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Friday, December 31, 2010

Talk to you tomorrow, 2011

A Gift of Music Today, Enjoy

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Link to an article you are sure to enjoy.

Click link address to meet William Dranginis. Dranginis has been searching for bigfoot since 1995 and has spent well over $50,000 on his hobby. A great article. http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/articles/35887/hot-for-creature

Enjoy and please comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Gorilla Face

Just for fun. Enjoy


It is difficult to believe that another year has flown by without a bigfoot "discovery." We do hope, however, that more people are "talking bigfoot." Think how much fun it could be to start a bigfoot club. What would you do if you started such a club? You could take sightings from Ballyhoo and discuss them. You could interview locals that have seen bigfoot and perhaps have them speak at your bigfoot meeting. Let us know if you start a bigfoot club. Remember, you do not have to be a child to start a club. All ages enjoy this subject of bigfoot. ... LNP

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Talking Bigfoot"

Possible Bigfoot Sighting, from James of timbergiantbigfoot.

I can't get the complete video (width) on the blog. Please go to youtube and view it there. Go to timbergiantbigfoot and look for video "Possible Bigfoot Sighting." I believe I've got the whole footage of the animal here, but go to James' videos he has 130 of them. Enjoy.

Why James of timbergiantbigfoot does not report sightings.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Watch for James tomorrow.

Are you good at math?


Word Puzzle

Walking home from school, I daydreamed while I watched churning clouds turn into fighting bigfoots. Two of the huge beings were locked into a fighting ball, and a second bigfoot stood by, ready to jump into the fray. Another bigfoot was floating closer to the two in the ball, and the one standing.

One of the bigfoots in the ball, caught a racing breeze and blew away, and the one that was floating just disappeared into long wispy ribbons.

And now, How many bigfoots are left that I can see?

The answer is the answer to the question below.

1. How many tusks does a big old gray elephant pack around?

Find the Seven Differences in these two photos.

Click on photo to view it larger.

Idea for Bigfoot Sign

Here is a design idea for a sign to put on your property. At CafePress you can have a yard sign done for $17.00, plus shipping. There should be many more sites where you can get signs made. Signs to stick on a car door could be effective. Many communities have these plastic sign companies and can turn out a sign as you wait. Feel free to use this design. Let's "talk bigfoot." Let's make "bigfoot talk" commonplace.

I ordered one of these signs. I'll let you know the quality of the sign when I get it. And I'll try to make it easy to order one.  ... Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, December 27, 2010

Where bigfoot lives! Sharing beauty.


We do hope you enjoy Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Life, we feel, should be experienced with all our emotions. The "discovery" of bigfoot is no laughing matter. But sitting in a warm home, at one's computer, reading about bigfoot leaves room for a little humor, don't you think? So enjoy, and keep commenting. ... Linda Newton-Perry and Christopher Perry

Monday Morning can be a Drag!

Next Monday:

We will begin next Monday the children's bigfoot book, The Little Red Car and Bigfoot. Each Monday we will post a chapter until we have posted the whole book. The Perrys' children's bigfoot books are to be read to children. Enjoy and tell us what you think of the subject, bigfoot. COMMENT!

Last chapter of EYE OF THE BEAST

Once Mrs. LowSam stowed the forest-green backpack with the gun in the trunk of her car, the three discovered the mall stores were all closed or closing for the evening.

They dropped by the beauty salon where Mrs. Bandwilly was busy working on the day’s receipts.

The girls were given permission to go with their teacher to the popular hamburger restaurant on the edge of the mall parking lot.

Settled now, in a private back booth, they waited for Mrs. LowSam’s explanation, Beth with a raspberry mocha milkshake, Mary Joyce with a banana split and Mrs. LowSam with a tall, steaming paper cup of green tea.

     “Now girls,” Mrs. LowSam began, “I’ll try to explain myself as clearly as I can and as quickly as I can. Your mother, Mary Joyce, could come for you two any minute. I led you to believe my husband was the one writing the book about Bigfoot. And that’s because of the scorn heaped upon anyone professing to believe in the animal. I couldn’t chance that, being an instructor at Blake RorySpain.”

     “So why the gun?” Beth blurted out, running her tongue along her dripping, raspberry coated straw.

     “Beth, I wanted to scare it away, so that it would not be tempted to return to the dumpster.” She furrowed her brow and held a hand up, meaning to say it was as simple as that. “Remember, I said I thought I, well no, I’m certain I saw the animal. And now, I want to protect it.”

     “With a gun?” Beth shot back with her mouth hanging wide open in unbelief.

Mrs. LowSam laughed and patted Beth’s hand. She appreciated Beth Clark’s spontaneous nature. The girl was a bright and sensitive twelve year old.

     “Girls, listen carefully, please. I must get on with telling you what has been going on here. The gun was given to me by my husband as protection. He spends much of the work week away from home, traveling. Now that explains the gun. I had the gun with me this evening because I was planning to fire it at the beast―not meaning to hit it, of course―just … just scare it awa …”

     “Why did you think it would come to the dumpster?” Beth interrupted.

