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Monday, November 30, 2009

Sighting on Roman Nose: Oregon

This photo is not of the sighting area.

Credit: Robert Owens/US Fish and Wildlife Service
(This sighting is in the comments section, but I'm typing it here so that everyone can read it.)

Nov. 30, 2009
Hi Linda,

Just writing to tell you and readers of your blog about another sighting on Roman Nose, up on Whitiker Creek off hwy 126 near Mapleton. It happened on Thursday of last week.

I've been up to talk to the people who claim to have seen a large hairy creature walking on two legs while out looking for a X-mas tree. Well they tell me they saw a very big animal crossing a ridge. They watched it with glasses and claim to have got a real good look at her. Yes, I mean her! Both swear they seen visible breasts on it.

I talked with them for over 2 hrs and I think they saw what they said. He is a retired vet and she worked for IP for 27 years. They're close to my age so I don't think they would send me on a wild goose chase. They seemed very truthful to me.

Here goes! Both claim it was over 7 ft. tall and near 500 pounds, brown in color, covered in hair, and moving quickly across a ridge into the timber. It never did stop and turn to look at them.

It was too rocky over there to find an tracks. You may use this on your blog, if you wish to. I promised to keep names out. At 77 years old , I'm getting too old to climb steep canyons. I have a close friend that gets these reports to me. He's with BLM. He is also a believer in bigfoot.

DS can you tell us a little more on where the bigfoot was seen? Also, did they get a look at the face on her? How long was the sighting?
Thank you DS. I appreciate your report. And I know the readers will enjoy it as well. Please answer any questions they may have in the comments section.
Linda Newton-Perry

It's Cold and Oregon is Tucking in for the Winter.

Photo courtesy U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

I've named the photo:
Where Bigfoot Walks, Where Bigfoot Lives.

It's cold and I'm tired. I read late last night. I'm reading a bundle of Daniel Perez's "Bigfoot Times." I exchanged our three children's Bigfoot books for two years of the newsletter. I'm really enjoying them. I encourage you to order the newsletter. It is a great read. You may order it at www.bigfoottimes.net.

I wonder where Bigfoot spends his time in the winter. Many believe he hibernates. Somewhere I read that the volcanoes from Alaska through California are connected. Perhaps the animals keep cozy around warm steam vents. But then, there are plenty of winter sightings reported.

Please email your sightings or thoughts, or just comment on the subject.

Bigfoot Ballyhoo will take Guest Bloggers material. Email me with your questions and articles at linda.perry@charter.net

I do not believe in evolution. I do not believe man evolved from an animal. It makes sense to me that man and animals share an all wise Creator. Don't let this stop you from commenting. Everyone has a right to his opinions.

Disclaimer: I, Linda Newton-Perry, am not responsible for and do not agree with any ad on this blog featuring religious or spiritualistic content.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A tongue as heavy as an elephant?

If a 100 foot long Blue whale can have a tongue as heavy as an elephant, why is it so hard to believe that a very large ape-like creature lives in the deep woods?

P.S. I changed large tongue to heavy tongue. In the original article I read on this subject, it said heavy not large.
Publication mentioned above: Awake! Published by Jehovah's Witnesses.

Guest Blogger, Don Campbell


We have all read about the skeptics and surprisingly the over educated college professors who say: IF BIGFOOT EXISTS SHOW ME THE SKELETON.
In answer to that thorny question which is essentially a big cop out, I ask the following questions of them:
(1) if coyotes exist show me the skeletons
(2) if field mice exist show me the skeletons
(3) if rats exist show me the skeletons

The answer they will say is that they are in a museum somewhere. Yet these creatures and many others inhabit all parts of North America. Yet could these same skeptics find a skeleton of these very common creatures in the forests of North America? We all know bears exist but we can't find their skeletons.

