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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Bigfoot and the Truth

Do you have 'truths' to share about the animal bigfoot? Why not take a few minutes and comment them. Click the NO COMMENTS  below. Let's talk. I know people are interested in this subject, so let's lead the way. ... LNP


I'm sorry to announce that wildlife biologist Dr. John Bindernagel has died today 1/18/2018. He will be missed. This information from a YouTube video.

About Videos ...

At one time I published short videos on this site. Some complained that they couldn't watch them on their device. I don't know what to do about that, maybe another player? I don't know. I get so many more viewers here on Bigfoot Ballyhoo than on YouTube. So I've decided to start publishing my videos here and dropping YouTube. Do enjoy and COMMENT PLEASE. Click on NO COMMENTS to comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


These tracks, if they are bigfoot tracks, were found not far from a beautiful mountain creek.  Look how deep the prints are sunk into the dirt. These were found and photo taken by Linda Newton-Perry of this site. COMMENT PLEASE by clicking on NO COMMENTS just below.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sighting Reports

To find bigfoot sightings on this site, scroll down, right column, to Archive Section. Click to open the section and then scroll down and past the Dr. Miller doc and Wentsworth doc. 

Or read about how both these individuals examined dead bigfoots and perhaps even one just before it died!

Where are the ...

Saturday, January 13, 2018


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Want to See or Walk Where Bigfoot has Walked?

Friday, January 12, 2018

Shall we knock

and see if bigfoot will answer? 

Dear Bertha,

You know you already sent your sighting to Ballyhoo Aug. 21, 2012. If you have more to say about it comment where it says NO COMMENTS below. The best, Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Illustration for Sighting Below

War Vet Talks About His Bigfoot Experiences


WHILE taking a trip from Agness OR to Grants Pass today, we came across an old gold miner on the mountain near Graves Creek. We struck up a conversation with him about how long he's lived in his shack in the mountains. He told us he had lived there since he got out of the war in Vietnam. 

We started talking about bigfoot and this man's eyes lit up like a flashlight. "Would you folks like to see my prints I've collected?" 

A short walk to his shack and what a surprise. This old guy had over 30 prints from 1070 til 2009, some were over 19 inches and some were only 7 to 11 inches. He told us of these giant creatures visiting his shack and  killing his dog in 1994. He said thru the years out in the wilderness he has seen many of these bigfoots. He told of one that is white in color that had a little one with her and she stayed around the mine for 2 years stealing his meat from the tiny smoke house he'd made.  Also he spoke of large ones that would attack his mine and destroy the timber beams trying to run him off. All told the man was sure these creatures were Sasquatches. 


This makes one wonder what in the world has happened to ALL the bigfoots! Shouldn't there be bunches of them, easily observed from our mountain roads? What do you think? Comment Please below where it says NO COMMENTS ... Linda Newton-Perry

Friday, January 5, 2018

Would love to hear what you have to say.

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Sharing the Beauty of Bigfoot's World

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Illustration for Sighting Below

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Enjoy This New Sighting

Marion said...
Interesting story out of the Coquille area from 1907. My aunt had lived in the Coquille Valley since she was born in 1890. Sitting at her table one day she was telling me of a disappearance of a young girl . The young girls father had owned a large farm in the Burton Prairie area (now Fairview). The father was well known in the valley for the fresh fruits he grew.
As the story goes on a warm summer day [their daughter]  ran in the house and told her mother that three people were eating the plums of the trees in the bottom pasture.  She told her mother that a big man and his family were pulling the limbs down and eating the ripe plums. Being the mother knew all the help and knew not a one of them had kids she decided she would go with the girl and see who they might be. As they walked down the trail the little girl told her mother that the people eating the plums had come from the mountain behind the pasture. 
As they reached the wooden gate to the field the mom stopped dead in her tracks. She grabbed the child and ran back to the house. Then she blurted out a yell for her husband to come quickly. She told her husband that the three people the daughter had told her of were not people. Then she said they are some sort of large hair covered animals. While approaching the gate she had seen the large black animal along with a large brown one and a smaller one. He told her to go in the house at once and get his rifle. He quickly rounded up two more farm hands to go with him. 
As they reached the pasture one of the farm hands saw dark figures walk across the rear of the field and disappear into the forest. The farmer carefully looked the pasture over and everything seemed normal except for one thing. He found limbs torn off the plum trees at about the 15 ft level. The limbs had been stripped of fruit and also leaves had been eaten which made no sense to any of them.
 The rancher then returned to the house to try to get a better description of the fruit eaters. His wife would not waver from calling them large erect type and walking like humans and being covered with fur. The closest neighbor to them was four miles to the north. The farmer decided he would ride his horse over to the neighbors the next day to ask about any strange sightings over there .
 The neighbor told him of an incident in 1898 where a small girl had come up missing off of a ranch nearby. The girl was found dead by searchers about a week later some six miles from the ranch. Her neck had reportedly been broke and her body had been covered with tree limbs. One week before the child disappearance a large unidentified animal had allegedly followed the girl from the creek to the back of the barn. It was seen on different occasions near the ranch and was described as a large wild man by ranch workers . There was an attempt to hunt it down but to no success. It was never identified or seen again in the area. ( Marion,  Coaledo, Oregon.)