     “Girls, I saw the animal in the early morning hours last week.”

Stunned, Mary Joyce and Beth stopped sipping and spooning their treats and simply raised their eyes to meet Mrs. LowSam’s.

“I’m working on my master’s thesis. I was intent on snapping a photo of the animal. So, I’ve been waiting through the night for several nights now, to see the animal again. But, now I’ve changed my mind. The early morning that I saw the animal, it had walked from the dumpster over to my car where I hid. I didn’t realize it was just outside my window. I rose up to see where it had gone, thinking it would have already left for the woods.”

She paused, just long enough for Beth to blurt out, “You really saw it?” Mary Joyce elbowed her friend to allow Mrs. LowSam to finish.

     “But a gun?” Mary Joyce asked, once the woman paused. She was compelled to address the gun. “I understand you want to protect the beast, but really─a gun!”

     “Girls, I do hope you will not say anything about this. I’ll need more time to think about how to protect the animal. I don’t intend to mention that I observed the beast firsthand.”

     “Why don’t you ask the mall to install an additional light, to better illuminate the dumpster area, or move the stinky thing?”

     “Good idea, Beth. It just never occurred to me, the remedy could be so simple.… Let me think about it.”

     “Now please finish telling us what happened when the animal was at your car,” Mary Joyce requested while dropping her red plastic spoon into the empty banana-split boat.

     “Well, as I was saying, I inched my head up until my eyes could see along the bottom of the passenger’s side window.” The teacher stopped, placed her hand over her heart and continued, “The beast’s eyes met mine. Well, its one eye, one was damaged.” She sighed loudly and continued, “Girls, I have never observed such a noble beast. I could actually see my face reflected in its one good eye.” Mrs. LowSam leaned forward and lowered her voice. “Again, I beg you not to say anything about my seeing the animal. I don’t intend to let it be known that Bigfoot visits the dumpster behind the mall. I’ll complete my master’s thesis, but without the proof he exists─a photo. I’ll not have it on my conscience that the animal is discovered while scrounging through the Broadway Mall dumpster.” She drew in a deep breath, then said, “Or worse yet─maimed or killed. The thing’s eye seemed to me as large as a tennis ball.… I just don’t want a circus-atmosphere there behind the mall. I will speak in private to scientists about my encounter, but I feel strongly the public should not be told. The animal is not hurting anyone, but I wish it wouldn’t forage in the dumpster. If only you two could have observed your reflections in its eye, you would understand.”

     “Were you awfully afraid?” Mary Joyce asked.

     “I’ve never been more afraid. I’m so glad a truck horn blasted nearby, sending it in long strides back to the woods. Truly, Bigfoot is a wondrous animal; I know for I’ve peered into the eye of the beast and he deserves our protection.”


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Interesting, Right?

Just thought you would like to see this video. If it were a real bigfoot, I'm sure we would have heard about it on the evening news. But doesn't it look like a skinny bigfoot?

Help Make "Bigfoot Talk" Commonplace

Clearing up some old business:

Kids, you remember Roosevelt T. Forester the puppet? Well, we here at Ballyhoo have decided he just doesn't fit in with our thinking. He, Roosevelt, came up with the idea of being a video announcer with a company name of Piny Bottom Broadcasting. It sounded good, at first. We thought about it, and thought about it. If you will remember this puppet attacked our dear Joey Bigfoot. Oh, Joey has forgiven him, but we still feel that Roosevelt is too unstable for an indoor job. We've told him he can hang out here as long as he behaves himself. If he doesn't behave, it will be back to the rag bag for him.

This announcement was to inform you, the readers of Ballyhoo, of what's going on. Thanks for reading Ballyhoo. Comment often, because we love reading the comments. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Just read somewhere, that in Oregon poachers take as many deer as legal hunters.

Bigfoot Newspaper Column

Discovering Bigfoot, HOW?

The name of this column is “A Matter of Time.” It means that I believe it is just “a matter of time” before the being bigfoot will be proclaimed real by the world. It would seem inevitable considering the information available. It is mind boggling: the books available, the videos on youtube, the websites, the blogs. If one researches how science determines a new species (for lack of a better term) real, then you would conclude, as do I, that it is almost impossible in bigfoot’s case to get “there” from “here.” I remember reading when the platypus was being discovered that the first body was not good enough. It was considered an anomaly by the scientists that examined it. So a second body was required. Finally, a second body was presented and the animal was “stamped” real. No bigfoot body has been presented to science to be called an anomaly. Science is two bodies behind, in the “discovery” of bigfoot. So, how will this forest being, be determined real? Science considers eye-witness reports the lowest of low for proof of anything.