To say that bigfoot doesn't exist is pure bunk based on the above statement. It is quite possible that bigfoot's skeleton lies in a museum in North America. It sits in a warehouse somewhere in a large city waiting patiently to be identified but do to the volumes of donations it has been overlooked. Many newspapers during the middle and late 1800s covered stories of people finding huge skeletons in Native American burial grounds. These same newspapers told their readers that these huge skeletons were sent off to museums and universities around the country to be analysed and that is where they still sit in some forgotten corner of a museum's or university's warehouse patiently waiting identification.

The eminent British Museum in London, England just discovered some items that had been temporarily lost for over 125 years. Their discovery changed the viewpoints of scientists that claimed the extinction of these creatures.

If it took the curators of the British Museum to find something that has been lost or misplaced for 125 years, why couldn't the curators of our American museums look for a similar lost objects? If you think there are no major warehouses housing artifacts then you probably didn't pay attention to the very last scene of the movie RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. In that last scene the Ark was crated and pushed into a warehouse filled with crates. Don't believe me? Then go rent the movie and watch the ending.

The United States' Government maintains hundreds of warehouses around the country filled with secrets and other things. People have to use the Freedom of Information Act to access these warehouses. Even your local police department and city hall have a warehouse to house their data or in the case of the police evidence from an unsolved crime. Some of these cold cases may go back over fifty years.


Just a thought from Linda Newton-Perry

What does aka mean? Just in case you do not know and do not want to look it up, it means "also known as." So, Don Campbell is out and out calling Bigfoot skeptics fools? Seems that he is. I guess he got up in a fighting mood the morning he wrote this title.

Saturday, November 28, 2009



I’m “throned on highest bliss” (Milton) with my high-speed internet connection. It’s great to work and not forget what I was doing before the page loads. The dial-up connection that I had was just s o o o slow. And, I’m enjoying my new Bigfoot/Sasquatch blog, with the ability to quickly make changes, add photos and so on, it’s a real joy. Here is the address if you’d like to check it out: http://bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com.
Another pleasure, I enjoyed this last week; I exchanged our three children’s Bigfoot books for two years of Daniel Perez’s Bigfoot Times, a Bigfoot newsletter. I’ve read two of them and have already learned so much about the Bigfoot community. The newsletter cost $14. per year, ($15. Canada, $17. rest of the world) and comes by mail, monthly. Perez is a veteran Bigfoot investigator/researcher. If you’re interested at all in the subject of Bigfoot/Sasquatch, I’d recommend this newsletter. His address is 10926 Milano Avenue, Norwalk, California 90650-1638. (If you are reading this on the blog, the link is below.)
The blog I’ve started is just a casual place to discuss Bigfoot/Sasquatch, to report sightings, and get feedback from others that enjoy the subject. I’m certainly not an expert on the subject of these forest animals. I just happen to write a newspaper column and have written, along with my husband, three Bigfoot children’s books.
One comment in Perez’s newsletter that I thought was interesting; Perez or one of the guest writers thought that all the conferences being held across the states were diluting the serious business of collecting and studying information of Bigfoot/Sasquatch. That may be true; I think of it, however, as proof that this subject appeals to many, many people. And perhaps soon more people will step forward with their sightings and not be concerned with being embarrassed or not taken seriously. Even I, and my husband, have thought that if we did see one of these animals, that we’d probably keep it to ourselves. Chris and I live in the thickly forested state of Oregon and we wonder what will happen to the timber industry, hunting, and recreational use, if this animal is “found.”
(Linda Newton-Perry, along with her husband, Christopher Perry, is the author of four books, Forced Blood The Norseman (a Viking Age novel), Lock Your Doors Country Folk, Eye of the Beast and The Little Red Car and Bigfoot. Order signed copies from the Perrys’ website www.christopherperryandlindanewtonperry.com.)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Get Notified When Bigfoot Ballyhoo Has a New Post

Drawing by Linda Newton-Perry
The Bigfoot is made from my charcoal eraser and embellished with an online paint tool. The web address is www.psykopaint.com/. Try it. It's a lot of fun.

Please go to the bottom of this page and subscribe to Bigfoot Ballyhoo. You will be notified when there is a new post or comment. I really enjoy the comments we've been getting. Please keep them coming.


