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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hatfield of Oregon was briefed on bigfoot.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "'...Defazio knows about this creature from '62 ......":

Governor Hatfield of Oregon and many of the higher echelon of his time were all briefed on the existence of this animal in Oregon. Governor Tom McCall even held a press conference about bigfoot once. He said the animal is not any danger to humans. Then in 1968 when Patterson shot his film Senator Hatfield told the house of representatives in Oregon "it appears we have a spectacular addition to Oregon wildlife in our forest. The people of Oregon are again blessed with with the presents of a very rare species".

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "'...Defazio knows about this creature from '62 ......":

I had completely forgotten about the Mark Hatfield speech in which he made note of the Columbus creature and Patterson film.
Can these videos be found? And if found what is the best way to get the word out? Does anyone know a newsperson that is pro bigfoot? Anyone have ideas on this important subject? ...LNP


  1. This is not new news. Hatfield and McCall both believed in bigfoot. Peter DeFazio on the other hand will not comment on his belief on it. He has however helped keep this case of the Columbus Day bigfoot closed to seeing eyes. When he sat on the advisory board for BLM in 1987-92 he repeatedly failed to hold government accountable for it's secrecy of the animal. And when the USFS was going to address this mystery in 1990 he voted to keep all evidence out of public view. McCall ask that bigfoot be a figure spokesman for "Keep Oregon Green" but the state voted to use "Smoky the Bear". If you can get into the old records of Oregon government you will find these bigfoot facts. Some would rather it be forgotten but It's still on paper somewhere in Oregon.

  2. If we can get someone to look through the old Oregon Journal newspapers in Portland they would have all the details on what your looking for. In those years they covered all of the bigfoot hoopla in Oregon.


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