Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vernon Tells us About His Sighting in 2003

Guest Editor-Blogger, Vernon has this to say:

I know there's a Monster out there. 2003 started out to be a not so good year for me. In January, I was employed for RFP. On this day I was near a little wide-spot town called Drew near, Tiller, Oregon. I was cruising timber for an upcoming sale.

I was on my way down through this deep valley of trees when all of a sudden something caught my eye. I found some tracks that I'd never seen before. The tracks were about six feet apart and seem to be those of a human, but it couldn't be.

The tracks were of such a large size that my boot size eleven only filled up half the length of the tracks. There I stood scratching my head trying to figure out how they got there. Then came the shock.

About 50 feet in front of me, I noticed something dark behind a big Hemlock tree. I froze in place and watched this thing standing behind this tree looking around it at me. Pretty quickly it hit me that whatever this thing is, it's amazingly large.

As it looked at me, I noticed something else. It was standing up on two legs not four. We must have watched each other for two, three minutes. Then a loud whistle rang out from somewhere off to my right in the next valley. This critter walked out from behind the tree and walked off towards the direction of the whistle.

It was gone in a flash. As it left I could hear the sound of it walking through the forest floor definitely two legged. Well, let me tell you I was stunned. After all these years in the woods I knew that it was one of those Sasquatch things that don't exist.

When I returned to my truck, I thought about reporting this thing; but decided that nobody in their right mind would believe it. And so, I kept quiet. The trees are still there because nobody ever did bid on that sale.


  1. Thanks for sharing your encounter with us! Just wondering what the whistle sounded like? Could it have been a high pitched hoot or whooping sound, or more like a whistle? Did it sound human? I'm sure you were too entranced with the Squatch to have paid much attention to the whistle, but if you can recall, I'm eager to hear about it!

    Also, if you got a good look at the face, can you describe it for us?

    Thanks again Sir!

  2. I believe the whistle was not human. Way too loud and too much volume to be human and from too far away. Kind of like EEEEEEOOOO. What ever it was the Sasquatch knew what it was because it quickly walked off towards that sound. The face seemed dark like a apes face but with human like features. Large black eyes, Hair except around noise and eyes. I think the air was matted looking and around 4 inches long on head. Mostly I was thinking I want to get the heck of of here!


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