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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Does anyone know when the ad for the CNN program airs. I would sure like to see it. . . . Linda Newton Perry

Bigfoot Sighting, Feb. 24, 2010

Guest Editor-Blogger: DP 
Submitted by Cole Saxton

It was the evening of February 24, 2010 when I was on my way from Grants Pass, Oregon to Eureka, CA on highway 199 near Cave Junction. It had just became dark enough for me to use my headlights. As I rounded a curve I noticed a large dark animal cross the highway in my lights. I also noticed that the animal was upright and walked very fast on two legs.

 As I came closer to it, the animal stopped in the roadway and turned towards the car. At that time I could see the front and face of the animal. It was a human like face only with caveman like features on it. The animal was covered in a thin to medium coat of black hair and looked to be very hefty in build. It had to be over 9ft in height. Just when I thought we were going to collide it sprang off the road into the darkness. I stopped very abruptly and then found a turnoff to pull into. I was rattled at the animals look.

After a moment or two I went on into Cave Junction and stopped to report the near accident to the police. A forest service ranger took all the info from me and said he would turn it over to the Josephine Sheriffs dept. He told me if I wished, he would withhold my name because of past ridicule he has seen people go through. I'm on the city council in my town so I decided it would be better if I talked with a private person not a public officer. I would like to keep it to myself as how I got Bill Emery and Cole's names. Thank you, DP


Thank you so much for sharing your sighting with us. Be proud that you have seen this animal. So many of us wish we could just get a glimpse. And thank you Cole.

Cole Saxton Will Soon Share Two More Bigfoot Sightings

Guest Editor-Blogger: Cole Saxton 
Regarding: "CNN Special Evidently Scheduled, "The Law and Bigf..."

To my knowledge no filming has taken place yet on the special. We did do a promo clip on the officer in Curry but still no word on when they plan to start the actual filming. Bill was in a tree cutting accident Thursday and got a little bunged up, nothing bad. I have been out of the county for a couple of weeks. While down in Jackson County I talked with two people who have recently seen a bigfoot, one in Cave Junction and the other outside Jacksonville. As soon as I finish writing the reports up we will share them with you.


Thank you for this information and please tell Bill we wish him a speedy recovery.
Linda Newton-Perry

Loon Lake Turnoff Photos

Top Photo is Mill Creek which parallels, at least at first, the road leading to Loon Lake. Middle photo I'm walking across the bridge on 38 to take the shot of Mill Creek. And now the footprint, if it is a footprint. The actual print was so much better. It was pressed into the soil at least an inch and as you can see the toes seem clear. But I'm a novice at this, I claim nothing. But this was taken in what I believe was the area of the Loon Lake turnoff sighting.

I didn't take photos of the Tyee area where the police officer saw the bigfoot. It is such a large area I wouldn't know where to begin without more directions. Mind you, we were just passing through on our way to the coast and decided to take a few photos. Hope you enjoy them. And thank you all, for the updates on the CNN program.
Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gone Bigfooting-Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, February 26, 2010

CNN Special Evidently Scheduled, "The Law and Bigfoot."

Guest Editor-Blogger: Ann Fletcher

Linda does anybody know who Clifford Morgan is? I was watching CNN tonight and there was a short clip on this sheriff deputy and I would guess Bill Emery by his picture on this blog of a upcoming special on Bigfoot. They said they want to try and film it in April for a summer special, "The Law and Bigfoot."

Anyway this Morgan was talking to a reporter about what happens to a cop when they run into Bigfoot. There was this other guy standing beside him with these big casts and saying people are being harassed by the state of Oregon. It was a commercial clip. By the way, I like your blog. I always try to read your articles in the paper.

Thank you for bring this to our attention.

To Tempt You to Read the Bigfoot Short Story, "The Hairy Men of the High Mountain Forests"

License Again Suspended

Guest Editor-Blogger: Gina Riggs
Regarding: "You Should Say What to a Cop?"

I'm the one that called the police after seeing bigfoot near Loon Lake. When I told of this on the blog there was a article from NABS on here. The NABS person said he had talked with Oregon DMV and a man named David House told him they NEVER have suspended a license because of a bigfoot report. When the other man and I reported it I believed what NABS said.

 Well, yesterday I got a suspension notice from DMV, stating my licence has been suspended till the time I can pass an exam by a psychologist. Then I must pay a $75 dollar reinstatement fee. I contacted the other person who saw it and he too got the same thing Thursday. We thought it was the right thing to do by reporting it because of the danger of somebody hitting it.

 I wish people would not write untrue things stating it's OK to report it and then find out It's not. I will admit me and the other man did tell the OSP that it was a bigfoot because that's what it was.

I'm sorry to hear this, but for several weeks now we have been aware that this practice was occurring. Did the letter say if you will have to pay for the psychologist? I'll be passing by the Loon Lake turnoff tomorrow. Was your sighting on the Loon Lake road itself and if so how near the main road along the Umpqua? Thank you for commenting. We do need to know the truth of this matter. No matter what reason the police use and I guess it is reporting a false report on an animal not thought to exist, it is happening and  people are having their licenses suspended....Linda Newton-Perry


Gina Answers Perry's Questions

Yes Linda, I do have to pay for the exam it's $325.00 at a Eugene doctor I've never heard of. Also my insurance Co will find out because DMV said in the notice they have sent a copy to Farmers. I'm very upset, I thought the police were to protect and serve not to harm us. My only wish now is that I can get my license back.


