Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Everything Okay, Emery/Saxton?


  1. Yes everything is Ok Linda. Dale Saxtons death left us all shocked and in a haze. I do have a new report for the blog. Since we posted last we have a new sighting on Lost Creek in the Coos Bay Wagon Road Area. This was a state forestry employee that contacted me on Friday the 19th. She was in a group that was photographing a recent logging operation site. She and two others watched a bigfoot across the ridge line from the group. It was said to be around eight foot in height and several hundred pounds in weight. It was apparently eating off the carcass of a dead deer when they spotted it. When it became aware of them it stood up from a squatting position and walked off into cover.The way they estimated the height is by ribbons on the trees across the ridge. One of the others said he thought a much smaller bigfoot was several feet away from the adult ,but was not sure the little one wasn't a tree stump. Anyway I hiked over and found the remains of a doe and imprints all around but too much rocky ground to cast. I feel the group saw what they said they did. Still no word from CNN. We are hopeful they will still tape the show. Cole is working in Jackson County on a road job right now.

  2. This may save some heartache. When reporting a bigfoot from your car tell the police that a LARGE UNKNOWN ANIMAL was spotted. This way DMV cannot claim Making False Police Report. Do not let them try to lure you into saying it was a bigfoot. You can say you think it was ,but will not swear to it. My lawyer said this way they cannot do anything to your DL.


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