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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Miller, Wentsworth and KS Documents

To read these documents go to Archive Section. The first two documents are Miller and Wentsworth and KS document is #79, scroll down. Thank you and comment please. ... LNP


This is an older comment by a Marcy of Florida.

Yes, I don't mind 'talking' about it now. In 1975, month and date not remembered, "person or persons unknown" reached in the clerestory window on one of our bedrooms, grabbed our 15 year old daughter by the ankle and dragged her to the end of the top bunk. She screamed and my husband ran in there. This happened in the awful hours of the night. I had already been up with the two toddlers several times and was exhausted. So I lay in bed and heard some remarkably heavy, ground shaking footsteps run past our house. In approximately 4 seconds, seven heavy steps carried something all the way across our lot, then across 3 others, and into the Indian River. Later we found the window screen, bent beyond salvage, nowhere near the house. 

This happened in Brevard County, Florida. We lived in an unincorporated area south of Cocoa. Our little neighborhood was sandwiched between the Indian River and U.S. 1. Neither of us knew anything about this creature. There was a continuing 'flap'  of sightings and incidents in Central Florida that year, but at the time we didn't make the connection. 

In the late 90s or early 2000's, I stumbled across an old Native American story about the hairy giants that stole young women from their homes. I've read everything I could find since then. I'm convinced that this was a Skunk Ape (Floridian name); and that if the 3-year old had been on that top bunk, we would have had an unspeakable tragedy. clerestory windows are placed right under the ceiling, about 7 feet off the floor; and they're usually narrow: the teenager could never have been dragged through that window. Not the case with toddlers. 

Neither of us smelled or saw anything. We didn't know anything about these creatures then, and didn't look for footprints. My daughter and my husband went into denial about the incident almost immediately; but it baffled me, and I could  not forget it. My researches have convinced me that nothing but a Bigfoot could have dragged my 115-pound sleeping teenager down that bed. I have no desire to have another encounter with one of these creatures. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Click illustration to make larger. 

Beth said...
We think we spotted the limping Bigfoot at Kellogg on 138 last evening. My husband and I were driving to Elkton for a family dinner when we observed a large grayish animal walking through a grassy field just off of 138. It had a limp to it as it walked like one leg was a little shorter than the other. My husband believes the animal was over 7 ft. and several hundred lbs. We noticed a man pulled off into a turnout looking at it too. He looked like a farmer with a dirty white pickup with hay hanging out the tailgate. We didn't call and report it as we don't want no trouble from the state.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Comment on Post Below

This footprint is not from Lanny's comment.

Lanny said...
I think I have found out the reason the Bigfoot is in that area. According to the website for the Siskiyou National Forest that area is very rich in Summer Huckleberries. It sports many different types of wild Strawberries too. Also it is described as a treasure trove for Salmon Berries. Most biologist believe Bigfoot needs the antioxidants from those berries to stay healthy. Also the beast has several ways of escape from that area in cases of danger because of the location of the land. Very deep canyons and lots of water everywhere. I saw that Bigfoot back in 79 while fishing the South Fork Coquille River. He's a big male with a white film over its eye. He may have been born that way or had some injury in his life. He has also been seen over at Agness with a female in 1999 and again in 2004.

New Information

Claudia Ackley's lawsuit in California. I was told that she will withdraw her lawsuit on March 19. Her lawyer will rework the presentation and set another hearing date. At least the lawsuit will be kept before the public's eye. Attention will be given to this subject. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, March 18, 2018


A bigfoot was seen  here early one morning several years ago by a school teacher. She was driving to Portland  to pick up a family member from the airport. This is the Elkton Tunnel, Oregon.
Use the search tool and type in Elkton Tunnel to read more about this sighting. 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Broken Limb

Could a bigfoot have broken this limb? 

Older Comment that was not Posted

July 31, 2010

Bill has always believed this bigfoot is a danger to people. He is simply trying to get info on the creature for the people of this world. He wants to get a clear photo of the bigfoot so he can go to the USFS and show them the people are actually seeing this bigfoot up there. He also wants badly to prevent the destruction of this bigfoot because of  an attack by it on people. He feels it's going to happen if the people and bigfoot mix. A very unpopular view by Bill to some people is that these creatures need to be protected not shot. He is and always has been very cautious about this bigfoot. It is our belief that nothing short of a good photo will bring a reasonable response from the USFS in Powers. Bill has come across people with guns looking for fame up there and told them the chance of a terrible outcome for them is very good if they try to shoot it. Bill and I believe it would be next to impossible to kill the bigfoot with just one shot. A person may never get a chance at a second one. 
Comments on above Post

Tony said...
On top of not having a second chance I believe USFS and Oregon would file criminal charges for shooting one. And being a Bigfoot certainly isn't a game animal, a person would not have a chance to claim they miss took it for a bear because bear season isn't open until late summer.