Gina, remember that not very many people have seen this animal, and you are one of them. Please try to find pleasure in this. We are hoping that the CNN program will get the word out on how to go about reporting a bigfoot sighting and not get licenses suspended. The program has not been filmed yet, and we certainly hope it will be soon. Please keep us informed. Your experience will help others. ...Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, February 25, 2010

You Should Say What to a Cop?

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous
Regarding: "Ex DMV Agrees with Bill Emery on Reporting a Bigfoot."

Maybe you should just tell the cops that although it looked just like a bigfoot, you know they don't exist..So it must have been a 9 ft tall guy in an ape suit..

Ex DMV Agrees with Bill Emery on Reporting a Bigfoot

Original Photo: Photoxpress

Guest Editor-Blogger: Ex DMV
Regarding: Liscense when reporting a bigfoot

Yes, this will work fine. Mr Emery is right on the button on what to say.The DMV can only take action if you absolutely swear it was bigfoot. If you say I have never seen anything like it then your're SAFE. Don't let the police officer try to pin you down on what this creature was.

Also a post from NABS was partly correct in one way. The DMV will not suspend a ODL because of what you told the officer at the time. They will however do it if the agency sends the report to the DMV for further action for possible medical or mental problems. It is up to the officer to decide if they want to send it or not.

Most of the time it's people who will not back down on what they saw. Remember seeing bigfoot is no crime but reporting a nonexistent animal in Oregon is. Oregon and many other states do not recognize bigfoot as real. Many of us know that this is not the truth, but government is always last on everything. Anyway don't take a chance on losing your driving privileges. Just say it was a unknown type animal to me!

Thank you for commenting on this very important subject.
Linda Newton-Perry

I saw a bigfoot and I'm proud of it!

If we keep talking about bigfoot, soon everyone will believe it's the thing to do. Don't keep it quiet. My friends know I'm serious about the subject. If they don't "believe" in the animal at least I've got them thinking that the animal could exist. And then when I tell them people are having their license suspended in several states when reporting a sighting, that they had from a car, they are outraged. See information at the top of this page by Bill Emery on how to avoid having your license taken away until you've been given the okay to drive by a doctor. Isn't life hard enough without having the excitement of seeing a bigfoot crushed with being called a liar?

Share your conversations on the subject, bigfoot. Comment so that we can enjoy and learn. Thank you for all of your comments. . . . Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feb. 18, Several People say Police Officer Sights a Bigfoot in Tyee area of 138

Tyee at green dot, more or less

People that were listening to the police scanner last Thursday night at 10 pm in Douglas county heard a policeman call his dispatcher with a Bigfoot sighting. For over an hour there was much activity on the scanner. It was in a remote area of Tyee on Oregon 138

Can you tell us more about the sighting?
Linda Newton-Perry


All I know is there's a bridge that crosses the river at or near Tyee. It is a long concrete bridge. Somewhere up that road a DCC had a sighting of a bigfoot. I'm sorry I didn't get the name of the road. It seems to me there is a forest road just past or before Tyee as you leave Sutherlin or there abouts. If you can locate the bridge then you've got it. It was about 7 miles up that road. The sheriffs department told me "Its none of my business" so I couldn't find out much.

Thank you. I know where it is, I've camped there many years ago. It is "wild" country.
Linda Newton-Perry

Cliff Barackman's Mini-Expedition

Cliff Barackman of the North American Bigfoot Blog went on a mini-expedition last weekend. Read about it.
Here is paragraph from the post.
"To help the sasquatches be curious enough to come in for a look, we hung several attractants nearby. Toby brought glow sticks, which he tied to apples and hung in trees across the road from our camp. We tied another to a dead shad and hung them both in a tree near our tents. Aimed at the fish was a heavily camouflaged Reconyx RC60 game camera."

Click here to read the full post.

Share Your Sighting!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An Alleged Incident-Bigfoot Encounter

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous

The whole brou-haha over the Squaw Lake happenings reminds me of an Alleged incident which I heard about back in the 90s.There was a remote hike in lake on the west slope of the Oregon Cascades which had been an approx 4 mile hike from the nearest trailhead. The FS blocked a bunch of old logging roads to the area turning the four mile hike into a hike of approx 15 miles.

Allegedly, a fellow had had a scary and nearly fatal encounter with an enraged sasquatch at the lake, the previous fall.

This fifty something fellow had hiked into a favorite lake to do some fly fishing.He was late leaving the lake.As he was preceding, by flashlight, back toward his car, he heard a a series of incredibly loud screams behind him apparently following him up the trail. He didn't know what it was, thought it might be an enraged bear.

As it was obviously gaining on him, he started to run, twisted his ankle and in a panic driven rush of adrenaline, climbed a tree. He soon saw a huge shape, walking on two legs, come up the trail. It stopped, sniffed the air and came right to the tree he was in. It roared and began climbing the tree.He illuminated it with his light and saw a hair covered monster coming up the tree at him. He dropped the light, pulled a 357 loaded with 357 and snake shot and emptied the gun into the creature's face from ten feet.

The creature slide down the tree and making gurgling sounds, slowly crawled off into the bush. He spent the night in the tree. The next morning he walked to his car, locked the doors and had a nervous breakdown.

At home he had nightmares,crying spells and showed many symptoms of PTSD but wouldn't talk about it. His adult son finally got the story and it made its way to the forest service. They hiked in after the snow melted and found his fishing pole. Some time later, the roads were blocked off making it a much longer hike to the lake.

