Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Those from BLM and USFS can not say they are from there when "Talking Bigfoot"

Guest Editor-Blogger: XXX employee

We can no longer call and tell a Bigfoot researcher of a report or say online we are from BLM or USFS. The new rules were adopted because somebody had complained that USFS and BLM employees were giving out classified information that the agencies don't want the public in on.

Also we can not give locations of a Bigfoot in general. It seems we made some tempers flare by reporting them to the public. I can't say for sure but I hear DMV will no longer talk Bigfoot with anybody that asks about ODL suspensions because this now is a Class 1 Internal Breach. I got that from a DMV friend at coffee.

It seems information on bigfoot sightings is becoming more difficult to obtain. It is a shame, since we need to make bigfoot talk commonplace. Thank you XXX Employee. We appreciate your participation in this blog.
Linda Newton-Perry

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  1. BLM and USFS never really did tell people of bigfoot activity. But they seem to be more on guard now than before. I've been assured that we will continue to have a good relationship with them. And we will continue to get reports from them as long as the folks who report are comfortable with talking with us.


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