Perhaps, a different tactic should be put in place for the “discovery” of bigfoot. Oh, for instance, do you know of a celebrity that has seen a bigfoot and would be willing to talk about it? I’ve mentioned on the blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo (www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com) that country folk should put up signs on their property that read: YOU ARE IN BIGFOOT COUNTRY. Citizens that can afford it could buy billboard space along major interstates. Since bigfoot has been reported in 49 of the fifty United States, why not aim for a billboard in every one of these states? And encouraging bigfoot talk is another way to drag this being into the light of day. Kids, why not start bigfoot clubs? Adults, why not start bigfoot clubs? If you have ideas, share them on Ballyhoo or write a letter to the editor of this paper.

I will say again the reason I believe, we should know about this animal: he’s huge, he’s enchanting. It is our right as forest users to know that he exists. This knowledge should not be kept from us!

(Linda Newton-Perry, along with her husband Christopher Perry, is the author of several children’s bigfoot fiction books and a Viking Age Novel. These books are available on Ballyhoo.)

Perhaps this is the way to go looking for bigfoot.

Photo: photoxpress

Friday, December 24, 2010

Here's a question for you.

It is common to hear a chuckle or even loud laughter when one mentions bigfoot. How did it get starter? When did it start. Got any ideas?

Too Silly! The kids may get a laugh!

Here is James of timbergiantbigfoot, Answering Questions


James  if you watch this, I had to settle on this video since the video "A Heartfelt Thank you to my Subscribers" was blocked so I could not copy and paste it to this blog. Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry

P.S. To view all of Jame's videos go to youtube and search timbergiantbigfoot.

Ontario, Canada


Enjoy this filled with suspense video. We are introducing timbergiantbigfoot's (Jame's) work with this video. We plan to follow his "search for bigfoot." Tell us what you think.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How about bigfoot roadside signs?

Original photo: photoxpress

Here's an idea. It has been said bigfoot has been spotted in all the United States except Hawaii.  To get people "talking bigfoot," why not aim for a billboard in all these states such as the one in the photo above? If you have money and would like to contribute to "bigfoot talk" why not pay for one of these signs near you.  What do you think?

And if you live in the country, you could put up your own sign, a small yard sign to larger ones in a field, etc.  Make sure it is on your land and not county land.
How about having the side of your barn painted announcing you are in bigfoot country?

Send photo to this blog. If we get enough photos of signs we will publish a book. ... Linda Newton-Perry

P.S. #2 You can design a bigfoot sign at Cafe Express and order it.

Bigfoot "Discovery" This Year

Photo: photoxpress

We here at Ballyhoo believe it has been a great year for bigfoot "discovery." How so, you ask? Well, for one, in the state of Oregon if you report a bigfoot sighting to the police,  you will no longer have your drivers license automatically  suspended. The police's reason for suspending a license was that the report was false, which is a crime. And since the animal "is not real" the reporting party must have been impaired in some way, drinking or taking drugs. As far as we know this practice has been stopped.

And we got news of a group of courageous men capturing a photo of a bigfoot they've named Big Clyde. Ballyhoo was promised a good clear photo of the animal, but if you follow this blog, you know what happened. Ballyhoo believes the group has a clear photo and the world will eventually see it, somewhere.

So, you see, we believe it has been a great year. And do keep commenting, because we here at Ballyhoo want "Talking Bigfoot" to become commonplace. BE PART OF IT! COMMENT!


Donna Gliss has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot "Discovery" This Year":

Like you I feel Bigfoot is the winner this year. Although some might argue the point, much was gained in the search for Bigfoot. I think one thing we all need to keep in mind is someone will always question people who take to the woods to get a picture of Bigfoot. Whether we agree on some things no one can say with any degree of certainty that those men that found the Bigfoot in Oregon didn't endanger their lives by what they did. It could have ended up bad for them.

 Oh, I know some say they don't exist but people never bother to check their facts before making crazy accusations. I never once heard of anyone coming forward to stand with them when the crap started hitting the Internet. And I realize they did promise Ballyhoo a clear picture. The accusations online had to be the reason for the withdraw of comments from the men.

While I was talking with a ranger last week about Bigfoot he said. "The people who look for that thing are their own worst enemies." What he was saying is, people waste no time trying to put the other person down in the race for the one good picture. He believes the same as me, that as long as these groups fight, the bigfoot will remain a joke for the everyday person.

I hope you all a Merry Christmas. Remember Bigfoot is alive and well.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Science and Bigfoot "Discovery"


Take this Link to find out what it's going to take  for Science to "stamp" bigfoot as a real animal.  http://www.hancockhouse.com/products/pdfs/LocalsSC.pdf

Dan Henry has this to say:

As this year is coming to a end, we will look to 2011 for more exiting news on the Sasquatch/Bigfoot front. It very well may be the year that the government tells us it knows about these elusive creatures. It could be the year when somebody finds a body of a dead Bigfoot by luck.

