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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bigfoot Drawing

Drawing by Linda Newton-Perry

"I know this is going to sound silly, but it had a sad look on its face."
Crow/Reedsport Sighting

Jan. 2010, Oregon Bigfoot Sighting

Guest Editor-Blogger: MJ

I have worked for ODOT all my adult life. Last week I was on 138 near Steamboat,Oregon. I was driving a sanding truck eastbound. Near the Dry Creek turnoff I pulled over to let traffic go by. I happened to look up Dry Creek Road and saw this large thing walk across the road. And I mean WALK on two legs.

It was dark brown and covered with hair. I could not believe my eyes. This thing was big, and tall looking. It went into a fast trot when it spotted me. Right after it came another smaller one that was black in color. It stopped and glanced at me for maybe 20 seconds.

These things were not bears. They were manlike. After gathering my senses I realized that these two things were Bigfoots. I'm not reporting it to the state; I'm 61 and have 1 year till retirement. Nobody will ever convince me these things was anything other than wild men type things.

The first one was seven foot tall or taller and weighing five or six hundred pounds, and the second one was around six foot tall and probably four hundred pounds. Both of them had longer arms than man and were barrel chested. They was definitely some kind of man ape things only much much larger. I have started to read Bigfoot sites and articles on these things and have found this blog. In this state you do not want to report stuff like this. They'll whack you but good.


Thank you so much for your sighting. Linda

Photos of Squaw Lake: Courtesy Dale Saxton

Captions of Photos

First one on top: Bigfoot Kind of Night
Second down: Moon Shot on Ridge
Third: Come on Sun
Fourth: Moon
Fifth: Moss to Keep Warm With
Sixth: Paul looking inside cave with moss on floor.

Dale Saxton Set Rumors to Rest on Squaw lake Study

Guest Editor-Blogger: Dale Saxton

Linda, I'm finally home from the hospital . Feeling a bit weak still but will do! As you and the readers know we went back to Squaw Lake trying to find evidence of a Bigfoot in the area of the surrounding mountains of Squaw Lake. This study was to try to locate the animal responsible for the damage done at the campground. We had no illusions on being successful. Anybody that has ever searched for the creature knows the odds of finding it are very small.

Still, we put together a team of 4 volunteers to do a extensive search of the area. We searched some very remote land. We did find some older evidence we think of a Bigfoot, but nothing that we consider fresh . We did find a bedding area with moss on the floor in a cave of some large animal . This moss was collected for study . Also the cave had a very bad pungent smell to it. We found some very old tracks leading out of the area into Rogue River Wilderness area. We feel these tracks are at least 2 to 3 months old.

There has been some talk about PETA ruining the search. I know nothing of them up there.

We had bad luck from the start. Julie was ill with a stomach virus, Sam broke his leg near Copper Mountain and I got pneumonia. I understand the lake will reopen soon for camping and fishing. We did take firearms with us only for protection. It was never our intention to harm Bigfoot in any way. Here are some photos of the area. Thanks for the best wishes from the Sierra Tahoe man and the Perry's. Dale


We are very happy you are on the mend. It is good to get the straight of the Squaw Lake Study from one of its participants. Thanks for the beautiful photos.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

WOW! WOW! WOW! Bigfoot News!

Guest Editor-Blogger: BLM Office Employee

I think it's time to put the Squaw Lake incident to bed. Too much conspiracy and rumors have been made out of it. I was interested in the Bigfoot thing in 1962, so I ran a search on our computers here at BLM. The search showed a non classified animal was shipped to DOI in November, 1962, in San Diego.

It was not identified by DOI as being any known species of animal known. It was classified in 1964 as a primate of known species very close to a Eastern China mountain gorilla. The notes show the gorilla was thought by DOI to be a captured primate that was probably a pet and let go from a private citizen because it was diseased with what is now known as Lyme's.

There is notation about the size being larger than usual. That is all that I could find.


Our next question, of course, is Do they still have the bones?

Thank you so much. How exciting.
Linda Newton-Perry

Bill Emery Comments on Squaw Lake Study

Guest Editor:Blogger: Bill Emery

Sam Cartwright, a government tracker, was trying to go into a gorge that was near vertical and fell in the Squaw Lake region. He sustained a broken leg. He is doing well.

What I can't seem to understand is why all this mistrust with the search party? If anybody thinks a Bigfoot was harmed or put down then they don't know the people that were present. I do know Squaw Lake is to open up 3-1-2010. The current deep snow is the reason it will open in March. Much has been speculated. Dales daughter told it like it is.

"A Matter of Time" Newspaper Column for Week of Feb. 1, 2010

Linda Newton-Perry's Newspaper Column for Week of Feb. 1, 2010

It seems the old, limping Bigfoot has been sighted again! On Jan. 27th a couple was traveling to Eugene on Smith River Road, when they observed an old, limping Bigfoot on the side of the road in the Oxbow area, between Reedsport and Crow. The animal was said to have a sad expression on its grey-bearded face. Another commenter on the blog said perhaps the animal is just wandering the area, waiting to die.