Bigfoot Sighting on Lost Creek, Oregon

Guest Editor-Blogger: Bill Emery

Yes everything is Ok Linda. Dale Saxtons death left us all shocked and in a haze. I do have a new report for the blog. Since we posted last we have a new sighting on Lost Creek in the Coos Bay Wagon Road Area. This was a state forestry employee that contacted me on Friday the 19th. She was in a group that was photographing a recent logging operation site. She and two others watched a bigfoot across the ridge line from the group. It was said to be around eight foot in height and several hundred pounds in weight. It was apparently eating off the carcass of a dead deer when they spotted it. When it became aware of them it stood up from a squatting position and walked off into cover.

The way they estimated the height is by ribbons on the trees across the ridge. One of the others said he thought a much smaller bigfoot was several feet away from the adult, but was not sure the little one wasn't a tree stump. Anyway I hiked over and found the remains of a doe and imprints all around but too much rocky ground to cast. I feel the group saw what they said they did. Still no word from CNN. We are hopeful they will still tape the show. Cole is working in Jackson County on a road job right now.

Bill Emery regarding, "Those from BLM and USFS can not say they are from ..."

BLM and USFS never really did tell people of bigfoot activity. But they seem to be more on guard now than before. I've been assured that we will continue to have a good relationship with them. And we will continue to get reports from them as long as the folks who report are comfortable with talking with us.

Thank you very much. I don't remember, Have you, Bill, seen a bigfoot?
Linda Newton-Perry

Everything Okay, Emery/Saxton?

Poster at Post Office

Linda Newton-Perry placed two posters, one at the post office and one at the library. Clink on link at above right and print out your copy. Tack it to a free board near you. Let's get people talking bigfoot! They deserve to know about this grand animal.

Those from BLM and USFS can not say they are from there when "Talking Bigfoot"

Guest Editor-Blogger: XXX employee

We can no longer call and tell a Bigfoot researcher of a report or say online we are from BLM or USFS. The new rules were adopted because somebody had complained that USFS and BLM employees were giving out classified information that the agencies don't want the public in on.

Also we can not give locations of a Bigfoot in general. It seems we made some tempers flare by reporting them to the public. I can't say for sure but I hear DMV will no longer talk Bigfoot with anybody that asks about ODL suspensions because this now is a Class 1 Internal Breach. I got that from a DMV friend at coffee.

It seems information on bigfoot sightings is becoming more difficult to obtain. It is a shame, since we need to make bigfoot talk commonplace. Thank you XXX Employee. We appreciate your participation in this blog.
Linda Newton-Perry

Tack up a Poster to Spread the Word About Bigfoot

The ranger said, "Maybe the bogeyman got them."

Guest Editor-Blogger: Luke
Regarding: Encourage Bigfoot Talk
My brother and I went camping in the Mt Jefferson Wilderness area last fall in Oct. I had just returned from Iraq and needed to get back to nature. We packed in to a place called Sunshine Meadows and setup camp. The first day we both felt the presents of something fallowing us. That first night the crickets were singing away and the sound of the forest was breath taking. Then around 2:30 in the morning we heard a loud scream of so animal off in a distance. The screams seen to get closer as each one passed. Soon it seemed the cry was just beyond the treeline. It soon became daylight and we decided to move to a different location. When we started out we heard the sound of somebody following us as we could hear brush and limbs cracking. My brother said he saw a large outline of a animal behind a tree. That night we camped at Sour Springs. We were so tired we slept all night. When we woke we noticed somebody had stolen are packs. We couldn't figure it out as we were miles into the forest with nobody around. As we started back we noticed these strange tracks. They were barefoot human in looking but larger than Shaq's. We made it to the ranger station in 2 days and reported the theft of our belongings. The ranger said, "Maybe the bogeyman got them." Maybe Bigfoot is now well equipped too.

What state would this be in, please. I, Linda Newton-Perry, don't know mountain names as well as I should.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Encourage Bigfoot Talk

Photo: Photoxpress

Shomewhere out there is bigfoot. Do you have an idea to get people talking about the animal? Leave a comment.

Feb. 2010 Bigfoot Sighting on Burnt Mountain Road, Oregon

Guest Editor: Blogger XXX Employee 
 Regarding: "Young Family Swerves to Miss a Bigfoot-Looking Ani..."

We can no longer say we are BLM employees as a formal complaint was levied against this practice by a BLM administrator out of XXXXXXX. We can say we have knowledge of a sighting.It was reported last Thursday the 19th that a Sasquatch was seen on Burnt Mountain Road near XXXXXXXX Creek.

This report came from a XXX employee that was checking the area for debris on the road. He said the creature was black and heavy built. He watched it walk across a clear cut onto a landing and then off the road into the woods. I believe the report said he took pictures of it on a camera but I have not seen them. I can't give out the location or nor can I say if the XXXXXX was called up there. I would like to say more but I'm not at liberty to do so.


We do hope you follow up on the pictures. Thank you for this sighting....Linda Newton-Perry (Lady Perry)

The Jury Found Her Not Guilty

Guest  Editor-Blogger: Agness (See Agness' comment below)
 Regarding: "Young Family Swerves to Miss a Bigfoot-Looking Ani..."