This year it seemed was shaping up for more evidence of this being. I feel if more attention was spent on research instead of criticism from many, we might have made headway. We were witness to over zealous people that tried to be first at throwing stones at others instead of helping the search efforts forward. It seems to be the year for infighting among the field researchers.

 I would like to see more new faces in the hunt because of older ones leaving. We were promised some staggering blood DNA samples this year but none came. Maybe next year will be the one!!! We bigfoot believers must have iron heads to be able to wait, wait, wait.

Participate in bigfoot excitement, comment!

Kids, older, look what you can do with your summer. View Video.

Just for a laugh. Just 12 seconds long, enjoy.

Now aren't we glad that bigfoot doesn't  play such tricks on us. He should keep to the woods. Don't you think?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Joey Bigfoot and wife enjoying a forest outing.

Joey Bigfoot has recovered from a ruffing up by the puppet Roosevelt T. Forester. Joey was very glad his wife, Jenna, didn't have to watch the ordeal. For a certainty, he was sure, his worth in her eyes would have taken a real tumble.

 There was no way that Joey could protect himself against the monster bigfoot, except perhaps to run. But Joey didn't think he had to "run." He reasoned, since Roosevelt was a friend of the Perrys that he was a decent fellow. W-R-O-N-G!

So, here we see the couple making their way to a private place to sit, watch the clouds cross the moon, and enjoy each other's company.

Remember Please

Please remember, Readers, Linda Newton-Perry and her husband, Christopher Perry, are not bigfoot researchers! They are simply bigfoot enthusiasts. And, furthermore, they do not claim to be any part of the bigfoot community.  Bigfoot Ballyhoo is making the effort to be fun and informative.

So, add to the fun comment, comment, comment! About what you ask? Anything to do with bigfoot is fine, your beliefs, your fears, your sightings, anything.

We believe here at Ballyhoo that it is JUST "A Matter of Time" before mankind will get the news that this amazing animal exists.

 We are waiting for your comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

P.S. We would like to have some recent  bigfoot science related articles on the web to Link to. Do you know of any?


Excitement and sadness visited the Blake RorySpain Middle School, where Mary Joyce attended. This last weekend the gymnasium was broken into and set afire. Gym period was changed to study hall in the cafeteria.

 It was reported that Mrs. LowSam had taken a leave of absence since there was no place for gym class to be held. Mrs. LowSam was very much missed.
 Mary Joyce called her house once, but she wasn’t home. Weeks passed. The gymnasium building was being repaired, but very slowly. Word was that it may not be completed until the next school year.
Winter had officially arrived. It was time for Christmas break. Many evenings, to shop and to meet friends, Mary Joyce went to work at the mall with her mother. On arriving and leaving, she often glanced at the dumpster and thought of the time she believed she glimpsed Bigfoot.

The weather gradually turned warmer. And still the gymnasium was not completed.
Two days into spring break, Beth was tagging along to the mall with Mary Joyce. The days were longer now. It was a good hour before pitch dark and an hour or so before Mrs. Bandwilly was to finish work at the beauty salon.
Mary Joyce, feeling restless, convinced Beth to walk with her around the mall. This took them to the dumpster where Mary Joyce had seen Bigfoot.
Walking around the corner in the direction the animal had come, maybe in the same footsteps, the girls neared the dumpster. Being light still, neither girl was afraid. The blue-white light high up on a pole in the middle of the parking lot flickered on, where just below was parked the Bandwilly’s family car. Not in any hurry to go back inside the mall, the two friends leaned against the fender of the small car and watched the sunset colors fade from pink to grey.
The oddest and most unexpected thing happened next: Mrs. LowSam appeared at the dumpster, and was crawling behind it. “You sure it‘s Mrs. LowSam and not Mr. LowSam?” Beth asked.

Beth had been watching a pair of boys bicycling across the parking lot. And so, she hadn’t seen the figure crawl between the dumpster and mall wall.
     “Come on, let’s go talk to her,” Beth shouted from over her shoulder─giggling mischievously.

     “Mrs. LowSam, is that you?” asked Mary Joyce as they approached the overflowing dumpster.

     “What?… Oh, girls, how are you?” the teacher said while scrambling out from behind the dumpster. “I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m doing here.”

Mary Joyce and Beth, both wide-eyed, glanced at each other, trying very hard not to break out in a fit of laughter, because of course they were wondering what she was doing camped out behind a dirty old dumpster.

She caught her long hair into a high pony tail and continued, “I guess I’ll have to be honest with you two.
In short, I’m the one all along that’s been interested in Bigfoot. Mr. LowSam is the skeptic, not me.”

The big, metal dumpster was smelly. So, Mrs. LowSam wrinkling her pug nose, walked away from it, motioning for the girls to follow. She kept glancing at the wooded hillside.

     “Last week I think I may have seen the animal. I haven’t been able to sleep since then. So, I decided I’d just hide here and wait for the thing. I think it comes here to scrounge for food.” She finally stopped talking.

