Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Hatfield and McCall both believed in bigfoot."

Frank L has left a new comment:

This is not new news. Hatfield and McCall both believed in bigfoot. Peter DeFazio on the other hand will not comment on his belief on it. He has however helped keep this case of the Columbus Day bigfoot closed to seeing eyes. When he sat on the advisory board for BLM in 1987-92 he repeatedly failed to hold government accountable for its secrecy of the animal. And when the USFS was going to address this mystery in 1990 he voted to keep all evidence out of public view.

McCall asked that bigfoot be a figure spokesman for "Keep Oregon Green" but the state voted to use "Smoky the Bear." If you can get into the old records of Oregon government you will find these bigfoot facts. Some would rather it be forgotten but It's still on paper somewhere in Oregon.

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  1. I can remember when Pete DeFazio and Ron Wyden of Oregon put a big stop to information outbound from USFS. At that time they claimed the USFS was not able to be trusted with information that could cause a major change in forest policy. It was well known inside our agency that was a attempt to stop all bigfoot knowledge we held from becoming public. The law was passed under the Clinton Forest Act. While it addressed the northern spotted owl as the primary reason for closure of million of acres of US forest bigfoot was clearly under this classification of endangered species.By passing the law it made talking bigfoot with the public a non starter with BLM and USFS.

  2. This is rather curious information. Linda wrote a blog about Bigfoot and a court of law. She certainly hit the nail on the head. She stated that the eyewitness testimony from people would be enough to make Bigfoot real. Curious that Senator Hatfield and Mr. McCall have both made public speeches in which they inferred Bigfoot as real. Conclusion (in my mind); Bigfoot is certainly a real species and not much of a secret. The only ones who think it's a secret is USFS and BLM. Perhaps the joke is on them. I knew I wasn't crazy. Have a fun filled and safe 4th of July.

  3. albertparchey@yahoo.comMarch 21, 2013 at 11:43 PM

    hello. I would love to know any specific, verifiable details - including eyewitness accounts - of Senator Wyden and Representative DeFazio clamping down on any government agency talking about Bigfoot. thank you.

  4. Are there any vids of ron wyden admitting its covered up? Ive hurd this stuff plus another where there was a conference of like 200 people and he said "i assure you that when its officially proven congress will be fully prepared for the ramifications". Again, this comes from another half-assed bigfoot blogspot aebsite so idk if its true. Van anyone confirm that or what is written hear?


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