Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An Alleged Incident-Bigfoot Encounter

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous

The whole brou-haha over the Squaw Lake happenings reminds me of an Alleged incident which I heard about back in the 90s.There was a remote hike in lake on the west slope of the Oregon Cascades which had been an approx 4 mile hike from the nearest trailhead. The FS blocked a bunch of old logging roads to the area turning the four mile hike into a hike of approx 15 miles.

Allegedly, a fellow had had a scary and nearly fatal encounter with an enraged sasquatch at the lake, the previous fall.

This fifty something fellow had hiked into a favorite lake to do some fly fishing.He was late leaving the lake.As he was preceding, by flashlight, back toward his car, he heard a a series of incredibly loud screams behind him apparently following him up the trail. He didn't know what it was, thought it might be an enraged bear.

As it was obviously gaining on him, he started to run, twisted his ankle and in a panic driven rush of adrenaline, climbed a tree. He soon saw a huge shape, walking on two legs, come up the trail. It stopped, sniffed the air and came right to the tree he was in. It roared and began climbing the tree.He illuminated it with his light and saw a hair covered monster coming up the tree at him. He dropped the light, pulled a 357 loaded with 357 and snake shot and emptied the gun into the creature's face from ten feet.

The creature slide down the tree and making gurgling sounds, slowly crawled off into the bush. He spent the night in the tree. The next morning he walked to his car, locked the doors and had a nervous breakdown.

At home he had nightmares,crying spells and showed many symptoms of PTSD but wouldn't talk about it. His adult son finally got the story and it made its way to the forest service. They hiked in after the snow melted and found his fishing pole. Some time later, the roads were blocked off making it a much longer hike to the lake.


  1. Linda do you have any info on the sighting over at Tyree last week? I was told a police officer saw a bigfoot near the bad corner at the store on 138. That's almost right in your back yard isn't it?

  2. Yes it is and I was out that way last week. No, I don't have any information on it.

  3. A good story. Did anybody ever give a name to the lake?


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