Excited, Mary Joyce lit nonstop into questioning the woman. Beth, however, just couldn’t get into the subject of Bigfoot. She’d walked to the corner of the building where the two boys on the bicycles had stopped and waved for Beth to come.

Mary Joyce whirled ‘round to call Beth. In the turn, she struck Mrs. LowSam’s elbow which caused something to fall from her pocket and clatter onto the asphalt.

At their feet was a silvery handgun. Mary Joyce’s mouth fell agape. She recognized the weapon as a
small frame revolver, perhaps a Smith and Wesson like her father’s.

     “Oh dear! Oh dear! What ever must you think?” Mrs. LowSam sputtered after snatching the gun up and tucking it back into her pocket.

     “Why do you have a gun?”

     “Mary Joyce, dear, I need to talk to you. It isn’t really as bad as it looks,” she said while bending down at the dumpster to retrieve her forest-green backpack from behind it. The silver gun again slid from her pocket and clanged to a spinning stop at the corner of the dumpster.

Beth was walking back to them when she raised a hand in greeting to a security guard coming toward her just ten or so feet behind Mary Joyce and Mrs. LowSam. They turned in unison to see why Beth was waving. Mrs. LowSam, as her face drained of color, quickly but carefully nudged the small gun completely under the dumpster with the toe of her gym shoe.

     “Ladies,” the friendly guard said, touching his hat in greeting. He walked on by.

Mary Joyce knew the man, for often her mother asked the guard to escort her to her car on nights she had to stay late, making the cash register tape balance with the money in its drawer.

     “Let’s go inside and I’ll buy us all an ice cream cone. We can talk, then.” Mrs. LowSam bent again, presenting her wide posterior, but this time not in fun. She retrieved the gun and put it in a zippered pocket of her backpack. “Let me take this pack to my car.”

The girls followed their gym teacher, both wondering what sort of story would come of discovering this respected instructor, packing a gun behind Broadway Mall.

... to be continued next Monday

Marcy would like you to know:

I'm glad to see this subject being commented on by new voices. You had a post 3 or 4 days ago, asking what we would like to see from the government about the bigfoot creatures. I still haven't finished thinking about this, but there are some good starting points.

1. All governmental agencies simply must stop lying about the strong evidence of the existence of these hairy giants.

2. We have eight Primate Research Centers in this country, all financed under the National Institutes of Health. That's our tax money. These labs do some fine work in research, and they also maintain libraries of biological type specimens. These would be the logical starting points for some useful field work. I would love to see the N.I.H. initiate a written protocol for these scientists to have ready for the day when a specimen becomes available.

* How to transport a half-ton specimen?

* Where to take it?

* Which specialists will be available to call?

And I agree with the premise of this blog: the very best way to achieve a sensible standard for dealing with the creatures is for everyone who has had any interaction with them to say so. Talk it up!


Thank you Marcy. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just so you will know:

The contact for the ESP Team privately emailed Ballyhoo. I can't say what was in the email other than the team is still working toward an announcement date. How wonderful it will  be to view a photo of a bigfoot. Remember, this blog will not be allowed to show the photo of Big Clyde, but it will be available somewhere. 

I can not say it enough, we as forest users have a right to know if this huge animal exists. We  are after all  encouraged to take our families to the forests--by the forest service! To be safe, we have the right to know about him. ... Thank you Contact.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wes has this to say:

(Wes has left a new comment on your post "Kari has this to say:": )

Kari's point is well taken. I believe it was in 2005 when me and a friend were Elk hunting and came across tracks of a bigfoot. I can't see where it could have been made by anything else. The tracks were found over 4 miles from the road on a game trail. These tracks were made by something big and with five toes. We had noticed a smell in the air shortly before coming on them.
 A rough measurement showed the tracks to be 17 inches and 7 inches wide at the ball. We know of no animal in the Elliot State Forest that makes the tracks we saw. I had herd of bigfoot but really wasn't a believer in them till then. I mean nobody could have went in that area and laid down tracks that ran from the trail to a steep canyon over 900 yards away.
 I did say something to a state game warden that day about what we witnessed. He said from time to time people do find these mysterious tracks. Most all the time the person finds them far from any road and near water according to the warden. I am sure bigfoot is real and moving about in the forest
Enjoyed your comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Kari has this to say:

I'd like to thank this commenter also for giving us some new information. We all have wondered how we would act if we saw a Bigfoot. I have thought about it often and really don't know what I'd do. I would hope to keep my head on straight and just look at it, but I'm not sure unless it happens to me.

 Many stories have made Bigfoot out to be shy and others have shown what can happen when they're hurt or shot at. Would I be able to keep my natural fear in check or let panic and maybe scare the Bigfoot into a rage? Nobody can say they will do one or the other till it happens to them.

Remember the famous Grizzly Bear Man on TV for years that lived alongside the bears but was killed a few years ago by a rogue male in Alaska? My point is are all bigfoots gonna act the same with humans?

