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Monday, February 15, 2010

Bigfoot Sighting, Loon Lake, Oregon, 2010

Guest Editor-Blogger: Gina Riggs
A Sighting

Hello to all ballyhoo bloggers. My name is Gina Riggs and I have a sighting for this blog. February 2nd, 2010 I was on a trip to Eugene Oregon to see a foot doctor as I have diabetes. I was traveling on Oregon 38 near Loon Lake exit when I noticed some movement on the bank near the road. I slowed down thinking a deer was going to jump in front of me.

Boy was I ever stunned when a very large and tall hairy manlike thing walked across in front of me. This thing was walking on two legs and looked manlike in the face, only with apelike features too. It was black in color. It had two massive arms on it like a person only much larger. A car behind me saw it to as it crossed the road. The man honked at me to pull over and I did. He was just as shocked as I was.

He said "my god should we call the police or something". I agreed with him and we did. The dispatcher at OSP told us to say there that a trooper was about 10 miles away and he would come. We did. When he arrived he ask us both separately what we had seen. I told him this thing was around seven foot tall and heavy. He said that he would get ODOT up there to look around. Then he told both of us that we will most likely get a letter from the state DMV. I'm not at all sure we did the right thing by reporting this but what if a family hit it and killed themselves or it?


Thank you for sharing your sighting. I've always believed we should report a sighting to the police. Please let us know how this turns out for you. Many have had their license suspended until they were checked out by a doctor....Linda Newton-Perry


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the validation Linda. I haven't thought about my experience near Loon Lake until a few weeks ago when a friend engaged me in the topic of Bigfoot. In 1992 my family planned a week long camping trip near Loon Lake, as they like to stay off the beaten path, we took the first left road that crosses over the tributary that spills into the main river along hwy38. We drove at least 15 miles back up into the woods to find a camping spot. We found a nice spot near the tributary and had an enjoyable first 2 days and nights, but the next 2 days were a living hell. Around 10:00 p.m. the third night we were all sitting around the campfire, when the whole forest went stone silent, and an eerie feeling began to descend on everyone there. Next came a pungent smell, which I would describe as a barn filled with manure and a slight minty tinge. As this started to unfold, our two dogs both saddled up to eachother under the truck and were silently cowering. Then pine cones started to randomly fly in from the camps perimeter in a 360 degree direction. At first we thought it was amusing, and maybe a hoax perpetrated by some jokester campers. As we searched the perimeter to see who was behind this, everything stopped. No sooner had we all come back to the center of the camp, the loudest, spine tingling scream came from the perimeter about 15 feet away, just beyond the tree line. Soon the pine cones started to flood in from all directions and the screaming or shrieks multiplied, until the entire camp was surrounded by several entities lurking just beyond the perimeter only about 15-20 feet away. My mother, step father, and uncle were visibly shaking, as well as all my brothers and sisters. This persisted for a constant hour, until my step father, having spoken a warning to whomever was out there better leave us alone or he would start shooting in the direction of the calls and pine cone tossing areas, of which having enough of this torment he proceeded to do. He shot in all directions, which in retrospect wasn't smart, but the feeling we all had was impending danger. The torment came to a brief halt, but within 5 minutes it came back with a vengeance. After enduring this non-stop for several hours, the adults decided to take watch, so the kids could huddle up together and get some sleep. I went to sleep crying with my brothers and sisters listening to these banshee cries, only to wake up hours later to the same thing. It stopped a little before daylight, and everybody seemed to be in a catatonic state the next day. I think they fooled themselves into thinking that this thing didn't happen, because of the shock, so they decided to stay another night. Well, it happened again. That night we packed up camp while this was still taking place and left. To this day everybody is reluctant to talk about it, and a lot of people have missing time. I have not been back there in over 20 years. There is more detail to the story, but I will not take up more of your time. I'll check the comments to see if you want to respond.

Linda Newton-Perry said...

I put your comment on the main body of Ballyhoo. Anything more you wish to share would be appreciated. Thanks so much for taking the time to share.