Thanks bluetruckxx@xxxxxx.com. I got your email from the Curry Historical Society.
So good of you to email the article.


Until the next post. I was out this evening. It was so foggy if there had been a Bigfoot, I would have never seen it.

Discribe What You Saw...Bigfoot!

Photo Linda Newton-Perry

The view from my driveway, Nov. 25, 2009.

Perry's email: linda.perry@charter.net

Bigfoot has been described as tall, short, wide, dark hair/fur, light hair/fur; in short, all over the board. But should that surprise us? I think not. My sister doesn't look a thing like me, and we have the same parents.

Another discrepancy in appearance I've noticed: Often reports of sightings describe the animal with long fur/hair on its face, much as the animal in the Patterson film. David Paulides in his book, Tribal Bigfoot, describes several sightings of the animal with little /fur hair on its face. It seems that these animals all do not look the same.

Personally, I think it is great that someone can get close enough to notice how much hair the animal has on his face.

If you've seen a Bigfoot, why not draw a picture of it. I think it would make a great addition to this site. I especially think drawings by children would be wonderful. After all, we need to explain to our children (this is from my children's Bigfoot book, Lock Your Doors Country Folk), that "High above...in the misty mountains live lions and bears. And you would be surprised what else lives there."

Please leave a comment. Tell me what you've heard recently about Bigfoot.

You may order a copy of the three children's Bigfoot books on our website. http://www.christopherperryandlindanewtonperry.com/

(Disclaimer: I, Linda Newton-Perry, am not responsible for and do not agree with any ad on this blog featuring religious or spiritualistic content.)
P.S. Have you noticed the Yeti you can shave at the end of this blog. It's silly but fun. Try it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

April 9, 2009 Sighting, Oregon

Drawing by Linda Newton-Perry

Contact the Prim and Proper Lady at linda.perry@charter.net
Today, Nov. 24, I received this email. I am happy to write about sightings, grateful even, to have them come to me. It is the only way I get information; I do not beat the brush for Bigfoot/Sasquatch. I rely on readers to give me this information for my newspaper column and this blog. I count on the stories being truthful, but given the "nature" of the Bigfoot world please remember that there will be those that make things up. I am not saying that any of these sightings are made up. I simply have no way of knowing. So enjoy them. And keep your camera ready when traveling through Bigfoot country.


(I've changed little of this email. Enjoy.)
Linda, I'll tell the story to you being the man does not want to give his name. Let's call him GE. GE is a contractor for the Forest Service in Coos and Curry counties. On April 9, 2009, he was working on a culvert repair job on Elk River headwaters up on Butler Mountain. Late in the afternoon, around 5 pm, he quit for the day. He got in his pickup to return to his camp trailer on Laird Lake, some 20 miles from the job site. He had only traveled about 1 mile and his pickup broke down with a broken axle.

He tried to get out on his cell phone but couldn't get a signal. He knew the Forest Service man was coming up to the job the next day, so he decided to spend the night in his truck. Well, he said about 1:30 am he woke up because his pickup was shaking. After a few seconds, he woke enough to sit up in his back seat and look to see what was going on.

When he sat up, he saw a dark figure outside of the passenger door. At first he thought somebody had found him and was there to help. Then he noticed no lights in front of him. He watched the figure walk around his truck and give it another shake. By this time he was scared as hell!

He noticed the figure was massive in size and way too tall for a human. He remained very still hoping whatever it was would leave. He said the smell was just terrible, like a dead body. After about 45 minutes or so another figure came down off the bank and just stood about 10 feet from the truck. It was then when one of them let out a hair raising scream that could not come from anthing he'd ever heard. This time he was really scared, as he didn't know what kind of things these two were. He said several times before daybreak one of them would walk around the truck and try to look in. He said they were covered in fur or hair, about 8ft tall and 500 lbs or better. The face on the one that looked through the window was man-ape like, dark in color, black or dark brown hair.