 For this reason the government needs to come clean now on the Bigfoot legend.


Thank you so much for this great comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Why an Elephant on a Bigfoot Blog?

Photo: US Fish and Wildlife Service

  "Well, if this massive animal exists, then, is it such a stretch to believe bigfoot exists? WE HERE AT BALLYHOO SAY-- NO IT IS NOT!"

Sighting! Bigfoot Sighting!

Robert James Hansen has left a new comment on your post ""A Matter of Time" the newspaper column by Linda N...":

I'm glad you brought up the road dangers. In 1987 I lost a friend to a massive slide near Allegany, Oregon. The forest road people had declared the road safe for travel but it gave away under him and the result was a needless death. For many years I worked in the forest and found being in the wrong place at the right time can have deadly consequences. 

Now to a experience I had in 2003. While driving the USFS #23 mainline between Agness and Galice, Oregon, I happened to look up the steep bank to see something move behind a tree. I stopped thinking a deer was moving. To my surprise the animal wasn't a deer. Looking around the tree at me was a black face shaped like a man's,  only covered in hair. Then as I watched this thing, it moved slightly to the right and I was absolutely mortified to see an apelike animal body appeare from behind the tree.

This animal or what ever it was, looked very stout and tall. It appeared to be female with hair covered breasts on it. It was something between a man and a large ape. It was watching me as it moved off into the thick underbrush. I have to tell you, I was shocked and confused on what it was.

It was several months later when I was talking to a guide for rafters on the Rogue when he told me it must have been bigfoot. He claimed he had seen one just like it only a male (he thinks) the year before while taking some rafters down the river. I remember very well,  he said it appeared to have some eye damage to it like that Sru Lake thing is said to have. I am still amazed to this day how these creatures can be out there without someone taking a shot at one. I believe your title to your newspaper articles are correct. "It's only a matter of time" before someone kills a bigfoot by accident or on purpose.


Thank you for this great comment. "A Matter of Time" means to me that it is just a matter of time before the animal is proven to be real. How that will come about remains to be seen. Again Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry

"A Matter of Time" the newspaper column by Linda Newton-Perry

Looking for Bigfoot? Be Careful!

I’ll be the first to admit that I do not know all the ramifications of the discovery of bigfoot. But I’ve decided to ask myself: What do I want from the discovery of this being? I would like to see a good clear photo of it. I would like to be free to discuss my interest without being laughed at. After the being is confirmed to exist in the “wilds” of the world, I can then watch for him as I do cougar and bear and all the other fascinating wild creatures that inhabit our planet. And, I can be prepared to protect myself from him if need be. We’ve, after all, been informed how to behave if we come upon a cougar or bear in the forest. And so, it follows, that science will in time inform us of what to do and not do if we turn a corner and there in our path stands an eight-foot-tall behemoth, grunting and snorting.

Should we be concerned for our safety if we come upon a bigfoot? There are a few hair-raising reports of bigfoot which would cause one to wonder. We should be careful of any wild animal; remember while enjoying the wild we are sojourning in his world. When considering safety in the forest, one thought that invariably flashes into my mind is, what if I should come across a diseased animal, which would cause it to act unnaturally? Slight chance you say? Last week, in Oregon, we were warned that an outbreak of canine distemper was showing up in raccoons from Seaside to Astoria. This same distemper can affect dogs, coyotes and skunks. What if a bigfoot consumed one of these diseased animals? Well, you see where this could lead?

Another concern this time of year when driving the back roads while hoping to glimpse bigfoot are the roads themselves. Rain seems harmless, but after long drenching rains, narrow roads can simply crumble and slide off a mountain. Larry Smith shared with us on Bigfoot Ballyhoo, photos of just such a situation. What if a slide or the road falls away behind you? It’s happened! And each year people get stuck in the snow while enjoying a Sunday drive. Be prepared for the worst if you insist on traveling snowy or rain saturated back roads. Stay safe and make “talking bigfoot” commonplace.

Linda Newton-Perry, along with her husband, Christopher Perry, is the author of several bigfoot fiction books.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Linda Newton-Perry Speaks Out on Bigfoot Discovery

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The bottom (text in balloon) says,  "What would you like to see as far as bigfoot discovery and research?"

Great Fun!


I just loved this video. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ballyhoo covers the world!

Please remember this bigfoot magazine covers the world. Whatever country, whatever state, we would like to hear about your sightings, your concerns.  We simply talk bigfoot here. If you wish to report a sighting, you can find a suitable website within a few minutes by simply searching. We do not call and ask questions about your sighting. Just tell us what you can comfortably share. We bigfoot believers just love to hear about the animal. ... And that is all there is to it. ... Linda Newton-Perry (a bigfoot enthusiast).

Photos from Larry Smith: Comment Below/ Sru Lake Area

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures of your drive to the Sru Lake area.

It all ended well!

