Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bigfoot: Emery Cam Trail Analysis Report

DS Comments on the Emery Cam Photo:

I have been asked by William Emery to say a few words on your site about my analysis of the 23 frame from Emery's number 3 camera. When he brought in in it was sealed with a uncut plastic lock many power company use to seal your electric meter. The lock had the serial number 03422 still on it that was attached by me for security reasons. It was told to me yesterday at 9:30 by Emery that the photo shot had come into question. He said rumors of the photo being cropped and possible tampering with was running about.

I can announce that the photo and camera shows no signs of any such action. It as been told to me that a person took the copy of the camera photo and duplicated it from some old frame from the 60s. This cannot be the case. They may have taken the photo from number three camera and used it to make a similar image of some other picture. But the pixels would still be totally inaccurate.

I will not say that the photo is of the legendary bigfoot but can say with good certainty that the image is of some real animal. It will take approx 3 weeks for me to clean up the background to a more stable image. At that time I will present Emery with my finding .

We thank you and Bill Emery for this report . ...Linda Newton-Perry

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  1. DS , I frequent another place where BF is discussed . It is full of skeptics . If I may ask what is your name . I am trying to make some of them see the value of the bally hoo approach . When I say that bills photo has been checked by an osp tech they will want a name . If DS does not read this Bill may I get the name from you . If it is unaceptable to give me his name I understand . BTW Bill DS's posting was great news . Glad there can be no speculation as to authenticity . The way you admitted someone could have played a trick on you with another picture held up says alot about your honesty sir .


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