Finally at first light they left and he could see big big footprints all around the truck. GE did not get out of the truck till the Forest Service guy arrived at 8 am.

He told the guy what had happened and the man said on several different occasions he had felt he was being watched by someone. Well GE never said another word about that night till he retired. He said he was sure the Forest Service would ban him from bidding on anymore contracts.


Thank you, Coquille, Oregon

Yesterday, a short time before the cable man arrived to install my fast-speed internet service, I got the following email from DS of the Coquille, Oregon, area.

Linda, I enjoy your articles in the Coquille Valley paper and wanted to tell you to go to oregonbigfoot.com and look under Coos county and Curry county. There are several recent sightings along with older ones listed there.

Back in 1910-12, my grandfather lived up on the Rogue River near Lobster Creek. He swore he and another hunter saw a giant ape-man like thing on Wildhorse Mountain in June of these years. [There were] three different ones in size and they left huge foot tracks behind.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you, DS, for sending me the email. You know while my Bigfoot column was in the Coquille paper, I received more sighting reports from readers of that paper than any of the other papers.

Holly S. Holcomb's main character in her Bigfoot book Buk-Was goes to the Coquille area in search of leads to Bigfoot.

It makes one believe the area must be infested with the animals.
The picture above is again my work. The drawing is mine and the Bigfoot in front is sculpted by me from my charcoal eraser. When I work, I have a habit of kneading the eraser, warming it. So, often I simple turn the lump into Bigfoot.

Until next time.

Linda Newton-Perry
The prim and proper lady and Bigfoot believer.
(Disclaimer: I, Linda Newton-Perry, am not responsible for and do not agree with any ad on this blog featuring religious or spiritualistic content.)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Going High Speed!

Disclaimer: I, Linda Newton-Perry, am not responsible for and do not agree with any ad on this blog featuring religious or spiritualistic content.
The Prim and Proper Lady, and Bigfoot Believer, Going High Speed!

I’m so excited! I’m typing right now on my new computer, and in two days I’ll be connected to the web in “high speed.” And, I’ve started a blog. What is a blog you ask? It’s like a website except the readers can interact, leave comments etc. Here is the address of my blog: http:///bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com. My blog of course is about Bigfoot/Sasquatch. I’ve named the blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo. It is easy to remember and its backbone is this column.

Just like the column, I want the readers to remember that I am simply a prim and proper lady interested in Bigfoot. I’ve never seen one, but oh, I would love to. (This is very important: I believe the animal is flesh and blood and not supernatural in any way, as many believe.)
I intend to add some humor to the blog as well as to this column. I love humor. I enjoy John Grisham’s books because of the light humor his main characters often display.
Since I have no special training in searching for unknown animals, and certainly no special knowledge, it is wise that I keep to the light side in my writing where Bigfoot/Sasquatch is concerned. The animal simply intrigues me. I wonder, as the rest of the world does, why can’t this animal be substantiated as “real”?

So far I’ve had one comment left on my blog. It was from “Anonymous.” Mr./Ms Anonymous, stated the site was interesting and to keep up the good work. Anonymous went on to tell me about an interesting Bigfoot sighting that he came across on the blog, htt://Northamericanbigfoot.blogspot.com. The sighting was of a juvenile Bigfoot, or so the observer thought. Anonymous was hiking, heard movement, turned and observed an animal rise, shake off a thick layer of leaves and walk away without even looking in his/her direction. Sounds reasonable, but I hate the thought that now we need to worry when hiking, we could step on a Bigfoot as well as a pesky snake. I’ll try not to think about it. If I step on one, I hope it’s
a small one.

Linda Newton-Perry, along with her husband Christopher Perry, is the author of a Viking Age novel, Forced Blood The Norseman, and three Bigfoot children’s books: Lock Your Doors Country Folk, Eye of the Beast and The Little Red Car and Bigfoot. Order a signed copy from www.christopherperryandlindanewtonperry.com.