I'm sorry! Yes after a couple of months the young mother was charged with making a false police report. We became close neighbors with them. We went to the trial and testified in her behalf . The jury found her not guilty of the charge. My hubby really felt bad because he was the one who talked them in to reporting the wildman looking thing. My hubby thinks it was in 1985 or 86.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Young Family Swerves to Miss a Bigfoot-Looking Animal

Guest Editor-Blogger: Agness Bristol

Good reading Linda,.Sondra's grandpa isn't the first or the last on getting in trouble for reporting a unknown animal. I can't remember what year it was that a family near Dora, Oregon went into the river claiming they had almost hit a wildman in the early morning hours. We were on our way home from Garden Valley by way of Coos Bay Wagon Road when we came across this young family along the road. My hubby stopped and we took them home. The young mother told us that a wildman looking monster had ran into the road in front of them. They swerved into the river (its more like a creek). Anyway, the kids were frightened half to death. This family had just moved to the area from Southern Calf. We could not smell any booze and they didn't appear to be on anything so we believe they saw something.

Thank you for your comment. You started this comment by saying Sondra's grandpa isn't the first or last to get into trouble for reporting an unknown animal. Is there more to this story? Did the family have problems from a police report?

For Your Enjoyment/Music and Photos

Saturday, February 20, 2010

"A False Police Report"

Guest Editor-Blogger: Verna
Regarding: "Just About Hit It"

Yes, I believe that Sondra's grandfather may have been a victim of the practice. Awhile back I read a story on your site that said Oregon does this. I live in Wisconsin and they also suspend WDL for improper reporting to a police officer claiming a bigfoot sighting. It is a class A misdemeanor and a fine can be levied up to to $1,000 I am quite sure of this.

I work for State Farm and have had to cancel policies because of the suspension. We would not cancel for reporting a bigfoot per say. It seems to me this is what is at play in your state. A person who falsifies a police report can't be covered with our company. A check of our computer data shows AK, AZ, NE, OR, GA, WV, NC, DE,  MN,  NM are using this charge. In Oregon it's called Filing A False Police Report. There are also notations for WA and UT for making false reports but are class B infractions.

Thank you. This is very informative.
Linda Newton-Perry

Please Comment

"Just About Hit It"

Guest Editor-Blogger: Sondra Michell
Regarding:  "Perry's Newspaper Column"

Good article. Just like to tell you a very short story. Back in '91 or '92 my grandpa reported a bigfoot near Wolf Creek. He called the police because he nearly hit it while on Old Stage Road. I clearly remember that a month or maybe two later Grandma said he lost his license. She never said what the specific reason was. He never did drive except on the ranch after that.

After reading some of the stories here I called her to find out why they had pulled his license. She said it was because he could not pass a physical after seeing bigfoot. Her mind is not that clear now, but said they told Grandpa he had a hallucination. He did die 4 years later of cancer but I remember that his mind was very good. I'm now wondering if they pulled it because of he reported it.

Thank you. Your comment has the ring of truth about it and we appreciate it.

Perry's Newspaper Column

Melrose/Coos Bay Wagon Road Sighting

Here is a recent bigfoot sighting from a Roseburg citizen. This is the exact post submitted to Bigfoot Ballyhoo,* except for a few typo corrections and a date addition:

I think I might have seen bigfoot. Yesterday morning, Feb. 8, I was on my way from Melrose to the Coos Bay Wagon Road. It was still dark when I saw a figure ahead of me. I thought it might be a horse because I had just passed one along the road some 2 miles

back. Anyway, I went for the brakes to slow and noticed a dark figure move onto the road and quickly turn around and go back over the bank. As I neared it, the figure didn't look like any animal I've ever seen. It was apparently standing upright. As I went by it, I could still see a large form over the bank looking at me as I passed. I came to a complete stop and glanced back out the window and saw a very large animal of some sort walk across the road behind me. It looked to be quickly walking on 2 legs not four. It was gone in a couple of seconds. I didn't get a clear look at it, but think it was a bigfoot because of the way it walked away.

Last week on my blog, much time was spent in discussing the truthfulness of whether one can have his license suspended, in Oregon, for reporting a bigfoot to the police that he has had from his vehicle. Several readers spent time trying to get the straight of the unfair practice. Because bigfoot is not recognized as a “real” animal, the report an officer takes, evidently must state another reason for papers to be sent to DMV, resulting in a temporary suspension until the driver can be examined by a doctor. The consensus is that these reports are labeled a false report.

On Feb. 16, Mary Rondew, the late Dale Saxton’s daughter, commented on Bigfoot Ballyhoo that the CNN hour long show on suspension of licenses when reporting a bigfoot, is still scheduled to be taped. She believes Bill Emery will take her father’s place on the program. Emery has promised to keep us informed as to when the program will air.

*Bigfoot Ballyhoo is a blog on the internet, hosted by Linda Newton-Perry. The address of the blog is, www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com. Check it out and leave a comment.

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Post to Make You Think, to Laugh

Read the  entertaining post on Sierra Tahoe Bigfoot Research. It will make you laugh and think, about what will happen to us once bigfoot is "found."   The title of the post is "Will the Truth set us Free?"

Click on Sierra Tahoe Bigfoot Research above to take you to the article.

"I think I might have seen bigfoot."

Guest Editor-Blogger: O L from Roseburg
Regarding: "Cherish Your Sighting, You're a Select Few"

I think I might have seen bigfoot. Yesterday morning I was on my way from Melrose to the Coos bay Wagon Road. It was still dark when I saw a figure ahead of me . I thought it might be a horse because I had just passed one along the road some 2 miles back.

