV issue was of critical importance to NABS so we decided to spend the day investigating the issue. After a series of phone calls, we were able to contact the Oregon DMV’s Public Information Officer, David House. David is the point person for the public and media that have questions about anything inside the Oregon DMV. NABS explained the issue in great detail to David and inquired if Oregon DMV had a practice of suspending licenses of drivers who reported a bigfoot or sasquatch sighting? David stated that the law in Oregon appears to mimic the law in California. The intent of the law is to control physical impairment, not mental issues. If a driver has issues controlling their vehicle a law enforcement officer can request re-testing. If someone is severely mentally disabled the DMV sends the officers statement to the DMV’s “Medical Program Coordinator” (MPC). The MPC evaluates the requests and then can send a notification to a driver requesting that they obtain a medical clearance from a psychologist or psychiatrist. This ISN’T their (DMV’s) doctor, this is a doctor of the drivers choosing. If the doctor evaluates the driver and determines they are medically unfit to drive, they can recommend suspension. Again, this would be a doctor of the drivers choosing that would make the recommendation.

I asked Mr. House if he could check with the MPC and determine how many times in the last several years a bigfoot or sasquatch sighting has been the catalyst listed by the police officer as a reason for suspension, he stated he would check into it and contact us later in the day. Four hours later Mr. House did call NABS. Mr. House stated that he contacted the supervisor of the MPC and she then contacted each of the three subordinates that review cases. Never in the history of Oregon DMV has a bigfoot or sasquatch sighting been listed as a reason for license suspension, according to Mr. House. Mr. House did state that possibly the police officers listed the bigfoot or sasquatch in their report and did not forward that information to DMV, but he thought that wouldn’t be valuable as all information is needed in the report to authorize a medical evaluation. He further stated that if a bigfoot or sasquatch sighting was the catalyst for the suspension and it wasn’t listed in the documents sent to DMV, what would the officer list as the rationale to suspend the license?

So, to clarify the issue of drivers licenses being suspended in Oregon because of a bigfoot or sasquatch sighting, the official response from the Public Information Officer is NEVER. If there is a license suspended the driver has a right to an administrative law hearing. The driver can go alone or with an attorney, they are informal as many of us in NABS have attended them over drunk driving arrests and subsequent suspension of the arrestees license. The administrative law judge sits as an impartial party and makes a decision as to the outcome of the evidence. There is a stenographer in the room and everything stated is documented.

NABS would recommend that any driver in Oregon who is faced with suspension over a bigfoot sighting to get the stenographers documented and certified notes, they will show why the license suspension was upheld and validate your claim.

It would seem that Mr. House knows that drivers with licenses suspended could easily prove why they were suspended via the stenographers and attorney’s notes and he knows he would be challenged if he lied, so, we wouldn’t understand why he would. He also knows that he is gauged by the media and public contacts as to his honesty, so we doubt that he would lie under the scenario of our interview. There may be isolated incidents where a local small town police officer didn’t report the issue to DMV regarding a bigfoot sighting, but, if that happened, DMV would surely hear about it at the hearing stage from the driver. It’s an interesting issue and you’ve just been privy to the DMV response.



Anonymous said...

Whoever said this is down right lying. After reading this NABS story I too called Salem, Oregon. The DMV administrator told me nobody has requested any information on suspensions. He denies anybody from NABS or a David Paulides ever contacting him. He did state at even if such a person called they would never discuss a licence suspension with him. I right out ask him if they could do suspension on a bigfoot slighting and he did deny that that would be a reason for it. He also told me most times their i other things that they look at.

Lou said...

Great: another torpedo from NABS.

Kirk said...

Negativism, oh yes he can give it,but not take it. I'm quite sure everybody on this blog that has said the same thing are conspiring with one another to keep bigfoot sightings quiet. LOL
I have looked at NABS track record on bigfoot reports and find them to have their own agenda with bigfoot. He loves to point out to everybody he's a former police officer. That's real neat but doesn't mean squat for bigfoot..

