Friday, September 3, 2010

A Favor, A Favor

Original photo: Photoxpress
Dear ESP Team,
     This is Linda Newton-Perry. I can not find that great comment by Cole or Hank of late evening, Aug. 7th where the last line was "Got to go. Something is coming." Chris and I have both spent much time this morning looking through our files, but can't find it. It would be great if each of you would write a paragraph of that night again, especially the one ending in the above line. Hank and Bill a line or two on that night while you waited would be good for additional information for the blog, Bigfoot Premise.

     I feel as if I'm telling a joke and can't remember the punch line.

Linda Newton-Perry


  1. Hey Linda, I think the text you're looking for was on August 3rd and had the headline of "Bill Emery's Image and Report". Bill was commenting and answering questions with followers of Bigfoot Ballyhoo at the time. At 6:03pm he said... "Got to go we have movement. Talk Later." Hank then took over until 6:15pm, that is when Hank said... "Something is approaching from the north making loud noise. bye". Hope this helps.

  2. My reports show that Aug 7th was the day we had a smell of strong stench all day. That was the evening the rocks hit the back of the trailer and Bills shoulder.My report shows a between 6:15 and 8:pm we has tree branches snapping and sounds of something make a low woooooaaaa.

  3. Thank you, Kevin, I finally found it. Whew! I was thinking I highlighted it as a post, but guess not.

  4. Linda have you ever thought of perhaps making the Ballyhoo a Forum ? It would be easier to keep things organized look at the post numbers this place generates 2009 146 total . 2010 1057 already ! . You could leave the rules just like they are here for the ballyhoo allow people to reply and not register . Maybe require they register to start a new thread . Allow the ease of posting here and the comfort of the anonymous reply/comment . I commented several times before I felt comfortable enough to add my name . Just a thought , perhaps more then you care to deal with . I have thought for several weeks now the traffic warranted such move . I decided to share my opinion on it when you had trouble locating a comment you wanted for the whole story project . It's your baby though ,and a beautiful healthy baby it is too . It may be doing something all babies that are healthy tend to do . Out grow things . I really hope this isn't coming off as pushy as it sounds to me as I proof read this . If you want me too I would be willing to find out what is involved in setting up and regulating a BBS forum for you . I am retired have the time and am willing to help in any way you may decide you would like or need me to .

  5. Art Lee, I just talked to Chris about a forum and he thinks Bigfoot Ballyhoo is just fine the way it is. I enjoy the magazine-type format. And I just don't have time for anymore than I'm doing right now. Thanks for your offer of help.

  6. Good morning to all the ballyhoo cheering squad. What an awesome body of information! The comments from Bill Emery and Hank Parchell are priceless.

    Funny, isn't it, how the work of the ESP team rings true? And all the frazzled blogs I've read that talk about "call blasting" and "tree knocking" remind me of children playing in the back yard. I believe that the development of this investigation will even stun those of us who watched it from the start. Thank you to the Perrys for this blog; and thank you to the ESP team for taking the risks, spending their time and their money.

    For Art Lee: maybe it's a function of age (I'm past 70), but I find it impossible to read things with the forum structure. I can't find the original post, and the comments simply hide from me. I'm grateful that the Perrys aren't going that way right now.


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