It has been an exciting week on the blog, full of intrigue. Many believe lies were launched about the United States Forest Service’s study project at Squaw Lake, Oregon. Several commenters came right out and said the group found what they wanted, and others were quick to say that it wasn’t true, they found nothing new. A certain animal’s rights group claimed to have launched an air attack to put a stop to the study. But then many commenters claimed it was all made up, all lies.

We feel safe in telling you that one of the study group, Dale Saxton, has been and maybe still is in the hospital with pneumonia. And one of the others, we don’t know who, broke a leg.

We did have a couple of comments on the (alleged) Bigfoot body found under a fallen fir after the Columbus Day Storm of 1962. The decomposed corpse was said to have been sent to an office of the Department of Interior in California. We do hope someone is following up on this exciting topic. In addition, at least a couple of newspapers articles were cited with the story of the Bigfoot body. If you would like to read more about this, go online to the blog and search the older posts. The blog address is http://bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com.

I do want to mention that the authors of this blog, Linda and Christopher Perry, are Pro Bigfoot. However, we do not censor comments (not too severely: no profanity will be tolerated). And we do not require a name be given. Of course we realize since this is the policy of the blog, lies will inevitability be told. And because of this, we Bigfoot believers will just have to try to weed-out, as best we can, the true from the false.

Linda Newton-Perry, along with her husband Christopher Perry, is the author of three Bigfoot children’s books and one Viking Age novel. You may order copies from their website www.christopherperryandlindanewtonperry.com or Amazon.com.

A Peter Byrne Request





Guest Editor-Blogger: Forest Service Employee

As an employee of USFS in Powers,Oregon we have no information on ... PETA. We have no record of any activity of them in the Siskiyou's in the last week. The name of the victim of the accident will have to come from him. It is not our policy to disclose the names of our field officers. As the USFS did not fund the Squaw Lake Study, we don't have information on it.

Thank you for clearing this up.

"Conflicting Reports on Squaw Lake"

Linda Newton-Perry

Attention: Forest Service/BLM

In light of the conflicting information, we would like confirmation concerning PETA's involvement in the termination of the Squaw Lake Study. Please, if you can, give us your latest information.

And if you can, tell us how the one that broke his/her leg is doing. We wish them speedy recovery.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Dale Saxton's Daughter Voices Her Opinion on Squaw Lake

Guest Editor-Blogger: Tonya Saxton-Henderson

I'm am saddened by some of the remarks here on this blog. Some have said my father went into Squaw Lake to ether trap or kill a Sasquatch.This could not be further from the truth. Dad is currently in a hospital with pneumonia. 

Our family knows what took place at Squaw Lake. No Sasquatch was found. Dad said they found no new evidence that a Sasquatch is in that area. They did find some older tracks and a bedding area that they feel was used by one or two last summer. They believe the creatures have moved into the Foster Bar /Rogue River area about 25 miles south of Sqwaw Lake.

Dad knows nothing of any airplanes or PETA being up there. One of the other members did receive a very bad broken leg on a steep hillside on Thursday morning and had to be brought out.The rest of the group left later that day. The forest service has not asked my father to stay quite about anything.

 He would never kill a Sasquatch . He has dedicated his life to the preservation of this creature. Thank you for posting this.


We are so sorry to hear about your dad being ill. And also the comments have been rather upsetting even to the Perrys', this blog's authors. Please tell him hi, for us and to get well soon. We miss his comments.

New Bigfoot Sighting, Jan. 27, 2010

Guest Editor-Blogger: Angela

On Wednesday Jan. 27, 2010, my husband and I were on Smith River Road. We were on our way to Eugene Oregon for a appointment with a real estate agent. We were on what is called the Oxbow, an area between Crow and Reedsport. We had planed our trip through this place for some time. We stopped at the crossroads to Mapleton and Timber Ridge.

As we were talking about getting our packed lunch out to eat,  my husband saw some movement near the one lane roadside behind us. We both turned to see a giant hairy black and gray thing walk very slowly out onto the road . It was apparently crippled as it walked with a awkward limp to it. This thing stopped in the middle of the road and just stood there looking at us.

We both noticed that it looked to be a strange cross of a human and ape like mix. It's eyes were black and the face was dark like an ape's face, only with human type features. The mouth was on the large side with hair around its jaw like a short gray beard. Forehead was sloped looking. It just stood there watching us. Then after a couple of minutes it slowly went into the woods off the road.

I know this is going to sound silly, but it had a sad look on its face. There my husband and I were with no camera. My husband did try to get a picture on his cell but it was too far away. We did not really believe in Bigfoot till now. We did not report this because of the ridicule we would receive.We are starting a new business in Eugene and don't want to get off on a bad start.


Thank you so much for your sighting.

