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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Guest Editor-Bloggers

Bill Emery has left a new comment on your post "Sighting Near Scottsburg, Oregon, Feb. 2010":

Our group has a long and trusted friendship with USFS Powers and BLM N Bend. We have always kept the reporters identity sealed unless they want to go public. Many BLM districts choose not to involve themselves in bigfoot sightings and others do.

When Dale says government worker, it can be either local, state or federal. Apparently we have a BLM staff member monitoring this blog. That is fine with us, but one must realize the feds don't know what the state is doing and the other way around .This is typical government tactics and will never stop us, nor will complaints that have been reported to BLM or USFS about employees writing on this blog.

We have had years of interference from the federal government and state and are very use to it. I met Dale up there today and we walked the entire area for signs of the animal. We did find indications of a large animal. One person wrote here that they were surprised by the quick response by Dale. We know the amount of time that passes after a sighting is a critical period. Remember many in government don't like what we do and would like to keep bigfoot under wraps.

Sorry folks, "It ain't gonna work anymore." All the people have the right to know that this creature is out there. The government has tried to hide this for far too long.People deserve the truth and many people are working hard to get it out there.


Rego has left a new comment on your post "Oregon Map, Scottsburg":

I work for Chalenger Reforestation and our crews planted 21,000 tubes in the Scottsburg, Oregon area for BLM in November 2009 and know just about where this took place. Someone said here that BLM does not plant Fir plugs. If this is the truth we better go back and pull them up.


George D has left a new comment on your post "Seeking Out a Listening Ear":

I have found that BLM people are strange to say the least. Here in North Bend there is one or two people you can talk bigfoot with. The rest of them seem indifferent to the subject. I think they are scared to break the old rule of silence. I've logged for many years in this area and have seen many big tracks. BLM has always run from this subject. The motto of the government is "don't shake the bush." It is bad for someone who needs to tell their story to someone. The government is "we the people" but you should see how they act? It's like they are the government. This really needs to change.


Steve has left a new comment on your post "Seeking Out a Listening Ear":

Myself being in Law Enforcement, I think my lucky stars I had Dale to talk with. I don't think I could have gotten through all the BS I was forced to go through without his help. We have become good friends and I plan on joining his search team in the next few months. Many of us know this man to be professional and still down to earth. I had coffee at "Sasquatch Central" this last weekend and found his collections exciting. People could not be in better company in Southwestern Oregon. I too have had my share of trouble with the feds on sightings.


Thank you all, for your comments.  Say, how do you go about joining Dale's search team? ...
Linda Newton-Perry


Cole said...

First thing a person needs is to be about half nuts.lol, Because you have to go into some of the wildest remote country you can imagine. Second you must understand that you may be attacked by bears, cougars and yes even bigfoot. You must be able to spend a good amount of time away from home on search and camping trips. You must be good with people and have compassion for someone who has just seen their first bigfoot. But most of all, a person must be willing to believe people when they tell you they saw bigfoot.Then you shoot Dale a e-mail with your # and he will call and talk with you. He usually only works with two or three but is always interested in a person who wants to really get serious about bigfoot.

Linda Newton-Perry said...

Cole: I was thinking more along the lines of a badge and a club card. :-)

Cole said...

No badges or club cards. Dale does give us gas cards for travel and does pay for eats when working on a case. He does pay a good wage when were out in the field. We have chosen a name finally. "Southwestern Sasquatch Anonymous" for our group. Now were trying to figure out how to give our phone number out without every fruit in the nation leaving crazy messages on it.

Linda Newton-Perry said...

Cole: Hope everything goes well with the doctor. I took off the last few comments and Link to the Dale Saxton blog. Thanks.