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Today, Kerby and I came up on a small lake of water just west of "Old Mule Mine" in the valley of Eden Meadows. Kerby discovered strange tracks of a man that seems to indicate that Indians are about in this area.

 We measured the tracks and come to the thought that the tracks are not of a man. They are of great size and look somewhat human but measures 17 inches and show steps of about sixty inches between tracks.

Earlier this day we came upon a half ate deer that we found to have a broken neck hanging in a crouch of a cedar tree. The deer had a sharp tree limb stuck in its shoulder. Around the deer were many of these tracks I wrote above.

Kerby believes these tracks are of a creature the Indians tell of called hairy man of woods. Though Kerby beliefs are not mine, I cannot put the strange tracks to anything I know.

I have heard of talk over at Ekley about some monster-like man animal that some men have seen but thought the men were only keeping others out with the talk.

We are four days ride from the village of Agnes where we hope to sell our furs. We plan to head south and west and trap over in Medicine Meadows.  Hope the snow will quit soon. Makes it difficult for the mules to navigate the steep terrain.

NOTE FROM SON:I believe my dad was in the area of Eden Valley when this was written.The talk he refers to is certainly Sixes River.


Thank you for the comment. ... When was the above written? ... Linda Newton-Perry

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