Thursday, June 3, 2010

Have you Shared a Sighting With us?

Anytime you wish to add to your sighting, please feel free. We are eager to hear all we can about this forest giant.


  1. Lots of activity up in the Sru lake area. Yesterday we saw several pickups and forest service people up in that general area. We noticed quite a bit of people walking the roads looking over into the river area. Normally there's nobody up there on the week days. I wonder if the Bigfoot has been seen again? The weather was terrible, very heavy rain ,wind, downed trees etc. The river is way up over the banks .

  2. Last year July 10, I took two longtime friends on a camping trip up on the Rogue River. We went as far as you can get by boat to Rainy Falls. Then we hiked for two days into the Rogue Wilderness. On the second day we all noticed that each other was looking back down the trail. At lunch break Fred was the first one to admit he felt like something was following us and watching our every move. Dan and I were quick to tell him we had that same feeling. That night we camped along the river bank near an old gold mine from years passed . Around 1am we were woke up by a particularly loud sinister scream from nearby. We have all been in the woods for many years and knew right away we had witnessed the scream of something strange indeed. It was when we heard small rocks hitting the ground nearby we thought of somebody trying to scare us off. Though the rocks didn't work the loud sound of single foot steps and sounds of tree limbs breaking really got our attention. This went on until around 4am then it quit. At light we decided to leave this place and go back the same way we came. After hours of walking Fred happened to spot a set of large barefoot prints behind a big cedar tree very near the trail. There was no mistake on what ever made those prints was heavy, large and walking on two feet not four. The prints measured 18 inches and 3 inches deep. I weigh 240 and my boot prints only sunk 1/2 inch into the soil. We were concerned this thing might be waiting along the trail in hide for us so we used our rifles to make a bunch of noise to try scare it away. We finally made to the rig the next day. They nor I will ever go into that area of the Rogue again. We never did see who the maker of those prints were.We are absolutely convinced this was a Sasquatch or Bigfoot that was trailing us.


Can't wait to hear what you think!