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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Attention: Police of Oregon

Sirs, is there some way we can verify that at one time in the state of Oregon one "could possibly" have a license suspended for reporting a bigfoot sighting while in his car? If we could have the number of such a violation and perhaps the name of an officer that wouldn't mind being contacted by those that doubt.  There shouldn't be too many calls as I don't believe there are too many that do doubt that this happened.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Linda Newton-Perry


  1. Already been done. DMV says no way/

    Why aren't my comments being shown?

    Doesn't seem very fair. I suspect something here is very wrong.

  2. Well, what comments would those be? Furthermore, I decide which comments will be put on this blog.

  3. To Linda Newton Perry:

    I'm curious, In general, how do you decide what to believe in? Is there some level of proof that is required? Or is it just good enough that it is true because you want to believe it? Or something in between? I would be interested in your response.

    Obviously you believe in bigfoot, as do many other people. You say you also believe in the Patterson film. You appear to believe that Oregon was pulling licenses of believers in bigfoot and that you had something to do with stopping that practice. You believe Debbie. You believe in the Bill Emery team. You believe the government is withholding evidence about bigfoot.

    But what else do you believe in? You recently posted the address of a site which had a number of bigfoot videos but it also had references to many other paranormal ideas. Do you believe in all of those? Do you believe in mothman, nessie, living dinosaurs in the sea, flying saucers, people sized bats with human faces?

    Also, I'm not quite sure what point you are trying to make about science and the platypus.

    Thanks for listening.

  4. To bobtheskeptic:
    pg. 1: Answer, Or something in between.
    pg. 3: Nope, just bigfoot.
    pg. 4: I believe I made it clear, but here goes again. It took two platypus for science to pronounce the animal real.
    Thank you for commenting.

  5. Sorry, my question was not clear. What I was asking is what difference does it make if it took one, two, five, or ten samples to prove the platypus was a real animal?

  6. About the playpus: The story goes when finally one of these strange animals was brought to the scientific community. The community just would not accept it. They said it must be an anomaly and so please fellows find another one and bring it to us. They did and the animal was finally declaired a real animal. So we hope that in bigfoot's case this will not happen. Since it is so darn hard to find one dead on the road etc. Hope this helps. Thanks for commenting. Linda Newton-Perry


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