Thank you Marion Wisbey for this information.
Below is a comment on the above post
Anonymous Will said...
The name Coquille is actually pronounced (KO-Quell) This is an very interesting account of a probable Sasquatch. For some reason the folks back them called these creatures WILDMEN. There are several accounts of the Wildman in that area going back to 1857 around the Sixes River headwaters. I never believed the legends of these creatures till one day in 1970. While hunting for deer up in the Middle Creek area of Fairview I came across some tracks that were 16" x 7. I was hunting where no trails existed so nobody could have planted them there. I followed these tracks until they veered off down a nearly vertical cliff. I have to admit those tracks scared me. I knew whatever had made them was very large and that no animal that I'm aware of could have made them. Another very strange thing was that hunting all day I never found any deer. The area seemed void of all wildlife. I have told my children that are now 42 and 40 that something we don't know about is out in the forest and to be very aware of your surroundings.
January 5, 2018 at 10:58 AM

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Older Comment From a Dalton

2007 brought a new way of dealing with bigfoot reports with USFS. 

Since then we catalog all reports by region and number of sightings. Yes it is true in one respect-we think thirty or more of these creatures live in the south western  Oregon, northern California area of the Siskiyous. 

And there has been quite a bit of discussion on Sru and other areas that we think the same family of creatures might call home. The computer generated best estimates are two hundred mile per family of three or more.

Some things are very well known as far as one bigfoot seen in one area and then the same creature seen days later over a hundred miles from the first sighting.

Currently we have no way of tracking these families so it's a best guess thing on the movements pattern. As far as the behavior we think most are docile but also know some can be quite aggressive. We have n o current way of dealing with a rogue male or female as in the case at Sanders Creek in the Illahee Quad Siskiyou, Oregon, this last Christmas when we had an actual attack on a couple living in a motor home while they were cooking Salmon on an open fire there.

The attack was bad enough to close this area down. 

Monday, January 1, 2018

From My Yard to Yours



Saturday, December 30, 2017


THIS SITE can HELP prove that bigfoot is a real life animal. Several bodies of the animal have been examined by a Dr. Miller and biologist Wentsworth. (Go to Archive Section and Read first two articles.)

Debbie the lawyer worked on getting DOI files of the Columbus Day dead animal opened to the public. She moved on to a new job and left the project in another's care. Since that time DOI has claimed the files have gone missing. (Use search tool: Debbie, Columbus Day Storm animal.) 

2010 the ESP Team laid in wait all night to catch a glimpse of a bigfoot in Oregon. And they saw one, and their trail cam took several great, clear photos. The team was threatened that if they shared the photos with the public, they could face a lawsuit. (Look up ESP Team using search tool.) 

I've done all I can to bring recognition to the information on this site. All I can do is post comments of sightings and read them on YouTube. I don't want recognition. Many TV stations interview people that have interests like bigfoot, perhaps you can get on one of the shows and talk about Dr. Miller, etc. Newspaper ads, half page or so could help.  If you have the means, know people, etc. then please get this information into the hands of people that can help. 

This information was given to me, so I give it to those that can promote it. If you use my illustrations of bigfoot please put my name on it. And of course I retain my books and illustrations for t-shirts, etc. 

Linda Newton-Perry