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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bigfoot Sighting

Guest Editor-Blogger Timothy Berns has this to say:

My name is Timothy, and was born and raised in southern Oregon. I'm 49 years old and have a degree in forestry. This last fall, Oct. 24, 2009, I was deer hunting with a lifelong friend near the Coos/Curry border near a place called Agness Pass. We had been hunting since daybreak and had not seen any new signs of deer. We decided to park the pickup and walk up an old logging road that has been closed for many years due to the road sliding out.

My friend and I walked about three miles up this road till we came to a downed tree along the stream. My friend walked up under a shade tree and lit a cigar up and sat down. It was still hot and dry out so I decided  to get a drink out of the stream.  As I approached the stream, I noticed the water was real muddy looking.

Thinking that an animal had just been there, I slid down the bank to the water's edge. All of a sudden my life was changed forever. There in the middle of the stream just slightly up from me stood a giant hair covered manlike thing looking at me. His eyes locked with mine as we stared at each other. He was very tall, over nine feet and three to four times my build. I muttered "Oh, God!" because I knew I had ran right into a Bigfoot creature.

It quickly turned and went up the bank on the opposite side of the road in a flash. I had rifle in hand and would never have shot this thing. It was much too human like to me. I've never seen anything move that fast. For all these years I have thought Bigfoot was a bunch of .....I'm certain there is a Bigfoot now. I'm not crazy! I was told about your blog by a gentleman that looks into reports. Yes, I did make a full and complete report to the Coos/Curry County Sheriffs and Forest Service in Gold Beach and Powers, Oregon. I am now trying to find out all about them. It could have easily attacked me but it didn't.


Thank you so much, Timothy for this account.  One thing, you were'nt going to drink the water straight out of the stream were you? What a wonderful story. My husband believes that once this animal is "discovered" that the interest will be higher yet and will even be more exciting to read about. I have my doubs about that. And, I think it will always be by accident that one will see the animal and so you will be one of the few that this has happened to. Again thank you for telling your story here on Bigfoot Ballyhoo.


Wendy said...

Timothy, what a good guy you are for not taking a shot at it. I'll bet you were scared! The fact that it did not attack you shows this creature is bashful and non violent and scared of people . Hope the police and forest service people treated you with respect.

Roni said...

Oh wow Timothy, Did you think you would ever have this happen to you? My husband ran face to face into a male and female Sasquatch in 1993 while cutting timber in the Siskiyou's near Cow Creek out of Glendale,Oregon He still has nightmares about it. People don't know how it affects you till it happens. Hang in there!

Kirk said...

I can only image what you were thinking. How scare you must have been.If you could answer a couple questions, like what color, its features, was it male or female?thanks

Timothy said...

Some answers. Yes I was going to drink out of the stream.It's a very good source of water.(not that day). It was covered in black air about 3 inches long maybe 4 on head. I think it was a male because I didn't see any breast on it. It face was dark colored and leathery . It had a large forehead like a ape does only more human looking than ape. Eyes were all black with no whites in them. Front teeth were kind of big blunt looking . Hands were big and heavy with thick yellowish nails. It walked away very fast on two legs and feet. Weight I would guess maybe 700 lbs or more. That's about all I had a chance to see.

Timothy said...

No I did not believe in Bigfoot.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear ol sasy didn't quatch ya!

Linda Newton-Perry said...

Timothy, are you all right with me using your full name? I'll be happy to take it off, if that is what you would like. Linda

Timothy said...

No that's fine I don't hide my name from anybody. I saw a Bigfoot and that's that. After talking with the Bigfoot investigator I know now I'm not alone . Many people see these things. Guess i was just stupid before when i didn't believe it.

Anonymous said...

Timothy your most honest about your feeling before and after seeing bigfoot. good for you.

Adam said...

Can you tell us how the police and forest service treated you?

Timothy said...

Yes I'll tell you how I was treated. The sheriffs deputy ask me if id been smoking wacky weed. The forest service was polite but gave me the feeling that they thought I had seen a bear not Bigfoot.` But they sure wouldn't go up to that road to look around. I have to be honest here, I would never report it again. too many snickers among them.

Ed said...

Ya when a person tries to do the right thing by reporting it they stomp you down. Not me i will never say a word to law enforcement about seeing a print or bigfoot.

Jackie said...

Sometimes it's hard to know the rite thing to do. If you report it then you get laughed at. But if you don't and something bad happenes to somebody else then you fell bad.

thereisnobigfoot said...

So, you were out there to kill poor, helpless little bambi, but you just couldn't bring yourself to shoot bigfoot, which would be the kill of a lifetime, lol. Oh...that's right....the over 9 foot tall, 4 times as big as you, covered in hair creature was just to human-like, lol.

Sure, I'm buying that, lol.

Vernon said...

I know there's a Monster out there. 2003 started out to be a not so good year for me. In January, I was employed for RFP. on this day I was near a little wide spot town called Drew near Tiller, Oregon. I was cruising timber for a upcoming sale. I was on my way down through this deep valley of trees when all of a sudden something caught my eye. I found some tracks that I'd never seen before. The tracks were about six feet apart and seem to be those of a human, but it couldn't be. The tracks were of such a large size that my boot size eleven only filled up half the length of the tracks. There I stood scratching my head trying to figure out how they got there. Then came the shock. About 50 ft in front of me I noticed something dark behind a big Hemlock tree. I froze in place and watched this thing standing behind this tree looking around it at me. Pretty quickly it hit me that whatever this thing was is amazing large. As it looked at me I noticed something else. It was standing up on two legs not four.We must have watched each other for two ,three minutes. Then a loud whistle rang out from somewhere off to my right in the next valley. This critter walked out from behind the tree and walked off towards the direction of the whistle. It was gone in a flash . As it left I could hear the sound of it walking through the forest floor definitely two legged. Well, let me tell you I was stunned. After all these years in the woods I knew that it was one of those Sasquatch things that don't exist. When I returned to my truck I thought about reporting this thing but decided that nobody in their right mind would believe it so I kept quiet. The trees are still there because nobody ever did bid on that sale.