Friday, November 20, 2009

My Newspaper Column on Bigfoot

Disclaimer: I, Linda Newton-Perry, am not responsible for and do not agree with any ad on this blog featuring religious or spiritualistic content.

My Newspaper Column on Bigfoot

"A Matter of Time" is the name of my weekly newspaper column that I write on Bigfoot. I will include my most recent each week. I am simply a Bigfoot Believer, and can't wait until the animal is found. I believe he is real and not supernatural as some believe.

I live with my husband in the beautiful state of Oregon, Bigfoot Country. Indeed, a couple of people have mentioned to me sightings just this past year in this area.

Enjoy the blog and tell your friends.

Did Teddy Roosevelt Believe in Bigfoot?

Disclaimer: I, Linda Newton-Perry, am not responsible for and do not agree with any ad on this blog featuring religious or spiritualistic content.

So, Did Teddy Roosevelt Believe in Bigfoot?

Good question. In his book, The Wilderness Hunter published in 1890, he writes two interesting stories. One was told to him by his guide, simply known as Bauman, and the other his own story when hunting in the state of Washington. The argument goes that since Roosevelt wrote of the encounters he at least gave some merit to the stories.
The Bauman Story takes place when Bauman was very young, possibly a teen. He was paired with an older trapper, unnamed. They hunted along the Salmon River in Idaho. The trappers went as far as was safe for their ponies, left them tethered and traveled on foot deep into the evergreen forest. They agreed on a spot to camp and built a rough lean-to. Since it was early in the day they went off to find places to set their traps. When they arrived back at camp, it had been visited by what they thought was a bear. Footprints were aplenty. Nothing out of the ordinary until the older trapper took time to examine them. He proclaimed whatever it was walked on only two feet. The prints overlapped, so it was hard to tell what type of prints they were. During the night they were visited by something, looming at the opening of the shelter. A shot was fired, evidently missing the animal. It thrashed off through the brush. After this, they built a larger fire and slept little.
The story ends by Bauman returning to camp a day later to find his partner’s neck broken with fang marks on his neck.
This story, Roosevelt’s own, tells much, in my estimation, of Roosevelt’s personality. He was told of the encounters of Sasquatch in the area of Washington State and his guides tried to keep him from going there. But he insisted and doggedly pursued that end.
He heard sounds coming from the forest that he couldn’t identify. Whether Roosevelt believed or not in the animal, Sasquatch/Bigfoot, he did write about them in his book, The Wilderness Hunter.
The subject of Bigfoot has intrigued us for centuries. Here in the Northwest over a hundred sightings are reported each year. Who knows how many more have not been reported because of the ridicule that is sure to come if a report is turned in. Let me know of your sighting; I’ll need a full name, but will only use an initial. Email it to lindap@douglasco.net.

Linda along with her husband, Christopher Perry, is the author of three children's Bigfoot books and a Viking Age novel. The three children's books are Lock Your Doors Country Folk, Eye of The Beast and The Little Red Car and Bigfoot. The Viking Age novel is Forced Blood The Norseman. Order where books are sold or Amazon.com.

Order a signed copy from the Perry's Website:

(The above web site is no longer avilable.)

Another Sighting

The above illustration is a photoshop masterpiece and is the work of Linda Newton Perry.

Disclaimer: I, Linda Newton-Perry, am not responsible for and do not agree with any ad on this blog featuring religious or spiritualistic content.

Yet, Another Sighting!

