Sunday, January 2, 2011

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Sometimes fiction wins over facts. Fact is getting a good view of the Sasquatch would be a feat for sure. These animals are very smart and know that humans pose a threat to them. People also assume these beings do not communicate with others of their species. On the contrary, many people have reported them doing so. They may not have language such as humans do but beating on tree stumps, clapping rocks is also a known form of communication.

The picture was taken at after dark and before dawn according to Emery. This means any movement of the camera or movement of the Sasquatch will result in blurring. If you notice the Bigfoot videos on YouTube major blurring in video cameras is common because of constant movement and non-auto focus lens. This is a major reason it takes lots of money to produce a clear film.

The Patterson film has been re framed over a thousand times to get it to where it is today. The picture of Clyde shows me that the lens was out of focus because of the wavy nature of the stump in the background. Many have ridiculed the photo as sheer mush but fail to realize the complexity of even getting that shot. They have never said that they could have done it better. Remember every time someone takes a picture of Sasquatch the being is not posing for a camera.

Frank is right when he said lighting can have deadly results for the person who is near the beast when the flash goes off. We just don't know how these beings will react to it. If were waiting for a clear movie shot of Bigfoot we will have a long wait. These beings have remained hidden from science for thousands of years.


Thank you for such an in depth comment. It gives us much to think about. ... LNP

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