I know this is disturbing to some, but it all ended well. There is some bad feelings going on between my favorite two bigfoots. As you can see the puppet, Roosevelt T. Forester, has Joey Bigfoot in his mouth. I've since taken Roosevelt aside and explained to him that just because he is bigger than Joey, he has no right to take advantage of him. As of now, Roosevelt has not apologised and is in "time out." And until he does apologise he will be sitting in the corner for who knows how long.  We will keep you readers informed as the story develops. (Not to worry, this is all made up.)

Does anyone know ...

On this bridge a bigfoot was observed by a group of men on their way home from working in the woods. The men called the police and one came to the bridge.  He also saw the bigfoot and shot his gun in the air to keep it from advancing. Does anyone know how this all came out? We are jus following up on an old report.

Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress

Here's a thought/question: If bigfoot is mostly active at night, how many of us are in the forest at night to observe him? (Might be one reason for so few sightings.)

Learn More About Bigfoot


Much to learn. Enjoy and comment on the articles.

Question for Larry Smith

Did you take photos or video? If you did, could you please share them with us. Email using address in bio at bottom and right. Thanks, LNP

Larry Smith comments:

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, so my wife and I decided a trip into the forest was in order. We left Riddle at 9:am and went the Cow Creek road to Elk Valley road. Then we entered the Siskiyou National Forest . We took plenty of gas, food and overnight gear in case of snow. As we neared the Meriel road we started hitting snow about 2 inches deep on the road. A ways further the road was again clear for the most part.We made it to Sru Lake about 1:30PM and stopped there for lunch and a breathtaking view of the forest.

 As we sat near the entrance of the lake. we noticed several pickups go by. One gentleman stopped and asked us if we were OK and then told us he and some others are down from Woodland, Washington. We told the man we had read about the Sasquatch purported to be around there. He said he too had been told about the sightings from an individual from USFS in the area.

We asked him if he knew of a film crew up there and he said last week they were around that area and over at the lookout (meaning Bald Knob). We talked for a while and he told me he believes the Bigfoot stories.
"Up where I come from many sightings of Bigfoot over the years have come in."

Well, at 2:30 we winded down the mountain looking at the tall big timber and hoping for a look at Bigfoot. No luck at that but we were able to see the most beautiful land and trees towering above us. We returned home at 6:PM after a good dinner at Camas Valley. Thanks for all the information you provide to us Bigfoot thrill seekers.


You are welcome and thank you for this comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry

A Link you will enjoy. Top 10 Hairiest Bigfoot Stories


Is there no word, you can share?


Near Agness, Oregon: Near Bigfoot Sighting


Scroll down this page to read about a possible bigfoot sighting near where this video was filmed. ... LNP

A Question for D. Grover

Mr. Grover what have you found out about the recorded phone calls? Did you talk to the police? If so, what did you find out? Please let us know here at Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why are we so interested in bigfoot?

Considering all that is going on in this world, why do a few of us eagerly anticipate hearing and reading about bigfoot sightings? For the majority of humans, bigfoot isn't a very important subject, and of course that is understandable. But to some of us, it's an exciting one.

Evidently there are in our woods and forests huge ape-like beings. They keep to themselves for the most part. If they are animal, then, they can develop diseases that can cause them to be aggressive. Since we humans find much enjoyment hiking, hunting and fishing, in these woods, it is vital that we know that these large beings are there. Their existence should not be kept from us. It seems it should be a basic right.

This is my view. What's yours?  ... Linda Newton-Perry

Have you seen a bigfoot?

If you think you've seen a bigfoot, we would love to hear about it. We do not follow up on sightings. There are several good places on the Internet to do that. We simply provide this site for "talking bigfoot." Most of us believe in bigfoot and just enjoy learning more about the being.  Tell us about your sighting and if you reported it. What happened when you reported the sighting etc. Did you report it to the police, forest service, or some other agency. We would like to know the area as well.

We here at Ballyhoo believe the public should know, no, actually deserve to know about these beings. So, do your part and tell us about your experience. ... Linda Newton-Perry

BC Bigfoot comments:

Folks we need to take this man called SquatchDetective for what he is. A legal investigator: NO. Is he using the phone and internet to hurt another Bigfoot site and people involved with Bigfoot reports:Yes. Does he himself have any interest, money or self knowledge on ESP or Linda Perry: NO.

He is simply and unjustly trying to force Ballyhoo and her readers off the net. The person is a self proclaimed Sasquatch detective whatever that might mean. He claims "to take the BS out of Bigfoot" but hands out his own BS claiming it's the only truth.

 I have never seen someone go so low on another person or persons . Enough is enough when someone calls others on the phone and tries to get information without his or hers true reason.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Enjoy: Sharing Beauty

Photo: photoxpress
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An Informative Article You are Sure to Enjoy

An Archaeological Viewpoint of the Hairy Man
by Kathy Moskowitz

Located at Painted Rock in the Sierra Nevada foothills in Central California are bigfoot pictographs. This is an older article but one sure to inform. Go to www.bigfootproject.org/articles/mayak_datat.html

Deer Playing in the Snow

Each Monday the Next Chapter

Mary Joyce routinely watched the local TV news and read the local papers. She was surprised that this year no Bigfoot sightings had been reported by hunters in their area. Her mother and father both believed this was unusual.