I prefer to report on sightings and news of Bigfoot/Sasquatch in the Northwest, but I cannot always find suitable material. The following information comes from the Bobbie Short Bigfoot Newsletter #221. You can go straight to the full article at http://texaslesstraveled.com/bigfootcountry.htm (no period at end of htm). I will admit, it hints of a travel advertisement, but it does tell an interesting story, that of sightings going back a century or two.
I went to the sight from the heading in the newsletter, “Hunter Has Encounter” or such like. I never found a recent “hunter” encounter, but found the web page interesting. The page begins with the local Indian’s story of how Lake Caddo came into existence. You will see an intriguing foggy, sepia tinted print of the area.
Craig Woolheater, head of the Texas Research Center in nearby Jefferson, says “…hundreds of unofficial reports filter in every year,” and “Caddo Lake is a land of Bigfoot.” He says further, “So strong is the belief that Bigfoot inhabits this wilderness area that the Research Center stages an annual conference each autumn in Jefferson with multiple field trips into the back country scheduled every year. And while proof positive has yet to be unearthed few will disagree that the Caddo Lake region is a place that lends itself to [Bigfoot sightings since it is] a place that is both wild and untamed.”
In conclusion, I’ll tell you of a conversation I had with my mother a week or so ago. I reminded her that Bigfoot had been sighted many times in her state of Oklahoma. After telling her that my husband and I had just completed a children’s book on Bigfoot she said, “Well, I don’t know if that would be too interesting, and anyway don’t you think Bigfoot is dead, by now.” So there, even my own mother is an unbeliever. But I will soldier on, I will … Oh, never mind. If you have a sighting you’d like to report, I’d like to hear about it and use it in this column. I must have a full name but will use only an initial. Contact me at linda.perry@charter.net (no period at end of net).
(The photo is not the lake mentioned in this article.)

Death of a Bigfoot (Yeti) Believer

Disclaimer: I, Linda Newton-Perry, am not responsible for and do not agree with any ad on this blog featuring religious or spiritualistic content.

Writer and hunter, Pete Serafin, dead.

I was sorry to hear, last week, of the death of Pete Serafin, a well-known local writer and hunter.
Pete Serafin believed in Bigfoot-like creatures. In fact, he sent a photo of a footprint in the snow, taken at 16,000 ft. in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal. In the photo, his boot print is clearly seen next to the animal’s very large print.
Here is the letter to the editor of the Roseburg Beacon sent by Serafin, April of last year. (The letter is just as it appeared in the paper. I’ve made no corrections.)
“Recent letters to your paper have again raised the question as to whether or not Bigfoot creatures exist. Above is your answer. This picture was taken at an elevation of 16,000 ft. in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal while I was hunting Bharal blue sheep on a 22-day bacpack trip. A sherpa was with me, but no one else saw it, because we were miles from camp.
“Notice my tiny shoeprint alongside the monster Yeti’s. Like a human or bear track, this one is plantigrade, which means that the entire foot touches down at the same time, like a bear, but unlike cats, which walk on their toes.
“Notice also, the unusual four toes instead of the usual five. No whole other prints were available because of the rocks. Pete Serafin.”
In April, 2008, Jean Ivey was the editor of the Roseburg Beacon and my column “A Matter of Time!” was included in that paper.
My husband and I have written a children’s book on Bigfoot. I’ll let you know when you can order a copy or buy it at local bookstores. One of the reasons I’m sorry to hear of Pete Serafin’s death is, I was hoping to have a book signing party when the new book is available. We will, however, plan some sort of festive occasion. If you have some ideas, let me know. And don’t forget to email me your sightings of Bigfoot/Sasquatch. I will need your full name but will only use initials. Email me at linda.perry@charter.net. (Linda Newton-Perry, along with her husband Christopher Perry, is the author of the Viking Age novel, Forced Blood The Norseman. The novel is written for both men and women. Order your copy on line or anywhere books are sold.) For a signed copy go to the Perry's Website at


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sure, I Believe in Bigfoot...But

Disclaimer: I, Linda Newton-Perry, am not responsible for and do not agree with any ad on this blog featuring religious or spiritualistic content.