Anyway, I went for the brakes to slow and noticed a dark figure move onto the road and quickly turn around and go back over the bank. As I neared it, the figure didn't look like any animal I've ever seen. It was apparently standing upright. As I went by it, I could still see a large form over the bank looking at me as I passed. I came to a complete stop and glanced back out the window and saw a very large animal of some sort walk across the road behind me.

It looked to be quickly walking on 2 legs not four. It was gone in a couple of seconds. I didn't get a clear look at it, but think it was a bigfoot because of the way it walked away.


Thank you so much for your sighting.

Cherish Your Sighting, You're a Select Few

In Lady Perry's backyard.

Here you see (photo) I have my very own bigfoot. He has spent the winter there in that chair. If you look real hard, you can see he has a cat on his lap. The cat too, has spent the winter there. I have a "fun" streak a mile wide, as it were. I do wish that, that "fun" spirit were just a bit more apparent on this blog.

I do, however, believe the subject of bigfoot is a serious one. So, we can only allow the blog to take its own turns from serious to where ever it goes with comments, sightings, and such.

I am indeed sorry we live in a world where we can't tell who is making things up and who is telling the truth. But, there you have it, such is life now. We just have to deal with it!  I will not check out the comments before they are allowed on this blog, but I will remove the ones I believe do not meet the standards that I alone have set. My experience with my newspaper column proves if I require a full name not many will report a sighting.

I believe one day soon, we will have a clear photo or video of this animal. Life will then change a little for us bigfoot believers. Remember this, if you've seen a bigfoot in the wild, you will probably always be a special select few. After it is "discovered," it will not simply stop when you drive by, and mug happily for a photo, or allow you to get a good look.

Cherish your sighting.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Photo of the Cascades

Courtesy: Tupper Blake, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Sharing Beauty
Share your photos. You may email them.  See author information for email, in right column below.

Paul W Comments on This Blog

Photo: Photoxpress

Guest Editor-Blogger: Paul W
Regarding: "NABS's Research on Oregon License Suspension"

This is a blog to discuss Bigfoot. It's  not a place for a fight! Mr Paulides has shot his bullets over the heads of several people, and so has others back to him. This is very bad to spiel this type of >>>> on a Bigfoot blog. The purpose of it is to discuss Bigfoot and tell of sightings.

If everybody that writes here is subject to criticism then why bother.

All I know is the DMV has and does suspend ODLs for certain things including Bigfoot reports on the Oregon Highways. It has been said here that many of us in law enforcement are frauds, not cops just people trying to put a stop to reports. This is truly sad to have this attitude about your fellow humans. I can understand that a former cop is skeptical about people. Not all people are willing to let themselves be open to the type criticism shown here. This is a reason many Bigfoot sites are dormant and silent. If Linda Perry wants people to write down their experiences with Bigfoot then okay. People should not try to pick apart these reports.

Remember this is a blog, not a court of law.


Thank you for your participation and sound reasoning.
Linda Newton-Perry

Share Your Sighting

Please Comment as if Face-to-Face

More on Bigfoot Sightings and License Suspension

Guest Editor-Blogger: Ex DMVemployee
Regarding: "More on NAB's Research on Oregon License Suspensio..."

I told you in a earlier statement "THIS IS DMVs NASTY LITTLE SECRET" When I said SECRET,  I meant it. House would never admit they use this practice.


Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous
Regarding:  "More on NAB's Research on Oregon License Suspensio..."

My family was on vacation near Lapine, Oregon . I was driving to Gilcrest for some propane and watched this humungus creature walk across Hwy 97 and into the woods. I reported it and 60 days later I got a suspension notice from Oregon DMV. The creature was dark colored, very tall and covered with hair or fur. It walked on two legs not four. I too had to see a Dr. in Bend ,Oregon to get my licence back. This is why I know first hand what they do!

More on NAB's Research on Oregon License Suspension

Guest Editor-Blogger: Trooper Kent Smith
Regarding: "NABS's Research on Oregon License Suspension":

OSP forms are not DMV report forms. Also a driver of a motor vehicle must pass a reinstatement analyses from a psychologist to get their licence reinstated. This has been the practice of Oregon and many other states for years. There are several criterias that the person must meet to pass the exam. Bigfoot IS NOT recognized by this state so a driver must pass a mental and physical exam by A STATE APPROVED DOCTOR. There is NO EXCEPTIONS. As far as NABS the PR person at DMV WOULD NOT discuss this order with him or his organization. it is a ORDER PASSED DOWN from DMV not a law.



Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous
Regarding "NABS's Research on Oregon License Suspension"
The information from nabs is incorrect and misinformative. Oregon will jerk out ODL for reporting a Sasquatch on a public road. I found this out the hard way. I reported one on August 12 1998.


Thank you both for participating on this blog.
     Anonymous, can you tell us more about your sighting?

Linda Newton-Perry
(Lady Perry)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

NABS's Research on Oregon License Suspension

License Suspension and Bigfoot

During our years of bigfoot research North America Bigfoot Search NABS) has heard many stories regarding the governments involvement in the topic. In “The Hoopa Project” we copied a United States government document from the Army Corps of Engineers that talks about bigfoot living in the forests of Washington. There were also citations in the book about the FBI conducting hair analysis on purported bigfoot hair, again, all written in a government document.

