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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Guest Editor-Blogger, Dale Saxton on license suspension for reporting a Bigfoot.

Well, to my dismay I'm apparently wrong. I called the lady that reported the Elkton Tunnel sighting and she informs me she did get a suspension notice from Salem DMV, stating her right to drive has been terminated till the time in which she can take and pass an examination by a doctor.

This is totally uncalled for, and nothing short of illegal harassment. I'm mad as hell now, knowing these people have to go through this kind of thing, just because they've seen a Sasquatch and tried to do the right thing. What is it coming too!

Guest Editor-Blogger, Mrs. Constitution on the same subject.

They only do that if you're driving a vehicle of some sort, when you make a report. If you are on foot when seeing Bigfoot you are OK. I hope! CA, OR, AZ, TX, MN, ID, NE, AR, AL, AK, MO, DE, FL, MI WI all do it. It was due to the PATRIOT ACT 2001. There is currently seven lawsuits to overturn it: court date Supreme Court hearing 2001.

Guest Editors and Bloggers: On suspending of licenses after reporting a Bigfoot sighting.

Dale Saxon: No, I have not heard of this one, but it would not be surprising to me if they tried it. The state does not consider bigfoot to be real, so it would stand to reason they would try pulling something like that. I would seriously doubt that it is legal because of the sheer number of folks that do report each year in Orgon, Wasington and California.  But as you know, it's the state so they can do whatever they want.

Thomas: Yes, in fact, the state of Oregon does do this. They have you charged with MAKING A FALSE POLICE REPORT, if they think (and they do) you're not mentally competent to drive. I should know they laid it to me.

M.R.: I've heard of it. I work for Douglas County Road Dept. and knew a guy who reported one [Bigfoot] on Union Creek, near Riddle, only to have his CDL suspended. It took him two month and plenty of money to get it returned to him.

Guest Editor-Blogger, Chris Perry, has this to say on DMV's  Dirty Little Secret:

If the DMV's dirty little secret is true, here is a point that concerns me: The licensed driver reporting a Bigfoot sighting to the police, who then has his/her license suspended, has apparently been handed the burden of proof as to his/her sanity.

Even though no laws have been broken, he/she is  punished. They are punished with a negative mark on their driving record, with the cost of a doctor's visit, and with the loss of time from work getting it all straightened out. And not of little concern is the inconvenience of not being able to drive.


Guest Editor-Blogger, ex DMV employee has this warning for us:

It might not be such a smart idea to report a Bigfoot to the police because, as an ex DMV employee of Oregon, I can tell you of a nasty little secret that the State does.

When somebody reports seeing a Bigfoot in Oregon, the officer is required to make a report to the DMV for possible suspension of  ODL or CDL. This little secret has caused a lot of folks heartache because the DMV can suspend and demand you see a shrink before getting your ODL reinstated.

I remember one guy that was a logging truck driver that reported that he almost hit a Bigfoot early one morning to police, only to have his CDL revoked till he could be cleared by a doctor. I think this practice is deplorable.


Dale Saxton, have you heard of this practice?
Question fromLinda Newton-Perry

Just so you will know the Oxford American Dictionary defines ignorance as, lacking knowledge or showing a lack of knowledge.  So no one needs to be offended. Simply research the subject! You may find yourself a bliever too. Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor-Blogger, Vernon, has more to say on his Tiller Sighting:

I believe the whistle was not human. Way too loud and too much volume to be human and from too far away. Kind of like EEEEEEOOOO. What ever it was the sasquatch knew what it was because it quickly walked off towards that sound.

The face seemed dark like an apes face but with human like features: large black eyes, hair except around nose and eyes. I think the hair was matted looking and around four inches long on its head.

Mostly I was thinking I want to get the heck out of here!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Guest Editor-Blogger, Dale Saxon has this to say:

Linda, I'm sending this picture to you regarding Vernon's sighting at Drew, Oregon. I have asked Vern to write out his encounter on your blog. In the picture notice I painted the tree in which he saw it and the right height on the head is marked across. I'm positive he saw what he said he did.

I went there in 2004 and did find some older uncastable tracks that I believed to be of Sasquatch. It's actually about 45 miles from Crater Lake from this spot.

Have a great new year. My son Cole is wishing we could get the final report back from Chilcutt in Texas on the Sedan Creek print. Hurry and wait, don't you know. I don't think he'll be able to identify the maker as an any known animal.

Thank you for your participation on this blog. Linda

Vernon Tells us About His Sighting in 2003

Guest Editor-Blogger, Vernon has this to say:

I know there's a Monster out there. 2003 started out to be a not so good year for me. In January, I was employed for RFP. On this day I was near a little wide-spot town called Drew near, Tiller, Oregon. I was cruising timber for an upcoming sale.

I was on my way down through this deep valley of trees when all of a sudden something caught my eye. I found some tracks that I'd never seen before. The tracks were about six feet apart and seem to be those of a human, but it couldn't be.

The tracks were of such a large size that my boot size eleven only filled up half the length of the tracks. There I stood scratching my head trying to figure out how they got there. Then came the shock.

