Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bill Emery Comments

Good day all! We may have to leave this area as USFS has informed me the fire danger will be extreme by Wednesday. We will return when the danger is lowered. And I want to thank Duane for his comment. We will be casting tracks today at the site where the footprints were found. Hank told you the prints were 19 inches. The right footprint is 18.4 and left is 18.7. This is because of shrinkage of the dry soil. We did find scat that does not appear to be from the usual animals up here. The scat was full of berries and I believe something that looks like leaves. No activation on cams today.

I talked with two campers at Sru Lake and informed them we are looking for any evidence of bigfoot. I got a wink and laughed at. It doesn't bother me that some tend to do this. The laughter stopped when I told them of the recent sightings in the area. It was not my intention to scare them just to inform. We will write more Monday unless something shows before.


  1. Bill,
    How big was the scat? I've heard it could be 3 inches diameter or more, in a pile the size of a dinner plate. I've seen some close to that size (3") from black bear eating manzanita. Gross subject, I know. I just like to hear the details. - Sally

  2. On the laughter side of Bigfoot. My handsome, single 29 year old son had a date tonight with a young lady he just met a week ago. I told him have a good time, honey. His dad told him have a really good time and you probably shouldn't tell this girl on your first date that your mother believes in Bigfoot. She may think you family's a little cuckoo. I laughed til I had tears.

  3. Now getting dark up here. The question about the scat: It was tubular in shape and weighed 3 lbs. It resembled human fecal matter but much larger than human. That's all I can say for now. Bill and Hank are out about in the brush. Bill wants to try a brand new approach tonight and they will remain out there all night. We will try our best tonight as time up here may grow short. I got Stew cooking outside in a pot for some extra enticement. Update Monday


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