Anonymous said...
Once again, how can you charge someone with any criminal charges for killing something that does not exist? They will take your license if you tell them you saw one, they can suggest a therapist for mental health checks if you saw one and reported it, they can take all evidence that you might have that this creature exist an d keep your mouth shut or bad things happen, and yet they keep saying it doesn't exist!! Somebody explain this to me please! Linda, on Craigslist under rants and raves there is someone who wrote in on Saturday, who might have had a class b sighting, but it shook them up, immediately the bigfoot don't exist people jumped on the bandwagon and may have scared this person off.
Don said...

Craigslist isn't the place to report a Bigfoot sighting.Your inviting ridicule from that site by doing it.Dont you think the powers that be would not try some heavy handed stunt to keep the killing of a Bigfoot secret? Well I do.

Would love to hear what you have to say:

Friday, March 16, 2018

Head Hand Made

I've had this piece of art for at least six years. It's been on TV and at a museum display. I enjoy making bigfoot  drawings, sculpts, as this one is, and more.  The above is the size of a real bigfoot head. Mind you've I've never seen a bigfoot, but many people that have say that some of my work looks like the real thing. And, then there was the guy that said the bigfoots on BIGFOOT BALLYHOO look nothing like the one he saw. I'll keep trying! Thanks for your valuable comments. They keep me working on this site. ... LNP

Thursday, March 15, 2018

I read this (older) comment on YouTube today.

Comment by Amber C, 2010:

Squaw Lake was the name for Sru in 2007. It was renamed Sru in 2009. Over the past 20 years many have talked about the strange being on the mountain there. My dad told me of it in 93 or 94. Many of the local loggers have seen it claiming it is over 9 ft tall and very large. Many 20 inch tracks over the last 15 years have come from that area. This would make it larger than most of the ones sighted. The Thomson family had a bad scare up there in 2008? I think USF has always blamed it on misidentification of a known forest animal. They have never taken any report from the area serious in my book. Some say the FS is covering up the reports. It is my belief they just don't believe them. 


Amber might have meant the Hamilton family when she wrote Thomson. Please do  not travel to this area. The roads this time of year are dangerous and it is very far requiring a lot of gas. And remember we have had a comment that said this animal might have been neutralized. So your efforts might be for  nothing. ... LNP

Comment On Above Post
Anonymous Russell said...

Sunday March 11th 2018 a group of us went up into the Eden Valley in which Sru Lake is located. We were on 4 wheelers and were unable to reach the lake. Trees are down because of snow and the winter. We did come upon some landslides from winter storms. If you have ever been in that country you would know that catching a Bigfoot would be impossible unless you happened to be sighted in on it before hand. The ground is extremely steep and forest covered furnishing Bigfoot with many routes to escape humans. Ive been running around that country all my life and know nobody could catch a Bigfoot off guard. Not very many venture into that area.
March 15, 2018 at 7:15 PM

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

As you can see now Clayton I do sell books, shirts, and the like. 

Older Post

Clayton said...
Reading your comments and sightings is interesting but I don't believe any of these people have seen Bigfoot. In all likelihood they have had a scary encounter with some known animal like bears. I say this because of a common belief that if the animal were real they could not stay hid from science. Though the Bigfoot stories go back hundreds of years not one shred of evidence has ever been collected in favor of the beast being real. It would be impossible for a animal or being that size to find enough food to live and reproduce. I am in no way saying these people are lying I'm just saying they have honestly mistaken the real identity of the animal sighted. Like the ranger said after the Oregon Caves sighting (the biology just doesn't add up for a real flesh and blood creature.Though this website doesn't do it ,most all the Bigfoot sites are trying to sell their goods.I have studied the science and nothing has ever been presented that suggest Sasquatch is anything other than old Indian legend. It would be fantastic if they were real because it would turn the scientific world upside down but I don't believe that will ever happen. Thanks for letting me comment my views.

November 24, 2014 at 10:48 AM

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


TO FIND: Type in the search tool The Rayburn Animal. Enjoy. Based on a sighting. 

Monday, March 12, 2018


 Tim said...
This is how the lawsuit will play out. The state of California will simply say they have no evidence scientific or otherwise that Bigfoot is anything but myth And that false identification of a bear is probably responsible for her experience. Then the court will ask the plaintiff if she is ready to supply scientific evidence that the Bigfoot is a flesh and blood animal. When the plaintiff replies no then the judge will halt the suit and throw it out. CASE CLOSED!

March 12, 2018 at 6:51 PM
(See Ackley post below) Delete

Researching 2010

I've been going through the comments from the ESP Team during the time leading up to the trail cams snapping photos of the bigfoot Big Clyde. I really believe those notes would make a great book. You know the animal broke out the window of their RV, throwing a branch, rock etc. Emery got a cut from flying branches, etc. It was exciting reading. I have these comments all in a notebook. Some of the comments I was told not to share with the public. Anyway, I'll not write the book, but the information is available. Just a thought. To read about the Team, use the search tool and type in ESP Team, Bill Emery, etc. Thanks for coming to this site for bigfoot news and TALK. ... LNP

Listen to Claudia Ackley EXPLAIN ...