LSE said...

While investigating I have found out some interesting details about NABS. There is only two members of NABS which are David Paulides and Ray Crow. There are no other names mentioned on his website, nor can I find any other persons affiliated with NABS.I am unable to find any southern Oregon investigator as stated by Paulides. They do not go to reported sightings of bigfoot. They do call and talk with the persons that notify them. The USFS in Orleans Calf, states they have never worked with NABS. They also state NABS has been denied access into the certain areas of Bluff Creek on several occasions. Further more USFS said no reports of bigfoot have ever been given to NABS. Mr.Paulides has made some "pretty out there comments" on conspiracies in the past ie; Bluff Creek Massacre and Squaw Lake bigfoot, government conspiracies and such. This is not in any way intended to belittle Mr. Paulides. But is a accurate finding of my investigation of NABS. Mr.Paulides as written two books on bigfoot. Mr. Paulides is a former police officer. Other than this he does not have no record of any actual bigfoot investigations other than Hoopa Calf. He has made some remarks about a "group" trying to stop bigfoot sightings from being reported. I have found no evidence that anybody is conspiring to do any such thing.

Anonymous said...

Dear LSE
It's one thing to disagree with an organization and it's another to completely fabricate something on a blog, and herein lies the problem with believing what people write. Fine, don't like bigfoot organizations but don't COMPLETELY fabricate and lie about them.

Fact: NABS has had a relationship with the Orleans office of the USFS and specifically with their staff biologist, the one they should be working with, refer to pages 54-57 in "The Hoopa Project" where his picture appears and the relationship is explained...Whoops, I guess you need to read their books and website to understand their depth.

Fact- Ray Crowe, you mispelled his name. No, Ray has never been a member of NABS, they purchased the research of Ray's when he retired. As for members, all you have to do is read the site, which, you haven't done, or, maybe the books...Maybe then you would have a better understanding of NABS.

Fact- NABS, Paulides or any of their associates have NEVER made a public statement about a supposed massacre at Bluff Creek. You need to read the articles with emphasis on understanding what is said. Their organization has been accused of this several times in the past and nobody can EVER show where they have said anything, it's all rumor perpetrated by people who like to lie.

It's actually humorous to read what people write about NABS. As someone who does know and someone who does care, the people that completely fabricate items obviously have an agenda or they wouldn't do it...LSE and others that rant on look foolish in the eyes of the people with knowledge.

I would suggest that people who question the veracity or integrity of NABS call Mr. House directly and hear what he has to say about Oregon DMV. You will quickly discount all of the rants that claim NABS is fabricating the statements in their interview. All of what NABS states can be easily verified and I would encourage people who truly care, make those calls, you'll be pleasantly surprised that there's an honest group in our area...

LSE, Portland Oregon said...

I will stand behind my earlier comment on NABS. I very carefully investigated this so called group and will gladly back up all my claims in court. You can't beat the truth. I would ask people to call the supervisor of USFS Orleans Ca. I think people know who's writing the lies. Sometimes he's a president of a fictitious group other times he's anonymous. Like I said this is not to belittle anybody, it's just fact

Daren Jackson said...

TO NABS: Very good PR for Paulides but not of any value to bigfoot research. May I remind people Albert Einstein could barley write his own name. This did not make him ignorant. Sure some folks know the fancy words of saying somebody stepped in !!!!, but it still smells bad!

Quinn said...

Darin you are right on the money. People has criticized others here for not spelling words right. Also the people that do this are counting on us to think them superior. It says's on NABS website that the investigators are undercover: LOL Only Paulides is out there in G.. Bay. Their website is many pages of self credit to PaulIdes. Actually nothing more than a infomercial.

Anonymous said...

Paulides claims he never said Bluff Creek Massacre, BS He has been yapping that nonsense for years. Read the article The editor of the Willow Creek paper abouT him. It on BIGFOOTS BLOG at the bottom of this BLOG.