About 50 feet in front of me, I noticed something dark behind a big Hemlock tree. I froze in place and watched this thing standing behind this tree looking around it at me. Pretty quickly it hit me that whatever this thing is, it's amazingly large.

As it looked at me, I noticed something else. It was standing up on two legs not four. We must have watched each other for two, three minutes. Then a loud whistle rang out from somewhere off to my right in the next valley. This critter walked out from behind the tree and walked off towards the direction of the whistle.

It was gone in a flash. As it left I could hear the sound of it walking through the forest floor definitely two legged. Well, let me tell you I was stunned. After all these years in the woods I knew that it was one of those Sasquatch things that don't exist.

When I returned to my truck, I thought about reporting this thing; but decided that nobody in their right mind would believe it. And so, I kept quiet. The trees are still there because nobody ever did bid on that sale.

During the last decade 1,068 new species have been discovered, and this just in the greater Mekon region of Southeast Asia.

So, why is it so hard, FOR SOME,  to believe that Bigfoot lives, breathes and makes his living on this vast planet?

Guest Editor-Bloger, Thereisnobigfoot, has this to say:

So, you were out there to kill poor, helpless Bambi, but you just couldn't bring yourself to shoot bigfoot, which would be the kill of a lifetime. Lol.

Oh....that's right....the over nine feet tall, four times as big as you, covered in hair creature was just too humanlike. *Lol. Sure I'm buying that.


*In case you do not know what lol means, one meaning is laughing out loud.


Guest Editor-Blogger, Glen, has this to say:

Hey there Thereisnobigfoot, do you have a rude awaking coming to you. Come on out to Oregon, go up to Squaw Like and pitch your tent!

We do, however, welcome all opinions. Please keep to good taste.

Guest Editor-Blogger, Jan Allen has this to say:

I agree that this creature does not have to be killed to prove they exist. I have been researching Bigfoot for 41 years and have seen 7 of these creatures, and not once, did I feel I needed to kill one.

I own the Georgia Bigfoot Research and Investigation and the only reason for the Teams existance is to try and find proof that these creatures exist. Sad note is, when one is captured, if at all possible, it will be killed to study it.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"I Would Never Report it Again, Too Many Snickers ..."

Guest Editor-Blogger, Timothy Berns has more to say on Agness Pass Sighting.

Yes, I'll tell you how I was treated. The sheriffs deputy asked me if I'd been smoking wacky weed. The forest service was polite but gave me the feeling that they thought I had seen a bear not Bigfoot.

But they sure wouldn't go up to that road to look around. I have to be honest here, I would never report it again, too many snickers among them.

Click on picture to see larger version. Please submit a drawing. This would be great if those that have seen the animal would. I'm sorry, I know many people do not like abstract, but I do. You know...my ball, my rules. Linda (Just having fun here!)

Bigfoot Sighting

Guest Editor-Blogger Timothy Berns has this to say:

My name is Timothy, and was born and raised in southern Oregon. I'm 49 years old and have a degree in forestry. This last fall, Oct. 24, 2009, I was deer hunting with a lifelong friend near the Coos/Curry border near a place called Agness Pass. We had been hunting since daybreak and had not seen any new signs of deer. We decided to park the pickup and walk up an old logging road that has been closed for many years due to the road sliding out.

My friend and I walked about three miles up this road till we came to a downed tree along the stream. My friend walked up under a shade tree and lit a cigar up and sat down. It was still hot and dry out so I decided  to get a drink out of the stream.  As I approached the stream, I noticed the water was real muddy looking.

Thinking that an animal had just been there, I slid down the bank to the water's edge. All of a sudden my life was changed forever. There in the middle of the stream just slightly up from me stood a giant hair covered manlike thing looking at me. His eyes locked with mine as we stared at each other. He was very tall, over nine feet and three to four times my build. I muttered "Oh, God!" because I knew I had ran right into a Bigfoot creature.

It quickly turned and went up the bank on the opposite side of the road in a flash. I had rifle in hand and would never have shot this thing. It was much too human like to me. I've never seen anything move that fast. For all these years I have thought Bigfoot was a bunch of .....I'm certain there is a Bigfoot now. I'm not crazy! I was told about your blog by a gentleman that looks into reports. Yes, I did make a full and complete report to the Coos/Curry County Sheriffs and Forest Service in Gold Beach and Powers, Oregon. I am now trying to find out all about them. It could have easily attacked me but it didn't.


Thank you so much, Timothy for this account.  One thing, you were'nt going to drink the water straight out of the stream were you? What a wonderful story. My husband believes that once this animal is "discovered" that the interest will be higher yet and will even be more exciting to read about. I have my doubs about that. And, I think it will always be by accident that one will see the animal and so you will be one of the few that this has happened to. Again thank you for telling your story here on Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Guest Editor-Blogger Don Campbell has this to say:

Baiting [Bigfoot]: Part Two, The Untold Story

The second half of the baiting brought me a lot of grief. I spoke about it on Thomas Hughes Sasquatch and Other Cryptids Blogtalk radio show. A couple of his listeners sent him requests for my email, which after consultation I said okay. I wish I hadn't.

One lady turned out to be a represenative of PETA. Then there were a bunch  from the ASPCA, followed by a small group of people who were in denial. Lastly, there were the Native Americans.

The PETA lady only heard about my talk in an overheard conversation in a Starbucks. When I informed her it was about bigfoot, she claimed they don't exist and I never heard from her again. The ASPCA people were upset that I was baiting animals to which they got a response that bigfoot has never been scientifically determined to be an animal and quite possibly is a species of hominid. I suggested that they get their facts straight before making false statements. I recommended a number of websites and told them to contact me if they had questions.

The denial people, I just deleted as there is no point arguing an issue that they just don't want to believe.

Lastly, I got some negativity from a group of people who were Native American. These people were a little harder to convince and I had to dredge up history of their own respective tribes. Baiting of wild animals was a common practice prior to 1900 in North America among Indians. Some declared bigfoot/sasquatch to be a God and tried convince me on a religious angle, which ultimately didn't work out.

Some were of the mind that what lives in the forest should stay in the forest and shouldn't be studied. Then how do we as a people know what is there, if accroding to what you say shouldn't be studied?
(A  portion of this I left out. I reserve the right to edit.)

I spoke with one woman on the air about this in a subsequent radio show and she couldn't answer my question. Her only response was that she wasn't trained to survive; then don't criticize someone who is curious about the creatures on this planet. Her ideals mean absolutely nothing when reality confronts them. In the end what she was talking about was just a smokescreen.

Bigfoot is an unknown entity and to attempt to learn more about it you have to observe it on a regular basis. Baiting is one of the tools to draw it closer to you. The placement of camera traps is a haphazard method relying more on luck versus the skill of the camera placer. There are a number of problems with the placement: interference by humans who chance upon the camera which may result in theft or damage of the equpment; the rapid growth of vegetation which can obscure the camer's lens; interference by other wildlife such as bears or coyotes; even the interference by bigfoot; malfunction of batteries or of the camer; and lastly, there is nature, itself, which via storms or other types of inclement weather may cause the camera to be destroyed or buried under fallen debris.

If you look back at the discovery of animals you will find that the Komodo dragon was not formally declared a species until the First World War had ended. Even now researchers use tethered goats to attract it. My use of bait seems to be working as my co-researchers have seen a number of bigfoot of various sizes.

As you mentioned, I saw that creature face to face; and then a friend and I saw the pair back in May of 2009, which was followed by the back of a much taller bigfoot later on.

A proper researcher will read other websites and try to glean information which the website's writer thought was insignificant and passed over. I learned about food stuffs ie vegetation that bigfoot ate this way. I then went to websites regarding the plant and checked on its distribution nationwide. If a bigfoot in Oregon is eating a particular plant then it stands to figure that a bigfoot in California will eat it too. If that plant is found near to where you live, there is a chance that bigfoot knows about it; and would make a possible camera trap site.

I would say that there are about 15% who are proper researchers and the rest fall into being made of people who want to see bigfoot like it is a zoo animal or want to kill it for the fame and money which they believe will be the answer to their prayers. You can read in the bigfoot forums about these people who are more excited telling about their new high-powered rifle or pistol then seeing a bigfoot.

You look at gatherings from supposed bigfoot research groups and you will invariably see in their group photographs  the assembled people are all wearing weapons and holding beer. Everyone knows that alcohol destroys the senses and coupling that with weapons isn't a good sign.

I pity the hapless bigfoot who accidently stumbles upon one of these inebriated bigfoot research groups. Instead of "Hey look!" he might get a fusillade of gunfire accompanied by screams of "Shoot it! Shot it!"

Guest Editor-Blogger: Washington State Trooper has this to say:

I'm a very active State of Washington Game Trooper. I can guarantee you that anybody that willingly kills a Sasquatch will go directly to jail. Nodoubts about this at all. A lot of us know Sasquatch is a reality, not just your average folklore. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know all the reports people file simply can't be mistakes on all parts. My advice to anybody would be, don't do it!!

Guest Editors-Bloggers

Anonymous has this to say about "What Would You do if You Found a Bigfoot Body?"

Yes, I would notify Police, but first I'd call a news station and have pictures taken because I would not trust the police to tell the world it is real.


A Forest Service Employee has this to say about the Sedan Creek fecal sample.

Like I said, no Bigfoot to match it with means no test will identify the scat.  Seems to me this needs to change. If we got scat then we've got a living creature that made it. This government needs to get with it.

By the way, the information board at Squaw Lake was planted in five feet of solid concrete, weighing 415 pounds. What ever tore it up must have been immensely strong. Scuttlebutt has it very large footprints were found all over the campground. They have now posted danger signs, do not enter up at the entrance of the road that leads to the lake. Go figure!

Found a Bigfoot Body? What Would You Do?
(From an older "A Matter of Time" newspaper column by Linda Newton-Perry)

D.C. the gentleman I wrote about last week that baited Bigfoot, claims to have seen Bigfoot/Sasquatch several times. One of these times was as near as on the other side of a sliding glass door. In my two favorite Bigfoot books, The Abominable Snowmen, Legend Come to Life, by Ivan T. Sanderson and Tribal Bigfoot by David Paulides, there are sightings too numerous to count.

Two years ago when I started writing this column, I was positive that just any time the animal would be captured, bodily or on film, and the mystery would be over. But, here we are and still no proof.  I have enjoyed that people seem to be talking more about the animal than when I first started the column. It seems to me there are more clubs, more celebrations featuring Bigfoot, more books being written, and more TV programs.

So, here is a subject my husband and I often find ourselves talking about; what if we came upon a dead Bigfoot? In the state of Oregon fully loaded log trucks, from before sunrise to after dark, barrel down narrow mountain roads, meeting deadlines and getting in as many runs for the day as possible. It would be easy for these trucks to "clip" a Bigfoot and never know it. All you have to do is notice the dead deer strung along the roadways to be convinced that it could happen.

The 'right" thing to do, I guess, depends on the person that finds the body. Is he interested in making a few dollars, being known as the person that found Bigfoot, or getting a lucrative book deal? Or is he simply interested in proving once and for all the animal exists?

If that is all he cares about, then, he would of course have plenty of money and care not at all for publicity. I guess he would whip out his cell phone and call the local police, stand by the road waving in the direction of the body, when they arrive and then quietly leave the scene, knowing that now the world will know Bigfoot exists.

What would you do if you ran upon a Bigfoot body? What if the idea of making money intrigues you? What if you could darn well use the money?

And what is the right thing to do? Would you get a freezer... Well, anyway, what would you do. Let us know by commenting.

Sedan Creek Fecal Sample: No Known Animal of Northwest

Guest Editor-Blogger Cole Saxton has this to say:

The fecal matter on the Sedan Creek sample is as follows: As per request fecal matter from Dale D. Saxton of Myrtle Point, Oregon was analyzed by HESA Labs of Los Angeles, California. The matter in which stated was analyzed to be of no known animal, that is indigenous to the Pacific Northwest.

The fecal matter included three parts outdoor rodents, two parts soil and five parts water plant which is closest to be of the Rooken plant (Skunk Cabbage).  It is our finding that the fecal type is unidentified. The fecal matter is badly degraded, two to three weeks, and this estimated by @Palled Study.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

If one kills a Bigfoot just to haul it in to prove the animal exists, is it P O S S I B LE that he will go to jail?

Well here is something to think about:

This country, the United States, has only 5% of the world's population. But, listen to this, we have almost 25% of  the world's prisioners. We, the States, imprison 756 people per 100,000. That explains THE ECONOMIST, BRITAIN, "is nearly five times the world average." 

So, how does one go about getting a dart gun?

An older "A Matter of Time" newspaper column (Douglas County News, Sutherlin, Oregon)

One of my friends saw a young bear the other day, just out of Sutherlin. Oh how I wish it had been a Bigfoot! Although I've never observed a bear in the wild, you can be absolutely certain that I would have enjoyed seeing it. But, just think of the excitement of A Bigfoot/Sasquatch sighting. That is, if it had been reported.

What do I mean by reporting the sighting? If I see a Bigfoot (and wished to report it, which I may not) I would report it to the local police. I would then expect them to tell me where to go next if they were not the agency to take such reports. I would, to be sure, have tried to get a clear photo of the animal before I left the site. With a clear photo and sighting report in hand, maybe, just maybe the right agency could gather proof that this amazing animal exists.

The closest I've come to a Bigfoot encounter is at least thirty years ago. I, my husband and his dad were scouting for deer stands just before hunting season. My father-in-law is a seasoned hunter and probably knows exactly what was rattling the bushes just ahead of us. He said it was a bear. He said he saw a black blur. So, maybe it could have been a Bigfoot/Sasquatch. Believe me, we were deep into the forest, well off the main roads, and fighting through tangled brush to a high mountain ridge. I've never before or since been so deep into the forest as that long ago trek.

Several times I've come across in reading material, that even if you haven't seen Bigfoot/Sasquatch, he's probably seen you. Because we were so deep into the wilds, maybe, just maybe Bigfoot has seen me! What an odd feeling that gives me.

As you know, I'm always asking you to email me your sightings and stories. I know that many people have such stories but simply do not wish to make an official report. I understand that. Again, I don't know for sure that I would report a sighting or encounter. But, it is exciting to hear of encounters and sightings, of those now or from the past.

As you know, I really believe this animal exists. I believe he is a flesh and blood animal, one of God's creatures, created to inhabit his own vast territory of this amazing world.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Guest Editor-Blogger: John Bishop

I agree with you "Retired and Tired" about it being a mess all right. Let me make my statement here. As a biologist for the state of Washington, I believe there is more than enough evidence to prove Sasquatch is a living, breathing creature. I also think there is a fair population of them. I've seen too many prints in places where it is impossible for anybody to have faked them. Also we now have hair, fecal matter, and blood that we think came from a Sasquatch near Woodland, WA. Call me another "nut" if you wish, but I truly believe they're out there.

Retired and Tired has this to say:

The manslaughter charge would in theory be on why a person killed a Bigfoot. You see, if a person recklessly causes another person's death it is 2nd degree manslaughter. But if a person killed a Bigfoot knowingly then it's 1st degree. Bigfoot, in theory, would be classified as a close relative to humans, thus you get the more serious charge, Keep in mind the AG did not say he would, he said NO DOUBT, but it would be up to the jury.

There's an empty hole here, I know. This is a mess because the Bigfoot does not exist according to state law. That doesn't mean you can shoot one. I suspect lawmakers will pass some kind of legislation in the next few years stating the Sasquatch/Bigfoot is an endangered species. Myself, if I were attacked by one I'd shoot, but not for just bring one in to show.


Glen has this to say:

We simply don't know if Bigfoot is an animal. If he or she is a missing link to humans, it's a whole other ball game then. The only way we'll ever know for sure is to study them in a controlled environment. And we can't do that till we capture one, if possible.


Thank you John Bishop, Retired and Tired and Glen for your participation in this blog. We "believers" are learning so much.

Guest Editor-Blogger, Retired and Tired had this to say:

An answer to the question: What happens to one who kills a Bigfoot just to prove it exists?

I asked the State Attorney General this very question back in 2006. He said the Laws in Oregon are very strict on the taking of any KIND of wildlife without a tag to harvest.

He said  the state would NO DOUBT bring first degree manslaughter charges against anyone that willing killed a Bigfoot because it is NOT A LEGAL GAME ANIMAL.

Also more serious charges would be invoked if a person WILLINGLY KILLED AN UNKNOWN ANIMAL, for any reason other than proven self-defence.

Over the last 30 years, I've thought about the quandary here. Then we have a federal Issue too: The government can say the creature is protected by US Fish and Game Laws which are more severe.

I wouldn't want to try it to see.


I have a question? Why manslaughter charges if this beast is  simply an  animal?
Linda Newton-Perry

Newspaper Column by Linda Newton-Perry
(Douglas County News, Sutherlin, Oregon)

Have we Already Proof of Bigfoot?

Do we already have "proof" Bigfoot/Sasquatch exists? Some believe we do. Many believe that this proof may be in a storage room of a museum, just a box of bones that no one cares about and that no one has looked at for several years, even decades. And what of the numerous stories of the animal being killed and buried? Isn't there a good chance bones may still be retrievable?

Perhaps the animal doesn't need to be captured or killed to prove he exists. What is needed is for those that know where a body may be buried to tell someone, for a museum employee to examine stored contents and tell someone. I know I'm not the first to think of this, but really, isn't it time to start speaking freely about these huge animals? And aboave all make it all right, even honorable, to report a sighting.

As we've read last week on my blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, stories exist where the animal has evidently killed humans and the stories successfully covered up. For example, a Zane Grey magazine article (Oregon Trail Magazine, 1925) tells of several men being killed near the Galice area on the Rogue River. These were former mining employees setting off to find their own silver mine. It was thought they were probably killed by Bigfoot because of the huge footprints that were found where the men were killed. The mining company demanded the incident be hushed-up on pain of lost jobs, if anyone spoke of it. So it was kept quiet until Zane Grey wrote about it. If you would like to read about the article go to http://bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com/ and look under older posts.

I believe many people believe this animal exists. And I believe the subject intrigues people. How can one not believe when he's seen the animal? Do not be misled; many people have seen Bigfoot. Again, we need to be allowed to freely speak about these sightings if the animal is to be stamped "real."

And what happens if the animal is killed, just to prove he exists? If you can speak with authority on the subject, please let us know. Email me at linda.perry@charter.net or comment on my blog. We've had many views on what price one will pay for killing a Bigfoot on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. But, as far as I know they are just that, views.
Doesn't anyone know what will happen to the "one" that shots and kills a Bigfoot to prove it exists? Is it just up to the judge?
Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor-Blogger: a Forest Service Employee has this to say:

The terrible truth is even if they determine the track was made by a bipedal animal, it still won't prove anything, because they haven't got anything to match it with. They can say two legged, but it will not be proff to the world that Bigfoot made it.

If they have no Bigfoot to make a match, they can't say it is made by the creature. Also the scat (fecal) can not be proof of Bigfoot's existence, because here again, they have no Bigfoot to test it against.

I'm sorry but nothing but a live or dead body of one of these creatures will be proof.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Guest Editor-Blogger Bill E. has this to say:

Thank you professor for speaking your thoughts on this subject. I was talking to JM of Idaho State yesterday about the new track that is being analyzed. DS was in touch with JC Thursday and JC told him that so far there are 123 dermal ridges in the print.

Everything is pointing to a *BIPEDAL at this point. Weight EST: 850 lbs. Gorillas only have 80-93 count on each foot. It is believed the maker left scat behind, but will be several weeks to analyze that.

Also the lab told DS the scat does not match any known animal but still may not be completely conclusive.

*bipedal - a two footed-aminal

Squaw Lake, Siskiyou National Forest, Oregon

Guest Editor-Blogger Lou has this to say:

The Powers Ranger District has found more vandalism at Squaw Lake this week. According to a field ranger, small trees about 15 feet high were found to have been twisted off at the top near the east bank of the lake. Also the information board was found to have been pulled up and thrown into the lake.

Forest Service officials said the lake has been closed since Oct. 1st  and gated off four miles from the entrance.  The rangers also said several large firs have blown down this fall making the road impassable.

No trace of human activity has been found on the road leading to the lake.  Squaw Lake is located in southeastern Coos County in the Siskiyou National Forest.

The first installment of the children's Bigfoot Story "Blood Ribbons" is now available. The story should be read to younger children. Click to Go...

Guest Editor-Blogger, William has this to say:

I remember this story way back. It was written by Zane Grey. Zane Grey had cabins at Galice and Agness. In fact they're still there to this day.

To see the Almeda Mine, you simply drive south on Interstate 5 to the Merlin exit. Then drive the 25 miles from Merlin to Galice. Just past the tiny town of Galice drive another 4 miles on down the river and you'll find the Almeda Mine on the right next to Rogue River.

Guest Editor-Blogger, Ambrose has this to say:

Good lord, what a statement. Wayne if you know for sure Bigfoot is a hoax then you're the smartest man in the world.

As a professor of anthropology at SOU, I'm not aware of any evidence that this creature is a hoax. On the contrary, I believe there is ample evidence to support it as being real as you and I.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Guest Editor-Blogger on Bigfoot Ballyhoo

Guest Editor-Blogger Dr. Issac S has this to say:

The Sasquatch legend is as old as the history of the Oregon territory itself. But as a few miners of Almeda mine near Galice, Oregon found out in 1922, the legend can turn out to be a nightmare.

Early in the spring of 1922 the Almeda Mine was a constant source of ore for the hungry ING Mining Co. of Denver. They employed over 230 men to mine the ore. Some of these miners decided that maybe they could find their own ore deposits on down the river. One morning five of them set out to try their luck.

The miners headed into the vast forest of the Rouge River wilderness. After looking for two weeks some of them decided that prospecting wasn't for them. They left to return to Galice in hopes of getting their jobs back.

Somewhere along the trail back, something took place that most men can only imagine. One of the miners returned to Galice to tell of his friends being attacked by giant forest monsters. The miner insisted that three of his comrades had been killed by two giant ape-men looking creatures.

A search party was quickly dispatched to the area to stop the flood of wild tales that would certainly spread and make miners quit by the scores. After a week of travel the search party found two of the three missing men dead of an apparent savage attack on them from some unknown animals of the forest. The third man was nowhere to be found. Only part of his pants and hat were still present at the sight. The ground was moist and showed footprints of enormous sizes all around the men's bodies.

After looking for the missing man the search party returned to Galice with the packs of the dead men. The foreman at the mine told the men to keep quiet about their find or lose their jobs. The searchers went back to work in the mine and nothing was ever said.

The man that returned with the story disappeared and thus the story was hushed until Zane Grey a resident of Galice wrote about it in a magazine.

(Oregon Trail Magazine, 1925)

Guest Editor-Blogger on Bigfoot Ballyhoo

Guest Editor-Blogger Wayne has this to say:

I don't know how this was done, but I can tell you it's a fake, because bigfoot is a HOAX.

People who see it are sick or mistaking the thing for a bear.

All of you need to grow up and get a life.


Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor-Blogger, Retired and Tired has this to say:

I can almost guarantee you that the print is real. Many features about it are right where they need to be also. It's too clear to be a fake track. Yes, we all need to respect other's viewpooints without criticism. I have mine from years of being a game officer and so does Wayne for his opinion. [Wayne is the police officer.]
Thank you for your participation. I'm sure you have a unique viewpoint of this whole Bigfoot issue, having been a game officer. Below is the footprint your are refering to.

"Blood Ribbons" a Children's Bigfoot Story
(This story should be read to younger children.)
Click to go to the first installment.
Dear Readers,
     We are happy to hear from police officers who believe in Bigfoot and those that do not. Please be respectful of all those commenting. Thank you.
Linda Newton-Perry

Sedan Creek Sighting and where Dale Saxton found print.

In comments, Sasquatch Patty wrote:

"Well I don't know Linda. I've been pretty good at staying out of sight. Once in a while my brothers and sisters make a mistake and people see us, but we've got the cops on our side, so maybe we can stay hid for a while longer."

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Guest Editor-Blogger, Bill Emery, adding additional information to his earlier comment.

A correction: Dale knew Dr. Grover Krantz not Cole. Also Dale was good friends with Rene Dahinden and other old Bigfoot hunters. Curently Dale is waiting on the report from James Chilcutt in the Sedan Creek casting. He did not want to release the fact that he got a real good casting from the Sedan Creek sighting, because he didn't want people tracking the place up, till he gets the results back. Also, some fecal matter is being analyzed by a lab in Los Angles.
It all sounds exciting. Does Dale Saxton track the animal or only follow up on reports? Linda
Guest Editor-Blogger, Bill Emery has this to say:

Mr. Wayne Policeman,

My name is Bill Emery and I've had the pleasure of working with Dale and Cole Saxton for over 14 years. In this time, I've learned a lot from Dale on footprints and other evidence. Sale went with Dr. Grover Krantz in Washington and took a class with him on how to tell if a print has been planted or it's the real thing.

The teacher was print specialist James Chilcutt from Texas. Dermal ridges and flexibility of the foot along with many other things tell us the majority of the tracks we find are REAL.

Cole knew John Green and other older Bigfoot investigators and has gotten a vast amount of knowledge on the creature.


Thank you, everyone, for being mannerly and dignified in your comments.
Linda Newton-Perry
Guest Editor-Blogger: Cole Saxon

Wayne you know it all don't you. All of the people that have found tracks and the ones that have seen one are in your words, in need of medication. Well you might want to check with your doctor and have him check your head for excessive space. If you knew anything about this creature you would know the evidence is there to prove the existence of this creature.

As for "Retired and Tired" I think he or she was brave to tell the truth to the people he served (the public).

My mother and dad always taught me, the truth is always best. They said the truth will always find you. I have done this for 47 years and found they were right.

There is no mass hysteria out there, just Bigfoot.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm sorry I had to delete your comment. I do appreciate your participation and do comment again, but I don't wish to have names of "victims" on the blog. I feel this couple went through enough without... Well, you understand. Thank you again.

Guest Editor-Blogger, Dr. Issac S has this to say:

The Old Days of Bigfoot

Back in 1958 Bigfoot was just another legend that was talked about around the Indian community. Then in 1958 Gerry Crew found large footprints on a new timber access road in Northern California.

Back then most people had never heard of Sasquatch/Bigfoot. All of a sudden people saw newscasts about Bigfoot and the craze was on. But the actual hunt for this elusive creature goes back to the early 18 hundreds.

In 1844 David Hamlin a railroad employee for the Oregon Pacific Railway found himself embroiled in a mystery.

Three employees had been found dead by Hamlin near what is now Glendale, Oregon of an apparent animal of unusual size and strength. The men were found torn to pieces from some unknown beast. Workers reported they found barefoot tracks of 19 inches and more all around the bodies.

Hamlin then hired trackers to track this beast down and kill it, but to no avail. Trackers reported that they followed the big tracks for over four days only to lose them in a heavy rain storm.

The beast was never found and Hamlin was fired by the railroad. One year later the Chetco Monster began a rampage.

The Chetco and Glendale sites were only 120 miles apart. Could it have been the same ill tempered beast?who knows, but it's food for thought.

Thank you so much for this information. This is one of the things that worries me, when the police do not take these sightings seriously: What if a diseased animal causes a death or property damage? Isn't it best that a record of the sighting be available?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Guest Editor-Blogger, Robbie wrote:

Regarding the Sedan Creek Sighting, east of Walport, Oregon

I'm astonished at this track. I have to tell you I was sceptical till I saw this. My husband reads your blog and showed this to me. We live in Walport and the local police told everybody at the coffee shop the couple was goofy.

We didn't know about the tracks then. We know that area and always though something was wrong the way the police tried to shut it up. We know of the couple that reported this and always thought good of them. Still do.

July, 2009, newspaper column (Douglas County News) by Linda Newton-Perry.

The following information is from the July-August, 2008 Bigfoot Newsletter by Bobbie Short. You may subscribe to it at http://www.bigfootencounters.com/. )
True Story: In 1989, in British Columbia, a private plane of French tourists crashed. The crash killed the four passengers and pilot.
Madeleine Dusoire and her one-year-old, Marcel, were on the plane. Dusoire was killed but the body of her infant was never found.
Could be True Story: And now, eleven years later, a wild boy has been seen by at least thirty-three people in the company of a Bigfoot. Making the story even more believable are those that have seen the pair--clergymen, forest rangers and several Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The boy and Bigfoot were seen by Dr. Arthur Gosten, while he was camping with his family in the Rockies. The boy was caught stealing canned food from their camp. He ran into the woods. Dr. Gosten ran after him. When he came upon him, he was standing next to an eight-foot tall Bigfoot. The animal took some of the cans from the boy and the pair simply turned and walked apelike off into the woods.
I've enlarged forest rangers and Royal Canadian Mounted Police to bring it to your attention. It seems that in Canada, the police and forest rangers don't mind taking a Bigfoot/Sasquatch report.
View, San Antonio, Texas, NBC (WOAI, Local station) Video

Scroll to bottom of this page to the links and click Bigfoot Lunch Club to view video on recent
TV spot about the San Antonio, Texas, Bigfoot Sighting. If you remember a woman called the police about a large hairy animal she claims to have witnessed eating a deer then dragging it into the woods.

It seems the homeless woman was very brave. It sounded as if she was fearful of being made to leave her tent in the woods. I wonder if it happened. Anyone know?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

New: Bigfoot Blog for Kids

Tell Your Kids About the New Bigfoot Blog Just for Kids. Click on Picture to Visit. (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Retired from OSP and Now Has His/Her Say on Bigfoot

Guest Blogger: Retired and Tired says:

As a 3o year trooper for OSP, (Oregon State Police) I've seen many of the tracks you talk about on this website. The ones where I was certain no one could have placed them there. I was required to photograph and cast them.