Keep Talking Bigfoot

Editor: Linda Newton-Perry

Thanks everyone for the many comments. I never know what little nugget of information will show up from one comment to the next. So, what do you think, did the Squaw Lake Study Team find Bigfoot? I've thought it over. And I would like to know if a huge animal, such as Bigfoot, is roaming our forests. It seems to me the forest can be a dangerous place even without this animal. I think the Public deserves to know.

Here is an example of how uninformed the Public is on this animal. While shopping yesterday, the clerk asked me if I'd been up to anything exciting lately. Well, I thought I had. I sucked in a good long breath and asked her if she believed in Bigfoot. Chuckle, Chuckle, then, "No, but I know where you can get a wonderful Bigfoot sweet roll." I pointed to my hips and said, "I stay away from places like that!"

But having given the matter thought, I think I will stop in at the Sugar Shack in Reedsport, Oregon, and try one of their rolls.

I didn't mean for this to hint of funny in any way, I'm serious, and wish people would talk more about this animal. We should know he's out there. Keep sharing your sightings.

Is anyone working on finding out more about those bones of the Columbus Day Storm, 1962, that were shipped off to California? Scroll down to older posts to find out about it if you haven't a clue what I'm talking about.

Have a grand day.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Government is not "untouchable"? Hmm...

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous

For the third year law student;

The FOIA is widely used and enforced on many obscure issues. The Disclosure Project takes on many causes where the initial response is denial. I would encourage anyone who is interested in a cause and needs assistance to read their site as they will assist.


I would also encourage people to read the website; The Black Vault- They have thousands of pages released under the FOIA that had "Top Secret" protection. Under appeal these people got the documents released. Please don't believe others that the government is untouchable, far from it.You can spend days reading what the vault has gotten released, its fascinating.


"...reason is Bigfoot does not exist."

Drawing: Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous

As a noisy person I talked with the USFS in Medford today. They said that NO USFS STUDY is going on in that area. They said NO TROUBLE HAS BEEN reported to the USFS or BLM regarding Sasquatch or Bigfoot. There has not been any sightings of any such creature in any USFS forest in Oregon. They were very nice about this, and I believe them. One very good reason is Bigfoot does not exist. All this hoop has been started because of a California group wanting free press.

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous

Dear Anonymous

With all due respect, you are incorrect. All federal agencies (This includes the forest service) are required to release to the public answers to questions and supply all related documents when a request is submitted under the Freedom of Information Act. Failure to comply with the act is a felony.The only exemption to this law is when the request is deemed protected under national security, and, it's doubtful anything the forest service does relates to national security.

Guest Editor-Blogger: Brandy

What I mean Linda is this. If the Squaw Lake animal is sick or suffering from some disease that makes it dangerous to people who use the forest, then don't we have a obligation to keep the forest safe for all? If we do nothing and a child or person gets attacked, injured or killed, what are we to do?

I know enough to know what that group was facing there; this is not a normal healthy animal. There is reports filed with USFS about this thing at that lake for the last five years probably more. All of them are the same. This thing is hostile and a menace to the general public.

 By the damage done to the camp tells many of us this thing is immensely strong. Gating the lake off is only a a temporary fix. Somebody will bypass it and go in. If they get hurt or killed then the USFS has to answer for that. The Bigfoot I sighted was not like this . If it was I would had no chance at escape. It was too big for me to defend myself. Thank God it wasn't hostile acting.


Thank you so much Brandy.

PETA Harms Animals by Noise Blasting Their Forest Home

Stock photo: Photoxpress

I've been thinking about this method you, PETA, used of blasting the area with loud sound. It seems if I were a Bigfoot, I'd be very upset and would probably hurt myself running away. We have a very old Bigfoot in Oregon that limps. It seems to me PETA, in this case, has harmed animals, all the animals in the forest.

Linda Newton-Perry

Bigfoot, Squaw Lake, Who the suspect is will not be released to the general public.

Guest Editor-Blogger:Frank TRR

Did the party at Squaw Lake find a suspect? The latest is they were successful in getting the culprit that was responsible for the Squaw Lake damage. It has been told to me from a very reliable source inside USFS that the party at Squaw Lake did meet their goal.

What that goal was is not known.

The USFS used a diversionary type operation to aid the party. What they found is still not clear. We do know this. The group left the lake area at 7:30 AM not 11:30 AM as earlier posted. They were supported by timber deputies from USFS. Who the suspect is will not be released to the general public.

I tried this AM to talk with the Powers Ranger District and was told nothing.In fact the USFS is denying any knowledge of the study or outcome.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brandy, says the Public isn't ready for the truth about Bigfoot.

Squaw Lake: Courtsey Dale Saxton

Guest Editor-Blogger: Brandy

I feel very bad for the group that was in there doing the study. I saw the memo when I went to work this afternoon about PETA ruining the Squaw Lake investigation. I guess that's why my supervisor told me the FS doesn't like to discuss Sasquatch/Bigfoot with the public.

He was right the public just isn't ready for the truth.

