Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thank you, Buck.


Buck has left a new comment on your post "Hamiltons, please tell us how clear and sharp the ...":

I only hope I am doing the right thing by commenting to the Emery photos we were shown. The four photos of the animal Emery has called Clyde are excellent in quality. Three of them are front shots of the creature and the 4th (not as clear) is a back shot of it walking away from a downed white cedar log into the deep cover of trees.

There is no doubt in my family's mind that the creature in the photos is the same animal that was watching my daughter and wife from behind a big tree at the lake. The height and build of it are exact to the animal we encountered. At the time of the encounter my wife did not see the animal was missing one of its eyes.

Emery showed me the photos shortly after they were took. The details of the animal's build are very large compared to a large man. The color of the animal is the same dark brown - black.

Saxton and Emery were the only two who ever believed our family's sighting as real. We have never went back to the lake because of issues my daughter now has with fear.  Dr. calls it PTSD. Bill has kept in contact with us and we believe his course with the photos are the right way to document this animal.

 We have had no contact with the forest service whatsoever since that day we reported it. We have however been pestered by two people from California who found out our phone number and tried to get us to give our story to them for money.

 I can't and will not divulge what Bill is doing as many want to make trouble for him.

 We are also saddened by the recent loss of Hank . He was a real nice fellow and will be remembered as a true friend to our family. I wish people would quit being so ugly and mean when it comes to my family and Emery, Saxton. They are trying to do the right thing without all the negativity that comes from different groups of people.

 Bill does not want the photos to become another "what is it ,or who is it" like the Patterson film did and still is to this day! I'm sure Bill will do the right thing with you Mrs.Perry when he has gotten everything he needs to do with the custody of the photos in the absolute chain of command so people can't say he did something to them.


Hank is one of the members of the ESP Team. ... LNP


  1. Many people understand what you feel like. The ones that don't can cast stones all they want but you're a good person to tell it like it is. Lots of Bigfoot community members want to destroy you and Emery because they want to get the first grab a fame.

  2. I agree, it has become more about their face on TV rather than bigfoot. Its a shame so many want to toss out accusations out to try to make themselves important. They care not who the hurt on the trip to TV and fame.


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