Thursday, July 1, 2010

1962 Columbus Day Animal

Many years ago in Nov 62,when the strange looking animal was found by the crew of Griffy and Laird in which my dad worked for and was present I can mostly remember what was said by my dad one evening after supper. He had gathered my brother and two sisters up in the front room and told us of the hairy giant found dead. He then explained to us that this giant had been crushed by a tree in the windstorm of a month earlier. He told us of a half human and half animal looking thing. He showed us a black and white photo of what I now believe was a black haired bigfoot. I remember he told us of the large hands and feet on it. My sister Lucy ask dad if bigfoot would go to heaven and dad said "yes she is already there with god". I had recently heard of the search for missing files of that event from my grandson while he was looking on the Internet for pictures of the Patterson bigfoot. I have never understood why the government would hide this special find from the eyes of the public. The only reason I could ever come up with is that two forest service men posed alongside the body. One or both of the men were very high ranking forest officials with USFS. This might explain why the government does not want these files shown as it would clearly show the government knew in 1962 the bigfoot to be a real living animal or primate.

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