BLM Field: Study Team not to Speculate on Findings

Guest Editor-Blogger: BLM Field

Please everybody calm down. While I don't agree with everybody they still do have an opinion. One thing I think we can all agree on is the public is the real loser here. This could have been the break we've all been waiting for for all these years. To finally have the proof we need to protect Sasquatch from being killed or extinction. I was very hopeful this party would be able to finish their investigation into this animal near the lake. Apparently this will not happen as the team has left the area. The anger that was exhibited today was nothing short of a criminal act of a few. The USFS has asked all involved in the study to not speculate on the evidence gathered as of today. The party was very close to their goal of bringing this event to a complete closure.

PETA Volunteers Voice Their Opinion on Squaw Lake Study

Guest Editor-Bloggers: PETA Volunteers



Posted by PETA VOLUNTEERS to Bigfoot Ballyhoo at January 27, 2010 11:30 AM

Bill Emery on Squaw Lake Study

Guest Editor-Blogger: Bill Emery

Clarification: Let me tell everybody something about Dale Saxton. I have been friends with him for years and know this to be 100% true. First, he would never be a party to killing or harming Sasquatch in any way. Second, The party is in there to find out more about the animal responsible for the damage.

They recognize that what ever is doing this is most likely something they have never dealt with. It is not a hunting trip. I've known two in the party for many years and can say with no doubt they would never kill or injure a Bigfoot .

The hound was taken in only to stay at camp in the trailer and alert when the animal is near. This dog doesn't bark only gives signals to a approaching person. If it turns out to be a Bigfoot the agency will simply keep the campground closed.

As for the education, everybody in the party has a vast knowledge of the danger involved. Saxton was in the marines for 15 years and one of the others was a Navy Deal for seven years. The campground is very remote so of course they have communication in and out 24/7.Cool heads need to be used hear.

Again, NoBody There Is Going To Harm A Bigfoot.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

David Paulides' Response to Reader's Comments

Guest Editor-Blogger: David Paulides

My question to everyone who has responded;

Why bring a tracker and a hound if you're not trying to find the culprit?

There has never been a bigfoot captured.

I outlined the profile of the biped so that Linda's audience would understand what they are dealing with. These are smart people (USFS), there was never an intention to belittle or embarrass, but, nobody will capture a bigfoot, and, they know that. This leaves the only rationale for bringing a hound and a tracker...

There are no experts in the bigfoot arena, contrary to what many will claim. I may know more then the average citizen about bigfoot but there are no true experts.

I have NEVER stated I know what the bigfoot problem is here, ever. I merely commented on what others have stated and outlined.

The USFS ALWAYS has a choice on what they do, always. To think that anyone has the answers to these issues is foolish. I merely made people aware of circumstances that have crept into the public spotlight in the past, severak times in the past.

My comments about seals, etc, is based on 20 years of law enforcement and specialized education I received during SWAT training, and, my continued relationships. If there is a bigfoot in that area, if the staff are knowledgeable on that topic, (both major assumptions) why would they go into that area with a tracker and dog? If they are going to track it, they are attempting to find it. If they find it, they are forcing a confrontation that won't be good for either party.

Again, I know as much as anyone else on what is occurring at the lake.I do know that several FOIA requests have already been filed and that the USFS will have to disclose any study they are conducting in that area in the near future.Why would they not disclose what they are studying, it would only quell media hype at this point?...

I wrote "it appears that they are going out to kill it", I did not say they are going out to kill it. Based on my outline above the only rational answer to bring a tracker and a dog is to force a confrontation. When there is a confrontation between man and biped, the result is not good. No, tranquilizers will not work, bigfoot has hands and would pull the dart out.


1. Why wouldn't the USFS explain what study they are conducting?

2. Why would they close an area that has been vandalized and state they have no idea what has caused it? Bears could not have done this damage, that's blatantly obvious. There is no animal in your forests that could've done this damage.

3. Why bring a tracker if you're not going to track?

4. They must have a plan for capture if they have a tracker and hound, correct? The issue with this scenario is that the biped is too big, too mobile, too strong and too quick to be captured. It wouldn't be prudent to corner it.

5. I could write volumes about what we know about exact similar scenarios that have played out across the US in the past.I write because this type of USFS involvement has happened before with identical language being used. If this is a mundane issue, why not tell us? This is occurring on our property being employed by public servants that are required through the FOIA to tell us everything they do upon request.

6. Please use common sense on these type of issues. If public relations personnel are being evasive and they know the public is possibly aware of unusual circumstances, the reality is that this is an unusual issue.

Most of you probably know nothing about our organization, but, we would not be the ones intruding on the issue or filing briefs, like other groups are now doing. We take a much more conservative and cautious approach to these issues. If anyone has read our literature, I think you'd have a greater understanding of our community involvement and positive impact on educating the public on bigfoot issues.

In the years that we've been conducting our research, the USFS has refused to acknowledge, assist or be educated on the studies that we have conducted, except one person....That one person is very, very high up the chain and knows exactly what we know...They know that the facts that have been presented to the public regarding the lake are highly probable that a bigfoot is involved. They know the risks associated with such an expedition...