An interview with the woman that is suing the state of California for dereliction of duty and to protect the species, sasquatch. March 19 is the court date. 


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Older Post OREGON

Mel said...
Back in 1996 at Hubbard Creek in Douglas County me and two other hydrologists spotted huge manlike tracks on the mountainside above the deadly slide area near Umpqua,Oregon. This was above the slide area that killed the Moon Family in November 1996. We followed the tracks for over 1/2 mile till they veered off down a vertical bluff. The tracks were in mud and measured 17" by 7". We took notice of the debt of them at 3" deep as our tracks were only 3/4 inch deep. At that time I weighed 246. So what ever made the tracks had to be over 600 lbs. We documented and reported the tracks to the DCSD and lumber co.and we had contracted with. It was eventually concluded that the slide was due to a recent clear cutting operation above the home of the family. I saw footprints one more time 5 years later above Scofield Near Reedsport. I believe some undiscovered (to the public)large animals was the maker of those tracks. I had talked with some fellow field workers in forestry and they too had seen these type prints in which one of them found 18"tracks like in describing above Fern Top at Scottsburg. The other forester found 16" prints in the back country of Canary Road.

January 24, 2018 at 12:25 PM

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Friday, March 9, 2018

I'm Sad...

I've been in a 'down' mood since reading the comment from 1981.  On YouTube once in a while I will ask what  bigfoot researchers will do with their information, photos, etc. if they do get something convincing. Everyone seems so excited at the possibility of getting that great photo that proves beyond a doubt that these animals exist. If Anon is telling the truth, below, proof has been presented to TV stations, police and Forest Service employees.

Perhaps it will take lawsuits against state governments, across the country, for this animal to be proven 'real.'  Anyway, please tell us how you feel after reading the post below. Thanks, LNP

OH My, OH My

Anonymous said...
Mrs. Perry, I would like to comment on this Bigfoot that is said to be aggressive towards humans in Oregon. First let me tell you what happened to me in 1981. While deer hunting in the MT Adams area of Washington State in October I came upon by accident a large Sasquatch about 200 ft from me. I was equipped with a camera and took five photos of the creature. Two of photos were very clear. I wasn't positive what I had photos of because at that time I didn't believe Sasquatch was real. Thinking I had made a discovery of a lifetime I went to KPTV in Portland Oregon to show my photos to the world. They told me that they would air the photos on the newscast at 10 pm. They also informed me that anything like these photos has to go through the company attorney to check for any legal issues. I would not release the photos to them but told them they could make copies of the photos. I was wanting to keep the originals for proof of my find. At 8:30 pm the manager called me and informed me that they would not use the photos on the newscast because of legal issues. Apparently the attorney has contacted the Washington State Police and State Forestry officials. They told the lawyer to contact the United State Forest
Anonymous said...
Part 2.Service in Seattle. The Forest Service wanted to view the photos before they were released to the public.When the supervisor of the Forest Service viewed the pictures he told the attorney to wait and he would make a call to the head office in DC to clear them. When he came back in the room he had two other high ranking employees with him. He told the attorney that they had orders from DC to confiscate the photos . The attorney said he had no choice but to let them take possession of them. I knew nothing of what was going on till the attorney called me later that day and told me what had transpired. He did tell me (off the record) I needed to hire a lawyer promptly. Then my world came crashing down. At 1 AM uniformed men were beating on my front door. I ask who they were and was told "were with the WSP". They ordered me to open my door so they could speak to me. I complied and they came in the dining room. They started asking me where the original photos were and I told them they must speak with my lawyer and that I has nothing to say to them. They placed me under arrest and took me to Vancouver. When we got to the facility they marched me in to a room where my lawyer was sitting in a chair looking sleepy. He wanted some time to talk with me alone and they granted him 10 min's. He explained to me what was happening. He said the government wants the original photos and will hold me until I turn them over. I told him if he was my attorney he needed to protect me from this unjust behavior. He then said "all of this is over his head and that he couldn't help me". (Some Lawyer ?) Then he stated if I can turn over the photos they will release me and I can file a document to get them back at a later date. To make a long story shorter they held me over night without any charges. Next day they again ask me where these photos were. Well,I told them I had put them in my safety deposit box. They took me from the jail to my bank and I turned them over to them. I have never seen them since. I have filed request for return of my property and they have denied me every time. I have spent of 8,000 dollars on attorney and filing fees since and have nothing to show for it. KPTV told me the copies has been confiscated too. So going to a news outlet is NOT a sure thing on getting something like this on the air. When it comes to government they can walk all over your rights without fear and they will if they believe in the best interest of government. I believe I know what ESP went through and you should be glad they didn't release their photos. You very well may have gotten in big trouble by merely viewing them. I can only imagine what those guys went through. Now, I would say if the Bigfoot called Clyde is dangerous to the public they the government needs to try to trap it and take action before it hurts of even kills someone.

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