In the last month a series of claims were made on Linda Newton Perry’s site about the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles becoming involved in bigfoot sightings. The claim was made that people who observed a bigfoot and subsequently reported the sighting to an Oregon police department would have their license suspended. Since many of us in NABS are current and former police officers this information was deeply disturbing. Let’s clarify the authority police officers have in California. If we observe someone driving and is under some type of physical impairment (physical impairment) we can sent a special notice to DMV requesting that the driver go through a new drivers test with an official to prove they can still operate a vehicle safely. If a medical doctor is treating a person who is having fainting spells or blackouts, they are required by law to notify DMV, subsequently, the person’s license will be suspended until the fainting spells are under control. We know of no authority that allows officers in California to recommend suspension of a license based on the driver making an observation and subsequent report. Example, seeing things or thinking you are seeing things is not necessarily a rationale to suspend a license.

An individual on Ms. Perry’s site made mention of Oregon DMV form 4423 and that this form was utilized to suspend licenses. The Oregon DMV stated that a form of that number does not exist in their system, but, that may be a law enforcement form utilized by an agency that they numbered. Form 6066 is utilized by Oregon DMV to document license suspension issues.

The Oregon DMV issue was of critical importance to NABS so we decided to spend the day investigating the issue. After a series of phone calls, we were able to contact the Oregon DMV’s Public Information Officer, David House. David is the point person for the public and media that have questions about anything inside the Oregon DMV. NABS explained the issue in great detail to David and inquired if Oregon DMV had a practice of suspending licenses of drivers who reported a bigfoot or sasquatch sighting? David stated that the law in Oregon appears to mimic the law in California. The intent of the law is to control physical impairment, not mental issues. If a driver has issues controlling their vehicle a law enforcement officer can request re-testing. If someone is severely mentally disabled the DMV sends the officers statement to the DMV’s “Medical Program Coordinator” (MPC). The MPC evaluates the requests and then can send a notification to a driver requesting that they obtain a medical clearance from a psychologist or psychiatrist. This ISN’T their (DMV’s) doctor, this is a doctor of the drivers choosing. If the doctor evaluates the driver and determines they are medically unfit to drive, they can recommend suspension. Again, this would be a doctor of the drivers choosing that would make the recommendation.

I asked Mr. House if he could check with the MPC and determine how many times in the last several years a bigfoot or sasquatch sighting has been the catalyst listed by the police officer as a reason for suspension, he stated he would check into it and contact us later in the day. Four hours later Mr. House did call NABS. Mr. House stated that he contacted the supervisor of the MPC and she then contacted each of the three subordinates that review cases. Never in the history of Oregon DMV has a bigfoot or sasquatch sighting been listed as a reason for license suspension, according to Mr. House. Mr. House did state that possibly the police officers listed the bigfoot or sasquatch in their report and did not forward that information to DMV, but he thought that wouldn’t be valuable as all information is needed in the report to authorize a medical evaluation. He further stated that if a bigfoot or sasquatch sighting was the catalyst for the suspension and it wasn’t listed in the documents sent to DMV, what would the officer list as the rationale to suspend the license?

So, to clarify the issue of drivers licenses being suspended in Oregon because of a bigfoot or sasquatch sighting, the official response from the Public Information Officer is NEVER. If there is a license suspended the driver has a right to an administrative law hearing. The driver can go alone or with an attorney, they are informal as many of us in NABS have attended them over drunk driving arrests and subsequent suspension of the arrestees license. The administrative law judge sits as an impartial party and makes a decision as to the outcome of the evidence. There is a stenographer in the room and everything stated is documented.

NABS would recommend that any driver in Oregon who is faced with suspension over a bigfoot sighting to get the stenographers documented and certified notes, they will show why the license suspension was upheld and validate your claim.

It would seem that Mr. House knows that drivers with licenses suspended could easily prove why they were suspended via the stenographers and attorney’s notes and he knows he would be challenged if he lied, so, we wouldn’t understand why he would. He also knows that he is gauged by the media and public contacts as to his honesty, so we doubt that he would lie under the scenario of our interview. There may be isolated incidents where a local small town police officer didn’t report the issue to DMV regarding a bigfoot sighting, but, if that happened, DMV would surely hear about it at the hearing stage from the driver. It’s an interesting issue and you’ve just been privy to the DMV response.


A Link to see the Mascot

Guest Editor-Blogger: Sierra Tahoe Bigfoot Research has left a new comment on your post "A Young Sasquatch is one of the Mascots for Winter...":

Here's a link so everyone can see it:


How cool is it that a country adopts sasquatch as a mascot? Then sadly, you have the OR State government in denial, who wants to brush the subject under the rug.


Thank you for the link. Several states, you know, have this policy of suspending licenses when one sees (while driving a car) and reports a bigfoot to the police.
Lady Perry

A Young Sasquatch is one of the Mascots for Winter Games

Bigfoot Ballyhoo just learned Quatchi, a young sasquatch/bigfoot,  is one of the mascots for the 2010 Winter Olympics in British Columbia. I can't show you a picture it is copyrighted. How great is that? Guess you can tell the Perrys aren't watching the games....Lady Perry

How to get started on license suspensions.

Guest Editor-Blogger: Grant County C
Regarding: "...present the case for BF on a public forum."

There are several ways a person can go with the state on suspensions. First thing is to call the governors office and demand this practice be stopped. Then you file a 4423DMV form to force the DMV to prove you suffer from some medical aliment. Then you call your local representative and ask them to write a bill to prevent DMV from this practice.

Then you would have to show that damage was done to you.

