Saturday, August 7, 2010

Perry's Newspaper Column, "A Matter of Time."

A Photo of Bigfoot?

Last week was an exciting week for the bigfoot world. One evening, we readers actually experienced firsthand the excitement of the Emery Team. Team member, Hank, was commenting on the blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, when he wrote, “I have to go something is coming.” We all held our breaths until we read that rocks had been thrown, one breaking the back window of the camp trailer, and Bill receiving a cut to a shoulder. Nothing of the instigator was observed. I believe that was the night I woke shouting “What was that?” I will tell you, that day Bigfoot Ballyhoo logged the most comments ever. I feel, through the blog we are witnessing bigfoot history. And the Emery Team is making that history! We are grateful that they are sharing their exciting search with us.

And now for the “dark side” of bigfoot research. Emery did capture the face of an animal on a trail cam. In good faith, he shared that image with Bigfoot Ballyhoo. The photo was copied from the blog and with much care reproduced from a cropped frame of the Patterson-Gimlin film. The one that reproduced the photo claimed that his and Emery’s were identical. He was saying that the photo taken by Emery was not authentic, that it was attained in the same way as the duplicate.

Bill Emery provided Bigfoot Ballyhoo with information submitted to the blog by DS. In great detail he explained (DS) how the trail cam was presented him, locked with serial number included. DS, an OSP Analyst, concluded with, “I will not say that the photo is of the legendary bigfoot but can say with good certainty that the image is of some real animal. It will take approx. 3 weeks for me to clean up the background to a more stable image. At that time I will present Emery with my finding.”

In conclusion, these photos were not identical: pixel formations are different. So we conclude that someone is trying to launch a campaign of doubt toward the Emery Team. Because of the small-minded jealousy that exists among some bigfoot researchers, Emery has decided it is in his team’s best interest to no longer share cam photos of bigfoot with Bigfoot Ballyhoo, until, that is, the photos can be proven authentic. We applaud this, for we want nothing to stand in the way of this animal being substantiated as a real forest animal. Go to the blog www.bigfootballyhoo.blogspot.com for much more information.

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  1. Linda will you tell the area that this happened in? As in Southern Or Western Or, Calf.


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