Sure, I Believe in Bigfoot. But…

What I believe has come from years of research on the internet, a few books on the subject and my solid faith in a Creator that made both men and animals. My faith is based on forty years of intense study of the Bible, forty years of ministry school, and forty years of living my faith. I, in fact, am an ordained minister. So, I do not believe in the supernatural reports of the animal, Bigfoot/Sasquatch. However, I do believe in hallucinations.
The World Book Encyclopedia (1984 addition) defines hallucination this way: …a mental state in which a person sees, hears, tastes, smells, or feels something that is not present. A person experiencing a hallucination reacts to a nonpresent stimulus.
The Encyclopedia’s definition goes on to say the condition has been observed as a symptom in ones with some types of mental disorder, or physical disorder, and observed in ordinary people in solitary confinement and those under the influence of drugs. I’ve read numerous times that one in ten of us humans have some sort of mental problem. If that is true, is there any wonder that we have such strange reports of Bigfoot? Oh, for example, the animal disappearing in a flash of light.
All that said, I believe, and that is all it is, “my belief,” since I have no special training in animal study. I believe in Bigfoot/Sasquatch because we know for a fact that a white horse-like animal roams in some parts of this planet with wide black stripes, whirling all over its body (zebra). We know that seen only under a microscope are living, scary-looking monsters. We know there are monkeys with blue faces! We know that there are humming birds as tiny as a bumblebee. So! Why not Bigfoot? After all, many scientists believe firmly, that in the distant past an animal existed, larger than Bigfoot, and called Gigantopithecus.
I enjoy the thought of Bigfoot/Sasquatch. I hope one day that I am privileged to see the animal for myself. I, however, have not even seen a bear in the wild. But yesterday, I saw an elegant buck, following a female deer across the driveway in front of my car, and we were in town!
(Linda Newton-Perry, along with her husband Christopher Perry, is the author of the following books: Forced Blood The Norseman, a Viking Age novel, Lock Your Doors Country Folk, Eye of the Beast and The Little Red Car and Bigfoot, the last three are children’s Bigfoot books.
You may order a signed copy from the website http://www.christopherperryandlindanewtonperry.com/.)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bigfoot is a Tree Hugger

Above: Photoshop Art by Linda Newton -Perry

Disclaimer: I, Linda Newton-Perry, am not responsible for and do not agree with any ad on this blog featuring religious or spiritualistic content.

The Original Tree Hugger!

I read somewhere (on the internet) that a Sasquatch ran up and hugged a tree to avoid being detected. That certainly makes sense. I’ve demonstrated in this column how difficult it is to recognize anything in the dense foliage of the woods. I took a photo of my husband back under thick trees about 20 feet away. For the second photo I ask him to pull his cap down to cover his face and put his hands behind his back. He was all in black and the same distance away in the second photo. It was impossible to recognize exactly what he was. So, there is no wondering why we Bigfoot enthusiasts cannot come up with a clear photo of one of these beasts.
If you’ve thought about taking a camera and bushwhacking through the wood’s thick underbrush searching for this animal─don’t. According to author Ivan T. Sanderson the best way to search for the animal is to take a stand and simply wait.

UST THIS last week I had two people tell me of sightings. The first was in a clear cut above their home near Sutherlin. The couple was working in their yard when the man called his wife and said, “What do you think that is up there?” She went for the binoculars and focused in on the animal. A very large furry animal was scrubbing its back against a tree. When finished it walked off on two legs. It never dropped to all fours. The couple concluded that they’d seen a Bigfoot.
The second sighting that was told to me took place several years ago in northern California. A couple lived high up on a mountain and parked their car down below on a flat area. Walking to their car they passed a stream. There at the stream was a Bigfoot. The husband put out a hand for his wife to not continue on to their car, but she did. The Bigfoot rose up, bent and picked up a log and threw it at her.

If you have a sighting please let me know. I’ll not use your name. Please contact me at lindap@douglasco.net. I look forward to hearing from you. You may buy a copy of the Perrys’ latest children’s Bigfoot book, Eye of the Beast, at Curves in Sutherlin. Linda Newton-Perry along with her husband, Christopher Perry, is the author of the Viking Age novel, Forced Blood The Norseman (available at Books Gallery, Sutherlin).

Eye of the Beast is no longer available at Curves in Sutherlin. You may order a signed copy of all three children's Bigfoot books, Lock Your Doors Country Folk, The Little Red Car and Bigfoot, and Eye of the Beast on the Perrys' website at