Oregon currently makes around thirty suspensions a year for this type of thing. It is a warning to others to not call police on such a thing. If you see a bigfoot or UFO in the state you will lose your privilege to drive. Yes the state considers it a PRIVILEDGE TO DRIVE NOT A RIGHT. This is how they get away with legal harassment of bigfoot reporters. The state has done this since 1977 when over one hundred and twenty five reports from drivers about this animal surfaced from 1963-1977.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who to Lead the Charge?

Guest Editor-Blogger: Marvin

 Regarding: "...present the case for BF on a public forum.""

I would gladly donate. But who do we get to lead the charge? Also the state would certainly point out many other sates do it too. Also bigfoot has never been caught so what do you use for evidence? All they would do is say the people that see bigfoot are a danger to the roads.

Only one man seemed to want to change this and he's dead. The rest of them have been totally silent on this issue.The states pull many stunts that are not necessarily legal.

Sharing Beauty

Photo: Photoxpress

Enjoy for I am simply sharing beauty.  I don't know where this photo was taken but it could be several of our Oregon rivers.

"...a stiff penalty to keep more people from reporting bigfoot."

Guest Editor-Blogger:Mary Rondeu
 Regarding: "...present the case for BF on a public forum."":

It was my fathers intent to bring this out to the nation on CNN. Hopefully Bill Emery will do the show with the help of law enforcement officers that have had the rug pulled out from under them too. A person needs the help of the networks to get this practice stopped for good.

 My dad realized this after finding out on this very blog that people were getting suspensions from the state. We know several police officers that have told dad they would appear with him on the show.

CNN says the filming is still on but has been temporary shoved back because of Haiti and other things. If people didn't have to worry about retribution from the state we believe many more reports would surface. Dad was convinced this practice was and is nothing more than a stiff penalty to keep more people from reporting bigfoot.

"...present the case for BF on a public forum."

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous

Regarding: "Linn County Cop Explains License Suspension Practi...":

This could provide an opportunity for the BF research community to present the case for BF on a public forum...A class action suit by several drivers challenging the rational for the OR DMV 's suspension practice, ie; A driver who sees a creature which doesn't exist must be suffering some mental problems & is therefore unfit to drive..

Turn the trial into a trial on BF's existence...Get Dr's Jane Goodall, Meldrum, Bindernagel, Farenbach, Swindler & other PHDs to testify along with print expert Jim Chilcut. Ex-LEO, BLM & fish & game folks might well come out of the woodwork to offer testimony...Ask for small donations from BF believers to cover legal fees, ( until the state of Oregon is forced, as part of the settlement, to cover plantiff's legal fees)...BFRO's Moneymaker is a lawyer..Let's see what he can put together?

Please Comment!

An "Expensive" Bigfoot Sighting

Guest Editor-Blogger: Frank Berns

I've been asked by a good friend and Bigfoot investigator to tell my hell story to you. Back in 1993 I was driving a log truck when I was unfortunate to run across one of these Bigfoot while going to a job one early morning.

I reported this thing to a police officer. Several weeks later I received a suspension of my CDL in the mail. I was in disbelieve as I had been driving truck for thirty years with no tickets or accidents. Over the next few weeks the state put me through the ringer. In order to reinstate my CDL I had to pay a $1,200 reinstatement fee and go to a doctor in Portland.

He told me Bigfoot does not exist and I need to keep telling myself and others I had seen a bear not Bigfoot. It made me furious that he was ordering me to lie. I owned my own truck and the insurance went through the roof because of the suspension. After all was said and done it cost me over $10,000 dollars because I reported seeing a Bigfoot. I'm not saying people shouldn't report just telling my experience with the state.


Thank you so much for telling us about your "expensive sighting."...Linda Newton-Perry

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Listen to Dr. Jane Goodall: She Believes in Bigfoot!

Bigfoot Sighting, Loon Lake, Oregon, 2010

Guest Editor-Blogger: Gina Riggs
A Sighting

Hello to all ballyhoo bloggers. My name is Gina Riggs and I have a sighting for this blog. February 2nd, 2010 I was on a trip to Eugene Oregon to see a foot doctor as I have diabetes. I was traveling on Oregon 38 near Loon Lake exit when I noticed some movement on the bank near the road. I slowed down thinking a deer was going to jump in front of me.

Boy was I ever stunned when a very large and tall hairy manlike thing walked across in front of me. This thing was walking on two legs and looked manlike in the face, only with apelike features too. It was black in color. It had two massive arms on it like a person only much larger. A car behind me saw it to as it crossed the road. The man honked at me to pull over and I did. He was just as shocked as I was.

He said "my god should we call the police or something". I agreed with him and we did. The dispatcher at OSP told us to say there that a trooper was about 10 miles away and he would come. We did. When he arrived he ask us both separately what we had seen. I told him this thing was around seven foot tall and heavy. He said that he would get ODOT up there to look around. Then he told both of us that we will most likely get a letter from the state DMV. I'm not at all sure we did the right thing by reporting this but what if a family hit it and killed themselves or it?


Thank you for sharing your sighting. I've always believed we should report a sighting to the police. Please let us know how this turns out for you. Many have had their license suspended until they were checked out by a doctor....Linda Newton-Perry

With Heavy Heart

Photo: Photoxpress

Linda Newton-Perry

Dear Readers,
Did you know, that each day on the internet several billion web pages are added? (This : Google and NEW SCIENTIST, BRITIAN.) In light of this, I want you all to know that I appreciate your reading this blog. I will keep with not requiring names to make comments. Please continue to comment, including you Mr. Paulides. We need to be able to say what we feel. Good taste is always appreciated  in comments. I did buy and read the book, Tribal Bigfoot, and enjoyed it.

This morning, Feb. 15, 2010, Cole Saxton and Bill Emery, are spreading Dale Saxton's ashes over the Oregon mountains that he loved.  My mind and heart are with these two.

Keep enjoying Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Perhaps one day we will have a good clear photo of bigfoot. Maybe it will be you, dear reader, that will take that photo.

Linda Newton-Perry


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Norway Bigfoot

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous

There are traditions of Sasquatch type creatures in ancient Europe...for example, Grendal in the Old English epic poem, Beowulf.....Scandanavia has a tradition of the "Frostman" I believe it was called, supposedly a Sasquatch type creature...Ditto in Scotland, although I don't recall the Scottish name for the creature there...However, the only contemporary credible European BF reports I'm aware of come from Russia...

Thank you. I hope you enjoyed the video.
Linda Newton-Perry

David Paulides Replys to Mr. Nells Objections to NABS


Guest Editor-Blogger: David Paulides

Mr. Nells,

We have NEVER approached anyone in the area that you've indicated and asked them to sign an affidavit and they didn't. I know because I have been on each project we've done in that region.

I'd like to know how you have access to our researchers and their locations since your information is inaccurate.

An affidavit is nothing more then a person swearing under the penalty of perjury that they are telling the truth. It is a check and balance system for us to ensure that we have the correct statement from the witness. They are inclined to read the statement thoroughly before signing thus the accuracy of the statement is ensured, nothing more.

I have NO IDEA where you get the idea we are jealous of Oregon researchers, WE ARE some of the Oregon researchers you describe. WE ARE presenting to Oregon people at the symposium. We have nothing to be jealous about, we are an inclusive group, not exclusive. We will gladly share research, contrary to most groups. We DO NOT alter witness statements like some groups, what the witness states is what we keep.We do not exclude statements that don't fit with our theories, we include everyone's statement, it's important to our credibility.

The bigfoot community is an unusual group. We have found that there are a handful of people that completely fabricate stories about our group for some unknown reason. When they cite examples, they never cite specific incidence, it's always generalities with no names...

Why you would state that we are not in the field makes no sense. You obviously haven't read either of our books. The Hoopa Project was a two year field study. Tribal Bigfoot was another 2 years throughout the western U.S.

It's amazing to me that people want to cause hatred and animosity amongst our community. We do not make negative public statements about anyone and we aren't about to lower our standards by doing it now. Please read our mission statement and objectives and you'll see that we are sincere, honest and thorough. I would encourage anyone to read the Hoopa Newspaper archives and see what the native Americans say about us being in their community, it's all postive!

David Paulides

Executive Director

North America Bigfoot Search

Guest Editor-Blogger Speaks His Mind on Reporting Bigfoot Sightings

Guest Editor-Blogger: Greg Nells
Subject: "Information: North America Bigfoot Search"

I'm a person that does not believe everything I read. You see my sister saw a Bigfoot near Happy Camp one day. The worst thing she ever did was notify North American Research. They wanted her to sign affidavits and all kinds of junk. They do most all their research on a computer not out in the brush. I feel they think Bigfoot is a game. When people spot this thing, the last thing they want is to be second guessed. They have always been jealous of the Oregon searchers. When they say they have knowledge of all the areas, this simply is NOT TRUE. People need to know the truth about whom to report to.

Do Bigfoot-type Animals Live in Norway?

Since the video, below,  is so beautiful, I thought I would look through Ivan T. Sanderson's book, Legend Come to Life Abominable Snowmen, to find out if the abominable snowman lives there. I found a world map (Map 1: Distribution of ABSMS by Continents, page 12) that indicates that at the very tip of Norway the animal could exist.  So there is my reason for the video being on this bigfoot blog. And I did say, I want this blog to be a worldwide one.

Information: North America Bigfoot Search

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous
Subject: "Who does a person call... "
If you have a bigfoot sighting we (North America Bigfoot Search) would appreciate you going to our website and posting a report. The reports submitted to our group and the witnesses names are not made public unless they approve.

We have researchers throughout the Pacific Northwest and know the landscape well. Contrary to the practices of many groups, we don't throw everything aside and go directly to the sighting location. If abnormal behavior is an issue we will respond immediately, but a normal sighting will bring our standard protocol response. We will call and speak to the witness immediately and depending on the circumstances of the sighting we will design the research to fit that specific scenario.

We have never gone to an area to film or photograph a bigfoot as that does not bring about credible scientific evidence.

We have found that a cautious response to a sighting may actually allow the biped to develop a comfort zone for the area and thus bring more sightings and witnesses to the table, habituation is a goal. The more witnesses to a specific biped, the more credible information as to physical descriptors can be documented. We want the biped to develop a bedding area, hunt the area, leave behind remains and evidence that can be evaluated. To immediately respond to the area may scare away the bigfoot and not allow additional study.

We appreciate the consideration. If you wish to understand more about our organization, how we handle witnesses and subsequent investigations, please go to our website:


If you wish to communicate directly with an on call researcher, you may email us 24 hours a day at:


If you wish to meet one of our representatives and question them about our organization, we will be presenting at the Oregon Bigfoot Symposium later this year.

Safe Travels