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"For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills." Ps. 50:10 King James Bible


Important: We have no way of knowing if the sightings etc. are true or not. We encourage 'bigfoot talk' and so we take information with a grain of salt. You know how people are where bigfoot is concerned or at least you should!


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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Regarding James of timbergiantbigfoot:

We've just got word that James does not wish to be involved with the controversy that has been going on with one of our readers here on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. (So, we will show no more of James' videos.) It is a shame because we are impressed with James' work. We wish him much success and we will continue to watch his videos. Perhaps he will soon capture a great video of sasquatch. We are cheering you on, James.


  1. He doesn't want his video's on your site because your site is a joke!Its been a joke since your outrageous attempt at a hoax and it remains a joke!Its your time and money though and if this is how you want to spend it,it is still a free country,but your site is not taken seriously.I just thought someone should let you know.

  2. Well, I guess I'll just pack it all in now. I've gotten the word. Thank you for saving me time and money. I wish I had more people that had my interest at heart. (I'm just being "smart.") I have no intention of calling it quits. I HAVE NOT ATTEMPTED A HOAX. Read the blog Anon, and you will understand how it might appear to some that a hoax was being attempted. But it was all explained. Ballyhoo can not do more than that. Furthermore, this site is not a "serious" site, but once in a while serious things are discussed. And regarding James of timbergiantbigfoot, he simply does not wish to get involved with what's been going on with this blog. Have a grand day. I'm glad you look in on Bigfoot Ballyhoo once in a while.


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