“Not one hunting season goes by that we don’t hear of at least one fellow believing that he’s seen one of these beasts,” Mr. Bandwilly said. Actually, he commented on the fact several times during the course of the last family game night.

Mary Joyce was babysitting her brother Tiny this afternoon. Their parents were grocery shopping. Tiny,
on the floor at the end of Mary Joyce’s bed, munched animal crackers and teased Ralf, offering the dog a cracker then snatching it away. The two made such noise that Mary Joyce decided to take them outside where the whole world could absorb their racket.

Fall leaves were in evidence on the lawns now; the evenings were now cooler and not too many more weeks and winter would be official. A fat grey and white cat walked the fence top while Ralf scratched with hind leg, an itchy ear. When the dog finally noticed the cat, he bolted to all fours, barked crazily, and attacked the fence. The fuzz-ball cat, hair standing straight up across its back, leaped from the fence and shot across the street.

In frenzied state, Ralf pulled his leash from Tiny’s puffy fist. Barking doggie laughter, and in pure canine bliss, he loped in long strides after the cat. Openmouthed, brother and sister watched from the gate as Ralf disappeared into the woods at the end of the cul-de-sac.

“Wait! Don’t go after that dog, Tiny,” Mary Joyce ordered her brother, he already in the middle of the
street, crying. “Ralf will come back. Don’t cry, Tiny.”

Their parents were due back any time now and Beth was expected as well. “We can’t go after the dog! Do you hear me?”

In low spirits, Tiny caterwauled (cried) until his mother and father arrived home. His father, with Tiny in tow, soon went searching the woods for Ralf.

The strangest thing, while Tiny and Mr. Bandwilly were still away in the woods, Ralf came running with a lolling tongue down the street from the opposite direction of the woods.

At dinner that evening, Mr. Bandwilly enjoyed himself telling of their adventure looking for Ralf. They hadn’t gone too many feet into the woods when Tiny brought up the subject of Bigfoot in his little boy manner.

There was a fine line between entertaining a young boy and frightening him. But, Mr. Bandwilly decided
that since Tiny had brought it up, it would be all right to talk about the animal.

The soft spongy ground under the pine and fir trees made walking noiseless; only their voices interfered with the silent woods, but from time to time a woodpecker tat-tat-tatted far off. And several times they heard running water trickling just off the path, behind tangled thickets or under fallen logs. Tiny held tight to his father’s hand the whole time they searched for Ralf, and watched for the shaggy animal, Bigfoot.

A white-tailed deer sprang in bounds across their path and crashed into a brittle-branched thicket. They both caught their breath as it broke and snapped dry branches in its effort to flee. Tiny whooped with excitement. Soon they were laughing, and did so all the way back to their street at the edge of the woods.

Tiny yelled for Ralf the whole time; his dad whistled for him. But there was no sign of Ralf, until they walked out of the woods. There, way down the street at the gate of their yard, Mary Joyce and Beth stood with Ralf safe on his leash.

Beth was sleeping over. At dinner, both girls listened with interest to Mr. Bandwilly tell about the excitement of watching for Bigfoot in the woods while searching for Ralf. Tiny added a few excited, little-boy words and wild arm flourishes to the conversation, even kicking the table leg once.

With Bigfoot taking up so much of dinner’s conversation, Mary Joyce and Beth decided to research sightings in their area on the computer. While the family watched TV, Beth and Mary Joyce, in the corner of the living room, family close by, read about Bigfoot. Many sightings for several years back were listed on one Bigfoot Research Site.

“Listen to this, Beth,” Mary Joyce cleared her throat loudly and read, “ ‘It was the hardest thing I ever did.
I didn’t look at it, but just walked on by it. I knew I shouldn’t run, so I made myself walk. I didn’t speed up or slow down. It was just so scary!’ ”

Mary Joyce turned and looked at Beth. “Do you know where the girl was when she saw Bigfoot?”
Beth shook her head and Mary Joyce continued, “Right out there in those woods, at the end of the street.”

“Where your dad and Tiny were today?”

“That’s right. The only thing, it was in 1978. That’s a long time ago.”

Beth yawned. “I’m so tired of yammering about Bigfoot. Let’s go to your room, turn in and talk.”

“Well, it was great fun finding something on Bigfoot in our area. I’m becoming surer and surer that what I saw was a Bigfoot.” Mary Joyce switched the computer off and pushed the chair close up to the desk. She turned to address her friend, but she was already saying goodnight to Mr. and Mrs. Bandwilly. Tiny was already tucked in and asleep in his bed.


... to be continued.