I personally apologize to anyone who I have offended, that was never the intent. I would encourage anyone to educate themselves on this topic, peruse websites and read the 5,000+ encounters that are documented on the web. You will be astounded at what you find. On every topic, on every study there are always people that know more then the people involved, always. It's sometimes difficult to convey knowledge without being belligerent, rude or offensive, and, apparently I wasn't successful in this endeavor.

NABS is the only group in the world that is studying bigfoot with a full time team and funding. We have been doing this for almost 6 years and have garnered information that is unique and specific to the topic. We don't know everything, but, as a team, are knowledge base is wide. We have researched over 400 encounters/sightings and have been in many states and counties. We require an affidavit on every report filed and we are the only group in the world to require that process. We encourage you to contact us directly with your concerns and questions at: nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com.

Thanks to Linda for offering this forum for healthy conversation on the topic.

David Paulides


Photo of Ice

Stock Photo: Photoxpress

Winter is on my head, and eternal spring in my heart.
Victor Hugo

David Paulides Voices his Opinion on Squaw Lake and More

Guest Editor-Blogger: David Paulides

Squaw Lake and Fish Lake

North America Bigfoot Search has been studying this topic for almost 6 years. We’ve trekked into some of the most remote regions of our forests, never traveling to see the biped but to understand the reasons it may be visiting that specific area. We started our research with no pre-conceived ideas or designated path, we were not given marching orders. This was pure research bringing every variable into the mix.

After months of accumulating data, talking to various experts, spending years in isolated communities, mapping locations of sightings, a shape of what we were studying started to take shape. This was a very slow process, months of team meetings, reviewing reports by experts on behavior, language, motion, tracking, footprints, photography and many other subjects too numerous to mention.

One of the first reports we prepared was an overview of bigfoot traits. This was a summary of thousands of reports that showed a consistency of behavior in identified areas. This is the link to our site where we outline and provide a brief overview of that report: http://www.nabigfootsearch.com/bigfootdescription.html

The traits and characteristics that we identified:

This is a biped.
An adult ranges on average from 6-8” in height.
Average weight 600-800 pounds.
It can reach a ground speed of 30-35 mph.
It is 10-15X stronger then the average human.
Teeth are similar to human.
Hair color can be anything in the range that humans possess
Can be very territorial.

Vision- Daylight vision is average while night vision is exemplary.
Hearing –possibly an infrasound ability that humans do not possess
The sense of smell is equal to or greater then humans.
Rational thinking ability has been shown and exhibited


Rock Throwing, sometimes huge boulders, extremely accurate
Wood banging
Wood Structures, (The Hoopa Project Pg 124).
Yelling and screaming


Similar to human.


Does have an unidentified language, confirmed by a linguistic expert. See the attached link for report: http://www.nabigfootsearch.com/Bigfootlanguage.html

Footprint is similar to human, refer to report:



Swimming-Excellent, known to swim long distances
Highly interested in small children and women with long hair.
Climbs trees with ease.
Can stalk with an extremely stealthy approach.

DNA- There have been numerous DNA tests done on samples attributed to bigfoot and a majority have been classified as having a human element. Scientists have discounted the human results as being caused by human contamination. NABS has been conducting their own DNA testing for the last 22 months with results indicating this is not an animal.

All of the indicators that NABS has established is that bigfoot is on the human side of the genetic tree.

Fish Lake

Fish Lake is located in the Six Rivers National Forest in Northern California, just south of Bluff Creek. There has been a history of bigfoot incidents at this lake dating back to the 1950’s. Bluff Creek travels just east of the lake and eventually dumps into the Klamath River. There is a paved road that goes directly to the lake where there is exceptional campgrounds and a truly beautiful setting. The area immediately behind the lake has been closed to all hiking for the last 7 years. The USFS claims that the region has a tree disease that can be carried and spread, thus the closure of the area. It’s always been suspicious to NABS that this area is closed as it represents absolute prime bigfoot habitat and also would be the alleyway for the biped to walk from the interior of the wilderness into Fish Lake and onto the Klamath and Hoopa. When we have spoke to administrators in the Orleans office about this issue, they are very evasive as to when the area will open and, specifically why and where the disease is located. We have also asked for the reports outlining the issue in the area and have been told they would be forth coming, we’ve never received them.

Southern Oregon

As this blog is going out there is an ongoing project taking place in southern Oregon. In the recent past there has been serious damage done to a sign and garbage cans in a remote wilderness area of a National Forest. The type of damage that was sustained was severe and inconsistent with a teenager going on a adolescent rampage. Local bigfoot researchers in the area got a hold of this story and started to look into the issue. Not long after initial inquiries the USFS closed the region to all public access.

Articles have stated that a California Bigfoot group has filed a formal complaint with the Forest Service about the closure, this was not NABS. There has also been a recent article indicating that a USFS team will be going into the area with the aid of snowmobiles. They will be staying for two weeks and will be taking a biologist, a tracker, an animal behavioral specialist and a hound. There was no mention of any firearms or tranquilizers. The Forest Service spokesperson was asked what type of study was going to take place by this team, his comment, “I’m not at liberty to discuss it any further.” Maybe there is no study taking place, maybe they are going in to bring out a body?


