Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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I was here in '62 and can say the trees fell like toothpicks. We had 120+ winds with gusts over 160 mph along the western side of Oregon. Millions of dollars worth of timber and property damage was reported from the storm. (Actually called a Cyclone) It is not surprising that anything out in the forest could have been killed by falling trees.
Thank you Oscar for participating in this blog. I'm assuming you believe in this animal. Please tell us more about why it interests you....Linda Newton-Perry


  1. Debbie ****** {RCG/legal/CLR} Per your request for FOIA application for viewing of ******** file cases from 12/Oct/1962 has been denied. on the basis that no scientific value can be gained by physical viewing of file. Also your request for physical examination of 4377-4377-A will not be granted. The Files contain no viable evidence that pertains to the private medical community or public. The summation for reclassification has been sent to **** and will be investigated by appropriate personnel and procedure. ******** believes the said case files should remain closed and sealed . Date for reclassification renewed on 2/9/2010 STOP: I fully expected this action and will move on two appeal this decision. (I have to blank out any personal names with stars).

  2. I don't really know what I believe about Bigfoot. It may be of interest to your readers that after the 1980 eruption of MT St. Helen's it was told to me and others the FS and other people found remains of at least 3 of these things near the blast zone on the river above Cougar WA. It was told to me that one of these things was almost completely intact still.

  3. It is great when someone comes forward about info like this. Debbie can you track these down too? I would say the more pressure we apply the more likely we are to get one of these files open. thanks for sharing this info with us. Brave souls like you will be the ones to cause a change about the way the hominid is treated. Cougar river creatures lets see what we can find.

  4. I worked for Weyco in the years before and following 1980. Yes it's true, 3 of these animals were found along a river. They had been killed by the flow from the mountain. For years afterwards many skeletons of hundreds of different animals were unearthed.


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