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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dan Henry has this to say:

As this year is coming to a end, we will look to 2011 for more exiting news on the Sasquatch/Bigfoot front. It very well may be the year that the government tells us it knows about these elusive creatures. It could be the year when somebody finds a body of a dead Bigfoot by luck.

This year it seemed was shaping up for more evidence of this being. I feel if more attention was spent on research instead of criticism from many, we might have made headway. We were witness to over zealous people that tried to be first at throwing stones at others instead of helping the search efforts forward. It seems to be the year for infighting among the field researchers.

 I would like to see more new faces in the hunt because of older ones leaving. We were promised some staggering blood DNA samples this year but none came. Maybe next year will be the one!!! We bigfoot believers must have iron heads to be able to wait, wait, wait.

1 comment:

  1. Dan's right, most of this year was not good on the bigfoot mystery. Some tried to use others work for their own SHOW. Threats of this and that were made from some that clearly don't want the real truth to come. Bigfoot cant be discovered sitting at a PC making up silly things about some others in the field. Seems that being on radio and TV makes them think they are the real deal. ESP took a hard hit from people that clearly are in it for their own profit. I can see why nobody wants to have their work analyzed by anyone other than science. A point in Question: A certain person in which I wont name took a sighting from this blog and posted it one their site and came up with some stupid remark it was fake,but the same report is on another website under Curry County that was investigated and found to be true. Seems if someone chooses to give the same report to someone else it draws suspicions from some.


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