All indications are that the team entering this Southern Oregon Forest are attempting to stalk the perpetrator of the vandalism. The team knows that a bigfoot may be the culprit.

There has NEVER been a confirmed case where people have been successful in stalking a bigfoot, bigfoot will find you on their terms, not yours. Bigfoot has shown mixed emotions with canines. There have been many documented cases where dogs have gotten involved with a bigfoot and have not lived through the encounter. There have been others where the bigfoot hasn’t felt threatened by the canine and the dog merely ran from the biped and hid his under a house or their owner.

The behavior indicated by the biped in southern Oregon shows that it is probably not happy with human intrusion into an area that it wants to occupy. It has shown aggression and its reluctance to merely move onto another area, it is being territorial.

NABS has publicly indicated that we believe that bigfoot is on the human side of the genetic tree (Tribal Bigfoot, DNA Report, Pg 372-373). We believe that this genetic association also means there are bigfoot that mimic the human population, passive, aggressive, interested, angry and criminal. Researchers entering an area where a bigfoot has shown aggressive and angry behavior is forcing a confrontation that will not be beneficial to the researchers or the bigfoot. First, it is extremely doubtful that we (the public) will ever know the true outcome of this expedition. If someone is seriously injured or killed, they will be carried out by helo and we will hear zero. If nothing happens, nothing will be said. As we’ve stated many times in the past, bigfoot finds you, you won’t find bigfoot. Going into high altitude wilderness in the middle of winter puts you on their turf and their conditions, not something that NABS would ever do. You need every advantage when studying this biped, including the ability to evacuate quickly, which won’t exist in a major storm.

NABS believes that this team is greatly underestimating the conditions that will be present. Our guess is that they will set up camp in a valley area, probably near the base of a mountain to lessen wind and weather issues against their camp and to be near a water source. Anyone who has studied bigfoot knows that they enjoy camp sites at the bottom of mountains and in valleys as this offers them the optimum location to harass (rock throwing, keeping you up at night, etc) and observe you! The team would not set their camp on a mountaintop or ridgeline as weather conditions would be horrid in winter.

When you enter a habitat that is occupied by beings that have lived it for thousands of years, you better bring in experts. The Green Berets, Navy Seals and Army Rangers have experts in survival under these conditions. They know how to occupy areas covertly and successfully place surveillance under harsh conditions. We’ve spoke to these experts about the conditions that will be present in Oregon and they state that researchers entering this area without adequate support (immediate evacuation when needed), training (extensive winter survival training should you be forced from your camp), positioning (Knowing where to place the camp to have a tactical advantage) and having personnel that can get you in and out with everyone alive and healthy, and, no casualties at either end.. These specific areas of expertise should be employed when entering a wilderness area under adverse conditions.

It would be interesting to understand the expeditions goals. It would appear that they are going out to kill it, thus the dogs and the tracker. If this is the motive of the team, there will be no good outcome.

David Paulides
Executive Director

North America Bigfoot Search

More on Columbus Day Creature

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anita

This is the story from the Chiloquin Guardian story from Oct 1962 on the Columbus Day Creature.

Headline: The Strange Case Of The Ape Creature.

All the buzz around town lately has been over the strange creature that was found dead under a storm damaged tree in Josephine County. The creature was found by a crew clearing wind blown trees near O'Brien on the Oregon- California border.

The creature is said to be covered with short scruffy black hair resembling something in between a gorilla and human in looks. A private source has told the paper that the creature is a female, seven feet 4 inches in length. The weight is said to be five hundred and seventy pounds.The body was found to be in decomposition but plainly show large hands with fingers and five toes on each foot. Many believe this creature might be a Bigfoot,a legendary primate that is said to roam the forest of the pacific northwest regions of the US and Canada.

This unknown creature is said to have hands and feet like the animal found. The authorities have shipped the body to a crime lab in California for further study.

On Squaw Lake Damage: Dave, Pro Tracker, Speaks His Mind

Guest Editor-Blogger: Dave Pro Tracker

Let's try to look at this thing logically. What can pull up a 350 lb information sign buried in concrete ? A black bear ? NO WAY. What can crush heavy steel trash cans and throw them into a lake? A black bear? Maybe crush but to throw? NO WAY. What can tear up small trees and then leave them in a pile? A black Bear? Maybe, but not probable. What does this leave us with? People? Maybe,but how is it being done without motorized vehicles to get there. I have used google earth to measure the nearest road other than the one that is gated off. It's 16.4 miles from the lake. Is there people that can walk 16.4 miles and damage things then walk 16.4 miles out on steep ground? If there is I want them for a football team! Bear is the only known animal that inhabits the pacific northwest forest that is big enough to damage things. Remember we don't have grizzles or Kodiak's here. Unless we have another animal that we don't know about.I'm betting on the ladder!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Dale Saxton Back to Squaw Lake

Guest Editor-Blogger: Dale Saxton

We will be leaving on Tuesday for two weeks at Squaw Lake. With the help of snowmobiles, we will get back into camp. Hope to have some kind of news soon. There will be five of us this time, as we have added a tracker and a hound to our party. The group will be Paul from USFS, animal behavior specialist; Julie, USFS biologist; Sam Cartwright, special tracker USFS and Dale.

