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Friday, February 26, 2010

License Again Suspended

Guest Editor-Blogger: Gina Riggs
Regarding: "You Should Say What to a Cop?"

I'm the one that called the police after seeing bigfoot near Loon Lake. When I told of this on the blog there was a article from NABS on here. The NABS person said he had talked with Oregon DMV and a man named David House told him they NEVER have suspended a license because of a bigfoot report. When the other man and I reported it I believed what NABS said.

 Well, yesterday I got a suspension notice from DMV, stating my licence has been suspended till the time I can pass an exam by a psychologist. Then I must pay a $75 dollar reinstatement fee. I contacted the other person who saw it and he too got the same thing Thursday. We thought it was the right thing to do by reporting it because of the danger of somebody hitting it.

 I wish people would not write untrue things stating it's OK to report it and then find out It's not. I will admit me and the other man did tell the OSP that it was a bigfoot because that's what it was.

I'm sorry to hear this, but for several weeks now we have been aware that this practice was occurring. Did the letter say if you will have to pay for the psychologist? I'll be passing by the Loon Lake turnoff tomorrow. Was your sighting on the Loon Lake road itself and if so how near the main road along the Umpqua? Thank you for commenting. We do need to know the truth of this matter. No matter what reason the police use and I guess it is reporting a false report on an animal not thought to exist, it is happening and  people are having their licenses suspended....Linda Newton-Perry


Gina Answers Perry's Questions

Yes Linda, I do have to pay for the exam it's $325.00 at a Eugene doctor I've never heard of. Also my insurance Co will find out because DMV said in the notice they have sent a copy to Farmers. I'm very upset, I thought the police were to protect and serve not to harm us. My only wish now is that I can get my license back.


Gina, remember that not very many people have seen this animal, and you are one of them. Please try to find pleasure in this. We are hoping that the CNN program will get the word out on how to go about reporting a bigfoot sighting and not get licenses suspended. The program has not been filmed yet, and we certainly hope it will be soon. Please keep us informed. Your experience will help others. ...Linda Newton-Perry


Anonymous said...

Maybe the guy from nabs should offer to pay for this obvious mistake and then not comment on things he is not sure of. He was obviously trying to defend his fellow officers at our expense. much to common practice now days.

James said...

What you need to do is join forces with the other person. When get yourselves an attorney and sue the state.You also should have you attorney demand David Paulides appear in behalf at the your trial. If he did talk with the SP of DMV then he would be a good witness that DMV told him they never do it. Remember this has been a long practice of DMV so you're in for a hard go of it.PEOPLE PLEASE DON'T GET YOURSELVES IN THE MESS THIS LADY IS IN. DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ.NABS IS DOWN IN THE FRISCO AREA NOT HERE IN OREGON

Anonymous said...

The sighting Linda was at the Loon Lake turnoff on 38, I read the older post.

Gina said...

Yes Linda, I do have to pay for the exam it's $325.00 at a Eugene doctor I've never heard of. Also my insurance Co will find out because DMV said in the notice they have sent a copy to Farmers. I'm very upset, I thought the police were to protect and serve not to harm us. My only wish know is that I can get my license back.

Pamela said...

Oregon law dictates that a driver must report a dangerous object or animal to law enforcement. Then if you do they whack ya! Somebody needs to sue the pants off of Oregon for this terrible injustice.

Linda Newton-Perry said...

About suing: In an older post (December 31, 2009) Mrs. Constitution wrote this:
They only do that if you're driving a vehicle of some sort, when you make a report. If you are on foot when seeing bigfoot you are OK. I hope! CA, OR, AZ, TX, MN, ID, NE, AR, AL, AK, MO, DE, FL, MI, WI all do it. It was due to the PATRIOT ACT 2001. There are curently 7 lawsuits to overturn it. Court date Supreme Court hearing in 2011.

Anonymous said...

Nabs probably got told that they don't take them. Seems anyone would know better than to believe some PR guy from DMV. One thing Ive found out it perfectly fine for the state to lie to everybody. Remember this is the DMV that put 32 million dollars worth of computers in only to go back to the old ones.

H'erk said...

I suspect the DMV just receives a report from the police with a check mark next to something generic, like "hallucinations, recommend re-evaluation." There are likely no other boxes to check for specific crypto-creatures people claim to have seen. Until the day bigfoot is recognized as a reality, we can expect to be treated as if we saw gnomes and martians skipping down the forest lane. ...Unless you're fortunate enough to get an officer who has had his or her own encounter. And there are a few, including one more out Tyee way, I hear.

By the way, I'm completely baffled by the rather nasty anti-NABS sentiments expressed on this blog. I suppose this is an example, or an extension of the infamous researcher turf wars(?) Regardless, I thought the NABS posts were insightful and important, and most of the resulting hate mail wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Herk's why do you think there is a turf war going on with Nabs? I think all should try to work together on proving it thing real. The only problem is Nabs seem to state on this blog that it was a fact that Oregon does not use the practice of suspension. It OK to state a opinion but when folks are losing the privilege to drive it should be talked about not hidden.NABS can't possibly search Oregon as well as California. I have seen no researcher in Oregon bad mouth NABS.

Linda Newton-Perry said...

Ms Riggs can you tell us more about what you've had to go through to get your license reinstated? I know it's upsetting but our readers do need to know.
Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry