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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bigfoot Sighting, Feb. 24, 2010

Guest Editor-Blogger: DP 
Submitted by Cole Saxton

It was the evening of February 24, 2010 when I was on my way from Grants Pass, Oregon to Eureka, CA on highway 199 near Cave Junction. It had just became dark enough for me to use my headlights. As I rounded a curve I noticed a large dark animal cross the highway in my lights. I also noticed that the animal was upright and walked very fast on two legs.

 As I came closer to it, the animal stopped in the roadway and turned towards the car. At that time I could see the front and face of the animal. It was a human like face only with caveman like features on it. The animal was covered in a thin to medium coat of black hair and looked to be very hefty in build. It had to be over 9ft in height. Just when I thought we were going to collide it sprang off the road into the darkness. I stopped very abruptly and then found a turnoff to pull into. I was rattled at the animals look.

After a moment or two I went on into Cave Junction and stopped to report the near accident to the police. A forest service ranger took all the info from me and said he would turn it over to the Josephine Sheriffs dept. He told me if I wished, he would withhold my name because of past ridicule he has seen people go through. I'm on the city council in my town so I decided it would be better if I talked with a private person not a public officer. I would like to keep it to myself as how I got Bill Emery and Cole's names. Thank you, DP


Thank you so much for sharing your sighting with us. Be proud that you have seen this animal. So many of us wish we could just get a glimpse. And thank you Cole.


Cole Saxton Report said...

February 20, 2010. My wife and two children went with me on a wood cutting weekend.We live near the Oregon, California border. We had obtained a permit from the USFS for 3 cords of wood. We were in a area where a forest fire had been through 2 years earlier. Around 10am we got to the permit area and began to saw wood. It was then my son motioned at me to look over at a pile of logs some 150 feet away from us. As I did I saw a brown colored shape and head on the other side of the pile looking at us. It was definitely a upright apelike looking human. I yelled for the family to get in the truck. This thing took off towards the other side of the hill and was gone in a instant. I threw the chainsaw in back and we left the area. We got down the road about 1/2 mile and come across a another party coming up. I stopped them and told them what we had seen. After the laughter the driver said to turn around and follow them back up there. When we looked around the pile we found several large tracks were this thing had been watching us. The other guys didn't stay to cut wood either. We all went to the lower location to cut our firewood. I reported the incident to FS on Monday. Don L

Linda Newton-Perry said...

Dear DP,I noticed you were spared the "filing a false report" charge.
Is this correct? If this is true, why doesn't everyone deserve to be warned that if they go through with claiming they saw a bigfoot and reporting it, they will have their licese suspended, have to pay a hefty charge to see a doctor and pay an additional fee to get the license reinstated. Comments welcome.

TooRisky said...

Linda please stop spreading rumors like this...The issue you have brought up has throughly been investigated and proves to be totally false...

Please if you have a sighting do not worry about reporting it to either the authorities, US-FS, or go to the www.BFRO.com who have a huge data base of sightings. Any of the above mentioned will take the info you provide and file the claim anonymously if you wish.

S. "TooRisky" Schauer
C0-Founder WA. Sasquatch Research Team

Linda Newton-Perry said...

Please explain what you mean by these "rumors." You commented on an old post.

zigoapex said...

by rumor he means that no one has the
right to revoke your drivers license
for reporting a Bigfoot, sasquatch
or any other animal unless when you made the report you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs while you were driving a vehicle.
If you still believe other wise
can you give us the names and
documents proving that they had there license suspended for the reason you stated.

Linda Newton-Perry said...

No I can not. We found this information out from people we trust. (The late Dale Saxton, Cole Saxton and Bill Emery.)Bill Emery has been to court with a reader of this blog while going through the ordeal of having her license suspended. (The Loon Lake turnoff sighting.) The information is here in the blog. Names are not available unless the reader signed off with his or her name.

Linda Newton-Perry said...

To Zipoapex, I might add that this is no longer the practice in Oregon. Several people have reported that they have been reimbersed for their expenses of losing their licenses.

Linda Newton-Perry said...

Aipgoapex: Please see John Carlile's comment of May 28, 2010. He had his license suspended.