Is Bigfoot Really Responsible for the Squaw Lake Damage?

Guest Editor-Blogger: Frank Wesson from Redding News Review

Is Bigfoot really responsible for the Squaw Lake damage? That was a question that was asked today to the supervisor of the Siskiyou ranger station in Powers Oregon. He said at this point we can't say what is going on with the lake. You probably know as much as I do stated Gordon Sackett. If we've got a situation that we feel is a danger to the public, then we have a duty to close the lake until a time when we deem it safe.

 If we reopen the lake and  someone in the public is harmed then we've got big problems. Sackett said, in a telephone conference with me, that many organizations have requested passage into the lake area. We are keeping the area closed to the public and that's it.

He said that a group  based out of Eugene, Oregon has requested a permit to enter the lake area and was denied because of the dangerous conditions that currently exist. Also there are some USFS employees doing a study in the area. When asked what kind of study he replied "No commit. I'm sorry I'm not at liberty to discuss it any further."

A Bigfoot group in California has filed a formal complaint with the Department of Interior in Washington DC

More About the Columbus Day Storm Beast: Bigfoot?

A article from November 24, 1962, The Cave Daily. The strange body of animal of unknown origin was sent to San Diego, California by the United States Forest Service for identification Monday . The animal is said to be a cross between a bear or gorilla type. Loggers were clearing Dew Ridge Access Road on Greyback near O'Brien when they discovered the animal crushed under a large Douglas Fir tree that had fell in the wind storm last month.

Medical examiner officials said they never have seen such a animal before. The forensic lab in California will make a determination on what the carcass is. It is rumored the animal might be the legendary "Sasquatch" a name derived from Indian folklore meaning "Wild Man of the Woods".

Six years ago a crew on Bluff Creek in Humboldt County, California found large tracks on a logging road construction site. Bluff Creek is only forty miles from Dew Ridge.

Above is from Guest Editor-Blogger: Trever

Talk About Bigfoot, Make it Commonplace

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Do You Remember When the Bigfoot Body was Found in '62?

Stock photo from photoxpress

Guest Editor-Blogger: Dale Saxton

Yes, Linda, I do remember when it was found in '62. No, I never saw the photo but do know quite well one of the men who found it. He is in a retirement home. It was told to me in 1965. I think about the creature being found dead; at that time, I wasn't too much into Bigfoot. I'm going to go to Brookings next week and I will stop to see him. He may or may not remember anymore than we do at this point as he is around 87 now. Thanks for showing the pictures to all.


The above post is in regard to Brandy's post of January 22, 2010. Here it is in part.

...By the way, my boss was telling me back in Oct. of 1962 a great storm hit Oregon, called The Columbus Day Storm. Anyway, he said that some men who were clearing wind felled trees off a logging road found a Bigfoot dead under a downed tree. He said it was decomposed to the point where they first thought it was a mutated bear, until they saw hands on it instead of paws. This thing was much larger than a bear and had a face of a human and ape. He said the Smithsonian Institute has it. Have you ever heard of it?

And post from Greg:

There was an unknown type of animal found by a Griffy and Laird crew on 11/'62, while removing wind blown trees from a Greyback spur road. If I remember right they shipped it off to the Department of Interior for autopsy. The animal was badly decomposed at the time. It was said it was much too big for a bear. Also, the report stated that it had hands and feet resembling a humans but of a larger size. You could get this information under The Freedom of Information Act. I do not have any photos of it anymore as they were sent with the report to DOI. As I remember the photos were not all that good. The animal had been dead for a month at the time of discovery.

And this post, here in part, from Milred:

...When the Columbus Day Storm hit, my husband and I lived in Kerby, Oregon. We are positive there was a picture of that hairy ape-like thing on the wall in the Junction Cafe in Cave Junction. I wonder if the cafe is still there. It was truly a sight to see. It showed the hands, feet and fingers of it and the face was not that of a bear. It was quite ugly it seems. The huge fir tree that fell on it didn't do it any good.

The Cafe has burned and does not exist anymore.

Dale Saxton Voices His Opinion on Bigfoot

This is not an illustration of Mr. Saxton

Guest Editor-Blogger: Dale Saxton

Bigfoot is a very elusive animal. Over the years, I have tried to rack my brain on how this animal has evaded the general public for so long. Many things point to the fact that people who get a look at it are just in the right place at the right time.

I have worked in the forest all my life and have only seen a few tracks in the 40 plus years that I was building timber access roads. This animal has to be intelligent to the point of hiding so well. Many people think the Bigfoot is a human gone wild.