Over the years I've done over 55 tracks that were over 17 inches and made by something of unusual weight.

I always turned the photos and cast over to the proper agency. Where they went from there is a mystery.

One time while checking on a report of vandalism on Barklow Mountain near China Creek in Coos County, Oregon, I found a track that was 22 inches long. It was past a slide where no one could have left it. After taking the photo and cast, I was asked by the forest service to take it to a track expert in Washington State. He estimated the creature that made the print was over 1,000 pounds and 10 feet tall or taller.

"Jesus, I'm glad I never found the dude who made it."

Now that I'm retired I can talk about it.


Thank you Retired and Tired. We appreciate your experiences so much. Linda

Sedan Creek, Bigfoot Footprint Photo

Footprint 20 inches
Guest Editor-Blogger
I can't give you my name, sorry. I need my job. This photo was taken by a field employee on Sedan Creek Road, three days after a couple reported to police an unknown animal sighting.
Photo is unknown origin.
I work for BLM and have been asked by a friend to show it to you.
You might know who we are talking about. If you use it on your website, please keep my e-mail out. Thank you.
Thank you so much for the sharp/clear photos. Thank you for trusting us to keep your email private.

"I can swear to you Bigfoot exists!"

Guest Editor-Blogger,

I work for Department of Interior, USFS and can swear to you, we all know Sasquatch or Bigfoot is real.

Way too many tracks and sightings to be faked.


Thank you Anonymous. We know it, but are very glad to have it confirmed. Would love to hear more from you. Tell us about sightings that you've heard of etc.

Why Would Anyone Spend Money on Searching for Bigfoot?

Leslie says,

Why would anybody spend their money on looking for bigfoot? I've read your blog and noticed Saxton and others saying they spend their own money on it. What possesses a person to do this?

I have an answer: The need to find out what all of these people are seeing.

I must say that I don't think bigfoot is real but I am open minded.

If it does then what else does?!


Great question and an intuitive answer. Thank you. I. Linda Newton-Perry, believe more people would know this animal exists if the police would take the sighting reports just a little more seriously.

What do you readers think?

Let's Talk Bigfoot

Linda Newton-Perry started writing a Bigfoot column for her local paper, North County News in Dec. 2007. At this time she and her husband had finished their Viking Age novel, Forced Blood The Norseman and Linda wished to keep her hand in the interests of the local paper. At the end of the column she was allowed to talk briefly about their novel and how to buy a copy. Soon the column, "A Matter of Time" was in two more local papers, The Roseburg Beacon and The Coquille Sentinel. New owners of The Roseburg Beacon and The Coquille Sentinel have decided not to run the column. From time to time, however, The Coquille Sentinel will run a column.
Linda decided not to run her picture with the column but to run the drawing of Bigfoot. In past columns for the paper, she always ran her picture.
Short Interview with Linda
Blog: When did you first become aware of Bigfoot?
Linda: I guess it was when we first moved to Oregon in 1969. It was shortly after the Patterson film. I'd never heard of Bigfoot until then.
Blog: Have you ever seen a Bigfoot?
Linda: No, but I would really like to.
Blog: Would you tell anyone?
Linda: I'd probably tell the readers of this blog.
Blog: Why did you start writing about Bigfoot, your column that is.
Linda: I believed in 07 that at any time the animal would be "discovered." And so I felt safe in writing a column. I had been doing a lot of research on the web and believed in the animal because of it.
Blog: Why do you find the animal so interesting?
Linda: I've asked myself that often. It isn't the animal that I find interesting, it's people's reaction to the beast that I find interesting. Most people have not researched the animal and are simply not that interested in it. So, when the whole subject is made fun of, they in their ignorance just go along with it. We only know what we know! Every day new animals are found on this beautiful planet of ours, wonderful remarkable animals. I believe Bigfoot is a big old smelly beast, full of ticks, and matted hair, but still one of the animals placed on this earth in his own place.
The information of late about the sightings being muffled, does disturb me. It appears that the animal is known to exist by the police and forest service. And they are happy to keep it hushed up. I'm sure they have their reasons, and they are probably very good reasons.
But, wouldn't it be great if everyone knew that Bigfoot was out there, that if they watched for him they might catch a glimpse? How can you look for something if you don't even know he exists?

Drawing for Forced Blood The Norseman

Your hostess, Linda Newton-Perry and her husband, Christopher Perry, at a drawing, giving away Forced Blood The Norseman, their Viking Age novel.

You can learn more about the couple by going to their website www.christopherperryandlindanewtonperry.com.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Police Officer (desk) on Bigfoot

May the lady have peace in her life. I can only think what she went through. I'm sorry, but I would never report it if I saw one.

I've seen too many people get laughed at over this before.

I'm a police officer (desk) and do believe they are out there.

In Washington State, we try to be understanding to the people as most are very traumatized.

Some bad cops make us all look bad.


Thank you for your comment. I'm sure there are many police officers that believe in Bigfoot and we would love to hear from them.