Thursday, November 11, 2010

Linda Newton-Perry's View

Above: Here we are at a bookstore giving away a copy of our book Forced Blood The Norseman. (I placed a different photo over the original one in the photo of Chris. He hated the original. I don't blame him. He is a handsome man and the original was awful of him. Linda.)

I want to make it clear that the ESP Team owes this blog nothing. When the announcement is made of their findings and pictures, things will right themselves. When one writes, newspaper columns, this blog, and so on, it is expected that unasked opinions and put downs will come. You know, "if you can't stand the heat, get out ......." We will stay, thank you!

Again it has been an honor to follow this team as they risked their lives to capture a photo of this animal. I, being a newspaper woman, made up a headline as one does in newspaper work, and was disappointed, several times. But I can only image Mr. Emery's angst as he's tried to fulfill the promise to give Bigfoot Ballyhoo information and photos--first--of the bigfoot, Big Clyde. We understand that he must first of all keep tight hold on this valuable information concerning his bigfoot discovery.

I know that this team exists; and you, dear reader, should know by now that it does as well. If you followed day by day the blog, you should know that the photos submitted were tampered with, at least two of them anyway. The photo of the animal standing in front of the huge stump, as far as we know, has not been tampered with.
Please comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry


  1. I to believe the ESP team will come through on evidence of Bigfoot. Though like you a few sites want to degrade the team they should hold tight to their property. A couple sits offered proof the t ESP wasn't real but completely failed in their endeavor to do so. Records can be altered like many other things.Death records are notorious about not being updated especially after all the ID theft that now happens.Just to prove my point my sisters name does not appear on any death record and she died in 2009.Anyhow as it goes with super sleuths some might have a alternative motive for trying to defame others.

  2. Well said Linda and Paul. Now some truth is finally surfacing on why some people didn't want ESP to show photos.


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