Saturday, September 17, 2011

Newspaper Column "A Matter of Time"

I attended the Rock and Gem Show at the Fairgrounds a couple of weeks ago. I handed out bigfoot business cards and spoke to several people about bigfoot. I reasoned that these people spend much time in the forests and would have an opinion on bigfoot. They did. I enjoyed myself.

 Those individuals that believe “something is out there” are often happy to and ready to talk about it. Several bigfoot sightings were told to me. I encouraged all those that believed in bigfoot to pick up the local paper and read my column and look in on the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo.  

I found that about 10 per cent of the booth owners didn’t believe in bigfoot. The most often heard reason was that “I spend a lot of time in the forests and I haven’t seen the animal.” I understand that thinking. They may have just wanted me to “move along” so they could watch over their rows of exposed beautiful jewelry and baskets of raw gems. (I was very careful not to interfere with any monetary transactions or get between the proprietors and their customers.)

 I had a great time looking at all the “gems” to be found on our beautiful earth with just a little effort. I paid to be shown the correct way to pan gold. I found three flecks of gold in my pan, which I was allowed to keep. If you’ve ever tried to separate gold flecks from the sand in a gold pan, then you know it can be quite a challenge. And now I know how to do it.

Now, if it were only so easy to find this “gem” of an animal, bigfoot. It seems many people are out there in our woods and forests seriously engaged in looking for it. And then, we hear from many researchers that the animal has been found, been discovered.  The problem remains of pressing the scientific community into serious research. And so round and round we go!

It is hunting season again. I do hope you will keep your cameras at the ready for capturing a photo of bigfoot, if you should come upon him. I’ve often wondered if hunters are seeing bigfoot when they think they are seeing a bear. Several years ago, I read that when a bigfoot hears a rifle report, that to him it is the sweet sound of a dinner bell. Until next week, keep “talking bigfoot.” Linda Newton-Perry

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