I have to disagree with that because there is no evidence that they cook or use any kind of tools that were used by prehistoric man. People need to know these creatures can be extremely dangerous if cornered. Many speak of a shy acting Bigfoot, yet others tell of very aggressive behavior by them.

Some of the damage left behind shows the shear strength of them. The animal would be difficult to capture because of the size involved. There is no doubt the creature will be recognized by the general public in the near future as a real living animal or missing link to man. There are a lot of very good people in the field now trying to prove Bigfoot is real with very good high tech equipment.

Linda is assuming this is Julie Walton

Guest Editor-Blogger: Julie Walton

The local USFS rangers around here know Dale through years of working with him and have a common trust with him. He has never tried to charge anybody for his research or supplies or the use of his trailers, pickups etc. He has never went on TV or radio to talk about Bigfoot. As one of the volumteers that spent two weeks up there, I have to say we couldn't have been with better company. He's a down to
earth type of guy.

As a wildlife biologist, I feel Dale is excellent at looking at all the possibilitites. This study is not being financed by USFS. Nobody other than the four of us are looking  into this strange case. Many calls have come into our ranger district office on what is going on up there and Sasquatch hunters demanding that they have access to the lake. This kind of in-fighting is not from any kind of professionals that I'd want to be with.

I feel that we will conclude this mystery in the foreseeable future.

Guest Editor-Blogger: FS Field

Today, Sunday the 24th, Paul and Dale of the research team went into Squaw Lake to check cameras but were unable to reach them. The snow is over 3 feet in there now and snowing hard. Snowmobiles were used but still couldn't reach them as they are on very steep ground.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Three Comments on Saxton's Field Photos and the 1962 Bigfoot Body

Guest Editor-Blogger: Milred

We wish we could get your column in our local paper. We really do enjoy them. When the Columbus Day Storm hit, my husband and I lived in Kerby, Oregon. We are positive there was a picture of that hairy ape like thing on the wall in the Junction Cafe in Cave Junction. I wonder if the cafe is still there. It was truly a sight to see. It showed the hands, feet and fingers of it, and the face was not that of a bear. It was quite ugly, it seems. The huge fir tree that fell on it didn't do it any good.

Guest Editor-Blogger: Darlene

I don't think you're being fair Anonymous about this guy. What makes you think he's not experienced enought? He may have a special bond with folks in the FS. Just because your favorite hunter didn't get in there doesn't mean anything. It needs to be said: I have been to a lot of websites that claim to be searching for Bigfoot and the only thing that keeps coming up is they need $$$$$$. This man has been a good source of information on this blog. I think he's really in it to find the thing, not get rich!

Guest Editor-Blogger: Viola

I really like your website Mrs. Perry. There's one thing I would like to write down here: Several years ago I had a run end with a Bigfoot investigator who kept calling me up and harassing me. He wanted me to sign affidavits and all kinds of things. He made me feel like I was a criminal because I submitted a report to some people. This is not right! People who see these things are traumatized without these experts trying to trip folks up. Shame on them Please folks be careful who you contact after seeing one.

"A Matter of Time" Newspaper Column by Linda Newton-Perry

Decomposed Bigfoot Body, 1962

PPerry's Jan. 25 (week of). 2010, Bigfoot Column

Exciting information has come from Guest Editor-Bloggers of my blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, Greg and Brandy. These two Forest Service employees told of a decomposed, unidentified animal body found as workers cleared roads of fallen trees after the Columbus Day Storm of 1962. Greg wrote that it was found by a Griffy and Laird crew on Greyback spur road.

The animal was huge, decomposing for, they thought, about a month. Those that found the animal and took pictures couldn’t tell what kind of animal it was. All agreed it was too big to be a bear. And here is the exciting evidence that the animal could have been a Bigfoot: it had hands and feet like a human, not paws. And its face appeared to be man-ape. According to Greg the corpse and photos taken were all shipped off to the Department of Interior. He reminded us that the information could be accessed by the Freedom of Information Act. I went on the website and found there are forms to fill out and possibly a fee. I didn’t pursue it, but possibly there are those that read this blog and column that may wish to.

Greg, if you should find one of those photos, please share it with us. I would think someone would have kept one of them for a keepsake; or if you find an old record of the submission to the Department of Interior, that would be exciting information for all of us who believe in the existence of this animal.

Brandy, mentioned above, submitted a thrilling encounter with a Bigfoot. In September of 2009, she was called out in the middle of a lightening fraught night to spot for fires on the Keely Mountain near the Kalmiopsis Wilderness, Oregon. It was around 4:30 AM when she arrived. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she spotted an unusual appearing beast about 25 to 30 feet from her pickup. At the time she thought it was at least ten feet tall, but after thinking about it she believed it more like eight and a half or nine. She said it stood on two legs and had dark hair all over its body. She didn’t feel threatened by it, but she was sure rattled. When she returned to the office she told her boss, Greg, about it and he said, “You wouldn’t be the first one to see one of those things.”

Linda Newton-Perry