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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Squaw Lake, Oregon, to Remain Closed for 2010

Guest Editor-Blogger, FS (Forest Service) Employee, has this news for us:

Squaw Lake To Remain Closed

After several incidents of unusual happenings at Squaw Lake in the Powers Ranger District of the Siskiyou Mountains, The Forest Service agency has decided to close the lake to the public for 2010.

Regional Forest Service Supervisor WT. Willis said they have no information on who is responsible for the recent damage to trash repositories and information sign destroyed.

Over the last two years the agency has had three complaints of an unknown animal stocking the area with frightening noises. Willis said he has "no comment" that the lake has had recent sightings of the legendary Bigfoot, a creature said to roam the forest of North America.

It would be at the height of irresponsibility for us to say an animal is to blame. Willis denies that recent tracks were found at the compground. "If somebody found tracks, I don't have information on it," said Willis.

Two years ago a family of five camping in the remote campground reported that a large creature was watching their children from behind a large fir tree. Employees found a number of small trees twisted off and some indications of an animal's tracks near the lake shore.

Evidently the trouble didn't stop there. Two woodcutters reported just a month later that a hairy monster ran in front of them only three miles from the lake.



  1. If he don't know who's responsible for the damage ,then why close the lake. Something smell bad here! Sounds like he lying through his teeth on this one. When are these people gonna quit playing cat and mouse with the public?

  2. There has been all kinds of internal memos flying all around the offices of FS lately about what could cause this type of damage.

  3. The man is just telling folks what he was told to say. once again you see policies in forest service protocol. He fully knows about the prints that were found he's just denying it.

  4. Something is a foot here. the USFS does close campgrounds up for vandalism. Closing the lake can only mean one thing, they can't take a chance on somebody getting killed or injured.. Why did they post extreme danger signs on the entrance to road that leads to lake. Willis, is a politician not a forester.

  5. I'm just curious to know why there is talk of it being considered dangerous? Besides the vandalism, is there evidence of "dangerous behaviour? Was there a threatening encounter(s)? I know sometimes they can be vocal and scary, but has there been any reports of threatening, physical violence? I've gone back through the blog here best I can, and really see nothing conclusive, regarding a danger, except for people being scared by the "big guy." Did I miss asomething?

    What I think is interesting, is by the USFS closing the lake, it is almost as if they are formally acknowledging that a Sasquatch exists, and is in the area. Closing it cuts their liability, just in case someone does get hurt.

    Thanks for the updates!

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  7. We are heading up to do our own investigation this weekend. will report.


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