Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 8th is eleven months since ...

It has been eleven months since the Emery Team caught on film a photo of a bigfoot they have named Big Clyde. Is there any information the team can share? We are eager to hear it. Thank you, Linda Newton-Perry


  1. Oh my God!When are you going to admit to yourself and everone else that ESP and their pictures were one big,fat hoax?!AT least drop the subject or does constantly dredging it up make you believe that all of us are going to start believing you?Ovbiously you are living in your own dream world.I guess its too late to hope that you would wake up and join the rest of us here on Earth.The recently leaked info from the Olympic project goes to show what a fraud ESp is/was.If a super secret,multi-million backed project has info leaked to the public then you know we would have heard more from an outfit like ESp if they were for real.GIVE IT UP you have made a mockery of this website.Hardly anybody reads it anymore and nobody posts,its a JOKE.You have done your damage and got your 15 minutes of publicity for your books,now leave us alone.PLEASE!!

  2. I will not let this subject drop. When the ESP Team, now ESPO Team, does make its discovery known to the public, you can be sure I will remind those that have been easily persuaded to believe the worst of me and this site--that, I've told the truth and made none of it up.
    Have a happy day. LNP

  3. Here we go again with the same know it all loon person that knows it all! Please go away and STAY. There is no news about ESPO on the Olympic Project or anywhere else so cut the crap. What a bunch of lame brains out there to believe this same obnoxious person mouthing off day after day with the same blither.

  4. What happened to the discovery ESPO already claimed to have made,Linda?Let me help you with your answer-The photos were determined to be a hoax and the other claims they made have never been proven.They certainly have had enough time to get the results from DNA tests on any hair or fecal matter they found.I have been around BF research for a long time and I can attest to the fact that if ESPO is real and they had some real evidence,we would be hearing about it.

  5. I've had word from a couple of members of the ESPO Team. I can not tell evertything I know. Their information will be made known when they decide it is the right time. Hoax is not the right word for what happened concerning the photos given to this site by Emery. No one set up a hoax. The trail cam photos had been replaced and Emery believed they had come from his camera. He had not seen the movie the blue photo was taken from. And neither had I. The up close photo of eyes and mouth were, of course, Patty. Emery believed the photo (s) came from his camera. He did not recognize it as Patty. The camera was locked and opened with an officer of the law in the room. This officers son replaced the photos with the ones appearing on this site.
    The photos of the Emery Team are the real photos of them. I don't care how "weak" it all sounds, this is the truth.


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